Energy&Efficiency with speaker notes


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Follow-up of previous PDF called Energy&Efficiency

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Energy&Efficiency with speaker notes

  1. 1. Energy &Slide 1 EfficiencySlide 2 We could save as much as 43% of all the energy we use by improving energy efficiency. We’ll be discussing a few ways. 43%Slide 3 This is what happens during natural and artificial power production. Makes sense… somehow
  2. 2. Slide 4 Replace energy-wasting electric motors Recycling materials Replace Switch (real :P) from low-efficiency Recycle incandescent lighting to higher- Get REAL efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting In future most of us will go ahead and get real jobs but of course some of us will become a scientist. Just kidding. What we need to invent today has to be a discovery.Slide 5 Net Energy Loss Every form of energy used by us commonly combined comes down to this- heat and electricity. heat Combining heat and power generation makes it more efficient preventing net and energy loss power Net energy loss involves the total energy lost due to inefficiencySlide 6 Since:16 October 1978 ECC,J apan 7 branches, 1 local office Promotion of energy efficiency and nergy onservation enter 1.3 billion yen conservation for the industry and commercial sectors 135 workers Providing information for further a NGO (!) dissemination of energy-saving equipment Providing information to encourage energy-saving lifestyle Publishing and education International cooperation National examination for the qualified energy managers and the training
  3. 3. Slide 7 Global Co-operation and why it is pretty much crap, currentlySlide 8 Introduce the concept of Let’s Efficiencies. get Started and an unnecessary exclamation mark to prove my point !
  4. 4. >Slide 9 Fuel Cell Internal (hydrogen cell) Combustion 60% Engine (gasoline) 60% > 10% 10% Nice, short name>Big, boring name >Slide 10 CFL Incadascent Bulb 22% 5% 22% is more than 5% 22%-5% = 17% >Slide 11 Steam Human Body Turbine 20%-25% 45% Lesser than a CFL (20%)< 10% Yes, face it. An 18th century steam turbine is more efficient than your bodies
  5. 5. Slide 12 Introduce the most commonly used Shit happens. inefficient devices- the threatening 4 Incandescent light bulb Bulb Motor vehicle with an internal internal combustion engine combustion engine Power Nuclear power plant Coal-fired power plant CoalSlide 13 So what do we do? We don’t have ready solutions yet. Till we invent something ground-breaking, The shall fall on our heads we need something efficient. And maybe even ANGELSSlide 14 So how do we go about it? Here’s how Insulation Insulation Prevent loss of heat or intake of cold air leading to higher heat Elimination of air leaks requirements Heat exchangers Air leaks More energy Efficient electric motors Heat exchangers This involves reuse of Increased fuel economy heat. Air to air heat exchangers like in modern air conditioners maximise utilization of heat produced Motors Energy produced in individual motors in small appliances is what is used ultimately. Even without efficient machine parts, an efficient motor can save a heck lot of energy. Fuel economy Internal combustion engines- the ones we use today are no
  6. 6. good. Our distant goal is vehicles which use energy prepared elsewhere. What we can do till then is make internal combustion as efficient as possible by tweaking fuels, machine parts and even the process of their injection.Slide 15 Explain what decentralized and micro power-systems mean De centralizedSlide 16 Give examples of what a decentralized power system shall be like. Innovate.
  7. 7. Slide 17 The HUNT for the best fuel for your vehicleSlide 18 Talk about speed and normal fuel and their octane rates: “Recently I filled my bike with Speed petrol. I calculated the difference for the 1.Speed which has 90 octane same price I get 3.6 liters petrol (Ordinary) where as for Speed© I get content only 3.3 litres. So I am getting 300ml 2. Unleaded fuel (petrol) has 85 less which is approximately 15km of ride I am missing using Speed©.” octaneSlide 19 Octane helps in compression of fuel during injection. The point is that Speed or any other treated fuel may not necessarily be better than unleaded fuel as compression ratios of vehicles vary. Using treated fuel for a vehicle which does not support it will only make it inefficient.
  8. 8. Slide 20 How windows can Planet! save theSlide 21 Speak about how we waste heat in our Scary Movie © homes.Slide 22
  9. 9. Slide 23 • Today apts are mostly facing north so it is sensible to have windows in the south so as the sun moves from east to west, so the sun shines in the house all thru d day • Huge houses today. So it’s good to have them painted in light colors{name of any two light colors} so the rooms of the house looks bright • Have plain transparent glass windows instead of dark and designer ones as then the house remains bright • In a bedroom if possible have a big mirror on a dresser as it reflects light and makes the room bright • For a ac [split] have the machine fixed somewhere in the open like a balcony or terrace this helps to cool your room faster
  10. 10. Slide 24 Your Normal Windows Windows from Outer Space How to make the most of a WINDOW (yes, we made a project on that)Slide 25 SMAK! Seriously Efficient Yo!