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Startup Entrepreneurship Speech
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Startup Entrepreneurship Speech


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Talk about startup entrepreneurship in general, using my own experiences as examples. Ideas to products. Also a link to local support systems.

Talk about startup entrepreneurship in general, using my own experiences as examples. Ideas to products. Also a link to local support systems.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Teemu Polo
  • 2. Entrepreneur Origin: 1875–80;  < French:  literally, one who undertakes (some task),equivalent to entrepren ( dre ) to undertake (< Latin inter- inter- +prendere  to take, variant of prehendere ) + -eur -eur. See enterprise (source: Finnish: Yrittäjä, i.e. ”one who tries” So, serial entrepreneur in Finland is somebody who has failed often? :-)
  • 3. Who, me? M.Sc. (SW engineering) & executive MBA (strategy) Nokia R&D team leading Nokia Business Development (& Strategy) Startup guy, an entrepreneur, Cyprus, Latvia, Finland. Soljuva Technologies Ltd Starttaamo founder & chairman, Mobile Monday Oulu lead, Oulun yrittäjät member of the board, Revontuliryhmä, ...
  • 4. Different kind of Startups (Steve Blank) 1.  Lifestyle Startups – Work to Live their Passions 2.  Small Business Startups – Work to Feed the Family 3.  Social Startups – Driven to Make a Difference 4.  Large Company Startups – Innovate or Evaporate 5.  Buyable Startups – Born to Flip 6.  Scalable Startups – Born to Be Big VILLE HEIKKINEN © BUSINESSOULU 2013, WWW.BUSINESSOULU.COM
  • 5. Once upon time..
  • 6. Soljuva Technologies Ltd Teemu Polo CEO, co-founder
  • 7. Out of Office, not Out of Touch
  • 8. Problem
  • 9. Solution
  • 10. Out of Office, not Out of Touch
  • 11. Soljuva Solution
  • 12. No Training. No Hassle.
  • 13. Case Examples Jorma 40 yrs in industry Jyrki, 32 yrs CEO, realtor
  • 14. Business Case Before After Saved € Productive vs Wasted hours Wasted gasoline Perceived quality 2 hrs/d 60 €/d SAVED & CREATED: COST: > 1000 € / MONTH / UNIT 150 € / MONTH / UNIT
  • 15. Ready-2-Go
  • 16. Out of Office, not Out of Touch
  • 17. Soljuva Timeline
  • 18. Back to Oulu
  • 19. Demand side activities Idea to business Start up Growth and Internationalization Entrepreneur Orientation Incubator for experienced professionals Enterprise Agency (Uusyrityskeskus) Innovation Mill VILLE HEIKKINEN © BUSINESSOULU 2013, WWW.BUSINESSOULU.COM Accelerator Incubator based on Uni. resources Private co-working spaces BO Growth and Internationalization services Universities Technology transfer BO Startup R&D environment S C A L A B I L I T Y
  • 20. Picture source:
  • 21. Picture source: Oulu ecosystem Business Oulu Takomo Starttaamo BK Accelerator Butterfly VC Finnvera Vision+
  • 22. Starttaamo ry By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
  • 23. Starttaamo  in  nutshell • Voluntary  based,  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  entrepreneur  community • Consists  of  entrepreneurs,  investors  and  different  support   functions    (and  hangarounders) • Heteregenuous  community. • Best  companies. • Operations  ran  as  a  startup.
  • 24. Highlights  May  2011-­‐Dec  2012 • Several  Coaching  events  for  the  Oulu  community  (not  just  members) • Two  FastForward  coaching  events  with  highest  profile  VCs • Roughly  30-­‐40  company  coaching  days • Most  relevant  VIGO  accelerators  have  visited  us  frequently • Successful  companies • Starttaamo  member  companies  have  raised  10M€  funding • Most  of  Oulu  NIY-­‐companies  are  members • 70%  of  Oulu  companies  approved  to  Slush  2012  were  from  Starttaamo • Bitbar  won  European  Venture  Contest  (ICT  category),  presented  in   Google  IO • Innozed  at  Slush  top-­‐20,  finalist  at  Nordic  Startup  Awards,  @Nasdaq • Kinoni  won  SomePitching  competition  (Oulu)
  • 25. Highlights  May  2011-­‐Dec  2012 • Several  industry  leaders  and  interesting  companies   and  organisations  as  visitors,  for  example:   • Mikko  Hyppönen  -­‐  F-­‐Secure • Bill  Reichert  -­‐  Garage  Technology  Ventures • Artturi  Tarjanne  -­‐  Nexit  Ventures • Tom  Henriksson  ‒  Open  Ocean  Capital   • Manu  Mäkelä  ‒  Conor   • Antti  Kosunen  ‒  Butterfly  Ventures • Harry  Santamäki  ‒  KoppiCatch   • Risto  Rautakorpi‒  Gorilla  Ventures   • Jaakko  Salminen  ‒  FiBAN • Henrik  Keinonen  -­‐  VENDEP • Eyal  Benjamin • CERT-­‐FI • Microsoft  (many) • Nokia  (many) • KPMG  (several  visitors) • OP-­‐Bank  (several  visits  &  visitors) • business  angels,  business  developers,  etc  etc • Other  events  at/by/with  Starttaamo,  for  example: • Starttaamo-­‐week,  including  Gamespring  event • Mobile  Mondays  (a  few) • Somepitching  Live! • Oulu  Open  Hack  (twice?) • Nordic  Panorama,  Transmedia  Hackathlon • Ohjelmistoyrittäjät • Socializing  Friday  (twice) • Android  Oulu • Finnmob  Open  Bar • Startup  Sauna  warm-­‐up  (twice) • Peer-­‐coaching  events  (many) • Exit-­‐workshop  with  KPMG • Microsoft  Geeks-­‐with-­‐Slates • Countless  information  sessions  etc  kept  for   students  and  other  visitors. • etc   • etc Almost  all  events  have  had  public  access
  • 26. Highlights  May  2011-­‐Dec  2012 • Great  media  relations  &  coverage • Two  visits  by  the  Wallstreet  Journal,  plus  number  of  visits  by  national  newspapers. • Recently,  most  coverage  was  diverted  to  member  companies  (no  need  to  pitch   Starttaamo).   • Group  of  Brittish  journalists  visited  us  in  Summer  2012 • Boostery. • Networks  and  cooperation  with • Business  Angels  Finland • SomePitching • Hub  Helsinki • Aalto  Startup  Sauna • Finnmob • Founder2be • A  lot  of  business  development  and  matchmaking  done  in  background  (ask  the   companies)
  • 27. Highlights  Jan  2013  onwards • Great  events • Peter  ”Mighty  Eagle”  Vesterbacka   visit  Jan  2013 • Pub  Summit  event,  networking  towards  UK • Series  of  Samsung  visits  Summer  2013 • Helping  others  to  succeed  (Startup  sauna, Midnight  Pitch  Fest) • Press •  TechCrunch,  ArcticStartup,  Finnfacts,  Kauppalehti, Kaleva  has  reported  on  us  Spring  2013. • Now  hiring  1st  full  time  employee • Run  day-­‐to-­‐day  activities • Develop  Starttaamo  further • Help  the  members • A  lot  of  business  development  and  matchmaking  done  in  background  (ask  the  companies)
  • 28. HINTA 150€ Tervetuloa MobileMondayn “Be Inspired” -kiertueen VIP-tapahtumaan keskiviikkona 11.9 klo 13-16. Ravintola Rauhala, Mannenkatu 4, Oulu. Tomi Ahosen ja Alan Mooren “Communities dominate brands” kirja oli vuonna 2005 mullistava näkemys yhteisöllisyyden vaikutuksesta yritystoimintaan ja yhteiskuntiin kaikkialla. Tomi, Alan ja useita muita maailman johtavia yhteisöllisyyden, joukkoistamisen, mobiilin ja yritys- muutoksen avainvaikuttajia kokoontuu nyt Ouluun vaihtamaan näkemyksiään tulevaisuuden muutostarpeista ja -mahdollisuuksista. Tervetuloa mukaan tähän ainutkertaiseen tilaisuuteen. LISÄTIETOA JA ILMOITTAUTUMINEN - KLIKKAA ALLAOLEVAA LINKKIÄ Tomi Ahonen Forbesin valitsema maailman merkittävin mobiilivaikuttaja 2012 on kirjoittanut 12 kirjaa mobiilikehityksestä ja yhteisöllisyydestä.
  • 29. Starttaamo ry Peer support - Connections - Ecosystem
  • 30. Summary Entrepreneurship  is  about  doing  stuff. Get  a  job. Focus  on  sales  from  day  0. Don’t  be  afraid  to  fail.  Manage  risk. Connect  to  your  peers.  Get  help. Team!
  • 31. Who wants to be a millionaire?
  • 32. Thanks. Contact: Teemu  Polo +358  40  565  4496