Evergreen Child and Youth Mental Health Framework for Canada

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Evergreen is a collaborative project that will produce a framework to help guide policy and programming related to child and adolescent mental health across Canada.

Evergreen is a collaborative project that will produce a framework to help guide policy and programming related to child and adolescent mental health across Canada.

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  • We are with you to make possible evergreen.Mental health must be preserved.Its a wonderful presentation.thanks.
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  • 1. What is Evergreen?
  • 2. Did you know… •1 in 5 Canadian youth experience some kind of mental health disorder •Most major mental health disorders begin before the age of 25 •Canada doesn’t yet have a national plan for child & youth mental health
  • 3. What is Mental Health… • It’s the capacity to adapt to life and what happens to you. • It involves how you think, feel and believe. • Good mental health means that you can: • Feel good and bad feelings • You can learn well • You get along well at school or work • You can get along well with friends and family • People can have problems with mental health. Sometimes these problems can be serious ones (called disorders) like anxiety, depression, ADHD.
  • 4. The Evergreen Framework is… • a project of the Child and Youth Advisory Council of the Mental Health Commission of Canada www.mentalhealthcommission.ca
  • 5. What is the Evergreen Framework? • It’s a blueprint that outlines strategies and actions to improve mental health care and promote mental health (Image compliments of Suat Eman/Free Digital Photos.net)
  • 6. We need the best people to help build Evergreen…
  • 7. That includes.. YOU, your family, your friends, and people in your community! We need your ideas about what you think might help… • Promote mental health • Prevent mental health problems or disorders • Improve mental health care …for all young people living in Canada.
  • 8. Share your ideas about child and youth mental health in Canada by taking our survey… (open from now until the end of March 2010) Click here to help build Evergreen (in English) Click here to help build Evergreen (in French)
  • 9. Thank you for making a difference!