Milo Relaunch

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relaunching Milo campaign …

relaunching Milo campaign

Kedarnath Tadkod
Sandip Janee

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  • 1. Relaunchof Nestle MILO
    Assignment on BRAND STRATEGY
    Prof. SameerAasht
    KedarnathTadkod: 013
    SandipJanee: 065
    Batch 2010 (PR)
  • 2. About Nestle SA, Switzerland
    Nestle SA is a company engaged in the nutrition, health and wellness sectors. It is the holding company of the Nestle Group, which comprises subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures throughout the world.
    It has such business units as Food and Beverage, Nestle Waters and Nestle Nutrition.
    It divides its products into nine categories:
    Prepared dishes and cooking aids
    Beverages, Confectionery
    Ice cream
    Milk products
    Nestlé India is a subsidiary of  Nestlé S.A.
  • 3. Health Drink Market in India
    Rs 1,900-crore health foods drink market, split between white and brown segments
    Growing at 7-8 percent since 2007
    Competitors in the segment include:
    GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK) which owns the brands Horlicks, Boost, Viva and Maltova
    Cadbury's Bournvita
    Nestle Milo
    Heinz’s Complan
  • 4. The Problem for MILO in India
    The market leaders in the malted foods category overall are Horlicks, Bourvita and Complan, in that order
    Dropping sales force Nestle to stop production of energy drink Milo
    Sales have not picked up despite heavy discounting and aggressive sales push
    MILO had to be discontinued in the Indian market since June 2009
  • 5. MILO Print ads
  • 6. MILO TVCs
  • 7. Present MILO website
  • 8. Competitors’ Print ads
  • 9. Competitors’ TVCs
  • 10. RelaunchingMILOPro: The New Strategy
    Malt based Energy Health Drink for Sportspersons & Athletes
    Different types for different age groups and sports groups
    Various flavors ( chocolate, banana and strawberry)
    • Also available as ready-to-drink Milk based Energy health drink (in tetrapacks of 250 ml., and glass bottles of 500 ml.)
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy:
    Part One: Launch
    Launch at the Commonwealth Games
    Be the Official Beverage for athletes
    Celebrity sportsperson endorsements
    TVCs featuring CWG participant brand ambassadors 2 weeks before the event
    Announce Contest on the website and in the newspapers for children in various age groups, 21 days before the event:
    Meet the Sportsperson/ambassador at the CWG;
    Free ticket to watch the CWG Opening & Closing (with free travel and stay);
  • 11. Integrated Marketing Strategy: (contd..)
    Part Two: Online Campaign
    Have periodic online contests for sportschildren such as Sports Quiz
    Organise various sporting & outdoor adventure activities in different cities, with the registering done online
    Have a presence on social networking websites to disseminate the above:
    Youtube (load all the TVCs)
    Orkut (even though it is slowly getting obsolete)
  • 12. Engaging the Consumer
    Customer Relationship Management (also including Customer Complaints, suggestions, queries)
    Consumer community to enhance and strengthen their brand loyalty. Offer schemes, freebies, hold competitions
    Forum & Chat corner on the website for various sports enthusiasts
    E-commerce: Purchase & orders for the consumer and the stockist/c&f agent, wholesaler, distributor
  • 13. MILOProUSPs
    First in India, Malt-based energy beverage for Sportspersons
    Composition of MiloProfor each category of sports and age group will be different :
    Consumers can also sign up for a free short duration health fitness programme at select health centers/gyms across the cities.
    Nestle will shortlist proficient athletes and those having potential, and sponsor them to pursue their sport (as a part of Nestle CSR initiative).