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7  Attributes Of  Engagement  Marketing
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7 Attributes Of Engagement Marketing


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1.
      • 7 Attributes of
      • Tej Arora
      • SmartCrowds Software
      • The Roundtable for Consumers & Brands
  • 2. What is Engagement Marketing?
    • Too many names to refer to it
      • Conversational Marketing
      • Inbound Marketing
      • Dialogue Marketing
      • Two-way Marketing
      • Partnership Marketing
    • Best to describe it in terms of its Attributes...
    • So, here are the 7 essential attributes of Engagement Marketing...
  • 3. 1. There is a Dialogue between the Brand and the Consumers
    • Two-way street
    • Consumers talk. Brands listen and respond.
      • Talk not always rosy
      • work through a tough conversation with openness, honesty and sincerity. Builds trust.
    • Brands talk. Consumers listen and respond.
      • Don't try and control the conversation. You can't.
      • Best you can do is to shape it or channel it
  • 4. 2. There is value in the conversation for both the Brand and the Consumers
    • Consumers must benefit
      • free/entertaining/informative content
      • first hands on a product
      • show off ideas
      • sharing
    • Brands must benefit
      • feedback
      • ideas on what to build
      • lead nurturing
      • research
      • testing
  • 5. 3. Quality of the Consumer audience is more important than Quantity
    • Unlike traditional marketing, don't need huge masses for this to create value
  • 6. 4. Brands are in the conversation to listen more than to talk
    • Avoid the tendency to sell!
    • Listen and respond diligently
    • Talk mostly to solicit ideas and feedback
  • 7. 5. The entire Company is behind the Conversation
    • Its not just the Marketing department
    • Product design, customer service, quality assurance, manufacturing, sales, etc have as much to do with the conversation as Marketing
  • 8. 6. It is a continuous, living, breathing process
    • It is not a time-boxed campaign
    • takes constant work and nurturing
    • Brand gets value out of it in proportion to the effort that is put in
  • 9. 7. All Engagement Marketing is Social Media Marketing, but not all Social Media Marketing is Engagement Marketing
    • An ad blast on Facebook isn't engagement marketing
  • 10. “ Brands & Religion activate the same area of the brain” Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology Brands should make Engagement Marketing be a part of any Marketing Mix!!
  • 11. Some reference material...
    • May 2009: 7 Attributes of Engagement Marketing
    • May 2009: 7 Reasons why Engagement Marketing is good for Brands
    • Apr 2009: The best social media marketing
    • Apr 2009: Lever's CMO Throws Down the Social-Media Gauntlet
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