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Why Teena Should Be Your Only Choice of Resume Writer
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Why Teena Should Be Your Only Choice of Resume Writer


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Looking for the right resume writer? Find out why Teena is an incredible resume writer. She is highly endorsed and referred -- trusted by managers, executives, business owners, and transitioning …

Looking for the right resume writer? Find out why Teena is an incredible resume writer. She is highly endorsed and referred -- trusted by managers, executives, business owners, and transitioning military.

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  • 1. 7 Reasons Why Teena Rose Should be Your 1st — and ONLY — Choice (when in doubt, don’t miss the below **26 pages** of client testimonials)Right now, you’re about to make a huge decision — onemight say, a choice equivalent to selecting a mate. A resumewriter is in some way a life partner; someone you align withas you go down your career path. While embarking on thiscritical decision, I thought you could benefit from thefollowing Q&A that should address some of the concernsyou have at this point. Should you opt to use my service, thefollowing also ensures you know why a great resume is amust-have in today’s hiring environment.Here we go …
  • 2. 1.“HOW HAVE RESUMES CHANGED? WHY SHOULD I GIVE TWO HOOTS?”Resumes have changed dramatically. You’ve probably seen articles implying “This Aint Your Father’s Job Search Anymore.” It’s true. So, what’s changed? Of course there are a slew of changes to consider, but here are just a few:• First, a high number of companies use resume management systems to collect and manage an influx of resumes, meaning your resume better be keyword rich.• Second, resumes are now seen as sales material, so emphasizing your positive attributes using a branding statement, taglines, and so on, are a must.• Third, resumes are now heavily achievement driven, meaning your resume can’t represent you as someone who just fills a job … your resume needs to present you as someone who transforms the company — even if you’re the secretary!Of course, you don’t need to care; but if you choose not to, definitely hire someone who does. Don’t “put yourself in a pickle jar,” because at the end of the day, you’re sacrificing job interviews and job offers. Have you ever thought about the short- and long-term effects of losing just one interview?
  • 3. • HOW I HELP YOU: As a job-search 2.0 strategist (basically, a fancy way of saying I keep up on new trends and techniques that work ), I understand the changes that effect how you seek employment and maintain a viable, profitable career.• Since I’ve been writing resumes for more than 13 years, I write resumes that enable hiring managers to skim, not read, your resume. I use taglines, so readers identify those important “nuggets” about you without forcing them to dive into the body of all that resume content. Also, I use branding statements that presents your reputation, what you’re known for, to potential employers. Lastly, I use a situation/action/result writing style so employers learn that you’re more than an individual who keeps that office chair warm.• What I do is ensure your resume is up for the task, no matter where your job search goes.
  • 4. 2. “SHOULD I BE USING AN OBJECTIVE STATEMENT?”• Does your resume have an outdated objective statement at the top of your resume?• For some time, hiring managers and recruiters have stressed concern over the fact that too many jobseekers use outdated resume strategies — and the outdated, boring objective statement hits the top of the list of “must-gos.”• HOW I HELP YOU: I’ve completely deserted the use of objective statements … in fact, I haven’t used one in years. Bland objective statements now hit the cutting room floor and are replaced with summary statements that encompass short- and long-tailed keywords, personal branding statements, taglines, and a situation/action/response (SAR) writing style.• Basically, I write kick-ass content and present it in a way that positions you for job/career success.
  • 5. 3. “YEAH, BUT A QUALITY RESUME WRITER CAN COST SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS?”Investing in a resume can be a bit nerve-wracking, no doubt. Just for the moment, put the initial buy-in of a professional resume on the backburner. Instead, focus on the returns-on-investment that jobseekers see when using a skilled, quality resume writer. For example, have you considered a professionally written resume will better position you for …  More Job Interviews  Higher Salaried Positions  Increased Job Roles/Promotions The following is an actual client testimonial I received: "Hey Teena, just wanted to drop a note that I landed a sweet job in the San Francisco Financial District with my resume. I tripled my salary!!! Thanks for everything." Z. Staggs, Web DeveloperNow, do you think this client lays awake thinking about the fee he paid me? Absolutely not. He is only fixated on the results. Can you blame him? He tripled his salary!!! Wow, right? Lets say he was making $40,000. A tripled salary brings his new salary to $120,000. This client will receive, year after year, an estimated $80,000 in added yearly salary after using my service (that’s not factoring in raises resulting from cost-of-living increases or natural career progression). I must say it again, WOW!
  • 6. Here’s another client testimonial: "Thanks Teena!! I really appreciate it. Not surprisingly, the resume you created for me worked like a charm and about a year ago, I joined [eliminated for confidentiality purposes] Technology Strategy Consulting practice as a senior consultant. Believe it or not, I increased my salary by roughly 70%!!! Not bad. :-) J. Marra, Project Manager/Senior Analyst, North Greenbush, NY• HOW I HELP YOU: Comparing that return-on-investment (ROI) to the investment for my services, youll quickly understand why more jobseekers are flocking to my resume writing service.  MY WARNING TO YOU — Don’t Fall Prey to a Resume Mill
  • 7. 4. “I RECEIVED A QUOTE FROM ANOTHER RESUME WRITING FIRM, AND THEY COST LESS. WHY?”One of the most difficult aspects of running a high-end resume writing firm is learning jobseekers are sometimes all too willing to put cost over value. Let me say upfront, I don’t provide a 99-cent resume service therefore I don’t charge that little either. A question to ask yourself is, “should you base selection solely on cost?”If you don’t read anything else in these pages, I hope you read and understand this one critical point:Not all resume writers are equal. Beyond less-than-skilled resume writers, the real concern for today’s jobseekers is falling prey to a resume mill. Too often, resume mills are fixated on a high-volume resume-writing operation — and in order to close lots and lots of clients [i.e. jobseekers, like you], these services use aggressive sales staff. So, what should you be looking for to avoid being used and “abused” by a resume mill?
  • 8. 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF A RESUME MILL — AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T USE ONE1. You’re contacted by a resume analyst, not a resume writer2. The resume analyst sounds more like a sales person, not a resume expert or even a writer3. The resume evaluation is vague, and doesn’t really mention anything (or very little) specific to your resume4. You try to get around the resume analyst and speak directly to a resume writer, but with no success5. You’re pursued like a piece of fish around a hungry cat — aggressive sales people pursue, all the while licking their lips with anticipation When you hire a high-volume resume mill, you’ll quickly learn that resume writers with these types of companies get the least amount of pay. Yup! The resume writer who actually writes your resume through a resume mill will see the least amount of money for putting the most amount of effort into your project. What quality of resume writer do you think you’ll receive when that person receives only 10% to 35% of what you pay? Yeah, I’m with you … probably no quality at all!!!
  • 9. The following is an estimated breakdown of how your fee may be distributed:
  • 10. If you must choose cost over quality, then this is what I recommend ...• Start by asking for the credentials of the **actual** individual who will be writing your resume. Then, ask to see samples of that person’s work. You need to see examples written by that particular resume writer, not those written by another. Lastly, speak to your designated resume writer (personally) and ask a series of questions.For example, you might ask: What is your plan for my resume? Can you recap what you think my resume needs? How will you make it better? How will my resume look different once you’re finished? Some of these questions might be challenging to answer, especially if there are career issues in the mix; i.e. lack of education, intended career change, and so on. However, make sure he/she gives you some specifics and avoids vague suggestions pertaining to anyone.• HOW I HELP YOU: What you should know is that I offer additional tools and assistance beyond a well-written, interview-producing resume and cover letter. Basically, I know the importance of “hitting the ground running” with your job- search. So, although I won’t and don’t compete with low quality resume mills, I do offer a BENEFITS-RICH ADD-ON PACKAGE that you won’t get anywhere elsewhere.
  • 11. Some of the goodies included in client packages include:Goodie #1-5 5-Part Interview Program (in-depthresource keeps you from dropping the ball duringinterviews)Goodie #6 Job Alerts (daily job alerts for fresh joblistings and opportunities you can jump all over)Goodie #7 Book: Get Job Leads Fast Using Twitter(thinking of social media … here’s a great way to getstarted)Goodie #8 Book: Don’t Forget to Kiss the Toes (tipthe scale in your favor by leveraging great thank-younotes)Goodie #9 Book: 20-Minute Cover Letter Fixer (addeven more “Wow” to your cover letters)Goodie #10 Job Bank Submission Service (I putyour resume out there, quickly and effectively)Goodie #11 Recruiter Database (list of recruiters“wanting” to see your resume)Goodie #12 Links to Free Magazines (great tools foradvancing your career even further)Goodie #13 On-Going Career Advice/Help (get job-search and career help when you need it)
  • 12. 6. “WHAT ELSE MAKES YOU THE RIGHT PERSON TO WRITE MY RESUME?”Right out of the gate, know that I’ve been writing resumes and coaching clients since 1999. I’ve worked with clients at countless high-end employers, as well as, human resources managers from AOL, UPS, and so on. Currently, I hold two credentials: Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) — and I held the Credentialed Career Master (CCM) designation for a number of years as well.• HOW I HELP YOU: When you hire my company, you hire ME. I don’t farm your project to a lower-level, inexperienced resume writer like countless large job boards and large resume writing firms have been known to do. The resume examples you see on my website are *mine.*• Didn’t see my resume examples? Not a problem, visit:• (that’s an underscore between resume/portfolio, not a space)
  • 13. I encourage individuals who are considering working with me to do a number of things.• First, follow me on Twitter. This way, you can read my articles, learn about my methodologies, find out if I’m a Democrat/Republican/Liberal *if this is important to you ], and so on. Visit me at• Second, connect with me on LinkedIn. Even if you choose never to work with me, send me an invite and let’s connect on LinkedIn. Following me on LinkedIn will give you access to some of the freebies and other goodies I distribute throughout the year. When you’re ready, send me a LinkedIn invite to• Third, ask questions. Once I review your resume and provide a quote, feel free to ask questions. In fact, I prefer you ask away, before we get started. This way, you can test my knowledge and gauge your comfort level, before working with me. I prefer “happy marriages” over “messy divorces” any day, so feel free to court me for a little bit before making such a big decision of selecting me.
  • 14. 7. “I DON’T KNOW. HOW CAN YOU ASSURE METHAT I’LL BE HAPPY WITH THE FINISHED RESUME?”How about I let the clients, colleagues, and recruiters I’ve worked with answer this question for you? The below represents a morsel of comments received the last few years. Take a look: “I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Teena on more than one occasion. My first experience with Teena was in 2004 when it was time to update and revamp my resume. She did a masterful job, translating my professional work experience and crafting a resume that, not only looked professional in appearance, but was optimized for online search and resume scanning services. She is very engaging, insightful, and a true expert in her field. I hold Teena in the highest regard and have recommended her to my colleagues and friends. In 2010, I hired Teena again to perform the same services. You should feel confident that the investment you make with Teena will pay dividends in return.” May 12, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Robert Reilly hired Teena as a Career Coach in 2004, and hired Teena more than once
  • 15. Comments Continued “Teena did a great job pulling the tangled threads of my employment history and a whole spectrum of different IT skills together into a coherent whole. She kept me well informed throughout the process and produced an excellent final result at an entirely reasonable cost. If youre looking for a sharp looking, tightly focused resume, Teena can help.” April 29, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Mike Stankavich hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2010 “Teena is a fantastic resume writer. She is professional, thorough and knows exactly what questions to ask to compile a well-written and highly-representative document. She has always delivered my projects on-time and offers exceptional value. I highly recommend Teenas services as a resume writer and career coach.” April 26, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time Robert Napoli, IT Manager & Director hired Teena as a Career Coach in 2010, and hired Teena more than once “Teenas expertise in her profession is strata above and beyond any and all other professional resume writers on the internet. I have had experiences with a few other professional resume writers in years past and none can compete with the level of excellences she exhibits and services she provides. Thanks once again Teena, Allen Johnson” April 13, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value Aj Johnson hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2010
  • 16. Comments Continued “As sure as cream rises to the top, Teena has risen to the top of her field. She is a provocative thinker, provides industry professionals with a plethora of ideas that challenge us to continually improve, and serves her clients and industry with a degree of professionalism we all strive to attain. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t learn something new as a result of being associated with her.” March 25, 2010 Jay Block, Best selling Author, The Jay Block Companies was with another company when working with Teena at Resume to Referral “Teena had provided me with a great value with her services. I had gotten an incredible looking resume and her "wow" package that included information such as recruiters list, hot tips on how to conduct an incredible interview and write catchy thank you notes. I would recommend her service to anybody.” March 5, 2010 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative Luba Nemcow hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2010 “Teena is reliable, quick and efficient and the fact that she is personable and easy to work with. I recommend her highly :))” February 11, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative Danny Dang hired Teena as a Career Coach in 2010
  • 17. Comments Continued “I had to have my resume written by a professional, and among the hundreds of resume writing "experts" out there, I chose Teena. Always available to help, with a keen sense of humor and concern for YOU, Teena Rose is your ideal job search partner. She will take the time to probe your background, drilling deep to uncover those skills and accomplishments you may have thought of little relevance. The result will be a personal branding document that differentiates you from the pack, written to your style and filled with the key words you need to get noticed. DO NOT hire a resume writer until you have reviewed Teenas credentials and testimonials. She is the real deal.” January 11, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Tom Anderson hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2009 “It gives me immense pleasure to write a recommendation for Teena Rose. I have personally used her Resume Writer services 3 times over the years to secure employment opportunities to advance my overall career. Teena draws the best out of every person with her resume writing skills and she possesses a in-depth knowledge of what it takes to land that dream job. let’s just say I’m batting 1000% thanks to Teena Rose… Shawn Van Cleve System Education Coordinator” November 27, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time Shawn Van Cleve hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Teena more than once
  • 18. Comments Continued “Teena took my drab, antiquated resume and turned it into an exciting and innovate extension of myself. She asked a lot of great questions so that she was able capture my experience and body of work. Her use of keywords in this age of online job searches is really spot on. I highly reccomend her services, especially in these current economic times.” November 17, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Rob Weghorst hired Teena as a Resume Writer in 2009 “I strongly recomend Tenas expertise in resume writing to everyone who wants to make a diffrerence in this highly competitive job market. In 2007 I was to begin my career as an analyst and Teena helped me rewrite my resume. In one month I was accepted for an internship and after that I got a job as a corporate analyst. Both my employers mentioned they liked my resume. I consider choosing Teena was one of the best investments for my career, therefore I strongly recomend her.” October 10, 2009 Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative Sabin Farcas hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2007 “I hired Teena to complete a "executive makeover and new biography". Her response was excellent, considering the challenges that I presented to her. I have been self employed for 15+ years and have been involved in many unique projects. Teena was able to turn this "jumble" into a excellent resume that I am proud to present to anyone.” October 6, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Samuel Fingold hired Teena as a Career Coach in 2008
  • 19. Comments Continued “Have you ever heard the saying, "always give a little more than you promise" ? Well, Teena certain does! I was completely surprised and shocked (in a good way!) when we met to review my finished resume. Keep in mind, I showed up at our first meeting unorganized, with a notebook full of random notes, and an old resume. She was able to transform my mish mash of notes into an organized master piece. Im hoping shell volunteer to take on my garage next:) Thanks Teena!” September 30, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Mike Cornett, Video Specialist hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 1999 “I found Teena after researching a number of her peers online. Going over her process with me was easy. Our conversations were to the point and I knew I was on the right track with her. The resume and cover letter she produced exceeded my expectations. I couldnt be happier and highly recommend her services.” September 30, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative Joe Corderi hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2009 “A detail and focused writer, Teena will work with you to customized your documents to your target audience. With a varied and diversified knowledge and experience base as mine, Teena was still able to compose and organize a professional, detailed, and readable product. I highly recommend her services!” September 28, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value Pedro Martiz hired Teena as a Private Consultant in 2009
  • 20. Comments Continued “Teena is an absolute pleasure to work with. She stands head-and-shoulder above the vast majority of partners with whom weve worked in the almost two decades weve been in business. Many partners have a "whats in it for me" attitude but Teena understands that partnerships are like networking: the idea is to give away a lot of nickels as they tend to come back as dollars. Teena provides a ton of great, written advice to the hundreds of thousands of college students, recent graduates, and alumni who come to job board each month. Her advice is down-to-earth and well thought out. Shes passionate, caring, and a valued member of our team.” September 23, 2009 Steven Rothberg, President and Founder, was with another company when working with Teena at Resume to Referral “Teena did a great job in preparing my resume. Her work was very professional. She is easy to work with, pays attention to detail, and I would hire her again if needed.” September 23, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Cheryl McKinley hired Teena as a President Resume to Referral in 2004
  • 21. Comments Continued “Teena Rose has been absolutely wonderful. The communication with me durng the entire process of getting the resumes and cover letters completed was outstanding. Her work was smart and precise. The product I received from her was simply outstanding. She took my request for assistance in the midst of her already very busy schedule, and had everything tied up and delivered in a week. I highly recommend Teena Rose if you need a professional resume.” August 3, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Rick Myer hired Teena as a Resume/Cover Letter Writer in 2009 “Getting "Linked" with Teena and having her to re-vamp my resume was the best move I could have made. Since doing so, I am receiving calls of interest almost daily! My resume now stands out and garners attention from both recruiters and hiring managers alike! Thank You, Teena. I look forward to working with you again. Lemuel” July 29, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value Lemuel (Nick) Kidd hired Teena as a Resume Writer in 2009
  • 22. Comments Continued “I was referred and highly recommended by a colleague to Teena Rose and Resume to Referral. Teena is a consummate professional that has earned her remarkable reputation as a consultant, strategist and writer. Teena transformed what I considered a “good” resume to a “first class” one. I can’t compliment enough regarding Teena’s attention-to-detail, communication and patience. I’ve referred many, but recommended only a select few; I provide Teena my highest recommendation.” April 3, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert QUANG LUU hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2009 “Teena is a fantastic Resume Expert and Career Coach. She is an accomplished author who is very in-tune with field issues in the areas that she works in (namely pharmaceuticals). She is in the know always and has the latest information. If you want your career to go to the next level listen to Teena or read her publications! I am proud to endorse her.” December 9, 2008 Manny Barrientos, Executive Recruiter, The Wolfgang Group worked directly with Teena at Resume to Referral
  • 23. Comments Continued “I have had the pleasure of working with Teena Rose for nearly three years now. She has done an outstanding job of providing resume writing and PR consulting to my clients. Teena drills down extremely well making sure that she understands all that an individual brings to the table. She consults, and gets the client involved in the process to orchestrate a work of art in the form of a resume - which tells the story in concrete, easy to dissect and comprehend terms, yet with the depth and breadth that truly creates the "sizzle" that ultimately separates a good candidate from a great one.” September 17, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert John H. Broadous, Jr. hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 1986, and hired Teena more than once• “Wow! Teena Rose did a terrific job taking my resume (written by a businessman/engineer) and transforming it into an exciting document. Her questionaire and phone interview showed she clearly grasped my capabilities. The finished letter and resume clearly illustrate her understanding and how to promote my strengths.” September 26, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Barry Goldstein hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2008
  • 24. Comments Continued “I needed to update my resume and FAST. I had not written one in 10 years and knew that my resume writing skills were not firing on all pistons. I found Teena on the web and contacted her and it was resume love at first sight! She was such a tremendous help—asking detailed questions so that she could get the most out of my job experience. The results were something that I never dreamed of—a resume that spoke to a potential employer exactly what I had been doing for the last 10 years in a precise, detailed, and confident way. Its hard to write about yourself as if you are a 3 unbiased party and this is why Teena is so wonderful at her job. She just puts the facts down and makes you sound like you want to sound without being overbearing and pompous. Thanks Teena and by the way - I got the Director of Communications position at Notre Dame de Sion - first resume out of the box and the job that I was wanting so badly!!!!!!!! If ever I need to update - Ill be back again. You are a doll to work with! Thanks - Stephanie Laws, Kansas City, MO” July 21, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative Stephanie Laws hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2008
  • 25. Comments Continued “I had used Teena many years ago to write my resume. I needed it for a job I was applying for and was given an interview and continue through the process. Even though I came in second in the process I didnt forget the job she did for me. I have since retired several years ago and needed to update my resume.” June 12, 2008 Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative David Lunsford hired Teena as a Zoning Compliance Officer in 1990 “Teena Rose is an outstanding professional and she was a tremendous asset to me in revising my resume. She is extremely personable, timely and a great value. Make the investment in yourself by consulting with Teena before you begin your job search. You will thank me later.” February 5, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Wayne Russell hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2008 “I contracted Teena to assist me in preparing my professional resume. As a CEO, I had certain expectations that needed to be conveyed in my resume. Teena exceeded all of my expectations with a professional and well thought out approach. Her creative writing skills added a personal touch which all too often is lacking in a resume.” February 5, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative Tom Loos hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2008
  • 26. Comments Continued “Teena helped me get out of my job search slump. She revamped my resume and highlighted key areas of my experience. Ive had several interviews, thanks to the work Teena has done. My resume truly has a unique look that stands out among the rest.” October 28, 2007 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative Graelynn McKeown hired Teena as a Writer/Editor in 2007 "Thanks Teena!! I really appreciate it. Not surprisingly, the resume you created for me worked like a charm and about a year ago, I joined [eliminated for confidentiality purposes] Technology Strategy Consulting practice as a senior consultant. Believe it or not, I increased my salary by roughly 70%!!! Not bad. :- ) It is a perfect job for my skill set, and hopefully Ill be able to grow within the consulting practice. Thanks again for all of your help. When the time comes to update my resume for my "next step" I am certainly going to approach you for your services. Please let me know if I can ever help you out as a reference (I already point my friends in your direction when the resume conversation comes up)." J. Marra, Project Manager/Senior Analyst, North Greenbush, NY
  • 27. Comments Continued "Hello Teena! I must say, I think this resume is absolutely fantastic. I love the design of it. Ive looked it over and I cant think of anything that I want to change." R. Palanco, Sales & Business Development, St. Peters, MO "I interviewed this week for a VP job with [eliminated for confidentiality purposes] in NYC. I think its going to go to an internal candidate, but my point is that the resume you wrote for me was praised by the hiring manager as exactly the way to present career accomplishments. Im pretty sure I wouldnt have gotten in the door without it. I found out that there were a large number of applicants. So the beat goes on. But Im now even more certain that your writing gets results, and Im confident I will land soon. Many thanks." T. Anderson, Sales Trainer, Bethlehem, CT "Hi Teena: I want to thank YOU!...... With your resume, I have submitted for two jobs. Am waiting to hear on the Econ Dev Assit. position that I REALLY want... was the reason I sought out your expertise....however, I just had an interview...went well and have been invited for a "final" interview! tee hee...Isnt that exciting! I read your downloads on interviews, had a lot of good things to think about, I believe it helped, and my resume, I think gave me new confidence. Teena, you are fantastic, I have referred you to a couple of friends, you should be hearing from them after the holidays." L. Moraco, Economic Development, Barstow, CA
  • 28. Comments Continued "Another Success for You! I have secured employment. The resume was self explanatory ... they were impressed. Thank you." R. Townsend, Certified/Specialty Mechanic "Wow! What can I say. Andy was right in that you are great!" B.C., Banker, Fortune Company, Dayton, OH "Wow! That cover letter is fantastic, thank you so much. I will probably be contacting you regarding the job banks in a couple of weeks. Again, thanks for your help and coaching, it was a pleasure working with you." R. Weghorst, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sperryville, VA "I am very pleased with both resumes. Very nice. I went to a job fair for pharmaceutical sales reps positions, and the resume caused a great impression ... I will definitely recommend your services." "Hi Teena: Remarkable. Its like having a face lift. I would like to go over the resume with you on the phone as I do have some questions. Please let me know when is a good time. Again, nice job." T. Loos, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cedarburg, WI
  • 29. Comments Continued "The quality of documents is superb ... This is the true beauty in working with Resume to Referral. A customer oriented service with an outstanding product. Im sure that these two things cant be found in many businesses today. EXCEPTIONAL!" J.B., Network Administrator, USAF, Dayton, OH "Teena, About 2 years ago now you wrote a resume for me just want to update you. I am still with Castrol and with the help of your resume have been promoted to Castrol’s Program Engineer – Ford Vehicle Operations. Thanks for your great work." G. Adams, Sales Engineer, Springfield, OH "Teena, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you while creating my resume. You deftly handled the process from the initial phone consult all the way through to the cover letter. Having been a self-employed entrepreneur all of my life I marveled at how you managed in and around the career maze I had cobbled together. To see myself through your professional eyes has been inspiring! Thank you for considering every idea and applied word on my behalf. You are a GEM!" Chuck McStay, Business Owner " I have looked the resume and cover letter and it is complete and shall I say AWESOME! Thank you very much for all the help it is GREATLY appreciated!!!" P. Schmutzer, IT Manager/Senior Technical Analyst, Franksville, WI
  • 30. Comments Continued "It looks fantastic. As people have said on your web page before, I never thought I could look so good on paper. Especially with my limited amount of experience. Thanks for all your hard work." D.V., Financial Sales, Mercedes, TX "Thanks Teena :-) I had an interview Saturday with a photographer studio. They were very impressed with my resume, kudos to you. A lot of the applicants were much older than I am however they lacked the experience I have with the industry, so hopefully it pulls through. thanks again for everything, the resumes are fantastic!!" C. Pepin, Marketing Specialist, Los Angeles, CA "... working at a pharmaceutical advertising firm right now. The revised resume really helped a lot in terms of getting the attention of the employer and granting me the opportunity for an interview. Once again I would like to say thank you for all your help. If I ever need any resume services done Ill be sure to contact you." H. Nespas, Pharmaceutical Marketing/Advertising "... a real professional ... showed an exceptionally high degree of professionalism ... met all the deadlines established. I look forward to working with her in the future." C.A., Auditing & Special Investigations, Fortune 500 Company, MI
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