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Vitality Vitamin 1m

Vitality Vitamin 1m






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    Vitality Vitamin 1m Vitality Vitamin 1m Document Transcript

    • Our modern diets have the majority of us gorging on caloriesbut starving for the nutrition found naturally in fruits,vegetables, and other healthy foods. To compensate, we takemultivitamin/mineral supplements, but they may not be asgood as you think. Minerals in traditional multivitamins aregenerally isolated, which can make them difficult for yourbody to absorb. In addition, isolated minerals can literally robthe vitamins of their critical antioxidant ability before theyhave a chance to be absorbed by the body.That is why Melaleuca created the Vitality Pack withOligofructose Complex. This revolutionary process bindsminerals to organic compounds to help keep them soluble inthe intestines, while also protecting the antioxidant power ofyour vitamins. There’s never been a multivitamin like it. Andyou can only find it at Melaleuca.Reinventing the MultivitaminNEW! Vitality for Life®supplements with patent-pendingOligofructose Complex™RediscoverWhat ItMeans to BeFull of LifeMULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL™
    • From the Ground Up:Nutrition the Way Nature IntendedThe best way to get the nutrientswe need every day is the waynature intended—through eatingfruits, vegetables, and otherhealthy foods.Nutrients in fruits andvegetables are neverisolated—they are bound toorganic compounds such asfiber and proteinsThis natural binding processhelps the minerals remainsoluble during digestionand inhibits their ability togenerate free radicalsOur bodies are designedto extract nutrients in this“bound” formStarving for Nutrition:The Gaps in Our Modern DietMany of us go through lifefeeling tired, run down,and stressed out. One ofthe biggest contributorsmay be a lack of properdaily nutrition.As few as 20% ofadults eat therecommended dailyamount of fruitsand vegetables (theprimary source ofnatural vitamins andminerals)Our bodies cannotcreate thesecritical nutrients,so they need to bereplenishedevery dayWHY YOU NEED MINERALS AND VITAMINS* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure,or prevent any disease.VITAMIN BENEFIT*Vitamin A (beta-carotene)Vitamin DVitamin EVitamin KVitamin CThiamin (Vitamin B1)Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)Niacin (Vitamin B3)Vitamin B6Vitamin B12FolatePantothenic AcidBiotinProper vision and antioxidant protectionEfficient calcium absorption and healthy bones and teethAntioxidant protection and immune system supportSupports bone structureAntioxidant protection, immune system support, and strong tendons, ligaments, and bonesEnergy and a healthy central nervous systemEnergy and immune system supportEnergy and the formation of vital moleculesEnergy, amino acid metabolism, formation of neurotransmitters, and heart healthEnergy and heart healthHeart healthEnergy and formation of essential enzymesEnergy and strong, healthy hairMINERAL BENEFIT*CalciumPhosphorusMagnesiumIronZincCopperSeleniumManganeseIodineMolybdenumChromiumBoronStrong bones and teeth, muscle and heart activityEnergy and healthy bones and teethEnergy, strong bonesOxygen delivery throughout the body, energy, and antioxidant protectionAntioxidant protection, protein production, and a strong immune systemEnergy, antioxidant protection, and support of red blood cell formationAntioxidant protectionEnergy and antioxidant protectionThyroid gland support and energyAmino acid metabolismEfficient carbohydrate metabolismEnhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium.The Need for Nutrients:Why Vitamins and Minerals?A vitamin is literally anysubstance that our bodycannot live without, but that itcannot make on its own.Vitamins are essentialfor energy, heart health,and antioxidant activity*Minerals are essentialto the function ofenzymes, which arerequired for all yourbody’s basic functions:from breathing anddigesting food to propernerve function*MULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL™
    • Free Radicals & Antioxidants:A Detailed LookA free radical imbalance is one of themost destructive forces your body hasto deal with. Fortunately, there is adefense—antioxidants.A free radical is a molecule that ismissing an electron and attempts tosteal it from other moleculesAn antioxidant neutralizes free radicalsby donating an electronToo many free radicals disrupt bodilysystems and can lead to health concernsAntioxidants like flavonoids from grapeskins and seeds, carotenoids, andvitamins A, C, and E are key to keepingfree radicals in balanceDamage from free radical imbalance isa threat to everyone’s healthThe Problem with TraditionalMultivitaminsRecognizing that there are critical gaps inour modern diets, multivitamin and mineralsupplements were created, but there are twocrucial flaws with traditional multivitamins.The minerals in traditional multivitaminsare not bound to organic compounds,they are isolated. As a result, they tendto “crystallize” in the intestines makingthem difficult for the body to absorb.Isolated minerals cause an increase offree radicals. The antioxidants in yourmultivitamin (vitamins A, C, and E)are then forced to neutralize the freeradicals, robbing them of some of theirpotency before they can be absorbed.Melaleuca’s uniqueapproach focusedon taking research-recommended nutrientsfrom the most effectivesources and combiningthem with organiccompounds (amino acidsand oligofructose) to supplynutrients in a form that mirrors the way theyare naturally found in fruits, vegetables,and other whole foods. The result wasOligofructose Complex™.Oligofructose Complex solves the twomain problems with traditional vitamin andmineral supplements: mineral solubility inthe intestines and the generation of excessfree radicals.1. Oligofructose Complex helps keepminerals soluble in the intestine—where nutrient absorption takes place2. Oligofructose Complex protects thepotency of vitamins by guarding theminerals, reducing their ability togenerate excess free radicalsMelaleuca’sRevolutionarySolutionMULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL™
    • Independently Researched and TestedBecause their findings represented suchan innovative breakthrough in the field ofmultivitamin and mineral supplements,Melaleuca scientists sought an outside sourceto verify their findings and ensure it waseffective as possible.Dr. Andrei Komarov of The GeorgeWashington University helpedchoose the form that offered the mostantioxidant protectionDr. Gary Buettner of the University ofIowa confirmed the concepts behind theantioxidant protectionExclusive Melaleuca ProductsThe Vitality Pack®(Vitality Multivitamin &Mineral™ and Vitality Calcium Complete™) isthe only supplement in the world to featureOligofructose Complex™.The Vitality Pack is available individuallyor as part of the Vitality 4™, Vitality 6™, orVitality Total™ PacksThe Vitality Packs are available in Men’s,Women’s, Prenatal, and Men’s andWomen’s 50+ to meet your individualnutritional needsPatent-pending to protect Melaleuca’srights in the technology—it’s onlyavailable from MelaleucaSolubility is the key to absorption. With OligofructoseComplex, the minerals were shown to be over ninetimes more soluble than the forms used in One A Day®and Centrum.®** Solubility of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc at intestinal pH (7.0–7.2). Solubility forMelaleuca’s form was determined as percent of ingredient remaining in solution at pH7.0 after being at pH 1.0 (stomach conditions). Competitors’ ingredients solubility datataken from Merck Index and Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.Binding minerals such as copper and iron usingOligofructose Complex provides a free radical reduction rateof over 75%—significantly higher than the competition.Mineral Solubility/Availability*Percent Solubility of Copper, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc at Intestinal ConditionsVitality Pack®Centrum®One A Day®Over 85%Under 10% Under 10%40%60%100%0%20%80%PercentSolubilityProtection Against Free Radical Generation†■ Rate at which free radicals generated by different formsof copper compared to inorganic (sulfate/oxide) formsSulfate, OxideForm used byCentrum,®One A Day®40%60%100%0%20%80%GluconateForm used byGNC,®Usana,®Herbalife®ChelateForm used byPharmanex®OligofructoseComplexForm used onlyby Melaleuca■ Reduction rate of freeradical generationPercentRelativeRateofFreeRadicalGenerationOVER75%PROTECTIONRATEProduct Summary:Only the all-new Vitality Pack combines theresearch-recommended amounts of 25essential nutrients with our patent-pendingOligofructose Complex. This revolutionaryprocess naturally binds minerals to organiccompounds (amino acids and oligofructose)to protect the potency of antioxidants andmaximize nutrient availability.In short, Oligofructose Complex helpsdeliver nutrients to your body in a formthat mirrors how they’re naturally found infruits, vegetables, and other whole foods forenergy, vitality, and balanced nutrition.Sharing the Vitality Pack with OthersThe Vitality Pack with patent-pendingOligofructose Complex is unlike any othermultivitamin available. The following Q&Asection outlines the most common wayspeople obtain daily nutrition, the problemswith that course of action, and how the VitalityPack with Oligofructose Complex helps solvethe problems.MULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL™† Inorganic forms of copper is defined as 100% rate of free radical generation (determined asa result of free radical oxidation of 2’,7’-dichlorofluorescein catalyzed by different forms ofcopper).Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
    • Question #1: What’s wrong with just eatingthe modern diet without taking a vitamin or mineralsupplement?Problem: You’re likely not getting the full nutrition yourbody needs to stay healthy and energetic.Oligofructose Complex Solution:A balanced multivitamin and mineral supplementdesigned to give you the right amount of nutrition fromthe right sources in a complex similar to food. Oureasy-to-swallow coating makes them easyto take.Question #2: What if I try to get the nutrients I needthrough eating whole foods and unprocessed fruitsand vegetables?Problem: Food is and always has been the bestsource of nutrition for the human body. However,only about 20% of Americans get the basic amountof nutrition they need on a daily basis. Doctorsrecommend everyone should supplement to fill in thegaps.‡Oligofructose Complex Solution:The Vitality Pack®offers a balanced multivitamin andmineral supplement designed to give you the rightamount of nutrition from the right sources in a complexthat helps your body assimilate the nutrients like food.The easy-to-swallow coating makes the supplementseasy to take.Question #3: Is it effective to take specific isolatedvitamins and minerals (like a vitamin C, vitamin E,or calcium mega-dose) in addition to my diet?Problem: Vitamins work best in a complex, not inisolated mega-doses. In fact, most nutrients need thepresence of other elements in the digestive system tobe properly assimilated. Otherwise, the body simplyeliminates them.Oligofructose Complex Solution:The Vitality Pack delivers a balanced multivitamin andmineral supplement designed to give you the rightamount of nutrition from the right sources in a complexsimilar to food. The easy-to-swallow coating alsomakes the supplements easy to take.Question #4: What if I already take a standardmultivitamin in addition to my diet?Problem: There are two main problems with traditionalvitamins.1. Minerals in supplements are isolated. As a result,they dissolve easily in the stomach. But as theyenter the pH-neutral intestines—where nutrientsare absorbed—they begin to recrystallize, makingthem more difficult for the body to absorb.2. Isolated minerals increase the amount of freeradicals present during digestion. As a result,antioxidants (like flavonoids from grape skins andseeds, carotenoids, and vitamins A, C, and E) areforced to neutralize the free radicals, essentially“using them up” before they have a chance toenter the blood stream.Oligofructose Complex Solution:Oligofructose Complex solves the two main problemswith traditional multivitamins:1. With Oligofructose Complex, minerals arebound to organic compounds mirroring theway they are found in natural foods. Whenoligofructose is broken down in the intestines, ittemporarily lowers the pH level, creating the idealenvironment for the attached mineral to becomemore soluble and available for absorption.2. Binding minerals to organic compounds helpsprotect the minerals, so fewer free radicals areproduced, and more of the vitamin’s antioxidantability is available for your body to utilize.Question #5: What if I’m already taking a wholefood supplement in addition to my diet?Problem: Many whole food supplements do notcontain enough actual nutritional substances (vitaminsand minerals) in the plant matter. On many products,the nutritional content isn’t even listed on the labels.Oligofructose Complex Solution:The Vitality Pack delivers a balanced multivitamin andmineral supplement that delivers significant research-recommended amounts of nutrition in a complex thathelps the body assimilate the nutrients like food.Question #6: Is the Vitality Pack from Melaleucathe only supplement to include this ground-breaking process that mirrors the form of mineralsfound in plants?Yes!The Vitality Pack is the only supplement in theworld to include Oligofructose Complex, and it’spatent-pending to protect Melaleuca’s rights in thetechnology.6 Common Questions Answered by Oligofructose Complex™:MULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL™‡ (JAMA) Journal of the American Medical Association, 2002