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Elevate Charter Schools - Fulfilling the Promise of Charter Schools Presentation @ the New Jersey Charter Schools Conference

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Elevate Charter School Presentation Nj

  1. 1. State Charter School Association Collaborative ELEVATE CHARTERS DELIVERING ON THE PROMISE
  2. 2. Ted Fujimoto • Entrepreneur - Started first company-Age 18. Part of venture group at that acquired consulting company—reengineered retail networks for 11 automotive brands and hospitality brands • Models - Co-founded and developed school model – New Technology High School – 21 st Century Learning Environment---41+ locations around country, growing 11-25 per year • Scale - Developed strategic plans/scaling methodology for Big Picture, Los Angeles Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, Partnerships for Uplifting Communities, and New Technology Foundation • Movement - Co-founded California Charter Schools Association – movement grew from 435 to over 700. Now working with dozen state charter school associations • Student - Visited over 500 schools
  3. 3. Jill Shahen • Movement – Managing Director – New York Charter Schools Association • Authorizer - Former Director of Charter Accountability for the Charter Schools Institute of the State University of New York. She was responsible for charter oversight, monitoring and compliance issues for over 40 SUNY authorized charter schools including charter schools that were closed • Passion – Passion for great charter schools. • Scale – National Elevate team member---build capacity of charter school associations to help schools get better. • Italian…
  4. 4. Promise Pressure Response
  5. 5. Promise Pressure Response
  6. 6. "41 percent of the nation's charter closures resulted from financial deficiencies caused by either low student enrollment or inequitable funding," while 14% had closed due to poor academic performance
  7. 7. “By every measure the United States is not leading the world. Whether it’s college graduation rates or whether it’s eighth grade algebra scores, we have a long way to go.” “We have a dropout rate that is absolutely unacceptable, 27 percent nationally. More than a quarter of our students drop out of schools each year and that is economically unsustainable and morally unacceptable.” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
  8. 8. Battle is getting tougher Mixed results Change to deliver undeniable success Do better for kids and country Quality is important Limited time
  9. 9. Promise Pressure Response
  10. 10. 100% proficiency in math and science, 91% and 96% in reading and social science.
  11. 11. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan - Manor New Technology High School a “model for reaching underserved youth” President Obama – “That’s why we’ll follow the example of places like the Met Center in Rhode Island that give students that individual attention, while also preparing them through real-world, hands-on training the possibility of succeeding in a career.”
  12. 12. MATCH 10th graders ranked first in the state, of all 340 school districts, with 100 percent scoring Advanced or Proficient on the state’s 2009 math MCAS exam
  13. 13. 100% of North Star’s high school graduates have been accepted into at least one four-year college. Graduates average four acceptances each and approximately 95% enroll in four-year universities after graduation. 98% Middle School students were proficient in Mathematics, and 98% were proficient in Science 100% of elementary students in both the 1st grade class of 2020 and the Kindergarten class of 2021 scored at or above grade level on the Terra Nova exam.
  14. 14. What was your promise?
  15. 15. Promise Pressure Response
  16. 16. Advocating for the Movement and Helping the Movement Define Quality Effective Authorizing and Closing Bad Schools Helping Charter Schools Reach Top Performance
  17. 17. Elevate is a CSO-aligned collaborative with a mission to help charter schools build capacity to be strong organizations that generate undeniable student success -- the success that justifies the movement's existence and expansion. President Obama: "For the majority of schools that fall in between – schools that do well but could do better – we will encourage continuous improvement to help keep our young people on track for a bright future: prepared for the jobs of the 21st century."
  18. 18. Charter School System
  19. 19. A B C • Document • Gap Analysis • Gap Analysis Review Workshops Report • Site Visit (Board, Staff) • Solutions Guide • Interviews • Coaching 1-3 months
  20. 20. A B C • Document • Gap Analysis • Gap Analysis Review Workshops Report • Site Visit (Board, Staff) • Solutions Guide • Interviews • Coaching 1-3 months
  21. 21. A B C • Document • Gap Analysis • Gap Analysis Review Workshops Report • Site Visit (Board, Staff) • Solutions Guide • Interviews • Coaching 1-3 months
  22. 22. "The CharterShield brought our school back to focusing on the specific obligations spelled out in our charter-something too easily overlooked in a school's day-to-day operations. Thanks to the Elevate consultant team, our governance is re-energized in setting expectations of the school leadership to ensure our charter goals are met." James Neimeier, Chair Board of Trustees South Buffalo Charter School
  23. 23. Next Steps • Each state identifying limited number of charter school candidates for CharterShield • Now through July 1, 2010 • If interested, give us your business card
  24. 24. State Charter School Association Collaborative Contact Information Jill Shahen jshahen@elevatecharters.org 800.405.0670 Ted Fujimoto tfujimoto@elevatecharters.org 415-963-4406 Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter