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How to write a book
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How to write a book


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This presentation will help you in

This presentation will help you in

Published in: Self Improvement, Education

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  • 1. How To Write A BookWanna Be Next Chetan Bhagat ?Learn How You Too Can Write A Book in 20 Simple Steps
  • 2. Base/ Thoughts Well the very first thing to start writing a book is to have idea. Something to write on. How do you know that your idea is correct ? Or it will be accepted by readers ? Tip : - The best way is to talk to friends and family about the idea and see what response and feedback you get out of it.
  • 3. Have Idea ? What Next ? Now you have the correct idea after getting correct feedback from friends and family but what next ?Well start collecting proper thoughts and resources to make it real. Tip :- Sit quietly and think how can you get more information on idea that you are working to write. Or if it is a fiction and start writing straight away.
  • 4. How Much Time Should You Take ? Scientific research shows that once you are convinced about your idea then you must at least take 1 full month on thinking about the same topic.It is very necessary that your heart and mind agree with the same topic .
  • 5. How To Start Writing ? To start writing you must write.Yes now that you have your idea and plot to start with just start writing in plain paper or on pc world document.Writing on pc will be best as it is easier to delete and write it again whenever you want.
  • 6. Edit itYou took time to write your idea or plot and now you think that it is now ready to get out in the market.But wait. After finishing your work , read it at least 6 times and check grammatical errors , sentence structures , the plot and logcal sequencing as well.
  • 7. Re-read it again Yes after reading it 6 times and correcting all the necessary errors now this is the last time you need to re-read it.It is very important that you re-read it with focus as there might be some chances of you missing out anything.
  • 8. Ask For HelpOnce you are done with yourself then handover your soft copy to someone who can give feedback about your writing , plot etc.Get at least 3 to 5 feedback so that you can have fair idea and confidence to get it published.
  • 9. Your Book Is Ready To Go out nowThat’s it. You have done everything right and your book is ready to go out now.
  • 10. How To Write A Book? Like our PPT ?  Learn More Such Scientific principles of book writing  Learn how to get your book published  Worried about expense of book publishing ?Get answers to all your questions in our fantastic book called “ How To write a book ? And get published “ by Tejash D Mehta Available in all major online portals like,,