IZEA Uncorporate Culture : The IZEA Way


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An inside peak into IZEA's corporate culture. This is the document shared with new team members.

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IZEA Uncorporate Culture : The IZEA Way

  2. 2. When I first thought about starting this company Ihad a vision. My vision was that one day everyonewould be a content creator. That was back in 2005and a lot has changed. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook.iPhone. iPad. Our world has been transformedradically in a very short period of time. Fromstudents to grandparents, billions of people arefinding their voice via the Internet. The vision isbecoming a reality faster than I had ever imagined.You are now part of a very special family. Weare the pioneers fueling the democratizationof information, entertainment, marketing andcommerce. Our platforms fund the American dreamfor the next generation of artists, poets, film makers,photographers, thought leaders, comics, actors andmusicians. What you do here will impact hundredsof thousands of people directly and influence theactions of millions more. We matter. You matter.This is a huge opportunity. You are part owner in acompany that has already changed the world andhas a very bright future. Make the most of each day.Take pride in what you do. Above all remember thatyou will get out of this experience is what you putinto it.All The Best,Ted MurphyFounder/CEO the vision
  3. 3. mission To empower everyoneto value and exchange content, creativity and influence.
  4. 4. the culture
  5. 5. Ô TEAM MEMbER An employee of IZEA. Ô TEAM LEADER An employee that manages of group of team members . Ô NEwbthe language A new team member that is introductory period. still in their 90 day Ô ExECUTIvE ChAMPION A member of the executive team that is responsible fo r maintaining a certain part of the IZEA Way. Ô ACTIvIsT A team member that works with the Executive Champi on to keep our culture both pr oductive and fun.
  6. 6. ner e an w u aro yo Every team member th at joins the IZEA family is stock options. These op granted tions represent your ow nership in the company. Their ultim ate value will be based hard work to grow the on your company and create a return on investment for all of ou r stakeholders. UsE IT Is. IT wERE YOUR OwN. bECA Ô TREAT ThE COMPANY As IF
  7. 7. the eternalstartup We believe th chan e only way to survive ging world is to chan in our rapidly ge ahead of it. Our ant evolution and compan y is in a state of const r awhile, reinvention. While w e have been around fo ars we have ppy startup. In five ye we operate like a scra tforms and you developed fiv e groundbreaking pla e here will be will likely be par t of the sixth. Your tim times a bit crazy. exciting , unpredictable and at s - we invite you to It is a symphony of controlled chao h us. make some music wit
  8. 8. Thoughts fr om the team u might be accustomed “If you’ve never worked for a startup, yo you will find here.  Be to having more structure in your day than your team leader, proactive in seeking out work and goals from prove for yourself and afterward, seek ou t work that you want to im our existing products. ” or work that will improve - Aimee Booth “Welcome aboard! Your captain and fellow crew members will make this flight most enjoyable for you. But please buckle up for some start-up turbulence and hang-on! Rest assured, your diligent efforts will be rewarded, as the skies look beautifully clear up ahead.” - Luis Abreu “Just go with it”. - Carri Bright
  9. 9. “Don’t say yes to tryto impress us.  Wewould much rather “Work hhave an independent enjoy th ard, pla e exper y hard a nd ience.”thinker than a yes- - Rhia Buena ventuperson.” ra - Priscilla Payne os.  The “Be prepa red for cha are ever and space company ules.” nd the re are no r evolving a yser - Matt H “Be grateful for the oppo rtunity you have been given. This is going to be the job you love to come to in th e morning.” - Kate Biggs
  10. 10. values You are surrounded by smart, creative, amazingly awesome people and you just landed an opportunity to share an incredible journey with them. While the people that work here come from various backgrounds, share different religious and political views, and possess diverse personality traits we all share some core values that we believe are important. These values should underscore your experience here, providing guidance on your voyage and influencing your decisions along the way.
  11. 11. love (LV)We are passionate about our workand kind to those we work with.We are respectful, express gratitude,forgive others and help those in need.teamwork (TW)We work together to solveproblems. We place the team aboveourselves and do what is best for thecollective good.courage (CR) accountability (AC) fun (FN)We do what is right, regardless of We are responsible for our actions. We work our tails off, but have athe consequences. We challenge the We admit our mistakes, swallow our good time doing it. We have fun,conventional and don’t back down. pride and correct our shortcomings. embrace the laid back culture and enjoy our jobs.communication (CM) citizenship (CT)We communicate with each We are good corporate citizens. Weother and our community. We are involved in our community andlisten to feedback and engage in contribute to the world around us.constructive dialog.
  12. 12. e no offices. ything but corporate. There arOur corporate culture is an aditional co me to work naked). No trNo dress code (just don’t more like a ork an d interact with each othercorporate hierarchy. We w the CEO just like Yo u can speak your mind tofamily than a company. are a flat, ind with your brother or sister. We you would speak your m ization. open, fast moving and free-spirited organ
  13. 13. the IZEA amily is part of ur “real” f e care Yo o our b est to tak family too! We d s, but member ur team ahuas. of not only o nd chihu ldren a uses, chi their spoThe best thing about working here isseeing your friends every day. Theybecome your family since you spendmore time here than at home. - Veronique Conus ple would at place s where peo I’ve worked hello.  It ignore yo u if you said completely we feel like w e are rence that mak es a big diffe f the day, at the end o gether, and e need all in this to er, even if w eer togeth we can all have a b other. ;) a use of each the beer bec oth - Aimee Bo
  14. 14. e some d experienc see, hear anYou ca n expect to feels a bit hings at IZE A. This place retty crazy t home.p act a bit like they do at like hom e, so people sticks, slow pets, cos tumes, glow There will be ropriate com ments ranks, inapp claps , f-bombs, p oments. y awkward m and generall id that just nd yours elf saying “d You might fi e want we love it. W s it did... and hap pen.” Hell ye ce our uniqu e culture rs to embra our te am membe to our secre t recipe. ingredients and ad d their own
  15. 15. CRAZIEST THIN YOU HAVE EVE G R My boss interviewing a SEEN AT IZEA? candidate in a lobster costume.  - Jerry BiusoA man dres sed as Won der I could tell you, but then I’dWoman. have to kill you. A piñata breaking - Grady G - Carri Bright open and mini-liquor bottles falling out.   riffin - Sean Reynolds I danced on a table in a A back flip fail into a pool during restaurant amidst a cloud the company retreat -- resulting y of napkins while one of m in mucho blood & stitches. ates fellow employees threw pl - Dan Rua on the floor. Not recom mended ! - Aimee Booth
  16. 16. GSD at takeAt IZEA we value individuals th e thingsthe bull by the horn and mak that canhappen. If you see something If you seebe better go ahead and fix it. it down. an area of opportunity chase n or a list Don’t wait for specific directio , go out of tasks from your team leader ). there and Get Stuff Done (GSD
  17. 17. Our company eats, sl eeps and breathes social media. It is the very foundation on which our compan y is built. We encourage you to blo g, Facebook, Twitter and otherwise share your heart out. We want you to become a champion of our company. That said, w e have some wordsof advice and expect you to representIZEA in accordance w ith our core values. O CASMEDI IAL
  18. 18. THE GOLDEN RULET hink . o while Everything you say and d nd the is a reflectio n of yourself aem ployed at IZEA forum, a Face book post r it is a publiccom pany. Whethe ld consider ail to a custo mer you shou or even an em e on the Intern et forever. pect it will liv public and ex e, you may it out to do g ives you paus If w hat you are ab am member o r your off another te wan t to bounce it team leader. on. as no delete butt The Internet h
  19. 19. Ô bE AUThENTIC & TRANsPARENT Use your real name online and when appropriate your title with the company. If you are scared to post something as yourself you probably shouldn’t be posting it.Ô CONsIDER YOUR AUDIENCE The content you publish is likely YOU ARE empowered being read by your fellow team members, IZEA clients as well as the media.Ô sTAY POsITIvE You should never engage r to You have the powe in combative, accusatory or otherwise confrontational activity. any It never turns out well. Leave the fix any problem, in big issues for our executive team. at way, immediately th out ofÔ REsPECT COPYRIGhTs costs less than $50 Give people proper credit for their more work, and make sure you have pocket. If you need n issue than $50 to solve a the right to use something with attribution before you publish. your please consult with team leader.
  20. 20. the experience
  21. 21. BUDDY UP Each new team me mber that joins the company is assigned a Budd y. Your Buddy is resp onsible for showing you the ro pes and is here as a resource when you have any quest ions. Your Buddy w ill meet with you once every tw o weeks during yo ur first 90 days. Once you are here for at least one yea r you can volunteer to be pa rt of the Buddy me ntor program.Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : DONNA MACKENZIE
  22. 22. rt team member?Q : What is better than a sma er team member.A : An even smart s marty pants We encourage ongoing education of our team members and provide resources for you to keep up to date with the latest & LEARN s trends and best practices. Each team Ô LUNCh m Leade r member has a $250 budget nth a Tea Each mo and Lear n for ongoing education that can be us a Lunch ed to attend events, buy will host a differe nt (L&L) se ssion on ed by th e books and take classes designed to fur is provid ther your education. You nch to do is topic. Lu don’t need any pre-approval for this. y, all you need Just make sure it relates to compan te. Want and participa r your education and submit an expens show up st let you e report. our own? Ju to host y ! der know Team Lea Want to go to a fancy conference or oth er event? Special grants for additional education may also be available. Ask your team leader about securing a bigger conti nuing education grant.
  23. 23. Totems are ceremonial wood planks that are used to celebrate a team member’s experience and contribution to IZEA. All Totems start off as Ô AChIEvEMENTs unfinished wood and are decorated IZEA marks the accomplishments of and personalized by your Mentor. Your the group and the individual with Achievement stickers. These stickers mentor will present your Totem to you are custom designed to commemorate events you are involved with at IZEA. at the first IZEAUp you attend. You can expect to earn Achievements when we hit sales goals, launch new Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : TED MURPhY products and reach other company Æ ACTIvIsTs : vERONIQUE CONUs AND MARTY sMITh milestones. There is a list of standard achievements that all team membersMarty’s T are eligible for. New achievements are otem! added on an ongoing basis.
  24. 24. ACHIEVEMENTCOMMITMENT S Ô RockStar of the Month Ô Warrior Team member selected as RockStar of the Complete a Warrior DashÔ Newb Month Ô Leggy First day of Service Ô RockStar of the Quarter Complete a 10kÔ Initiate Team member selected as RockStar of the Ô 1/2 Marathoner 90 Day of Service Quarter Complete a half marathonÔ Youngling Ô Big ShoutOut Ô Marathoner 1 Year of Service Collection of 25 individual ShoutOuts Complete a marathonÔ Padawan Ô Super ShoutOut 2 Years of Service Collection of 100 individual ShoutOutsÔ Knight Ô Perfect Attendance 3 Years of Service No sick/personal days used in a quarterÔ Master Ô Super Attendance 4 Years of Service No sick/personal days used 2 quarters in a rowÔ High Master Ô Liftless 5 Years of Service Take the stairs instead of the elevator every dayÔ Grand Master for a quarter. 6 Years of ServiceÔ Grand Master Flash PERsONAL hEALTh 7 Years of Service Ô LoserPERFORMANCE Commit to personal health and lose 20 lbs+ Ô Biggest LoserÔ Level Up Commit to personal health and lose 50 lbs+ Receive a formal promotion
  25. 25. Ô Ultra Marathoner Earn your PHD from an accredited institution sALEs Complete an ultra-marathon CITIZENshIP Ô RocketÔ Tri-Sprint Sell more than $50k in your first 90 days Complete a triathlon sprint Ô Community Organizer Ô QDogÔ Triathlon Organize a charitable event and rally at least Beat your quota for the quarter Complete a full triathlon five IZEA team members to participate Ô YDogÔ IronMan Ô Giver Beat your quota for the year Complete an Iron Man Participate in a charitable event as an IZEA Ô Top DogÔ Team Player team member Sell the most of any sales person in a given year Sport an IZEA team uniform in 5 games Ô Super Giver Ô $100k Volunteer 50 hours in a single quarterFAMILY Sell your first $100k in services Ô Fundraiser Ô $1MÔ Knots Tied Raise $1,000 or more for a charitable Sell your first $1M in services Get married organization Ô $5MÔ Big Poppa Ô Thought Leader Sell your first $5M in services Become a new father (of a human) Get elected to be on the executive board for a Ô $10MÔ Big Momma charitable organization or trade group Sell your first $10M in services Become a new mother Ô Activist Ô You Can Do It!Ô Double Trouble Serve on the board for a charitable New personal sales record (above quota) Have twins organization or trade group Ô BOOM!Ô Triple Trouble TEAM wORK New company sales record Have triplets Ô Fortune TellerÔ Saver Ô Oracle Land a new Fortune 500 client brand Contribute 5% or more to your 401k Put together a how-to guide for training Ô Frequent FlyerÔ Super Saver purposes Log more than 10k miles in a quarter Contribute 10% or more to your 401k Ô Midnight Oil Ô Big Pimpin’Ô Thrifty Eater Stay up past 3am working on official company Make a sale without being a member of the Bring in your lunch for every meal for a quarter business sales teamEDUCATION Ô Solution Slayer Sell 5 Solutions Group deals over $100k each onÔ MBA a single year Earn your MBA from an accredited institution Ô Mini Cheese BallÔ PHD Sell a single deal in excess of $200k
  26. 26. Ô Cheese Ball of 50% or more as a direct result of a news story Ô Desk Vandal Sell a single deal in excess of $500k Ô Rock Your Face Off Randomly decorate someones deskÔ Super Cheese Ball Double our Facebook fans in a single Quarter Ô Badger Sell a single deal in excess of $1M Ô TweetIt Earn 100 badges in a single yearÔ Mega Cheese Ball Double our Twitter followers in a single Quarter Ô Jetsetter Sell a single deal in excess of $5M Send a postcard to IZEA from a foreign country ENGINEERING Ô Oscar WorthyCUsTOMER LOvE Ô Ruby Master Put together a fun IZEA video that gets moreÔ Love Doctor Become certified Ruby Engineer than 1,000 views on YouTube Receive a unsolicited letter to the CEO from a Ô MySQL Master Ô Doopelganger customer referencing actions that have gone Become a certified MySQL Engineer Come to work dressed as a cartoon character above and beyond for customer service Ô Hackalicious and stay in character all dayÔ Ticket Magician Develop something brand new during Hack Ô Snapp’d Solve 5,000 customer tickets Day that gets accepted and implemented in Take a picture with a celeb and have your IZEAÔ Tweetheart production shirt on and visible Receive 10 personalized thank you tweets in a Ô Startup Junkie PLATFORMs single quarter Work on an approved passion product that gets green lighted and put into full production Ô CashoutOPERATIONs Ô On Call Complete your first cashout from an IZEAÔ Thriftmonster Fix an emergency issue outside the normal platform Reduce a third party expense by $10k or more work hours Ô ST Super User per year Ô Sleuth Complete 100 sponsored tweetsÔ Buddy Be the first to identify fraud under $100 and Ô SS Super User Become a buddy for a new hire successfully recover all money Complete 20 sponsored postsÔ Bug Squasher Ô Super Sleuth Ô WR Super User Formally Log 50 new bugs in a quarter (not Be the first to identify fraud over $100 and Complete 250 sponsored checkins available to developers) successfully recover all moneyCOMMUNITY FUNÔ Big News Ô Cakeplow Land the company a national television feature Do a cakeplow for your anniversaryÔ Uptick Ô Tequila Lover Demonstrate an immediate registration uptick Have a tequila shot for your anniversary
  27. 27. Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : JERRY bIUsO MEETING FORMAT The IZEAUp is a weekly mee Ô NEw TEAM MEMbER INTRODUCTION ting of the entire company . The Ô sALEs UPDATE meeting happens every Tu esday from 11:00-11:30a bUsINEss DEvELOPMENT UPDATE m Ô EST sharp, unless the office ENGINEERING UPDATE happens to be closed. All Ô team members are expected Ô OPERATIONs UPDATE to participate in the meetinregardless of their physical g, Ô ExECUTIvE UPDATE location. A call in number is Ô shOUTOUTsprovided for those that are Ô AChIEvEMENTs off-site. If you aren’t going to make ROCKsTAR OF ThE MONThthe meeting please let your Ô manager know in advance. The leaders of each departm ent deliver a brief update to the BRING YOUR TOentire team, limited to 5 m inutes each. The goal of the update TEM!is to provide communicatio All team members should bring their n to all team members and keep Totem to the meeting, it is wherethem informed of company happenings. Achievements are given out.
  28. 28. REAL VALUE Every 25 ShoutOu ts y from other team m ou collect embers is worth 1/2 day off. at team The more you helShoutOuts are little Thank You’s th the more days yo p your team mem bers u can spend at th er to recognize e beach can give to each oth sipping on Piña C oladas! Use yourmembers wisely and be sure ShoutOuts eir job. abo ve and beyond in th to recognize other s thatsomeone for going have gone above and beyond for yo houtOut u. You will be given a n allotment of one S e calendar sticker for each week remaining in th I want t art date. o giv y ear based on your st Out bec e Matt a Shout au new adm se he created a nique in tool I want t o give Vero he me twic that makes because s e as fast! a Shout Out e last stayed late with m ute t min night to get a las oor! the d proposal out
  29. 29. d culture.IZEA Loco is a cele bration of our team an ch quarterThe event happens at the beginning of ea arts around 2pm. at an offsite location and usually st week to spend Remote emplo yees are flown in that articipate in the team some ti me in the office and p designed to foster building. These are fun events y relationship with team work and promote a health tside of work. your fellow Izeans ou Ô ANNIvERsARIEs We recognize team memb ers that have given us their ongoing comm itment. When you reach your anniversary you will receive a special award to thank yo u and mark the date. Team Members that rea ch the 5 year milestone will also receive a $1000 bonus and are added to the Fab Fiv e Plaque. Ô ThE CAKE PLOw Every team member that ce lebrates an anniversary can (but in no way is required to) participate in a ceremon ial cake plow and tequila shot. It is a right of passage. That is how we roll. Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : DONNA MACKENZIE
  30. 30. Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : DAvID hINsON Æ ACTIvIsT : CRYsTAL DUNCAN I ZEA ATHLETICS Ô FLAG FOO TbALL - sPR Stop playin g Armchair q ur football th ING & wINTE uarterback an irst by playin g R d We want all of our team quench yo rs. members to live happy, team membe with your fellow healthy, productive lives . In addition to providin Ô KICKbALL - FALL ga ostalgic days of gym fitness program (see th R elive those n on! e benefits section) IZEA lass, and get your kickball also c supports participation in team athletics progra ALL ms. Ô DODGE b nch you canWe provide the uniform If you can dodge a wre s and refreshments, yo u dodge a ball.supply the sweat and w inning attitude.
  31. 31. Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : PETER sCOTT Æ ACTIvIsTs : MEREDITh MOORE & AshLEY EDwARDs IZEAFOR GOOD Ô COOK - FE bRUARY r families in Cook and serve meals fo se. cDonald Hou need at The Ronald M At IZEA giving back is an important part of what we EPTEMbER do. Each quarter the en Ô wORK - s the World by tire company participat Voluntee r at Give Kids es , painting, cle aning, buildin g in a charitable activity planting ing the prope rty. where we give back. In and gen erally improv addition, we encourag e individual team mem UNE bers Ô CLEAN - J mpoo drive fo rto engage in their own Recycle soap and sha passion project and rally rld. the Clean the Wosupport of other IZEA te am members. CEMbER Ô PLAY - DE the US Marin e Toy dri ve to support toy r Tots annual Corps in their Toys fo drive.
  32. 32. ZEA BAT I TLES Ô bbQ bATTLE Grab your ton ROYALE - JU gs eb NE and your apro est burgers, ri n! It’s time to bs, chicken a see nd Our team members are who makes th ippi. driven, aggressive and of the Mississ pork this side bER make things happen. W TEsT - OCTO e encourage friendly EN CO sTUME CON Ô hALLOwE ce some stiff ss up! You will fa competition among co We love to dre alloween Cost ume lleagues and have a few in the annual H competition scary to just p lain events throughout the Contest , ranging from year where IZEA team hysterical. members battle it out in grand style. - NOvEMbER Ô ChILI s MACK DOwN to claim the ti tle ve what it takes Think you ha batch of your own ror? Cook up a bers decide. of Chili Empe w team mem t your fello recipe and leÆ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : PETER sCOTT
  33. 33. Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : DAvID hINsON Ô ROCKsTAR OF ThE MONTh Each month the leadersh ip team picks a team m outstanding contributio ember for recognition n to IZEA and awards th of The RockStar receives a em “RockStar of the Mon small award and an Ac th”. IZEAUp. Each RockStar hievement sticker at th of the Month selected e for RockStar of the Quar in a given quarter is eli ter. gibleÔ ROCKsTAR OF ThE QUARTER Each quarter the compa ny at large votes for on “RockStar of the Quarte e team member to beco r.” Voting is done online me that have won RockStar and only those individua of the Month are eligibl ls name on a plaque, a sm e. The winner receives all award for their desk their sticker and a $500 bonu , a special Achievemen s. t
  34. 34. pany getsEach year the entire com off- sitetogether for 3 to 4 days of vision andteam building, education, are the stuff recognition. These events any of your of legends and where m best memories and friendships at IZEA will be forged.Æ ExECUTIvE sPONsOR : TED MURPhYÆ ACTIvIsTs : JENNI sANDELLs & AshLEY EDwARDs
  35. 35. Ô RETIREMENT PLAN FITS IZEAS PREMIUM BENE IZEA offers a generous 401k program for all team members. We match 50% of your contributions up to 8% of your salary. We highly encourage your participation in this plan and urge all team members to save for the future. Ô MObILE DEvICE ALLOwANCEÔ MEDICAL, DENTAL & vIsION INsURANCE Ô FLExIbLE sChEDULE To encourage participation in WeReward and IZEA provides a comprehensive insurance Some of us are night owls. Some of us rise gain feedback from our team members we plan that provides medical, dental and vision and shine before farmers and babies. In provide a mobile device allowance. Team insurance through Aetna. order to support the varied lifestyles of our members may receive a credit of up to $300 team members we offer flexible schedules. towards the purchase of a new mobile deviceÔ PAID TIME OFF capable of running the WeReward app. IZEA provides multi-purpose paid time off IZEA’s standard business operating schedule (PTO) for all full time team members. Team is Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to Ô REFERRAL bONUs members are allotted PTO based on the years 6:00 p.m., and Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Some of our best team members have they have committed to the company. Flextime schedules may start between 7:00 come from referrals. If you refer a new team a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and end between 4:00 member to join the company you will be • Year 1 of employment: 10 business days p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eligible for a bonus. The bonus schedule is as • Year 2-3 : 12 business days follows: • Year 4 : 13 business days Ô PAID hOLIDAYs • Year 5-7 : 15 business days Everyone needs some time off to • $250 for a team member where we have • Year 7+ : 16 business days decompress and reenergize. IZEA provides not engaged an outside recruiter you with the following 14 paid holidays in • $1,000 for a team member where weÔ FITNEss PLAN 2011 in addition to your paid time off. have engaged an outside recruiter We believe that physical fitness is an important part of every team members’ • Martin Luther King Jr. Day Ô ADDITIONAL bENEFITs AvAILAbLE life and coincides with our goal for team • Good Friday • Short-Term Disability members to live active and balanced • Memorial Day • Long-Term Disability lifestyles. IZEA will reimburse team members • 4th of July (or Friday before) • Life and Accidental Death and for up to 50% of the monthly cost of their • Labor Day Dismemberment Insurance fitness program for a maximum of $40 per • Day before Thanksgiving and day after • Consolidated Omnibus Budget month. • Christmas Eve - New Years Day Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
  36. 36. Ô Q2-Q4 2011 AwEsOMENEssAPRIL JULY OCTObERÔ Q1 IZEA Loco - April 1st Ô Vacation Day (Independence Day) - July 4th Ô L&L “Activating Our Community” w/Pete - October 13thÔ IZEAN Flag Football - April 4th Ô L&L “The Competitive Landscape” w/Jerry - July 21st Ô Q3 IZEA Loco - October 14thÔ IZEAN Flag Football - April 11th Ô IZEA Retreat - July 14th-18th Ô Hack Day (Developers) - October 28thÔ IZEAN Flag Football - April 18th Ô Hack Day (Developers) - July 29th Ô Halloween Party - October 31stÔ L&L “How to Give Product Feedback” w/ David - April 21st AUGUsT NOvEMbERÔ Vacation Day (Good Friday) - April 22ndÔ IZEAN Flag Football - April 25th Ô Hack Day (Developers) - August 26th Ô L&L “Viral Growth Strategies” w/Dan - November 17thÔ Hack Day (Developers) - April 29th Ô Dodge Ball Tournament! - August 13th Ô Chili Battle Royale - November 18th Ô L&L “What’s Hot in The Market” w/Ted - August 18th Ô Thanksgiving Vacation - November 23-25thMAY Ô Hack Day (Developers) - November 28th sEPTEMbERÔ IZEAN Flag Football - May 2th DECEMbERÔ Cinco Day Mayo Party - May 5th Ô Vacation Day (Labor Day) - September 5thÔ Hangover Breakfast - May 6th Ô L&L “Your 401k” w/Donna - September 22nd Ô IZEA Holiday Party - December 10thÔ IZEAN Flag Football - May 9th Ô Hack Day (Developers) - September 30th Ô L&L “Kicking Ass in 2012” w/Ted - December 15thÔ IZEAN Flag Football - May 16th Ô IZEA SPIRIT WEEK! - September 19-23rd Ô Hack Day (Developers) - December 23rdÔ IZEAN Flag Football - May 23th Ô Christmas Vacation - December 24th - January 1stÔ L&L “Running Meetings and GSD” w/Donna - May 26thÔ Hack Day (Developers) - May 27thÔ Vacation Day (Memorial Day) - May 30thJUNEÔ BBQ Battle Royale - June 3rdÔ L&L “Social Media Nightmares” w/Pete - June 16thÔ Hack Day (Developers) - June 24thÔ IZEA 5th Birthday - June 25th
  37. 37. i t’s o n u n o f peop a team e better. t to joi ife for th are abo ge your l le You an w hat can that will ch your eyes to ion and is We w ill open hard work, v her. when t n e toge happe e people com m aweso E FAMILY. Ô wELCOME TO Th