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Introduction to Lean Startup » Lean Startup Barcelona


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Lean Startup BCN …

Lean Startup BCN
Inaugural Meeting
La Salle ~ Barcelona

Lean Startup BCN

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  • 1. Lean Startup BCN :: Inaugural Meeting Lean Startup Introduction @JaumeTeixi Barcelona 29/03/2012
  • 2. Entrepreneur
  • 3. The Business Model Canvas
  • 4. StartupA startup is an organization formed tosearch for a repeatable and scalablebusiness model.2010, Steve BlankA startup is a human institutiondesigned to deliver a new product orservice under conditions of extremeuncertainty.2010, Eric Ries
  • 5. Customer DevelopmentTest the founders hypothesis aboutthe customer problemTest if the product concept andminimum feature set solve thatproblemSteve Blank
  • 6. Lean StartupThe use of platforms enabled by OpenSource and Free SoftwareThe application of Agile DevelopmentMethodologiesFerocious customer-centric RapidIteration, as exemplified by theCustomer Development process.2008, Eric Ries
  • 7. #lsbcn
  • 8. The Lean Startup - Why?assumptionsIt’s Obvious that Everybody Wants It!...Obviously with All this Features!...and sure with this Pricing Model! too late thatthere aren’t customers!Value of The Idea = 0.00*Validated Product has Value! > 0.00*
  • 9. The Lean Startup - Path To SuccessFail, Iterate, Don’t Give Up,but Learn !Bounce Back ...Until You FindProduct/Market Fit...Without Running Out of Money
  • 10. The Lean Startup
  • 11. The Lean StartupProduct Development Team Tackles the Solution in parallel withCustomer Development Team Testing The Problem-Customer-Solution Assumptions
  • 12. Agile Software DevelopmentUse of Open Source Frameworks, ToolsCode, Test Permanently->Continuous DeploymentDocument MeanwhileKanban BoardBacklog -> In Process -> Finished ->
  • 13. Customer Development1) Search for a Business (iterate) Customer Discovery pivoting Customer Validation2) Growth a Business (execution) Customer Creation Company Building
  • 14. The Lean Startup Loop
  • 15. MVP Minimum Viable ProductAsk Minimal Required Needs toPotential Customers/Early EvangelistsCollect the maximum amount ofvalidated learning about customerswith the least effort1) What are you trying to Learn?2) With which Data?3) What Measures Success/Failure?
  • 16. MetricsVanity Metrics vs Actionable Accessible Auditable
  • 17. Pivot Or PersevereYour Idea is Probably WrongA Pivot is a special kind of changedesigned to test a new fundamentalhypothesis about the product, businessmodel, and engine of growthNintendo ~ From Hanafuda CardsPayPal ~ From Palm Money WalletFlickr ~ From MMO
  • 18. Lean Startup 5 Principles
  • 19. Lean Startup 5 Principles1 Entrepreneurs Are EverywhereThe goal is NOT to optimize for profit,margin, or growth.The goal is that any change thataccelerates learning is a win, andeverything else is waste.
  • 20. Lean Startup 5 Principles2 Entrepreneurship is ManagementA set of management principles thatseek to test assumptions andeliminate unknowns.By talking to customers…By building simple products…By measuring the effect of our work...
  • 21. Lean Startup 5 Principles3 Validated LearningConstantly experimenting with newproduct features and productmarketing to increase the yield on eachnew crop of customers they bring in.Learn what works and what doesnt.
  • 22. Lean Startup Principles4 Innovation Accounting1) Use a minimal viable product MVP2) From the Baseline to the Ideal3) Persevere or Pivot
  • 23. Lean Startup 5 Principles5 Build-Measure-LearnIdeas -> Code ->
  • 24. Lean Startup Top 5 Myths
  • 25. Lean Startup Top 5 MythsMyth 1 Lean means cheap. Leanstartups try to spend as little moneyas possible.The Lean Startup method is not aboutcost, it is about speed.
  • 26. Lean Startup Top 5 MythsMyth 2 The Lean Startup methodologyis only for Web 2.0, Internet andconsumer software companies.The Lean Startup methodology appliesto all companies that faceuncertainty about what customers willwant.
  • 27. Lean Startup Top 5 MythsMyth 3 Lean Startups arebootstrapped startups.What differentiates them is theirdisciplined approach to determiningwhen to spend money.
  • 28. Lean Startup Top 5 MythsMyth 4 Lean Startups are very smallcompaniesEstablished companies have asmuch to gain from lean startuptechniques as the mythical “two guysin a garage”
  • 29. Lean Startup Top 5 MythsMyth 5 Lean Startups replace visionwith data or customer feedbackLean Startups are driven by acompelling vision, and they arerigorous about testing each elementof this vision against reality.
  • 30. #lsbcn
  • 31. In Case Youre Sleeping...Steve Blank steveblank.comEric Ries
  • 32. Lean Startup BCN :: Inaugural Meeting Thank You! @JaumeTeixi Barcelona 29/03/2012