Cube freight 600, lift truck onboard weighing and dimensioning systems by IVDT


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Forklift on-board,freight weight verification and DIM dimensioning go palletized freight

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Cube freight 600, lift truck onboard weighing and dimensioning systems by IVDT

  1. 1. CubeFreight 600 Series Lift Truck On-board Freight Weight Verification & Dimensioning Palletized Freight Weight Dimensioning and Safety Compliance Systems The ED6 CubeFreight 600 Series are a low cost lift truck on-board data collection device that automatically captures palletized freight weight, dimensioning, operational events to optimize productivity and improving vehicle utilization and safety compliances with OSHA standards. The universal application for any type of the lift truck model regardless of the vehicle type, lifting capacity or operating voltage offers the warehousing manager to easily determine the cost of freight in advance of the shipment. The LTL freight transportation industry will benefit from the efficient solution to ensure proper billing and make trailer load planning more accurate. INTEGRATED VISUAL DATA TECHNOLOGY INC. A RANGE OF SOLUTIONS TO SUIT YOUR MATERIAL HANDLING OPERATIONAL NEEDS
  2. 2. Technical Data - Voltage from 12 to 55 V DC - Operating current 180mA - Technology, micro controller - Bluetooth module - TFT 5.7” color touch screen display - Weighing range up to 5000 kg or lb TFT , 5.7” Color Touch Screen LCD - Bright red display intensity - Enclosure , 176 x 135 x 48 mm - Weight, 0.75 kg - Operating temperature -20 C to + 70C - Weighing Accuracy +/- 0.1% to 1.0% of vehicle lifting capacity Pressure Transducer (Swiss Made) - Port connection, male 1/4”-18 NPT - Built in pressure snubber - NEMA 4X protection - Reverse polarity protection - Over voltage protection - Short circuit protection - Housing material, Stainless steel AISI 303 Operating range (Pallet Height Distance) - 12” to 254” - Depending on the mast height - Pallet height tolerance is +/- 1” - Automatic capture of the pallet height distance measurement Standard Data - Operator ID# - Vehicle ID# - Date and Time - Pro Bill ID # - DIM Weight Factor - Load Weight - Pallet size data L x W x H - Cube Weight - DIM Weight - Total Weight - Accumulative load weight total * WiFi Included * Bar Code Scanner Included - Weight 95 grams - Installation, unrestricted Order Number CubeFreight 600 COMPACT SIZE & HEAVY DUTY - DESIGNED FOR MATERIAL HANDLING VEHICLES TFT 5.7” LCD color touch screen display DB25 Power supply input Liquid tight fitting for from 12 to 55 V DC external cable Output relays INTEGRATED VISUAL DATA TECHNOLOGY INC. Compact PC board