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  • Maybe here might be a good time to start a brief class discussion on the point. Then talk about valid and invalid arguments.
  • Talk about
  • Talk about what citing is. Start the song at 1:30, stop at 1:50 (the song in which the quote is taken)
  • Talk about what an authority is. Refer to the picture. Make sure to reinforce the idea of evaluating sources.
  • Mizner was a playwright and entrepreneur. The Deep Purple is his most famous play.
  • Legality, academically, idealistically.
  • The guy on the right is James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces. Although more attention was paid to his alleged invention of portions of his book, he was also accused of plagiarizing Eddie Little’s Another Day in Paradise. “In severe cases, you can be prosecuted in civil and/or criminal court for theft of intellectual property. Loss of significant amounts of money or freedom could be encored.”
  • “In a school setting, you can lose credit for an assignment, a class, or be kicked out of school.”
  • “It is a writer’s moral obligation to give credit where credit is due. Be a decent person!”
  • Have students look over the handout to reference how to source one author, multiple authors, or a piece with no authors. Talk about it briefly.
  • 1) Have students get into groups of two or three. 2) Go back to slide 3 (with the cafeteria statement). 3) Tell groups that one will pretend to be an economist or some other authority and the others will be interviewing him (assign each group a type of source from the handout). 4) They should then make up a quotation that they will write on the board. 5) Finally, using sticky notes, they will decide where the citations go in the text (remind them that can make up the page, paragraph number, date, etc.)
  • Students will now pair up in groups of 2 or 3
  • After the students get into groups, assign them which kind of source they will be working with (one/two/three or more authors, no author given, electronic, etc.) and make sure one of the students in the group has volunteered to be the source.
  • The “source” must now make up a quotation pertaining to the cafeteria question.
  • After the students get time to make up their quotations, hand out different colored sticky notes (one for the name of the author and one for the page/paragraph number). Then tell them that they are to write their quotations on the board and place the sticky notes where they belong.
  • As a class, we will now look over the quotes and judge their accuracy.
  • Conclusion.


  • 1. MLA Format
  • 2. • Students pay too much to get lunch in the cafeteria.
  • 3. Why Do You Think CafeteriaPrices Should Be Lowered?
  • 4. Valid“Well, economist John Fiscalneutralitysaid that kids today have less moneythan their parents did because theirgrandparents had more money to givethem, so I simply can’t afford it.”
  • 5. Invalid“I just, like, don’t have any freakingmoney.”
  • 6. • b. A source so cited; a quotation.• “Citation” The Free Dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/cit ation
  • 7. Wilson Mizner“Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copyfrom two, it’s research.”
  • 8. Now Its Your TurnLOOK over the handout