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Moro moro

  1. 1. Moro Moro Komedya
  2. 2. ?What is Moro MoroThe moro-moro is a play that became"popular in the Philippines during theSpanish colonial period. It depicted battlesbetween Christians and Moros-as Muslimsin the Philippines are popularly known-withthe Moros as the perpetual villains who. always lost to the Christians in the end
  3. 3. Progressive historians have viewed the moro-moro as a tactic by the Spanish colonizers todemonize the Moros, the largest ethnic groupthat successfully warded off attempts atconquering them. The moro-moro plays helpedfan the flames of anti-Moro sentiments among.. the Christianized ethnic groups
  4. 4. HistoryThe Moro-Moro dance is the earliest form of theater performing in the Philippines, starting in 1650. It is part of their cultural routine when entertaining their visitors. The dance is a play based off of two poems, the "awit" and the "corrido," that spread across the Philippines around 1610. It usually shows the struggles between Christians and non-Christians.
  5. 5. Today, Filipino Muslim groups point to thecontinuing effects of the moro-moro asseen in the recent cases of harassment ofMuslims not only in Mindanao but also in.the Muslim communities
  6. 6. FactsThe Moro-Moro dance expresses the loves, deeds and different adventures of the kings, queens, princes, princesses and dukes. It also shows different creatures, such as lions, tigers, bears, snakes, dragons, angels, saints, devils and giants. The Moro-Moro is a very long play; the show can go on for five to six hours a night for three nights in a row. The longest play known lasted for 12 days.
  7. 7. IdentificationThe dancers/actors wear flashy, bright-colored clothing. The male Christians in the play wear pants with blue stripes. The Moros we ar pants with red stripes. The Christian dancers wear sequins, beads, ribbons and buttons. The king wears long pants and his crown while the queen wears a white or light-blue gown. All royalties usually wear a cape that covers their back, and the females capes are usually longer than the males capes.
  8. 8. 1. Is a play that became popular in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period?2-3. It depicted battles between ___and___ Muslims in the Philippines.4. Progressive historians have viewed the moro- moro as a tactic by the ___ colonizers to demonize the Moros, the largest ethnic group that successfully warded off attempts at conquering them.5. What is the message of the dance called Moro Moro???6. Bonus.