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Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Attacks

Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Attacks



Natural Technique to Stop Panic Attacks and End General Anxiety in Minutes

Natural Technique to Stop Panic Attacks and End General Anxiety in Minutes



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    Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Attacks Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Attacks Document Transcript

    • ==== ====If you want to eliminate panic & anxiety attacks, watch this video:www.teddimack.com/panic==== ===="I get frequent panic attack after my "run in" with a heart problem I had a year ago. Panic attacksfor me come in waves and do not leave me for 3 - 4 days. It makes me feel very scared anddepressed and I am edgy all the time. I keep feeling pain sensations in my chest, back and armand cant get over the feeling - which I am going to die or get a heart attack. I did go to the doctorand my heart specialist. They cant find anything unusual in my heart...they have given me somemedications for this panic disorder - Xanax - but that freaks me out and the withdrawal symptomsare awful". These were the words of a recent blogger regarding her experience with overcomingpanic attacks.Fortunately,there are other ways to treat - and find help in overcoming panic attacks - besidesprescription medication! The girl in this blog expressed some of the symptoms that people whohave numerous panic attacks - experience. What exactly is a panic attack? We all haveexperienced a panicky feeling at one time or another. If you ever realized that youve lost your carin a deserted parking lot, or your child in a store, you know how it feels. A panic attack exhibits thesame feelings, but is much more intense - and happens suddenly, without warning. They can evenbe terrifying - and make the person feel that they are going to die. Some people think that they arehaving a heart attack. They can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. A person who has had morethan 4 panic attacks is said to have panic disorder. Everyone is different - and there are a varietyof symptoms that people can experience:Shortness of breathDizzinessFlushed skinIntense or mild sweatingIncrease in heart rateHot flashesForeboding feeling of death or similarIntense shaking and tremblingHyperventilationPain in chest region and ribsMigraines or headachesCramping in abdominal regionFainting sensationFeeling of tightness in throatDifficulty in swallowingStrained breathOverall weaknessTingling sensation in the hands and fingersNumbness in hands and legs
    • Feeling complete loss of controlChest discomfortNauseaFeeling lightheadedUrgency to use the bathroomMuscle strain and painNeck and shoulder painEars turning hot and/or lips turning coldFlushing and blotching of skinLoss of skin colorExperiencing disturbing thoughtsFeeling unsteady and unlike oneselfParalyzing terrorAn intense need to escapeExperiencing perceptual distortionsExperiencing the feeling that youre not yourself or are going about in a dream like stateIt is important to treat yourself preventatively if you experience these symptoms. Some of theactions that you can take to prevent a panic attack are as follows:Breathe in and out very, very slowly as part of breathing exercises. This will lend to more oxygenand will help in blocking every other thought.Try relaxation techniques or some kinds of meditation.Drink plenty of water.Cut out all products that contain caffeine. These are known to intensify the attack.Cut out on all foods that spike insulin in your body.Exercise for at least 40 minutes a day. This will help relieve stress.What can you do when a panic attack occurs?It depends of the situation, and the symptoms, but in the middle of an attack there are things thatyou can do in order to keep functioning:Driving a car: Breathe deeply, pull over and relax. Continue with deep breathing exercises. If it is ascary thought, de-focus off of the thought and think on things that make you happy. Force yourselfto continue doing this until you get to your destination. When you get there, think about whattriggered it - and have a plan of attack in the future.Giving a speech: Go out and meet the people in the audience if you can. Viewing the audience asfriendly can help in a panic attack. Plan ahead as to what you will do if you have an attack in themiddle of a sentence. In the middle of an attack, take deep breaths, and change the plan. Forexample, get a glass of water and excuse yourself while you drink, re-focus and breathe. You canalso stop your speech temporarily and ask a question - or ask for questions. But above all, realizethat you are not losing it. You are in control, and just need to re-focus and youll be finishing yourspeech successfullyMeeting new people: Take deep, calm ing breaths. Look around the crowd and find someone wholooks as nervous as you do. Sit or stand with them and start a simple, mild conversation. If the
    • conversation lags, or if you have a panic attack, go get a glass of something, re-focus yourthoughts and deep-breathe. If you know someone in the crowd, go and speak to them. If not, finda friendly face, or another lonely person. Do this for short periods - and repeat this situation overand over until it becomes easier.What other general actions can be taken to stop an attack?Identify the Symptoms: When the episode is over, review the symptoms that you had, so that youwill know how to deal with them in the future.Embrace Attack: By embracing the attack, it means that you dont run away in fear from it. Youtake charge. Youre also keeping the attack from building steam and becoming worse, youvetaken away what it needs to feed off of. Dont make rationalizations for the attack youre having,take it for exactly what it is, a panic attack. Tell yourself that this attack is not a real event yourmind is making this up to make you upset.Exercise and Sleep: Start an exercise routine that will get your body moving and also distract youif you feel yourself becoming anxious. Dont stop your routine if you anticipate an anxious situationthe next day. Exercise helps your whole body to relax, and function better. Going for a jog whilelistening to music is a great way to get some exercise. Sleep is very important, because a lack ofsleep can lead to increased levels of stress. Stress is the leading cause of anxiety attacks.Therefore, you should do everything you can to make sure youre getting a good nights rest.Distraction Technique:When you feel like youre about to have an anxiety attack find somethingthat will take your mind off of it. If youre in a public situation, do something different to refocusyourself off of your symptoms and the tension. Ask an open-ended question - that will get others totalk while you regain your composure. If youre by yourself, listen to some uplifting music, take ahot shower, go for a run... it really doesnt matter what youre doing as long as its a positiveexperience and youre not focusing on your anxiety.Find the Root Cause:It is vital to discover for yourself what triggered the attack. This will help youin the attack - to refocus. It will also help you to plan ahead when facing a similar situation - so thatthe attack is diminished, or never occurs at all.Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine: Alcohol is a depressant, so anybody that has an anxiety disordershould avoid it as much as possible. Its not a distraction or a way to cope with anxiety; it leads toworse attacks in the future. Caffeine is great for waking up in the morning but because its astimulant it will increase the amount of anxiety youre feeling. Both alcohol and caffeine canstimulate insulin and drive down the blood sugar - leading to developing nervousness, the shakesand anxiety.Relax and Focus: Its important to relax, focus on the things around you that you have controlover, and dont let the anxiety attack get the best of you. Your mind is very capable of training itselfto deal with anxiety attacks in the future. Treat each one separately and eventually they will be athing of the past. You can stop the attack from escalating by planning and changing the situationyou are in.Take Control: Take charge over the attack - so that it can be prevented and stopped when it
    • occurs. Even if you have to start out small and work your way up. You have control over whereyou are sitting, what you had for lunch, and what assignment youre going to do next-these are allthings that the panic attack cant regulate. The more power you give yourself the less power thepanic attack will have over your life. You can overcome panic attacks!You have the power todecide what you will do when the attack occurs. You can alleviate the symptoms in the middle ofan episode, with the right mind-set and actions.The more you realize that you are in charge of your attacks, the more victorious youll become.With repeated success, and over time, youll find it easier and easier to handle the anxiety, andfind themselves overcoming panic attacks when they come. Some people find that their anxietynever completely goes away. Others find that they always feel fear in certain situations, but havelearned how to take control so that they dont suffer a full-blown attack. Be patient and determined,you will win!If youd like to learn more about Overcoming Panic Attacks FREE! "Discover A Little Known, YetPowerful Natural Technique To Stop Panic Attacks & General Anxiety Fast - This Works NearlyEvery Time". Thats Right - The Secret Youre About To Discover Inside Works So Well, You MayNEVER Have To Worry About Panic Attacks Ever Again! In This FREE Special Report, Youll SeeHow Just About Anyone Can Stop Their Panic Attacks & General Anxiety For Good!Just click on the link below, and youll be taken to the free special report:Panic Attacks Remedy CenterArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stewart_J._Anderson==== ====If you want to eliminate panic & anxiety attacks, watch this video:www.teddimack.com/panic==== ====