Branding with Social Media, Social Games & Gamification


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Branding with Social Media, Social Games & Gamification
La Marca, Núcleo de la Comunicación @ElisavaBCN
Master Branding ELISAVA
Barcelona, 23-05-2011

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Branding with Social Media, Social Games & Gamification

  1. 1. La Marca, Núcleo de la Comunicación @ElisavaBCN Branding with Social Media, Social Games & GamificationBarcelona, 23-05-2011 @JaumeTeixi
  2. 2. Social MediaStarted before 2.0Usenet, BBSes...,Feb. 1985 The WELL - Whole Earth Lectronic LinkProblems alsoClay Shirky - A Group is its Own Worst Enemy [1]Experts are not FuturologistsExploited before Semantic Web
  3. 3. FacebookInnovation:Real Name, Pic, Wall, NotificationsNews Feed: September 2006Platform, Apps: 2007Pages, Events, Places, Deals, Credits, Questions...Interesting for Branding:Facebook Pages [2]Facebook Studio [3]Facebook Marketing Solutions [4]Facebook + Media [5]PR on Facebook [6]Interesting Timeline:March 2004 – Out of HarvardDecember 2004 – 1 millionSeptember 2005 – US High SchoolsJuly 2009 – 250 millionJuly 2010 – 500 millionJanuary 2011 – 600 million
  4. 4. TwitterInnovation:From SMS to All kind of feeds. Platform API.Asynchronous follow/followers: Interests/Audience#hastags, conversations, TT, etc.Interesting for Branding:Twitter for Business [7]Twitter Media [8]5 successful Twitter marketing campaigns you should know about [9]Momentums:Obama - Nov 2008Space - @Astro_TJ 22-01-2010 [10]Egypt Protests 2011Japan Earthquake 2011#acampadasol #acampadabcn #yeswecamp 15-05-2011
  5. 5. More... Social NetworksFoursquare – check-insQuora – questionsHunch, GetGlue - interestsLinkedin - Professional – Branchout (FB)GoMiso – tvWhatever vertical marketplace...
  6. 6. Status of Social MediaThree Big Hypes:Check-ins – Senseless Geolocation!Coupons – Discount, Buy Now!Gamification – All can be Played!
  7. 7. Future of Social Media?Social GraphQuora, Foursquare: automatically connect yourFacebook & Twitter contacts [11] [12]360º By DefaultBoundaries of Traditional and Social will disappear [13]Instant Everything GenerationAll mobile, rightnow! [14]
  8. 8. Network EffectsStreisand effectAttempt to hide will spread more widely [15]k-Factor - Viral phenomenonDion Hinchcliffe - The K-factor Lesson: How SocialEcosystems Grow (Or Not) [16]More...Dion Hinchcliffe - Twenty-two power laws of the emergingsocial economy [17]
  9. 9. Social GamesAll Games are Social?Jon Radoff - History of Social Games [18]InnovationsSocial Graph Play: competition, sharingFreemium Model - MicrotransactionsCasual GamersMVP – Minimum Viable ProductPivoting, A/B Tests, Metrics 4 AllBVG – Branded Virtual Goods
  10. 10. Social Games - Micro-PaymentsNicholas Lovell - 10 reasons microtransactionsare better than subscriptions [19]1. Microtransactions are user-led, not developer-led2. There is no “gate”3. Players can spend when they want to4. Players can spend as much as they want to5. Microtransactions make it easy to keep the game fresh6. Microtransactions are trackable7. Microtransactions are flexible8. Microtransactions offer A/B testing opportunities9. Consumers have a limit to the number of subscriptions they are comfortable paying10. Microtransactions make more money
  11. 11. Social Games – Zyngas PhenomenonTadhg Kelly - Zynga and the End of the Beginning [20] Real differences between the viral developers are: – Advertising strategy – Their willingness to exploit Facebook’s virality features – Ability to cross-promote within games. – Quality of internal metricsZynga - Momentums: – Social Good: Haiti $3 million – Is Zynga worth more than Electronic Arts? – Gaga Ville – 14 acquisitions in 12 monthsSocial Networking Game Operators - Top 5 in 2010 [21] – Zynga – EA Playfish – Disney Playdom – Crowdstar – RockYou
  12. 12. Social Games - MetricsARPU Average Revenue Per UserARPPU Average Revenue Per Paying UserChurn Constant loss and gain of membersCohort Analysis - Aggregates On TimeDAU/MAU Comparing Daily Active Users to Monthly Active UsersLifetime ValueUser Acquisition CostViral Rate/Virality - k-Factor
  13. 13. Gamification – JueguificaciónGame Mechanics for Non-Game Activities [22] [23] [24]TechniquesAchievements: BadgesLevelsLeaderboardsProgress StatusAwards, Redeem, Trade, GiftCasual Games to Live/Work Activities
  14. 14. Gamification – Industry VeteransOpinionsIan Bogost – Exploitationware [25]Richard A. Bartle – Serious Games Want a Game [26]Amy Jo Kim – Smart Gamification [27]Jane Mcgonigal – Game Mechanic vs. Spirit [28]Simon Wiscombe (Student) - Rethinking Gamificationdont focus on achievements…target the journey, rather than the goal [29]
  15. 15. Gamification – 10 RulesNicholas Lovell - The Ten Rules Of Gamification [30] 1. You’re not making a game 2. Know what you are trying to achieve 3. Be prepared not to gamify 4. Games are rubbish at customer acquisition 5. Retention is crucial, yet criminally overlooked 6. Monetisation may sound great, but focus on your core business 7. No, games are not just about competition 8. Beware unintended consequences 9. Make it personal 10. Gamification is a process, not a project
  16. 16. Gamification – Branding How To Play With Your Customers [31] [32] Playing Gives You a Sense of Urgent Optimism: Dont Give Up! Content with Commerce / Community Advergaming is not Gamification Newsgames are not Gamification Edugames are not GamificationRespect Organic Virality: Dont Spam The Social Graph
  17. 17. Gamification – OpportunityEngagement and Loyalty Customize products Special Offers: Collections and ScarcityFrom The Begining Loyalty Cards: SkyPoints, Air Miles Customer Experience: Starbucks [33]Todays your savings plus your tasks, etc. [34] [35] Huffington Post and Mashable with social graph, personalization, badges, etc. [36] [37] Kiip: A New Intersection For Branding, Advertising and Gaming [38] Empire Ave: Your Social Reputation is now a Game [39] A Way to Make Performance Reviews Fun–Really [40]
  18. 18. Gamification – Service MarketingPast: From Product to ServiceNow: From Service to ExperienceDrive Customer RetentionDifferentiate Your Brand!
  19. 19. Gamification – Industry PlayersGamification Companies:CynergyBadgevilleBig Door MediaBunchballSpectrumDNAGamifyiActionablemore... [41]2011 First [42]Jan 20-21 – San FranciscoSep 15-16 – New YorkCHI 2011 Workshop: Gamification: [43]May 7, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  20. 20. Thanks! @JaumeTeixi