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1m Sei Bella Catalog

1m Sei Bella Catalog



Ultimate Luxury. Ultimate Science. Ultimate Results. Luxury you can feel.

Ultimate Luxury. Ultimate Science. Ultimate Results. Luxury you can feel.



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    1m Sei Bella Catalog 1m Sei Bella Catalog Presentation Transcript

    • SPRING 2013USA
    • Sei Bella SPRING 20132Ultimate luxury. Ultimate science.
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 3delivers dramatic Skin tightening and reductionof wrinkle appearance and also provides Ultra-Moisturization while helping Brighten and even skin tonePossibilities become reality with our new luxurious, age-defyingcreme. While you sleep, your skin cells’ metabolism acceleratesand circulation increases to replenish skin cells, support healthycollagen, and perform other essential functions. High levels of potentingredients in this lavish creme support this natural process, rapidlyrestoring the look of youth with staggering results you never imagineda creme could deliver. Clinically shown to transform skin in a fewshort weeks, Luxury Creme leaves skin luminously moisturized, visiblytightened, and youthfully smooth.Luxury Creme Concentrate 1.7 fl. oz.#4687 | $300.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 57% $130.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (80pts)Ultimate results.NEWLuxuryCremeConcentrateTo see how it compared to La Prairie® in a head-to-head clinical trial, see page 4.Clinically shown to increase elasticity,improve texture, and decreaseappearance of wrinkles and lines.Reduces the appearance of already-formed wrinkles, especially in theforehead and around the eyes.Antioxidant vitamins and coenzymeQ10 act synergistically to protect skinfrom free radicals.Potent marine extracts from themicroalgae Dunaliella salina promoteskin clarity and smoother texture.Harnessing the antioxidant powerof grapes, it leaves your complexionbrighter, more even-toned, and radiant.Creates a protective barrier on thesurface of skin while still penetratingto deeply moisturize.TEGO™Pep 4-17Argireline® NPAntioxidantsDeep sea nutrientsResveratrolCaviar extractHighly prized ingredients and years of scientific devotion culminate in the pinnacleof comfort and performance—a creme clinically shown to provide the utmost inmoisturization and age-defying benefits.NEW Luxury Creme Concentrate
    • Sei Bella SPRING 20134Clinically Tested.CUSTOMER Preferred.In clinical studies, after just 28 days, Sei Bella® Luxury Creme surpassedLa Prairie® Skin Caviar Luxe Cream in every critical antiaging factor.More importantly, the majority of women in the study preferred Sei BellaLuxury Creme over La Prairie.®*Dramatic, visible, age-defyingresults start appearing inas little as 2 weeks.*Product names are trademarks of their respective owners.Competitor product prices from www.shoplaprairie.com, Oct. 30, 2012. Prices may vary.improving skin tightnessmoisturizing skiNSMOOTHING skin toneBrightening skinbalancing skin pH levelsSei BellaLuxury CremeConcentrate$130$410La PrairieSkin CaviarLuxe CreamVSSei Bella was proven more effective than La Prairie at:Since its debut, letters andemails have been pouring infrom women who have lovedthe dramatic results of Sei BellaLuxury Creme.“Before Melaleuca, I workedat Neiman Marcus in cosmeticsand sold La Prairie, which is awonderful but expensive line. Iabsolutely love the new Sei BellaLuxury Creme. I have only used itfor one week and my skin alreadyfeels softer, more supple, and looksclearer in color. It’s a quality creamthat truly does give results.” Denise GoodmanRoswell, Georgia
    • NEWLuxuryCremeConcentrateclinicalresults5Luxury you can feel,RESULTSastonishingin 28 days
    • Sei Bella SPRING 20136SKIN CARE 2 · NEW Luxury Creme Concentrate 8 · INFORMATION GUIDE: What’s my skin type? 10 · Necessities Skin Care Set SAVE 18% 15 · NEW Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque 17 · FAVORITE PRODUCT Timeless Age-Defying SerumCosmetics 24 · COLOR QUIZ: Which color is right for me? 26 · Spring StyleSetters with FREE PRIMERS 28 · NEW Enhance Eye Shadow Primer 40 · INFORMATION GUIDE: Foundation Coverage Level 47 · NEW Age-Defying ConcealerHAIR CARE 48 · SULFATE-FREE Shampoos and Creme Conditioners 50 · FAVORITE PRODUCTS Styling Aids and Treatments 59 · Hair Care Necessities Set SAVE 20%ContentsSpring 2013PlayfulSpring ColorsNEWNEWSHADES
    • CONTENTS|what’snew|specials|favorites1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 7NEWfrom Sei Bella®Complete RadianceMasque p. 15Age-Defying Concealers p. 47Eye Shadow Primer p. 28StyleSetters p. 26–27Satisfaction GuaranteeYou should love your purchase. It’s as simple as that. While we do our best toaccurately represent our colors and formulas, we understand that sometimesyou don’t know if it’s right until you try it. Keep what you love and returnwhat you don’t within 60 days for a full refund, exchange, or credit on yourMelaleuca account. Risk-free. Hassle-free.That’s our Sei Bella promise.
    • Sei Bella SPRING 20138skin care Information guideUse this information guide to choose the products you need to give you healthier, youthful-looking skin.AM Regimen:• Hydrating Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Daytime DeliveryCreme/LotionPM Regimen:• Hydrating Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Night Firming TreatmentORAM Regimen:• Hydrating Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Daytime Delivery CremePM Regimen:• Hydrating Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Night Firming TreatmentAM Regimen:• Refining Cleanser• Clarifying Toner• Daytime Delivery LotionPM Regimen:• Refining Cleanser• Clarifying Toner• Night Firming TreatmentAM Regimen:• Refining Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Daytime Delivery LotionPM Regimen:• Refining Cleanser• Hydrating Toner• Night Firming Treatment(only on dry, flaky areas)What’s my Skin Type?Determine your skin type using the descriptions here. Then create your personalizedNecessities Skin Care Set (see page 10) to lay the foundation for a lifetime of beautiful skin.if you have COMBINATION SKINYour cheeks, outer forehead, and the area around your jaw aredry, while the middle of your forehead, nose, and chin are oily.You need a mix-and-match approach to skin care that will jugglethe needs of your skin.if you have OILY SKINYou’re constantly blotting off shine in the bathroom and bythe end of the day your skin feels oily. You have obvious pores,with frequent blockages and blemishes. But you’ve also gotfewer noticeable fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to all that extrahydration. You don’t need any extra moisturization, but there aresome treatments that can bring a healthier balance to your skin.if you have DRY SKINYou probably have skin that is frequently flaking. The surfaceis often dull, and fine lines are obvious. Dry skin is moresusceptible to signs of aging and environmental damage. Theright blend of moisturizing treatments will give your skin thehydration it needs.if you have NORMAL SKINYour skin is comfortable and clear, with only occasional signsof being dry or oily. Keep your happily balanced complexion ontrack with proper moisturizing and cleansing.
    • INFORMATIONGUIDE|what’syourskintype|dailyregimens9Luxury Creme Concentratepage 2NEWEvery skin treatment is designed with a particular need in mind. Usethis chart to find the products that help your specific skin concerns.Target your Skin Concernsif you areCONCERNED ABOUTAge spots andskin discolorationDeep wrinkles andlines, sagging skinDry patches of skinand dullnessProtection againstenvironmental damageif you areCONCERNED ABOUTFine lines and wrinklesaround eyesCrow’s-feet and saggingskin around eyesTired, puffy,and drooping eyesLoss of firmnessand sagging skinmay weSUGGESTTimeless Age-Defying Serumpage 17Skin-Revitalizing Serumpage 21Renewing Exfoliatorpage 22Fortifying Vitamin Lotionpage 22may weSUGGESTWrinkle Release Eye Serumpage 18Night Recovery Cremepage 19Bright Eyes Soothing Gelpage 18Night Firming Treatmentpage 20Powerhouse antiaging cremeHelps correct the appearance of multiple aging concerns• tightens skin• reduces the appearance of wrinkles• deeply moisturizes• brightens complexion1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.comDramatic results in 28 days or lessDiscover your ideal regimen with more worksheets like this at www.melaleuca.com/skincareregimen
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201310skin care set | SAVE 18%Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the foundation of every skin care routine. Sei Bella offers you a three-stepregimen that covers the basics and goes beyond for healthy, more youthful-looking skin. With efficacious levelsof vitamins, botanical extracts, and age-defying peptides in every step, the Necessities Set offers protectionagainst premature aging and even helps reduce the look of wrinkles and lines. Set includes cleanser, toner, and daymoisturizer of your choice (see page 13 for details). Review pages 8–9 to see a complete regimen of productsthat will work for your skin type and address your skin concerns.Necessities Skin Care Set 3 productsPACKSAVINGS $10.00*#2573 | $75.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $45.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (27pts)Get more inside information about the Necessities Set and other Melaleucaproducts in the coffee-table book Melaleuca: A Legacy of Wellness.To get Nydia’s look athome, use Silken Taupe4457 and Misty Mauve8841 Eye Shadows, Black5641 Eye Pencil, 8214Black Defining Mascara,Cranberry 3178 Blush, andPink Taffeta 4461 Lip Color.Age-defyingnecessitiesgo beyondthe basicsSei Bella SPRING 201310SpecialOfferfrom Sei Bella®Save 18%on Set
    • Your skin is unique.Make sure your skin care is too.complete skin care regimen | SAVE UP TO 40%Elevate your skin care routine with specialized treatments that deliver proven results formore radiant, youthful-looking skin. The Necessities Plus Set builds on your foundation ofdaily skin care to target specific concerns and slow the hands of time. Set includes yourchoice of cleanser, toner, and day moisturizer and two specialized treatments from thefollowing (see pages 13, 17–22 for details):• Night Firming Treatment• Skin-Revitalizing Serum• Timeless Age-Defying Serum• Night Recovery Eye CremeNecessities Plus Skin Care Set 5 productsPACKSAVINGS Save up to $49.00*#5791 | $125.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $75.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (44pts)• Fortifying Vitamin Lotion• Renewing Exfoliator• Wrinkle Release Eye Serum*Compared to buying the products individually at Preferred Customer Prices. 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 11SPECIALOFFER|NecessitiesSkinCareSetTake the skin type quiz to determine your ideal products.melaleuca.com/skintypequiz
    • Age-Defying Tetrapeptides in Every StepAll three products in the Necessities Set promote younger-looking skin through the age-defying power of peptides.Peptides are short chains of amino acids and the building blocksof proteins. According to skin experts, topical peptides helpregulate skin functions that have deteriorated with age.Sei Bella Necessities Sets use tetrapeptides—thelatest breakthrough in peptide technology.Tetrapeptides:• Improve the integrity of skin for ayounger-looking appearance• Improve skin’s firmness and elasticity• Reduce the appearance of fine lines,wrinkles, and sagging with long-term,age-defying resultsSei Bella SPRING 201312
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 13toner for normal-to-dry skinPrimary Benefit: Whisks away impuritiesand balances skin with extra moistureClarify your skin without stripping away essentialmoisture. Hydrating Facial Toner lifts awayimpurities for fresh skin and tighter-looking pores.Powerful peptides provide age-defying benefitswhen you tone both morning and night.Hydrating Facial Toner 6.76 fl. oz.#2703 | $26.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)cleanser for normal-to-dry skinPrimary Benefit: Moisturizes dry skinwhile washing away dirt and makeupWash away impurities, never moisture. Aloe, greentea, and goji condition skin for extra softness andhydration. Powerful peptides provide age-defyingbenefits to reduce the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles. Suitable for sensitive skin.Hydrating Facial Cleanser 6.76 fl. oz.#2701 | $28.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $17.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts)day moisturizer fornormal-to-dry skinPrimary Benefit: Hydrates dry skin withrich, oil-free moistureRehydrate dry skin every morning with thisbalanced, nongreasy skin creme. Peptides builtfrom amino acids—the same building blocks ofcollagen—help reduce the appearance of fine linesand wrinkles while broad-spectrum SPF 15 protectsskin from the aging effects of the sun.Daytime Delivery Creme 1.7 fl. oz.#2704 | $37.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $22.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (14pts)day moisturizer fornormal-to-oily skinPrimary Benefit: Provides light, oil-freemoisture for normal-to-oily skinPrepare your skin for the day with this lightweight,nongreasy skin softener that features age-defyingpeptides and broad-spectrum SPF 15.Daytime Delivery Lotion 1.7 fl. oz.#2705 | $37.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $22.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (14pts)cleanser for normal-to-oily skinPrimary Benefit: Controls oil whilewashing away dirt and makeupLift away the impurities of the day while controllingthe excessive oil that leads to shine and blemishes.Powerful peptides and allantoin provide age-defying benefits to minimize the look of wrinkleswith every wash.Refining Facial Cleanser 6.76 fl. oz.#2702 | $28.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $17.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts)toner for normal-to-oily skinPrimary Benefit: Whisks away impuritiesand excess oil while balancing skinRefine and clarify your skin as you gently whiskaway blemish-causing oil and rebalance skin’smoisture. Powerful peptides provide age-defyingbenefits when you tone both morning and night.Clarifying Facial Toner 6.76 fl. oz.#4845 | $26.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Keeping your face fresh and glowing can be tricky—especially as you age and your skin’s natural renewing ability lessens.The delicate skin of the face is unlike any other skin on the body. And it’s exposed to more damage—wind, UV rays, pollution,and makeup.Slow down premature aging with Sei Bella®. While aging is a natural process, it is often accelerated by many factors thatcan be controlled. The best ways to prevent the signs of premature aging are to nourish skin, reinforce its natural defenses,and restore its natural beauty for a lifetime of beautiful skin. Developing a faithful daily regimen with Sei Bella to cleanse,moisturize, and protect skin is essential to maintain healthy skin that looks younger, firmer, and more radiant.The Sei Bella Necessities Set combines the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer of yourchoice to give you a fabulous complexion at extra savings. See page 10.thatA daily regimen fights the signs of aging
    • NEWfrom Sei Bella®Complete RadianceClay Facial MasqueFive Benefits in OneTreatment MasqueSei Bella SPRING 201314
    • NEWPRODUCT|CompleteRadianceClayFacialMasque1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 15Clay masquePrimary Benefit: purifies skin and tightens poresPrized kaolin clay and salt water algae draw out impurities,deeply cleaning pores. A wealth of active botanicals like gojiberry, cucumber, and tremella remove dry, dead skin, moisturize,and tighten pores for a complete facial in an all-inclusive masque.Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque 2.5 oz.#4930 | $33.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $20.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (13pts)One masque delivers acomplete facialRejuvenate your complexion and refresh your senses withNEW Complete Radiance Clay Facial Masque. Filled withskin-beautifying ingredients like purifying kaolin clay, skin-tightening goji berry, soothing cucumber, nurturing vitaminE, skin-softening allantoin, cleansing algae, and hydratingtremella mushroom, this versatile new masque delivers fivebenefits simultaneously:• Deeply cleanses• Tightens skin• Minimizes the appearance of pores• Removes dull skin• Smooths skin textureAfter just one use, you’ll notice smaller-looking pores, tighter-feeling skin, more even texture, and undeniable radiance.Use weekly for best results.To get Xenia’s look at home, use Burnished Brown 5224 andHoneyshimmer 8848 Eye Shadows, Black 8214 Defining Mascara,Golden Sunrise 9065 Blush, Raspberry 4462 Lip Color, and SugarCookie 8898 Plump Lip Gloss.Check out tips on using the new clay masque.www.melaleuca.com/usingtheclaymasque
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201316Three pamperingmasquesAdd a weekly masque to your skin careregimen to focus on your skin’s particularneeds for beautiful results.exfoliating masquePrimary Benefit: Reveals smooth,even skinBuff away dryness with natural exfoliants.Algae, glycerin, and aloe condition skin, leavingit glowing, hydrated, and radiant. Use once a week.For all skin types. While supplies last.Radiance Exfoliating Treatment* 2.1 oz.#4632 | $24.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 41% $14.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)refining mud masquePrimary Benefit: Deeply cleanses skinKaolin clay and Irish seaweed draw out impuritiesand excess oil from the skin for smaller-lookingpores and instant oil control. Use once or twice aweek. For normal-to-oily skin. While supplies last.Refine Purifying Mud Masque* 2.6 oz.#7225 | $24.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 41% $14.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)hydrating fruit masquePrimary Benefit: Hydrates andsoftens skinThe natural moisture of real fruit drenches your skinin softness while antioxidants, shea butter, and seasalts fortify delicate skin. Use once or twice a week.For normal-to-dry skin. While supplies last.Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque* 2.6 oz.#4590 | $24.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 41% $14.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)*While supplies last.
    • FAVORITEPRODUCT|TimelessAge-DefyingSerum17Diminish the appearance ofdark spotsUndo the signs of damage. This innovative correcting treatment virtually takes time off yourface, revealing supple skin and a luminous, even skin tone.One of the first visible signs of aging is smallspots of discoloration on the face and hands.These sun spots—also known as age spots orliver spots—result from sun exposure.As skin matures and ages, it is less able toregenerate following ultraviolet radiationdamage. As a defense mechanism, pigmentbuilds up in a particular area to protect thebody from these harmful rays.There are many products on the marketthat address these dark spots. Many useharsh alpha hydroxy acids that irritateskin or unstable antioxidants that areessentially useless.After extensive research, Melaleuca scientistscombined proven alpha hydroxy acids withunique ingredients that neutralized theirirritating properties and utilized a prestigiousform of stabilized vitamin C to fight freeradicals. This created a skin serum thatcan turn back time on dark spots withoutirritation at a price every woman can afford.Get more inside information about Timeless and other Melaleuca products inthe coffee-table book Melaleuca: A Legacy of Wellness.1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.comage-defying serumPrimary Benefit: Lightens dark spots and evens out skin toneThe cutting-edge ingredients in Timeless target telltale sun spots, discoloration,and uneven skin tone while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Stable antioxidant vitamins C and E and patented AHCare® replenish skin andencourage rapid cell turnover, reducing the appearance of dark spots for aluminous, even complexion.Timeless Age-Defying Serum 1 fl. oz.#3970 | $37.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $22.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (14pts)Sei Bella®FavoriteTimelessAge-DefyingSerumTo get Paloma’s look at home, use Silken Taupe 4457 and Raisin 8844 Eye Shadows, Black 5641Eye Pencil, Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara, Winterberry 9071 Blush, and Moonlight 6397 Lip Gloss.Learn how to target your skin concernswith the right products.melaleuca.com/howtotreatskinconcerns
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201318A. day serum for linesaround eyesPrimary Benefit: Reduces theappearance of fine lines andwrinkles around the eyesReduce the signs of aging aroundthe eyes without going near needlesor a doctor’s office. An infusion ofcucumber, green tea, and aloe deliversantioxidants and conditions skin assilicone blurs signs of surface wrinkles.Powerful peptides boost collagenand improve the appearance of skinfirmness, effectively reducing theperceived length and depth of linesaround the eyes.Wrinkle Release Eye Serum0.5 fl. oz.#9827 | $49.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $34.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(22pts)C. eye makeup removerPrimary Benefit: Easily erasesstubborn eye makeupThis ultra-gentle makeup removersoothes and tones delicate under-eye skin with aloe, green tea, andcucumber while whisking away alltraces of makeup. Dermatologist- andophthalmologist-tested. Safe forcontact lens wearers.Dual-Phase EyeMakeup Remover 3.75 fl. oz.#1429 | $26.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(11pts)B. refreshing eye gelPrimary Benefit: Instantlytones and tightens saggingand tired eyesInvigorate and stimulate the skinaround your eyes for a refreshingboost any time of the day. Active gojipeptides and antioxidants create animmediate, visible firming effect. Oatand argania fruit tone skin for instantrefreshment while providing long-termwrinkle-fighting benefits. Use in themorning or any time your eyes needinstant refreshment.Bright Eyes Soothing Gel0.5 fl. oz.#2711 | $34.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $24.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(16pts)Specialized eye care keeps eyes lookingyouthful and brightSei Bella® Eye Care is specially designed to improve the appearance of the delicate skin around youreyes—the first area to show the signs of aging—to give you a noticeably more youthful look.A.
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 19D. night eye creme for crow’s-feetPrimary Benefit: Significantly minimizes the look ofcrow’s-feet, fine lines, and wrinklesFor serious treatment of eye skin, this peptide-packed creme is clinicallyshown to significantly improve skin firmness in the eye area in just fourweeks, creating a lifted, youthful look. Actifirm® Ultra works at night whenskin is clean and resting to lift and tighten, decreasing the appearance ofdrooping skin, crow’s-feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.Night Recovery Eye Creme 0.5 fl. oz.#9861 | $49.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $34.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (22pts)Proven to reduce theappearance of crow’s-feetFour weeks is all it takes to dramatically improve the appearance of the skinaround your eyes. Night Recovery Creme delivers results with Actifirm®Ultra anda peptide-packed formula. In clinical tests, 93% of women noticed significantlyfirmer skin around their eyes in as little as four weeks. And with prolonged use,the results get even better. Women noticed softer skin, reduced sagging, and areduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.In clinical tests, 93% of women noticed significantly firmer skin aroundtheir eyes in as little as four weeks. And with prolonged use, the resultsget even better.1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 19ClinicalResultsfor Sei Bella®Night RecoveryCremeSee the clinical results of Night Recovery Creme.melaleuca.com/benefitsofnightrecoverycremeB.D.C.
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201320Smoothing wrinklesat their sourceContour, firm, and smooth skin for a lookthat is dramatically more youthful.a. night creamPrimary Benefit: Superior hydrationkeeps skin suppleCombat the drying effects of age and rediscoversupple, touchable skin. Night Firming Treatmentempowers skin to replenish itself while you sleep.Scientifically advanced tetrapeptides restorefirmness, tone, and elasticity while three superiormoisturizers—glycerin, shea butter, and aloe—fight dehydration.Night Firming Treatment 1.7 fl. oz.#2706 | $44.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $26.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (17pts)Night Firming Treatment encourages younger-looking skin, helps improve elasticity, and fightsthe appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.To get Elisabeth’s look at home, use Golden Coral 5227Eye Shadow, Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara, GoldenSunrise 9065 Blush, Pink Taffeta 4461 Lip Color, and Clear6398 Lip Gloss.A.B.
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 21How does Sei Bella®compare?Skin-Revitalizing Serum employs two innovative skin care technologiesthat restructure skin from the inside out for long-lasting, age-defyingresults. This unique dual-action approach reduces wrinkles bothimmediately and long term for the great-looking skin you desire.Sei Bella Skin-Revitalizing Serum restores the youthful appearance ofskin by providing short-term benefits you’ll see right away and lastingresults to minimize the look of wrinkles long-term. Estée LauderPerfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum®only uses one technology toplump skin after application, but since it doesn’t work as deeply asSei Bella tetrapeptide technology, it’s only a short-term fix.*1. Advanced tetrapeptidetechnology works deeper forlong-lasting results, reducingthe appearance of finelines and wrinkles.2. Proven stabilized retinoltechnology in RetinolPrimasphere®dramaticallyspeeds up the regeneration ofnew skin cells, helping shrinkthe appearance of wrinklesas well as helping plump skinon contact.*Product names are trademarks of their respective owners.B. wrinkle-minimizing serumPrimary Benefit: Smooths the look of wrinklesand plumps skinThis powerful serum helps reverse the appearance of wrinklesand the processes that cause them. Two innovative technologiesrestructure skin for amazing results: stabilized retinol dramaticallyspeeds up skin regeneration to minimize the appearance ofwrinkles, while advanced tetrapeptides help keep skin looking firm.The result? Visibly lifted, smoother skin that defies time.Skin-Revitalizing Serum 1 fl. oz.#2715 | $41.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $29.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (18pts)
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201322To get Breana’s look at home, use Midnight 8831 and Blue Pearl 4459Eye Shadows, Black 7734 Liquid Eye Liner, Black 8214 Defining Mascara,Soft Rose 9068 Blush, and Soft Nude 6245 Lip Color.A. gentle alpha hydroxy lotionPrimary Benefit: Speeds skinturnover for smooth, even textureand fresh-looking skinClinically proven AHCare® combines alphahydroxy technology with natural fruitenzymes to gently accelerate your skin’snatural renewal process and uncover soft, newskin. SCULPTESSENCE™ protects collagen,helping maintain skin firmness. Soothingand smoothing, Renewing Exfoliator revealsan even, youthful-looking complexion whilenourishing newly exposed skin.Renewing Exfoliator 1.7 fl. oz.#2714 | $36.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $25.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (16pts)B. multivitamin lotionPrimary Benefit: Delivers six skin-beautifying vitamins directly to skinfor youthful radiance and freeradical protectionA daily supplement for your skin that givesyou amazing results! Six vitamins—A, B3, B5,B6, C, and E—saturate your skin with potentantioxidants to target free radical damagewhere it happens, helping your skin lookyouthful and radiant. Powerhouse moisturizerslike tremella mushroom, shea butter, andglycerin hydrate skin for a glowing, suppleappearance that seems to defy time.Fortifying Vitamin Lotion 1 fl. oz.#2708 | $49.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $34.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (22pts)Restoring radianceAntioxidant-fueled formulas keep skin youthful, radiant, and smooth whileoffering superior protection against the ravages of the environment.Take the skin type quiz to determine your ideal products.melaleuca.com/howtotreatskinconcerns
    • A.B.
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201324To create a sophisticatedlook, wear shades in thesame family—wear acool eye shadow with acool blush and a cool lipcolor. If you’re wearingwarm-colored clothing,pair it with warmmakeup tones. Thewarm/cool categoriesare there to help, notlimit, your color choices.Picking your best shades has never been easierWhen makeup colors complement your skin’s natural undertones, your makeup will look natural andyou’ll glow with radiance. We group all of our shades into three groups: warm, cool, or neutral.Warm, cool, or neutral?Once you know your undertone, you can find the matching icon. On thefollowing pages you’ll notice that every shade has either a for warm, afor cool, or an for neutral, the shades all women can wear.Color worksheet Three easy ways to find out whether yourundertone is warm or cool.1. Look at your skin in natural light(fluorescent lighting will changeyour skin tone). Is your skin rosyor golden? _________________Rosy is more common withcool tones , while a goldenappearance is usually found inpeople with warm tones .2. Now look at your wardrobe. Doyou prefer to wear pure whiteor a slight off-white? Comparethe two colors against your skinin a mirror and choose the onethat seems most natural againstyour skin. _________________Pure white is more flattering onpeople with cool tones , whileoff-white flatters people withwarm tones .3. Look at the veins on the insideof your wrist in sunlight.Do your veins appear blueor green? _______________Bluish veins indicate cool skintones , while warm skin tonesmake veins appear greenish .Tip: Cool tones are more common than warm; neutral tones flatter everyone.Find this quiz and other helpful worksheets atwww.melaleuca.com/warmorcoolquiz
    • twilight pearl*4468ballet slipper*4469nail polishEmbrace the budding season and add pizzazz toyour style. Three ravishing, limited-time shades bringthe colors of spring to your fingertips.• Free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP(dibutyl phthalate)• High-shine, glossy finish• Long-lasting and chip-resistantNail Color 0.5 fl. oz.$14.50 REGULAR PRICE$8.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (5pts) SAVE 41%*While supplies last.Playful NEWNail ColorsNEWNEWNEWSEE PAGE 37SEE PAGE 28The return of thesun deserves a warmwelcome. Let your lookblossom with a pop ofcolor. From demureto dynamic, Sei Bella®StyleSetters is yourspringboard to thelatest trends.awakeningSpringCOLORWORKSHEET|findwhichSeiBellashadesaretheperfectlookforyou25patina blue*4467
    • Spring stylesetters, a $15.00 value free—OFFER ENDS April 30Buy two eye shadows and one lip color, lip gloss, or lip plump and get newEnhance Eye Shadow Primer free. See page 28 for information about Sei BellaEnhance Eye Shadow Primer. Choose your colors from pages 28–29, 34–35, and 37.Spring StyleSetters™ 3 products and a free giftPACKSAVINGS $15.00* value free#2248 | $61.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $36.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (19pts)Sei Bella SPRING 201326NEW Enhance Eye Shadow Primerand receive aFREE GIFTPURCHASETwo eye shadows one lip product(choose from new or existing shades)&NEWfrom Sei Bella®SpringStyleSettersTo get Xenia’s look at home, use Burnished Brown 5224 and Honeyshimmer8848 Eye Shadows, Black 8214 Defining Mascara, Golden Sunrise 9065 Blush,Raspberry 4462 Lip Color, and Sugar Cookie 8898 Plump Lip Gloss.Watch the video tutorial on creating a classic makeup look.www.melaleuca.com/classicfacevideo
    • SPECIALOFFER|SpringStyleSetterswithfreeprimersspring stylesetters plus, a $42.00 value free—OFFER ENDS April 30Buy two eye shadows; one lip color, lip plump, or lip gloss; one mascara; and one blush; and getFoundation Primer and new, limited-time Enhance Eye Shadow Primer. Choose your colors frompages 28–29, 33–35, and 37. See pages 28 and 41 for information on Sei Bella primers.Spring StyleSetters™ Plus 5 products and 2 free giftsPACKSAVINGS $42.00* value free#2249 | $105.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $63.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (33pts)Create your perfect spring palette with new spring shades and yourfavorite classics and get free bonus gifts with every StyleSetterspurchase—including new, limited-time Enhance Eye Shadow Primer.spring stylesettersNEW eye shadow primer free in1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 27*Compared to buying the products individually at Preferred Customer Prices.NEW EnhanceEye Shadow PrimerFREE GIFTSFoundation PrimerPURCHASETwo eye shadows, one lip product,one blush one mascara(choose from new or existing shades)&&and receive two
    • raisin8844velour8835wisteria8858misty mauve8841vintage rose4648plum dandy4652ink4650MATTEMATTErose quartz8840french pink8832ice8846plum glisten8842MATTEjamaica8828slate8825hyacinth8857midnight8831caribbean8816Pure color, no creasingEverlasting color without fading,flaking, smudging, or creasing.eye shadow PrimerNEW Enhance Eye Shadow Primer anchors youreye makeup, preventing fading, smudging, andcreasing for truer, longer-lasting colors.Available while supplies last.Enhance Eye Shadow Primer* 0.37 oz.#5725 | $25.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $15.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)NEWfrom Sei Bella®EnhanceEye ShadowPrimerSei Bella SPRING 201328blue pearl*4459NEWsilken taupe*4457NEWTo get Breana’s look at home, use Sweet Mint 4458 and Blue Pearl4459 Eye Shadows, Charcoal 5642 Eye Pencil, Black 8214 DefiningMascara, Soft Rose 9068 Blush, and Soft Nude 6245 Lip Color.NEWgolden coral5227
    • NEWSHADES|3SpringEyeShadowsavailableforalimitedtimeand3permanentadditionstoourEyeShadowlineupeye shadowThis silky powder formula delivers lasting colorthat’s easy to blend.• Green tea and vitamins A, C, and Esupply antioxidant power to help fightenvironmental damage• Plant emollients and soybean phytosterolssoothe and condition skinIf you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t haveshimmer, just look for the word “MATTE” belowthe shade name.Enhance Eye Shadow 0.07 oz.$20.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts) SAVE 40%See pages 38–39 for brushinformation and techniques.Sweet, springtimeshadesThree soft and shimmery shadesbring a whisper of springtime toyour warm-weather look.mermaid4651brown sugar8849sea spray9734candiedwalnut8826cinnamon8830fiji8818fudge truffle7248MATTEcashew8822MATTEgoldfinch4649suede8834bronze8843buttercup8808crushedvelvet8853MATTEfrench vanilla8847burnishedbrown5224NEWcorduroy5223NEW1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 29blue pearl*4459sweet mint*4458sweet mint*4458NEWfor all-over-lid applicationEye Shadow Brush #8279for crease contouring andbrow highlightingEye Contour Brush #8278for blending lash line andsmoky looksEye Smudger Brush #8282for applying eye shadow as a linerEyeliner Brush #8281silken taupe*4457NEWNEWNEWhoneyshimmer8848MATTEalmond8829*While supplies last.To find out which colors willlook best on you, completethe quick quiz on page 24.
    • volumizing mascaraBuild a soft fan of dramatically thick lashes.• Hydrolized soy protein createslash fullness• Molded brush plumps every lash• Ophthalmologist-tested, safe forcontact lens wearers• Smudge-free, flake-free• Fragrance-free, paraben-freeVolumizing Mascara 0.28 fl. oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%black 8228black/brown 8229vitamin-rich lash primerIncrease the volume and length ofyour lashes with this vitamin-rich,lash-thickening primer.• Primes your lashes beforemascara application for extremevolume and length• Conditions lashes for a soft,lush finishLash Primer 0.27 fl. oz.#7735 | $21.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts)liquid linerWet-to-dry formula and precision tip giveyou effortless application from the finestof lines to bold winged looks.• Smooth, velvety formula allowseffortless application• Intense color for precision lining,blending, or dramatic looksIntense Liquid Liner 0.1 fl. oz.$26.00 REGULAR PRICE$15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts) SAVE 40%brown 8105black 7734black 8226black/brown 8227Defining Waterproof Mascara 0.28 fl. oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%defining lash mascaraTake your lashes to new lengths with ultimatedefinition and separation. Also available in awaterproof formula.• Molded, curved brush lifts and definesevery lash• Ophthalmologist-tested, safe for contactlens wearers• Fragrance-free, paraben-freeDefining Lash Mascara 0.33 fl. oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%black 8214black/brown 821330
    • NEWPRODUCTS|twistable,dual-endedBrowPencilsandMechanicalEyePencilsDress up your eyes withmascaras and linersFrom laid-back to lavish, Sei Bella® Mascaras, Liners, and Pencils drawjust the right attention to ensure your eyes are distinctly you.31To get Paloma’s look at home,use Silken Taupe 4457 andRaisin 8844 Eye Shadows,Black 5641 Eye Pencil, 7734Black Liquid Eyeliner, Black8228 Volumizing Mascara,Winterberry 9071 Blush, andMoonlight 6397 Lip Gloss.Twist-up eyelinerCreamy color that never needs sharpening, EnhanceMechanical Eye Pencil lets you create countless lookswith just a twist of the pencil.• Twist up and down for precisionapplication anywhere• Long-lasting, smudge-proof color• Glides on easily and stays put• Conditions your delicate eye area withaloe and vitamins A, C, and E• Ophthalmologist-tested; safe for contact lens wearersEnhance Mechanical Eye Pencil 0.0105 oz.$17.50 REGULAR PRICE$10.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts) SAVE 40%NEWDUAL-END brow pencilNew Definition Brow Pencil makes it easier than ever tocraft perfect arches. The twist-up pencil never needs to besharpened and gives you ultimate control. A built-in browbrush makes it a cinch to blend and groom your brows fora polished, natural look.• Twist up and down for precision application anywhere• Spiral brush defines the brow and smooths color• Ophthalmologist-tested; safe for contact lens wearersDefinition Brow Pencil 0.0088 oz.$17.50 REGULAR PRICE$10.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts) SAVE 40%NEWbrunette 5658blonde 5657sable 6560auburn 5655black 5641charcoal 5642dark brown 5643midnight 5646deep bronze 5644NEWfrom Sei Bella®Twistable, Dual-EndedBrow Pencils andMechanical Eye Pencilsin the Same ShadesYou LoveWatch the video tutorial oncreating a smoky eye.www.melaleuca.com/smokyeyenudelipvideo
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201332Blushing beautyA fresh hint of color on the apples of your cheeksis the perfect way to brighten any look whilehighlighting the natural curves of your face.A. blushAccentuate your cheekbones with a soft flush of color.• Superfine blend of micronized powder• Green tea and vitamins A and E provide antioxidantpower against environmental damage whileconditioning skinIf you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t have shimmer,just look for the word “MATTE” below the shade name.Powder Blush 0.14 oz.$23.50 REGULAR PRICE$14.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%B. powder bronzerEnjoy the look of a sun-kissed complexion that washesoff at night—without risking UV damage.• Green tea and vitamins A and E provide antioxidantpower against environmental damage whileconditioning skin• Packaged in a convenient compact to go with younight and dayBronze Glo Powder Bronzer 0.37 oz.#3454 | $20.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $12.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)Sei Bella SPRING 201332A.B.Check out bronzer application tips.www.melaleuca.com/howtoapplybronzer
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 33bronze glopowder bronzer3454for applying blush or bronzerBlush Brush #8277peach satin9067spice9072bronzy9070mauve sunset9069cranberry3178MATTEwinterberry9071dusty mauve9073soft rose9068sweet apricot9066golden sunrise9065MATTEpeony9086MATTEpersimmon3177MATTETo find out which colors willlook best on you, completethe quick quiz on page 24.
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201334To get Xenia’s look at home,use Burnished Brown 5224and Honeyshimmer 8848 EyeShadows, Black 8214 DefiningMascara, Golden Sunrise 9065Blush, Raspberry 4462 LipColor, and Sugar Cookie 8898Plump Lip Gloss.Striking the perfect balancebetween color and shinebrilliance plump lip glossvanilla sugar2905snickerdoodle8900MATTEbarely there257sugar cookie8898gingerbread8897rumor6396crush6394moonlight6397flirt6392vavoom6391clear6398brilliance lip glossTo find out which colors willlook best on you, completethe quick quiz on page 24.
    • plump LIP glossAdd irresistible shine and fabulous color while subtlyenhancing the shape and size of your lips, all with a sweetvanilla scent.• The clinically tested ingredient MaxiLip™ is shownto make lips more voluminous by up to 60% whilereducing the appearance of fine lines up to 30%• The antioxidant power of green tea helps fightenvironmental exposure• Vitamins A, C, and E condition and protect• Shea butter deeply hydrates• Safflower oil moisturizes and smooths• Helps lips retain more natural moistureIf you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t have shimmer, justlook for the word “MATTE” by the shade name.Brilliance Plump Lip Gloss 0.5 oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%lip glossSoft color, brilliant shine, and a bounty of good-for-youbenefits with a sweet vanilla scent.• The antioxidant power of green tea helps fightenvironmental exposure• Vitamins A, C, and E condition and protect• Marine filling spheres attract moisture to reduce theappearance of fine lines for a smooth finish• Shea butter deeply hydrates• Safflower oil moisturizes and smooths• Helps lips retain more natural moistureBrilliance Lip Gloss 0.5 oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (9pts) SAVE 40%1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 35Watch the video tutorial onapplying a 5-minute face.www.melaleuca.com/fiveminutefacevideo
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201336lip linerNEW Definition Lip Pencil makes it easierthan ever to create a perfect pout. Thetwist-up tip never needs to be sharpenedand gives you ultimate precision.• Twists up and down forprecise application• Extends the life of your lip color• Long-lasting• Provitamins B and E moisturizefor soft, supple lipsDefinition Lip Pencil 0.0105 oz.$17.50 REGULAR PRICE$10.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts) SAVE 40%Make animpression withlasting colorNEWfrom Sei Bella®Twistable,MechanicalLip PencilTo get Elisabeth’s look at home,use Golden Coral 5227 Eye Shadow,Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara,Golden Sunrise 9065 Blush, andPink Taffetta 4461 Lip Color.As we transition from our Definition Lip Pencils to twistable, mechanicalpencils, you may still receive the previous pencil liner. Rest assuredthat all liner shades are the same colors that you know and love.nude 6809plum crazy 6803wine 6806cranberry 6801raisin 6810russet 6807chestnut 6815cinnamon stick 6808NEWNEW mechanical pencil available after February 2013NEW mechanical pencil available nowNEW mechanical pencil available nowNEW mechanical pencil available after February 2013NEW mechanical pencil available after February 2013NEW mechanical pencil available Autumn 2013NEW mechanical pencil available Autumn 2013NEW mechanical pencil available Autumn 2013
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 37rosewood6237plumshine6238burgundy bliss6231plumberry6234pink sorbet6233sugarplum6239politely pink6235sienna6378currant6246coral reef6241cayenne6377MATTEiced mocha6243MATTEred kiss6236peach silk6244MATTEchampagne6375soft nude6245mauvelous6232MATTEliptreatment2710for applying lip colorLip Brush #8284See pages 38–39 for brushinformation and techniques.A. lip conditionerThis silky smooth lip conditioner drenches yourlips with softening botanicals. Also makes anexcellent base for Lip Color.• Shea and mango butters drench your lipswith lasting softness• Moisturizing vitamin E helps soothe drynessLip Treatment 0.1 oz.#2710 | $21.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (7pts)B. lip colorRich and luscious, Luxury Lip Color deliverslong-lasting, creamy color with the addition ofage-defying benefits.• Filling spheres technology and oligopeptidesincrease skin renewal to prevent the look ofdull lips and wrinkles around the mouth• Enhances suppleness and softness withshea butter• Power-stay, rich, creamy colorIf you’re in need of a shade that doesn’t haveshimmer, just look for the word “MATTE” belowthe shade name.Luxury Lip Color 0.1 oz.$21.00 REGULAR PRICE$12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts) SAVE 40%MATTEpink taffetta*4461raspberry*4462NEW*While supplies last.B.A.
    • A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.D. liquid foundation brushSwirl brush into liquid foundation.Using the brush’s flat edge, beginwith the nose and mouth and moveoutward, blending thoroughly.Foundation Brush#8283 | $21.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $15.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)E. eye smudger brushSweep brush over shadow; tap offexcess. Blend shadow close to lashline, extending slightly at the outercorner for a soft, smudgy look. Tip ofbrush gives a thinner line; side of brushcreates a thicker, smokier look.Eye Smudger Brush#8282 | $21.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $15.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)F. lip brushCoat brush with color. Use flat side toevenly distribute on lips.Lip Brush#8284 | $18.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)A. dual-ended brow brushSweep brush over shadow; tap offexcess. Start at inner corner and followbrow shape with light, feathery strokes.Brush through brows with an upward,outward motion.Dual-Ended Brow Brush#8280 | $21.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $15.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)B. powder brushDip brush into powder; tap to removeexcess. Sweep powder over face.Finish with downward brush strokes toremove excess.Powder Brush#8276 | $26.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)C. blush brushSweep brush over blush; tap off excess.Apply to apple of cheek, blendingoutward in a circular motion.Blush Brush#8277 | $26.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER(0pts)Professional38
    • K.J.G. eyeliner brushTo transform eye shadow into eyeliner, work wetbrush into a dark eye shadow color. Smoothlytrace lash line from inner corner to outer cornerof eye. Can also be used with dry eye shadow forprecision application.Eyeliner Brush#8281 | $21.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $15.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (0pts)H. eye shadow brushSweep brush through shadow; tap off excess.Blend over lower lid, from lash line to crease.Eye Shadow Brush#8279 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (0pts)I. eye contour brushSweep brush over shadow; tap off excess.Begin under outer brow bone and stroke inwardfollowing the lid’s natural crease. Soften and fadecolor on the inner half of the eye.Eye Contour Brush#8278 | $18.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 30% $12.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (0pts)tools for flawless resultsJ. pencil sharpenerYour pencil sharpener does more than keeppencil points precise. It also removes the tip’souter layer where bacteria can grow.Pencil Sharpener*#6250 | $3.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 43% $2.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (0pts)K. kabuki brushDense, compact bristles easily buff on mineralfoundation, maximizing coverage and blendingminerals beautifully. Dip brush into powder; tapto remove excess. Sweep the brush in a circularmotion over skin, continuing to blend untildesired coverage is reached.Kabuki Brush#7083 | $27.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 41% $16.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (0pts) HOW-TO VIDEOSGet insider tips on makeup applicationand hair styling with our online videotutorials.Videos include:• 5-Minute Face• Smoky Eye and Nude Lip• How to Deep-Condition Your Hair• Playing Up Your Natural Curls• Quick and Easy Updos...and more!Whether you’re a beauty maven ora novice, you’ll love all the Sei Bella®extras you can find online. From videotutorials to tips and tricks, there’ssomething for everyone.1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 39EXPLORESei BellaThere is even more waiting to be discoveredonline at melaleuca.com/beautyFREE DOWNLOADABLETIPS & TRICKSDiscover dozens of free downloadable,printer-friendly, PDFs chock-full ofapplication tips, quizzes, color suggestions,and so much more.• How to Determine Your Skin Type• Foundation Shades and Coverage Levels• How to Apply Your Brow Pencil• How to Care for Your Brushes...and more!*While supplies last.
    • Sei Bella AUTUMN 201240Sei Bella® has you coveredLIGHT COVERAGE MEDIUM COVERAGESei Bella offers four high-quality foundations that cater to your needs andpreferences. Use the chart below to find out when to use which foundation fora perfectly customized look.Tinted Moisturizer Foundation · page 42Liquid Foundation · page 43Mineral Powder Foundation · page 45• Daily moisturizer with sheer coverage• Available in five versatile shades• Broad-spectrum SPF 20• Apply with fingertipsIdeal for all skin types• Weightless foundation buffs away imperfections• Available in five versatile shades• Natural ingredients won’t irritate skin• Apply with Kabuki BrushIDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, ESPECIALLy sensitive or acne-prone skin• Velvety, radiant finish withantiaging ingredients• Available in 14 shades• Broad-spectrum SPF 15• Apply with Foundation BrushIDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPESMost-popular formulaGreat for travel and warm weatherFeatherlight and buildable coverageFlawless skin reveals your natural radiance and the confidencethat comes with it.fundamentalsofThefoundationYour foundation rests directly againstyour skin and works as a canvas for therest of your makeup. A poor-qualityfoundation detracts from color cosmeticsand can cause skin problems; a high-quality foundation promotes your skin’shealth while helping colors shine truerand last longer. Your foundation is themost important cosmetic investmentyou’ll make.Find more insights on foundation and coverage levels.www.melaleuca.com/foundationshadesandcoverage
    • FULL COVERAGEFAVORITEPRODUCT|FoundationPrimer1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.comCreme-to-Powder Foundation · page 44• Two-in-one cream coverage and powdered,matte finish• Available in 14 shades• For hyperpigmentation• Application sponge includedideal for normal-to-oily skinDisguises discoloration; great for portable touch-upsSei Bella®FavoriteFoundationPrimerPRIMER Apply to moisturized, bare skinto get truer color and extended wear fromyour foundation and blush. Plus, it fills infine lines so you get a more youthful-lookingcomplexion too!FOUNDATION Apply after primer tocreate a flawless complexion while eveningskin tone and delivering age-defying benefits.Different types of foundation offer differentbenefits and coverage levels. Find which isright for you. See pages 42–45.CONCEALER Dab onto problem areasto camouflage dark under-eye circles or spotblemishes. See page 47.POWDER A fine dusting of Loose Powdersets your look for all-day radiance. KeepPressed Powder in your bag for on-the-gotouch-ups. See page 461234Follow these easy steps for a perfect complexionthat lasts all day.beginning your beautiful look foundation primerTired of touch-ups? When it comes to creatinga flawless foundation for makeup, Sei BellaFoundation Primer changes everything. Justas an artist primes a canvas before painting awork of art, priming your skin before applyingcolor gives you a perfect complexion. SeiBella Foundation Primer prolongs the wear ofyour foundation, so you don’t have to worryabout fading, smudging, or touch-ups. Theclear primer also fills in lines and smoothsaway imperfections. Not only do you get truer,longer-lasting color, you get a more youthful-looking complexion!• Contains powerful moisturizingingredients to hydrate skin• Reveals a long-lasting, flawlesscomplexion in one simple step• Brings clear, consistent, line-filling resultsthat will create the perfect canvas forfoundation that will last all dayFoundation Primer 1 fl. oz.#3901 | $45.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $27.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (17pts)41
    • porcelain2232ivory2223sand2234beige2178classicbeige2212chestnut2190cashmere2181Fair to Light—You are very fair,burn easily, and your skin haspink or porcelain undertones.Light to Medium—You have light to mediumskin with pink or yellow undertones.Medium to Tan—You have medium totan skin with yellow undertones.tinted moisturizerPerfect for easy beauty, paraben-free TintedMoisturizer adds just a hint of perfecting colorwith dewy moisture.• Antiaging tetrapeptides improve elasticityand minimize the appearance of fine linesand wrinkles• Includes ingredients that aid in long-termmoisturization and the exfoliation of deadskin cells• Cooling cucumber extract soothes andmoisturizes skin• Potent grape leaf extract antioxidantsneutralize free radicals to prevent the signsof aging• Broad-spectrum SPF 20Skin-Refining Tinted Moisturizer 1.5 fl. oz.$48.50 REGULAR PRICE$29.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (18pts) SAVE 40%classic beige 8876porcelain 8875fawn 8877natural 8878tan 8879Skin-refining TINTED MOISTURIZERLight CoverageAge-defyingliquidfoundationMediumtoHeavyCoveragefawn2215Fair to Light—You are very fair,burn easily, and your skin haspink or porcelain undertones.Light to Medium—You havelight to medium skin with pinkor yellow undertones.Medium to Tan—You havemedium to tan skin withyellow undertones.Dark to Deep—You have a richbrown or ebony complexion.Tan to Dark—You have deepolive, rose brown, or rich beigeskin with pink undertones.
    • Featherlight foundations with sun protectionWarmer weather is just around the corner. Dress for the occasion with sheer-to-light foundationsthat flaunt your natural radiance while protecting your skin from the sun’s age-inducing rays.liquid foundationFeaturing broad-spectrum SPF 15 and antiaging ingredients, Sei Bella Age-Defying LiquidFoundation does more than cover flaws—it actually protects and beautifies your skin! You’lllove the creamy, silky feel and excellent coverage in the convenient airless packaging.• Broad-spectrum SPF 15• Antiaging ingredients lift and firm skin for a more youthful-looking appearance• Effective levels of antioxidant vitamins C and E and glycerin condition skin whileprotecting it from free radical damage• Clinically proven tetrapeptides improve elasticity and minimize the appearanceof fine lines and wrinkles• Oil-freeMedium to full coverage, ideal for all skin types.Age-Defying Liquid Foundation 1 fl. oz.$37.00 REGULAR PRICE$22.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (14 pts) SAVE 40%natural2230golden2219almond2168walnut2259toffee2235espresso2213Tan to Dark—You have deep olive, rose brown,or rich beige skin with pink undertones.Dark to Deep—You have a richbrown or ebony complexion.Just because one product has a sun protection factor (SPF)twice as high as another product does not mean it offers doublethe protection.For example, SPF 20 blocks 93% of the sun’s UVB rays whileSPF 50 blocks just 5% more. The FDA prohibits SPF claimshigher than 50 because new research shows there is noadditional protection. Plus, higher SPF values increase risks ofskin irritation.An SPF factor of 15–20 is a perfect amount of protection foraverage daily sun exposure without increasing irritation risks.UNDERSTANDING SPFfor liquid foundation applicationLiquid Foundation Brush #8283Experiment with new colors using the Color Recommendation Chart.www.melaleuca.com/colorrecommendationchart
    • creme-to-powderfoundationGet the superior coverage of a cremewith the flawless finish of velvety powder.Buildable coverage smooths on like silkand sets with a flattering matte finish—all while fortifying skin. Packaged in aconvenient compact, it makes portabletouch-ups a breeze.• Natural lipids and hyaluronic fillingspheres draw moisture to the skin tosmooth the appearance of fine linesand wrinkles• Natural antioxidant vitamins A and Ehelp soothe and condition for softerskin while combating free radicals• Smooth, creamy application—flawless matte finishFull coverage. Not recommendedfor dry skin.Creme-to-Powder Foundation 0.35 oz.$33.50 REGULAR PRICE$20.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (13pts) SAVE 40%classicbeige2803sand9218beige9219porcelain9216ivory9217Fair to Light—You are very fair,burn easily, and your skin haspink or porcelain undertones.Light to Medium—You have light to mediumskin with pink or yellow undertones.BuildablecoverageCreme-to-powder foundationHeavy CoverageTo get Nydia’s look at home, use Silken Taupe 4457 andMisty Mauve 8841 Eye Shadows, Black 5641 Eye Pencil,8214 Black Defining Mascara, Cranberry 3178 Blush, andPink Taffeta 4461 Lip Color.
    • toffee6853walnut9223almond9222golden9229espresso9224natural9220chestnut2808fawn2805cashmere2804Tan to Dark—You have deep olive, rose brown,or rich beige skin with pink undertones.Dark to Deep—You have a richbrown or ebony complexion.Medium to Tan—You have medium totan skin with yellow undertones.deep 9214warm tan 9213medium 9212light 9211Fair to Light—Youare very fair, burneasily, and your skinhas pink or porcelainundertones.Light to Medium—Youhave light to mediumskin with pink oryellow undertones.Medium to Tan—Youhave medium totan skin with yellowundertones.Dark to Deep—Youhave a rich brown orebony complexion.Tan to Dark—You havedeep olive, rose brown,or rich beige skin withpink undertones.fair 9210mineral foundationNatural minerals from the earth combine with cutting-edge hyaluronicfilling spheres, added moisturization, and antioxidant vitamins C andE for complete care in a medium-coverage foundation.• Oil-free and talc-free, the airy coverage of a powder foundationallows your skin to breathe• Glycerin and two other proven moisturizers attract water for soft,supple skin• Hyaluronic filling spheres help draw water to the skin andsmooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesIdeal for all skin types, even sensitive or acne-prone skin.Mineral Powder Foundation 0.35 oz.$30.00 REGULAR PRICE$18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (12pts) SAVE 40%for mineral powder applicationKabuki Brush #7083Mineral powder foundationBuildable, Medium CoverageTo get Ella’s look at home,use Mossy Dune 5758 EyeShadow Duo, Black 5641 EyePencil, Black 8228 VolumizingMascara, Peach Satin 5733Creme Blush, and StrawberryFever 5743 Lip Gloss.What’s the difference between Mineral PowderFoundation and Loose Powder?www.melaleuca.com/mineralandloosepowder
    • light 9106dark 9108deep 9109medium 9107light 9090medium 9089dark 9092deep 9093To get Paloma’s look at home, use Silken Taupe 4457 andRaisin 8844 Eye Shadows, Black 5641 Eye Pencil, 7734 BlackLiquid Eyeliner, Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara, Winterberry9071 Blush, and Moonlight 6397 Lip Gloss.A. loose powderSet the stage for a fabulous day with the power oftranslucent Loose Powder.• Contains the age-defying power of soybeanand phytosterols• A soothing dose of vitamin E softens skin• Oil-absorbing properties reduce shine• Algae and hyaluronic filling spheres smoothskin and minimize the appearance of fine linesand imperfectionsLoose Powder 0.88 oz.$30.00 REGULAR PRICE$18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts) SAVE 40%Shine-free radianceMinimize shine and keep a fresh look throughoutthe day with a quick sweep of powder.A.B.B. pressed powderReduce shine with a formula that absorbs oil andexcess shine while also conditioning your skin.• Moisturizing algae and hyaluronic filling spheresdraw water to skin to minimize the appearance offine lines and wrinkles• A soothing dose of vitamin E softens skin• Travel-friendly compact makes it perfect forpurses and on-the-go touch-upsPressed Powder 0.3 oz.$30.00 REGULAR PRICE$18.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts) SAVE 40%
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 47NEWAge-DefyingConcealerwith peptidesage-defying concealerDon’t just conceal—correct. NEW oil-free Age-Defying Concealerdelivers peptides, antioxidants, proteins, and other powerfulantiaging ingredients right to the delicate undereye skin tominimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles where theyare most likely to appear. Improved buildable coverage makesdark circles, sun spots, and blemishes practically vanish.• Infused with antiaging ingredients to reduce theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles• Free of oil, fragrance, and parabens• Soft brush applicator for flawless precision• Semi-matte finish• Medium, buildable coverageAge-Defying Concealer 0.04 fl. oz.$24.50 REGULAR PRICE$14.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (9pts) SAVE 41%deep 9234dark 9233medium 9232light 9231extra light 9230NEWfrom Sei Bella®Age-DefyingConcealerConcealer application tips.www.melaleuca.com/howtoapplyconcealer
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201348Only Sei Bella® Luxury Hair Care hasProtection Complex Technology™ inevery bottle to deliver a full spectrumof critical benefits. With Sei Bella,you don’t have to rely on an army ofproducts to strengthen your hair,protect color, and get the stylingresults you love.These four benefits come standard inevery Sei Bella Luxury Hair Care product.• Color Protection• UV Blockers• Anti-breakage Protection• Thermal ProtectionExpect morefrom your hair careSei Bella Luxury Hair Care is• Sulfate-free• Gluten-free• Sodium-free1SHAMPOO & CONDITIONGently wash away dirt and impuritiesand infuse your hair with shiny softnessfor a clean start.STEP48 Sei Bella SPRING 2013
    • To get Elisabeths’s look at home, use Golden Coral 5227 EyeShadow, Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara, Golden Sunrise 9065Blush, Pink Taffeta 4461 Lip Color, and Clear 6398 Lip Gloss.shampoo and conditioner forvery dry hairWhat it does: Quenches dry, frizzy,breakage-prone tresses with lusciousmoisture, strengthening hair and making itshine with health.Best for dry, damaged hair: Your hairfeels rough and brittle and looks dull. It breakseasily with any tension. You use heated stylingtools often. You color or chemically treat yourhair frequently and your ends appear whispyand sparse.Luxury Ultra-Moisture Shampoo10 fl. oz.#6674 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Luxury Ultra-MoistureCreme Conditioner 8 fl. oz.#6675 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)shampoo and conditioner fornormal-to-dry hairWhat it does: Nourishes hair and smooths frizzwithout extra weight for strong, soft, manageablehair with beautiful shine.Best for generally healthy hair: Yourhair looks healthy, but sometimes appearsdull. You can go more than one day withoutshampooing and your hair doesn’t look greasy.Breakage at the ends is common. You often useheated styling tools.Luxury Moisture Shampoo 10 fl. oz.#6670 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Luxury Moisture Creme Conditioner8 fl. oz.#6671 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)shampoo and conditioner forfine hairWhat it does: Delivers shiny, smooth hairwithout adding weight while lifting locks forvolume, bounce, and a thicker appearance.Best for fine, oily hair: You have thinhair that is baby soft and silky, but struggles tohold a style. Your hair can appear greasy only afew hours after washing, and often lies close toyour head.Luxury Volume Shampoo 10 fl. oz.#6672 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Luxury Volume Creme Conditioner8 fl. oz.#6673 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Tips for COMBINATION HAIRNot all hair types can be easily defined. Mixand match your shampoo and conditioner tofind your perfect recipe. Oily roots and dryends is the most common combination. UseVolume Shampoo and lather only the roots ofyour hair. Follow with Ultra-Moisture CremeConditioner applied only at the ends.May we suggestLuxury Volume Shampoo& Ultra-MoistureCreme ConditionerFAVORITEPRODUCTS|sulfate-freeLuxuryShampoosandCremeConditioners1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 49Get hair washing tipswww.melaleuca.com/hairwashingvideoSelect your hair’s ideal duo
    • Sei Bella SPRING 2013503 Benefits ofDaily Treatments1. They protect your hair frombreakage and heat2. They prime hair so other productsdistribute evenly, work better, andlast longer3. They revive styling aids and yourhair on days you don’t washTo get Nydia’s look at home, use Silken Taupe4457 and Misty Mauve 8841 Eye Shadows,Black 5641 Eye Pencil, 8214 Black DefiningMascara, Cranberry 3178 Blush, and PinkTaffeta 4461 Lip Color.2DAILY TREATMENTS Apply toclean, damp hair to protect it againstthe ravages of daily styling by guardingagainst heat and breakage.STEPSei Bella®FavoriteHot IronPrep SprayWatch the video tutorialon quick and easy styles.www.melaleuca.com/quickandeasyupdos
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 51Daily protection forstronger hairWet hair is more vulnerable to breakage anddamage than dry hair. Before you style, reinforceyour hair with extra protection.thermal protectionWhat it does: Acts like armor to protect hair from stylingheat up to 428˚F while strengthening, smoothing, andsealing each strand.Who should use it: Anyone who uses hair dryers, hotrollers, curling irons, straighteners, and any other type ofelectric styling tool.How to use it: Spray evenly on two-inch wide sections ofwet or dry hair before applying styling heat.Hot Iron Prep Spray 8 fl. oz.#6682 | $25.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $17.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts)leave-in detangling conditionerWhat it does: Eliminates tangles to protect vulnerablewet hair from stretching and breaking. Subdues frizz andsmooths the hair shaft for better results from other stylingproducts.Who should use it: Those with color-treated andchemically treated hair prone to breakage and those whouse additional styling products.How to use it: Spray onto clean, damp hair and gentlycomb through.Leave-In Detangling & Smoothing Spray 8 fl. oz.#6685 | $25.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $17.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (11pts)
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201352volumizing mousseWhat it does: Lifts roots for the appearance of thicker, fuller hairwhile adding control and shine.Who should use it: Ideal for fine, thin hair and for anyone wantingmore volume and manageability.How to use it: Dispense small amount and rub into both hands.Rake through the roots of damp hair. Blow-dry with a round brush formaximum volume.Amplifying Mousse 7.6 oz.#6676 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)styling cremeWhat it does: Adds soft, touchable hold to define waves, slick hairback, or simply add control. Smooths frizz and enhances shine.Who should use it: Those who long for more manageability andweightless, invisible control in styles like sleek blowouts, touchablewaves, and flyaway-free updos.How to use it: Apply small amount from midshaft to ends of hair.Blow-dry for a sleek look or let air dry for natural texture.Soft Hold Styling Creme 4 fl. oz.#6678 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)Pre-style structurefor superior manageabilityStyling preps give your hair the structure it needs for easymanageability and lasting style. Start with one of these twoproducts and discover how well-behaved your hair truly is.More benefits in every bottle. Superior performance at a surprisingprice. The value is undeniable. The results are irresistible.3STYLING PREP Every great style startswith a little structure. When applied to damphair before styling, Styling Aid Preps increasemanageability and control. Plus, they help otherproducts perform their best.STEPWatch the video tutorial on styling layered hair.www.melaleuca.com/enhancinglayeredhairvideo
    • Use a styling prep after every wash for:• superior manageablity• more styling options• a finish that never frizzes or falls flatBenefits of using astyling prepWhen it comes to creating your hairstyle, think like anarchitect. You have a vision. But to make it happen, you haveto create a solid foundation that can support your creation.Just like a building, if your hair lacks the proper structure, yourstyle will be difficult to create and it won’t last.Styling preps give you the structure you need for manageablestyling and a lasting finish. Your hair won’t frizz, fall flat, orlose shape throughout the day.Apply your styling prep to damp hair after using your dailytreatment. Amplifying Mousse gives you stronger hold and lift atthe roots, making it perfect for blowouts with body, structuredstyles, and short styles you don’t want to weigh down. UseStyling Creme for softer, less-structured styles like sleekblowouts, touchable waves, and easy updos.53To get Breana’s look at home, useMidnight 8831 and Blue Pearl 4459Eye Shadows, Black 7734 LiquidEye Liner, Black 8214 DefiningMascara, Soft Rose 9068 Blush, andRaspberry 4462 Lip Color.
    • Sei Bella SPRING 201354Fabulous finishing productsSleek and polished. Fun and flirty. You can create your ideal style with Sei Bella® Styling Aids.When used as part of the Sei Bella Hair Care System, your hair is fully protected from heatstyling, color loss, UV damage, and breakage.hairspray for light-to-medium holdWhat it does: Holds style with natural, touchablecontrol and added shine. Never sticky or flaky, itwashes out easily.Who should use it: Those with soft styles full ofmovement who desire natural hold.How to use it: Spray onto dry, styled hair.Classic Hold Finishing Spray 8 fl. oz.#6680 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)aerosol hairspray forfirm and flexible holdWhat it does: This high-performance hairspray withmemory solidifies your style with superior hold whileblocking humidity and adding shine.Who should use it: Those desiring firm control forupdos, curls, and sophisticated style.How to use it: Spray evenly on dry, styled hair. Formaximum volume on sleek blowouts, lift two-inch sectionsof hair and spray the underside of roots.Firm Hold Finishing Spray 6.9 oz.#6681 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)styling pomadeWhat it does: This water-based pomade deliversmedium control with flexible movement. Separates layersfor definition. Adds lift when worked into roots. Washesout easily.Who should use it: Those with layered haircuts or shortstyles who want to add texture and separation.How to use it: Apply small amount to fingertips. Workinto dry, styled hair. Add to ends for separation. Add toroots for extra volume.Texturizing Pomade 1.8 oz.#6677 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)hair gelWhat it does: Holds structured styles with firmhold and high-gloss shine. Also brushes out of dryhair for volume and manageability.Who should use it: Anyone wanting strongdefinition. Perfect for short styles.How to use it: Apply to damp hair with fingers anddefine desired shape. For a softer look with superiormanageability, apply to damp hair, comb through,and blow-dry.Defining Gel 5.5 fl. oz.#6679 | $19.00 REGULAR PRICESAVE 32% $13.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (8pts)Sei Bella lets you get the look you crave and the protection you need without an army of products.To get Xenia’s look at home,use Burnished Brown 5224 andHoneyshimmer 8848 Eye Shadows, Black8214 Defining Mascara, Golden Sunrise9065 Blush, Raspberry 4462 Lip Color,and Sugar Cookie 8898 Plump Lip Gloss.Watch the video tutorials on styling hair of all types.www.melaleuca.com/quickandeasyupdos
    • 4STYLE Shape and finish your lookwith styling aids suited to your cut,texture, and preference.STEP
    • To get Elisabeth’s look at home,use Golden Coral 5227 Eye Shadow,Black 8228 Volumizing Mascara,Golden Sunrise 9065 Blush, PinkTaffeta 4461 Lip Color, and Clear6398 Lip Gloss.56Restoreyour hair’snatural strength,vivacity, and shine
    • 1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 57Intensive hair care therapyDesigned to be used “when needed”—whether it’s weekly or once everyfew weeks—Sei Bella® Luxury Intensive Treatments restore your hair’s naturalstrength, vivacity, and shine with advanced hair care formulas.clarifying shampooWhat it does: Restores fullness and shineby thoroughly removing buildup, residue, andother impurities.Who should use it: Anyone who uses stylingproducts regularly and those with very oily hair.Use with caution on color-treated hair as it mayremove some color. Especially appropriate to usebefore a color treatment to prepare hair for theprocess and increase color retention.How to use it: Lather into damp hair. Rinse.Follow with your favorite Creme Conditioner. Usewhen hair feels especially oily or weighed down;use before coloring or chemical treatments (butnot immediately after).Intensive Treatment Detoxifying Wash8 fl. oz.#6684 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)conditioner for verydamaged hairWhat it does: Transforms dry, damaged, brittlehair into soft, silky locks. A feast of indulgentconditioners locks moisture deep into hair,restoring strength, softness, and shine.Who should use it: Designed for damaged orprocessed hair that feels brittle and looks dull.How to use it: Replaces Creme Conditioner oncea week or as needed. Apply to clean, damp hair,concentrating on ends. Let sit for five minutes.Rinse thoroughly. For optimal results, wrap hair in awarm, damp towel while conditioning.Intensive Treatment Repair Hair Masque4 fl. oz.#6683 | $22.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 31% $15.50 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (10pts)Use the Repair Hair Masque weekly, after swimming in chlorinated water, after salontreatments, or whenever it feels extra dry.For untreated hair, use the Detoxifying Wash weekly. For salon-treated hair, usebefore getting your hair colored or chemically treated, but not after.5TREAT Indulge in luxurioushair treatments whenever youfeel your hair needs a pick-me-up. Whether it’s weekly oronce every few weeks, restoreyour hair’s natural strength,vivacity, and shine.STEPWatch the video tutorial on how to use the hair masque.www.melaleuca.com/howtodeepconditionvideo
    • Experience theSei Bella®Luxurydifference withexclusive savingsSpecial Offers: Hair Care NecessitiesFor essential hair care at incredible savings,go no further. Two hair care sets give you yourchoice of products for specialized styling andnever-seen-before protection. We’ve bundledthe benefits—now you can bundle your savings.SpecialOfferfrom Sei Bella®Save upto 20%Revolutionary sulfate-free shampoos wash awayimpurities without damaging the hair shaft orcontributing to color loss.Sei Bella SPRING 201358
    • SPECIALOFFER|HairCareNecessitiesSetscomplete hair care regimen | SAVE UP TO 24%By combining all five steps in the Sei Bella Luxury Hair Care system,your hair will be fully protected and styling will be a breeze. You’ll revelin shine, manageability, and softness you never knew was possible. Setincludes shampoo, creme conditioner, two styling aids, and a treatmentof your choice.Hair Care Necessities Plus Set 5 productsPACKSAVINGS Save up to $18.00*#6688 | $93.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $56.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (32pts)hair care set | SAVE UP TO 20%The Hair Care Necessities Set provides you with the hair care essentialsyou need so you can start experiencing healthier, stronger, morebeautiful hair. Set includes shampoo, creme conditioner, and styling aidof your choice.Hair Care Necessites Set 3 productsPACKSAVINGS Save up to $9.00*#6687 | $58.50 REGULAR PRICESAVE 40% $35.00 PREFERRED CUSTOMER (21pts)SHAMPOO & CONDITION Gentlywash away dirt and impurities andinfuse your hair with shiny softness for aclean start. See pages 48–49.DAILY TREATMENTSApply to clean, damp hair to protect itagainst the ravages of daily styling byguarding against heat and breakage.See page 51.STYLING PREP Every greatstyle starts with a little structure.When applied to damp hair beforestyling, Styling Aid Preps increasemanageability and control. Plus, theyhelp other products perform their best.See page 52.STYLE Shape and finish your look withstyling aids suited to your cut, texture,and preference. See page 54.TREAT Indulge in luxurious hairtreatments whenever you feel yourhair needs a pick-me-up. Whetherit’s weekly or once every few months,restore your hair’s natural strength,vivacity, and shine. See page 57.12345STEPSTEPSTEPSTEPSTEP5 STEPS toManageable Hairstyling*Compared to buying the products individually at Preferred Customer Prices.Two inclusive hair care sets1–800–282–3000 melaleuca.com 59Watch video tutorials for styling tips and tricks.www.melaleuca.com/haircarevideos
    • © 2013 Melaleuca, Inc. • 3910 South Yellowstone Highway • Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402.6003 • 800.282.3000 • www.melaleuca.com • 01/13U 101006302This Sei Bella catalog can be purchased as a single issue or in a five-pack (Single 3560 · Five-Pack 3561).Sei Bella® Skin Care, Hair Care, & Cosmetics offers you over 200 innovative productsproven to restore the look and feel of youth, letting you express your unique beauty.When you look your best,you feel your best—you feelconfident and truly beautiful.