Gamification on Branding

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Gamification on Branding …

Gamification on Branding

Gamification Opportunity
Drive » Real Customer Loyalty
Differentiate » Your Brand

Master Branding ELISAVA Barcelona

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  • 1. Barcelona @ElisavaBCN Gamification on Branding @JaumeTeixi 29/05/2012
  • 2. Branding EvolutionSocial MediaGamification
  • 3. Social MediaThe Cluetrain ManifestoMarkets are ConversationsMarkets are Getting Smarter Fasterthan most Companies
  • 4. Social MediaMark ZuckerbergA social version of anythingcan almost always be moreengaging and outperforma non-social version
  • 5. Social Media EvolutionMark PrenskyDigital Natives, Digital ImmigrantsMobileInstant Everything GenerationContacts/Friends/ FollowersSocial Graph
  • 6. Gamification’s AncestorPast » Service Marketingfrom Product to ServiceCurrent » Gamificationfrom Service to Experience
  • 7. GamificationGame Mechanicsfor Non-Game ActivitiesGame Designfor Branding
  • 8. Veterans’ Argumented GamificationIan Bogost » ExploitationwareRichard A. Bartle »Serious Games Want a GameJane Mcgonigal » PERMAAmy Jo Kim » Smart Gamification
  • 9. Students’ Argumented GamificationSimon Wiscombe » Rethinking G.Dont Focus on Achievements…Target the Journey, Rather than theGoalSebastian Deterding » Defining G.From Game Design Element toGamefulness
  • 10. Social GamesPlayed on Social NetworksorSocial Graph’s GamePlayFacebook ConnectTwitter Oauth
  • 11. All Games Are Social?J. Raddof’s History Of Social Games
  • 12. Social Games’ Design ElementsTutorial by Default » Casual GamersPersonalization » CustomizationSocial Graph » EcosystemUser-to-User Comm. » Messaging
  • 13. Network EffectsNetwork EffectEach new user addsa positive (+) or negative (-)effect for the rest(-) Censorship » Streisand Effect(+) Virality » k-Factor
  • 14. Design for Player TypesJ. Raddof’s Game Player Motivations
  • 15. Design for ContributionSocial Influence » ReputationSocial Favors » ReciprocitySocial Discovery » EfficacySocial Belonging » Community
  • 16. Design for 3 CyclesFocus on 3 Engagements Cycles:Clear Goals » NoviceFresh Content » RegularExclusive Status » Evangelist
  • 17. N. Lovell’s 10 Rules of Gamification1. You’re not making a game2. Know what you are trying to achieve3. Be prepared not to gamify4. Games are rubbish at customer acquisition5. Retention is crucial, yet criminally overlooked6. Monetization may sound great,but focus on your core business7. No, games are not just about competition8. Beware unintended consequences9. Make it personal10. Gamification is a process, not a project
  • 18. Metrics AAA + AARRRVanity Metrics vs Actionable Accessible Auditable
  • 19. Design MetricsChurn - Constant loss and gain of membersCohort Analysis - Aggregates On TimeDAU/MAU - Comparing Daily Active Users toMonthly Active UsersUAC - User Acquisition Costk-Factor - Viral Rate/Virality
  • 20. Gamification OpportunityThe BeginingSkyPoints, Air Miles » Loyalty CardsCustomer ExperienceLoyalty & EngagementCustomized ProductsSpecial OffersCollections & Scarcity
  • 21. Gamification OpportunityNot GamificationContent MarketingAdvergamingSerious GamesNewsgamesEdutainment
  • 22. Gamification OpportunityGamificationRespect Organic Virality » Dont SpamPlaying Gives You a Sense of »Urgent Optimism: Dont Give UpProvides » Real Return Value
  • 23. Gamification OpportunityDrive » Real Customer LoyaltyDifferentiate » Your Brand
  • 24. Barcelona @ElisavaBCN Thank You! Questions? @JaumeTeixi 29/05/2012