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  • 1. All About Me!!!
    Hi! I’m Tarah Brauer
  • 2. I am from Missoula MT
    Third generation Montanan!!
    Third generation Teacher!!!
    I travel a lot with my family
  • 3. My interests and Hobbies
    I am on the UM Dance Team
    I love to ski
    I love spending time at the lake or river.
  • 4. Why I want to teach?
    • I love working with children and young adults!
    • 5. I am a hard worker, a leader, and I have lots of patience
    • 6. I want my job to make a difference in the world and leave a positive mark on the future!
    “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” -mae west
  • 7. My Professional Goals
    my ultimate goal is to create a passion for learning in my students. I want my students to have a personal want to learn; solely to better themselves and grow in their education.
    2. I also want to create lasting relationships with my students and other faculty members.
    3. I also want to create an inviting classroom environment where our relationship is based on trust and structure rather than fear.
  • 8. Why teaching?
    I was inspired to teach from a young age.
    In grade school I watched my younger brother fall behind in his understanding of basic Math concepts.
    I have a passion for math and want to share that with my future students.
  • 9. Reanne and I
    Last semester I was a Big Sister in Missoula through the Big Brother Big Sister program of Montana.
    Reanne recently moved out of the state so we now are pen pals!
  • 10. Continued . . .
    I also volunteered through the flagship program last year and taught an after school Hip Hop dance class
    I also do lots of dance camps in Missoula through the dance team, Including work with camp limber limbs and Little Griz dance day.
  • 11. Thanks!
    He who dares to teach must never cease to learn. - Anonymous