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Entrepreneurship in Spain. The Lean Startup. Business Model Canvas.
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Entrepreneurship in Spain. The Lean Startup. Business Model Canvas.


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Entrepreneurship in Spain.
Lean Startup.
Business Model Canvas.
Spanish Startup Ecosystem.
Customer Development.
Agile Software Development

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. eent EDUCATION ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND NEW TECHNOLOGIESEntrepreneurship in Spain @JaumeTeixi 13/07/2011
  • 2. Entrepreneurship in SpainThe Lean StartupThe Business Model CanvasSpanish Startup Ecosystem
  • 3. In Case Youre
  • 4. Entrepreneur
  • 5. The Lean Startup - Why?assumptionsIt’s Obvious that Everybody Wants It!...Obviously with All this Features!...and sure with this Pricing Model! too late thatthere aren’t customers!Value of The Idea = 0.00*Validated Product has Value! > 0.00*
  • 6. The Lean Startup - Path To SuccessFail, Iterate, Don’t Give Up!...Until You Find Product/Market Fit...Bounce Back!...Without Running Out of Money
  • 7. The Lean StartupTest Your Hypothesis Learn and DiscoveryLow Burn by Design Capital EfficiencyMinimum Viable Product Hypothesis ValidationCustomer Development Time is Crucial
  • 8. The Lean StartupAgile Product Development in parallel withCustomer DevelopmentThe Loop: Build (code) Measure (data) Learn (ideas)
  • 9. Agile Software DevelopmentUse of Open Source Frameworks, ToolsCode First, Test Meanwhile andDocument LaterMVP Minimum Viable ProductPivotingMetrics (Actionable, not Vanity)In Plan -> In Process -> Finished -> Validated
  • 10. Customer DevelopmentSearch for a Business (iterate) Customer Discovery pivoting Customer ValidationGrowth a Business (execution) Customer Creation Company Building
  • 11. PivotingFocus Single Use CaseBuild Minimal FeaturesRelease and Listen to the UsersQuestion Your HypothesisIterate, Often and Constantly
  • 12. Metrics
  • 13. The Lean Startup Loop
  • 14. Crossing The ChasmG. A. Moore: “to successfully cross the "chasm,"including choosing a target market, understanding thewhole product concept, positioning the product,building a marketing strategy, choosing the mostappropriate distribution channel and pricing”
  • 15. Hype Cycle. Ready For Adoption ?A hype cycle in Gartners interpretation comprises five phases:Technology Trigger — generates significant press and interestPeak of Inflated Expectations — over-enthusiasm and unrealistic expectationsTrough of Disillusionment — fail to meet expectations becomes unfashionableSlope of Enlightenment — understand the benefits and practical applicationPlateau of Productivity — widely demonstrated and acceptedGartners 2010 Hype Cycle Special Report
  • 16. The Lean Startup - StartingIt’s lonely at the topImplementing vision takes time“Focus on the problem. If you’re only excited aboutthe solution, you’ll lose interest when your solutiondoesn’t fix the problem. ”A. Wali, CTO of ModClothFind a Mentor“If you’re not embarrassed when you ship your firstversion you waited too long..”M. Mullenweg, CEO & Founder of WordPressJ. Stump, Starting Your Startup
  • 17. What The Pub Owner Told MeCustomer Service (Serve, then Talk)Positive Attitude (Smile Always)Customer Engagement (Facilitate Loyalty)
  • 18. The Ideal StartupGet to a funding hubRecruit an exceptional team.Build something that you are passionate andknowledgeable aboutTest it against customersGet social and customer validationRaise on at least one exceptional characteristicPS - Assume fierce competitionN. Ravikant, Anatomy of a fundable startup
  • 19. Focus 1) - Team Hacker Leader Piratestate-of-the-art global expertise cheat it while you technology in the field build it
  • 20. Focus 2) - Blue Ocean Strategy“Illustrates the high growth and profitsan organization can generate bycreating new demand in anuncontested market space”W. Chan Kim, R. Mauborgne Blue Ocean Strategy:How to Create Uncontested Market Space andMake Competition Irrelevant
  • 21. The Business Model CanvasWhat is a Business Model ?A business model describes therationale of how an organizationcreates, delivers, and captures value2009, A. Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith et al.
  • 22. The Business Model CanvasBusiness model design template, for easily describetheir business modelInfrastructure Key Activities: The activities necessary to execute a companys business model. Key Resources: The resources that are necessary to create value for the customer. Partner Network: The business alliances which complement other aspects of the business model.Offering Value Proposition: The products and services a business offers. Quoting Osterwalder (2004), a value proposition "is an overall view of .. products and services that together represent value for a specific customer segment. It describes the way a firm differentiates itself from its competitors and is the reason why customers buy from a certain firm and not from another."Customers Customer Segments: The target audience for a business products and services. Channels: The means by which a company delivers products and services to customers. This includes the companys marketing and distribution strategy. Customer Relationship: The links a company establishes between itself and its different customer segments. The process of managing customer relationships is referred to as customer relationship management.Finances Cost Structure: The monetary consequences of the means employed in the business model. A companys DOC. Revenue Streams: The way a company makes money through a variety of revenue flows. A companys income.
  • 23. The Business Model Canvas
  • 24. Lean Startup +Business Model CanvasA Startup is a temporaryorganization designed to search fora repeatable and scalable businessmodelSix Ways to Fail at a StartupAnd How to Get it RightSteve Blank, Barcelona, 15/06/2011
  • 25. European Startups“And yes, there are plenty of copycats, andEuropean startups do grow more slowly onaverage than their US equivalents.But there are also plenty of European startups thatare downright huge, and that lead the world ininnovation from a product, technology or businessmodel perspective as well as anyone out of SiliconValley.”Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The 10 Biggest European Startups
  • 26. Spanish Startup Ecosystem“44% of young people see themselves becomingentrepreneurs and running their own projects in thefuture”Tuenti Report (spanish) Capital in Spain 2010 (spanish) Investment Thermometer Spain 2011 (spanish)
  • 27. eent EDUCATION ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES Thank You! Questions? @JaumeTeixi 13/07/2011