Internet Marketing 101


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Internet Marketing 101

  1. 1. InternetMarketing101
  2. 2. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comAbout Me• I’m 28 years old and married• Moved to Israel in 2006• Worked in tourism for 5 years• Attended MATI course in 2012• Started my own InternetMarketing business in 2012
  3. 3. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comAbout 972 creative9·7·2·cre·a·tive: a boutique WordPress design,development and consulting agency.
  4. 4. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhat is Internet Marketing?• Website• Social Media• Email Marketing• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)• PPC (Pay Per Click)• Affiliate Marketing
  5. 5. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSource: Portent
  6. 6. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhen do I start?You must think about Internet Marketing themoment you think about starting a business.• Must secure (buy) your domain name• Must secure (free) your social identities(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, Slideshare, etc.)Internet Marketing must be part of your totalbusiness plan.
  7. 7. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comThe Darwinian Effect On The Internet“It is not the strongest of the species thatsurvives, nor the most intelligent, but rather theone most adaptable to change.”-Charles Darwin
  8. 8. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWebsite
  9. 9. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comDoes my business need a website?Every business in the 21st century needs one!•• What’s the deal with hosting?• What platform should my website be on?• Should I build it myself or hire a firm?
  10. 10. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comThings to consider• Desktop + mobile or responsive design• Technology – hard coded or CMS• Content – unique and keyword rich• Accessibility – can your website be viewedanywhere• Social – environment for sharing• Design – colors, typography and imagery
  11. 11. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comBuilding your website• Start with pen and paper – sketch out yourideal layout• Logo – ideal placement is top-left• Social / Contact – ideal placement is top-right• Navigation bar top – below logo and social– Links to all main pages – may include submenus– Remember to include link to homepage
  12. 12. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comBuilding your website, cont’d.• Navigation on sidebar – inside pages– Links to sub pages – could include current levelas well as child pages• Breadcrumbs – leave a trail of how to getthrough the site – usually below navigation• Footer – make use of valuable real estate– Links to main pages– Links to sitemap, privacy policy, terms of service
  13. 13. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comDesktop + mobile or responsiveSource: KISSmetrics
  14. 14. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comDesktop + mobile or responsiveResponsive is the future!• One website to manage• Consistency in design between desktop andmobile websites• Full website available everywhere• Social sharing links will work everywhere
  15. 15. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comDesktop + mobile or responsivesites that use responsive web design, i.e. sitesthat serve all devices on the same set of URLs,with each URL serving the same HTML to alldevices and using just CSS to change how thepage is rendered on the device.recommends
  16. 16. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comHard Coded or CMS• Hard coded is good when– 5 pages or less– Won’t be updated frequently• CMS (Content Management System)is good when– More then 5 pages– Frequent updates– Running a blog
  17. 17. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comHard Coded or CMSRecommend CMS: WordPress• Open source – tons ofsupport available• Endless plugins toadd valuable features• Free/Premium designs22%78%WordPress The Internet
  18. 18. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comContent• Must be unique and detailed• Keyword rich – include keywords multipletimes per page• Provide value – don’t give your visitorinformation they don’t want/need to read• Add content regularly – consider an editorialcalendar• Maintain a blog/news section
  19. 19. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comAccessibility• Does your website work onall browsers?• Does your website work onmobile devices?• Can Google see the codeon your website?
  20. 20. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocialSource: Mashable
  21. 21. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial• Place your social sharing links in prominentlocations – top of post and maybe bottom• Use individual buttons – not a single “Sharethis” button• Allow your buttons to display counts – thisencourages more sharingSocial sharing is like free PR!
  22. 22. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comDesign Trends for 2013• Responsive design• Full page background images• Single page layout for simple websites• Dynamic typography (Google Web Fonts)• Minimalism – simple is better
  23. 23. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comMost important re: designSource: HubSpot
  24. 24. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comHow colors play in designSource: bufferapp
  25. 25. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial Media
  26. 26. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial Media is…Social media is thecollective of onlinecommunications channelsdedicated to community-basedinput, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.
  27. 27. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial Media Platforms• Facebook– Personal profile for yourself– Page for your business (can add tabs and runads associated with your page)• LinkedIn– Personal profile for yourself– Company page for your business
  28. 28. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial Media Platforms cont’d.• Twitter• Pintrest• Foursquare• Youtube• Blog• Others?
  29. 29. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSocial Media Musts• Interact with your audience• Ask questions to engage your visitors• Be sure to respond to posts and questions• Tag your customers in posts (if possible)• Create posting schedule• Join and be active in groups• Measure your success
  30. 30. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comEmail Marketing
  31. 31. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhat is Email MarketingEmail marketing consists of building a list offollowers with as much information as possibleand sending that list periodic advertisementsabout things they want to hear about – withoutspamming.
  32. 32. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comKeys to Email Marketing• You must have regular content the visitorwants to receive updates about• You must tell them at what frequency youexpect to send them emails
  33. 33. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comEmail Marketing Services• Mailchimp• MadMimi• Awebber• Constant Contact• iContact• Rav Messer (Israel)
  34. 34. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSearch Engine Optimization
  35. 35. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhat is SEO?SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Itis the process of getting traffic from the “free,”“organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings onsearch engines. All major search engines such asGoogle, Yahoo and Bing have suchresults, where web pages and other contentsuch as videos or local listings are shown andranked based on what the search engineconsiders most relevant to users.
  36. 36. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWatch the video at Engine Optimization Explained
  37. 37. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comSEO Basics• SEO is the art of using keywords to getexposure on Google (and other searchengines)• SEO uses link building techniques to gaincredibility for your website• Use sitemaps on your website and submitthem to Google via “Google WebmasterTools” (applies to Bing as well)
  38. 38. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comPay Per Click
  39. 39. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhat is PPC advertising?Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is pretty simple:Search engines like Google and Bing allowbusinesses and individuals to buy listings in theirsearch results. These listings appear along withthe natural, non-paid search results.
  40. 40.
  41. 41. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comWhere can I advertise?• Google• Bing• Facebook• LinkedIn• Twitter?
  42. 42. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comTips
  43. 43. 972creative.comToddEdelman.comTips• Website Hosting in US: Bluehost, HostGatoror Site5• Hootsuite – social media management portal(free and premium)• KISSmetrics – blog about analytics• HubSpot – inbound marketing suite
  44. 44. The End!How to reach (Skype)