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Footie, THE Mobile Community Apps for Football fans
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Footie, THE Mobile Community Apps for Football fans


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Footie is a platform based Mobile Community Apps for Football fans available in White label in order to allows Right owners (Web, Press and TV media groups but also Sponsors and Football clubs and …

Footie is a platform based Mobile Community Apps for Football fans available in White label in order to allows Right owners (Web, Press and TV media groups but also Sponsors and Football clubs and leagues) to monetize their content and their communities while bringing them a great service based on topnotch mobile technology.

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  • Now, to understand what might be going on on the mobile side, let’s first have a look at what happened on the famous participative Web or Web 2.0. as we call it. I will not go here into details of what it is because you have certainly heard it somewhere else in the conference but what you will realize is that in the end, what this all generated, are just simple and plain conversation between people but online...
  • Transcript

    • 1. THE Mobile Social Network for Football Fans
      General Presentation
      Luc Jacobs
    • 2. Humans are Highly Social Animals. They love the contact with each others…
      Source O’Reilly Media
      Let’s face it!
    • 3. Let’s take Football fans
      Source: SportMarketingAgency
      Still, no social media today allows them to share emotions with their friends in real time while following the match live...
    • 4. Mobile has only Upsides
    • 5. 5
      in Unit Shipments
      Global Unit Shipments of Desk + Laptop PC’s vs. Smartphones + Tablets
    • 6. 6
      in Traffic Volumes
      Global Mobile Data Traffic by Type
      2008-2015E 2010-2015E CAGR
      X 26!!!
    • 7. 7
      in Usage
      Average Time Spent on Various Mobile Functions (Jan11)
      60% of today’s Usage did not exists 3 years ago!
    • 8. 8
      Mobile is an Efficient Media
      Relative Efficacy of Mobile vs. other Advertising Media (Jan11)
    • 9. 10 X better than Internet
    • 10. and Old media’s need help!
      % of Time Spent in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending (USA 2009)
    • 11. Football + Mobile + Social + New Media + Ads =
    • 12. Our Answer
      A mobile centric Social Network for Sport fans proposed under White Label or Branded version.
      Enjoy, Share and Communicate with other Fans or Players on Live scoring, news & tables via mobile
      Widest availability for multiple mobile platforms & multiple sports
      For the media & brands a way to learn who fans are, engage & communicate efficiently with them
      Strong built-in loyalty mechanics offering multiple Brand & Advertising possibilities.
      Footie™ is the name of our Generic Football Apps
    • 13. Your media
      I Love
      I Like
      Social media’s
      I Watch
      Mass media’s
      “Weapon of Mass Engagement”
    • 14. Where in the Marketing funnel?
      Promote the branded Footie Apps using Web or Social media campaign using one of its basic functions (ie. Live scoring, exclusive news) but WITHOUT selling your service.

      This is where the Footie Apps effectiveness is maximum. Present your Product or Service as a «Must-Have» for active subscribers. Illustrate your brand via cases (fun, competition, games, etc…)
      There you should play on the Community aspect of Footie Apps: “Why chose another Product or Service since this one is used/seems to interest all of my friends?”
      M-commerce performance are still weak compared to InStore demo’s, Outbound calls of even Online shops. So, do your sales but with higher closing rate of up to 300% higher thanks to Footie Apps.

      Giving more for their money on our platform to your existing customers does not cost a lot of money. We have built-in Loyalty mechanics like points, etc… but a Thank you note might do it.
      Let your Happy customers speak and maybe even not so Happy one as long as you can show that you can close their cases satisfactorily. Amplify Advocates, Neutralize Detractors.
      “Word of Mouth” is one of the most powerful message on the web today. Rely on our built-in mechanics to tell your story and use it in your Social or Mass media campaigns (tickers, etc…)
    • 15. Footie Segmentation
      *: Please refer to Forrester Research © 2008 for Social Media Segmentation definitions
    • 16. How does it work?
    • 17. Apps typical functionalities
      Facebook Login
      SMS Invite
      Live Feed
      Media player
      Footie™ is the name of our Generic Apps
    • 18.
      Simple Registration portal (selection of the League/Club supported, also on mobile)
      Jupiler League Casino Eredivisie Premier league Bundesliga La Liga Ligue 1 Serie A Turkcell Süper Lig Champion’s Europa
      (BE) (NL) (UK) (DE) (SP) (FR) (IT) (TU) league league
    • 19. How do I monetize this?
    • 20. Splash screen & banners (Ads by L’Oreal)
      Splash screen (3-4 sec)
      (Eventually Clickable & Dynamic)
      Startup/Login screen
      300*50 bottom/top banner(Format may vary in function of the phone)
      Footie™ is the name of our Generic Apps
    • 21. “Shouts” to members
      Send messages to All/Selected Members (Region/Club based) including Text/Pictures/Video’s or link to your (Mobile) Website.
      If needed People can comment (moderated) and ask questions or starts dialogue.
    • 22. Branded Mobile Phone Apps
      All major devices supported:
      Samsung Bada
      Mobile Web for all the others
      The best way to link Brands with the Leagues or Championship
      Specific Skins & Icons are designed for each App, Web & Mobile Web interface
      Special Menu Key can be interactive or Dynamic and send to Mobile website
      Fully customizable interfaces
      Screenshots from the Nokia WRT App interface © FC Fenerbahce & FC Besiktas
    • 23. Banners in Branded Mobile Web
      Dynamic Banner delivered by Ad server in order to carry traffic back to the Operator’s Mobile Website during Promotion time.
      Brought to you by
      Special Game proposed by Apparel manufacturer in order to illustrate a new pair of shoes or a special denim provided.
      Singapore Telecom & Adidas shown here as an hypothetical Partners
      On courtesy of S.L. Benfica ©
    • 24. Integration in your Website
      Integrated Mini-Website
      • Completely inserted into your website via iFrame
      • 25. Managed & Hosted by Footie team
      • 26. Fully customizable
      • 27. Update between Web & Mobile Apps immediate in real-time!
      • 28. System remembers preference (login, language, etc...) of each users and for each pages he/she wants to see.
      On courtesy of S.L. Benfica ©
    • 29. Subscriber Database Access
      Subscriber database can be retrieved in 2 ways:
      CSV & Excel dump files to synchronize with your CRM system and accessible via the Backoffice Admins interface.
      API access in order to use platform functionalities in your Apps as login, logout etc… (similar to Facebook Apps API)
    • 30. Promotion on your website
      Integrated Banners
    • 31. 21 Localizations available
      Footie Austria
      Footie Belgium
      Footie Netherlands
      Footie USA
      Footie Brazil
      Footie Argentina
      Footie Finland
      Footie Sweden
      Footie Norway
      Footie Denmark
      Footie Spain
      Footie Portugal
      Footie Russia
      Footie Ukraine
      Footie Switzerland
      Footie Turkey
      Footie Italy
      Footie France
      Footie England
      Footie Germany
      Footie Europe
      More to come…
      Premier league Bundesliga La Liga Ligue 1 Serie A Turkcell Süper Lig Champion’s Europa Brazileiro MLS Primera
      (UK) (DE) (SP) (FR) (IT) (TU) league league (BR) (USA) (ARG)
    • 32. Our App on OVIstore
      TeamBlogger App
      After only a few weeks more than 100.000 visits & 10.000’s downloads/week.
      Heavily promoted by Nokia and more important:
      FANS LOVE IT!!!
    • 33. Branded version for Benfica
      iTunes AppStores
      A “Light” version to gather the news and interact with other fans, and a “Premium” version sold 2,39€ in order to receive and view the exclusive video’s from Benfica TV.
    • 34. OK I’m interested!
    • 35. We propose 2 models
      Footie Branded Model
      • We make a set of Footie Apps with your brand
      iPhone, Android, Nokia & Mobile Web
      • It includes your exclusive content
      • 36. You benefit from the existing Footie community
      • 37. Revenues are mainly from Ads & Content sale
      • 38. No costs involved, only revenue share
      Fully Branded Model
      • We create your own set of branded Apps
      iPhone, Android, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, WP7
      • It include your exclusive content
      • 39. You can advertize it in the Footie community
      • 40. Revenues are as you decide they will be
      • 41. Fixed setup & monthly Saas fee for hosting & support
      • 42. You sell the Ads & Content and keep 100% of revenues.
    • Summary
      Footie launched worldwide on Nokia OVI, iPhone, Android and Mobile web.
      150.000 Downloads to date growing at 22%/week!
      Available in 8 languages & covering 23 major Football leagues with >300 Millions of Fans.
      Free of Charge with fixtures and live scores, ready to welcome your content.
      It is Mobile centric but a Mini-Website is available.
      Revenue share or monthly Saas Fee, you decide.
      Don’t wait to be part of one of the Hottest Apps available on the ever growing Mobile scene today!
      Footie™ is the name of our Generic Football Apps
      Jupiler League Casino Eredivisie Premier league Bundesliga La Liga Ligue 1 Serie A Turkcell Süper Lig Champion’s Europa
      (BE) (NL) (UK) (DE) (SP) (FR) (IT) (TU) league league
    • 43. Schroyens Frederic:
      CEO & Founder
      +32 478 70 29 49
      Luc Jacobs:
      Partner & Business Development & Strategies
      +32 475 92 99 81
      Thank you !