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Net eng 1 Net eng 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Donald Trump
  • You ask a baker how he makes bread.You ask a billionaire how he makes money. View slide
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  • mon‧ey [uncountable]what you earn by working and can useto buy things. Money can be in theform of notes and coins or cheques,and can be kept in a bank
  • spend money make/earn moneymake money (=make a profit)lose money (=not make a profit, so that a business owesmore than it earns)cost money/cost a lot of moneysave moneylend/borrow/owe moneywaste money (on something)be a waste of moneycharge (somebody) moneyraise moneypay money (for something)give somebody their money back/refund somebodysmoneya sum/an amount of moneyget/earn good money (=be paid good wages)
  • Dont spend all your money on thefirst day of your holiday!
  • She doesnt earn very much money.
  • Hes working for a finance company now,and making lots of money.
  • At last the business is starting tomake money.
  • The company is losing moneyand may have to close down.
  • The repairs will cost quite a lot ofmoney.
  • Were not going on holiday this yearbecause were trying to save money.
  • Could you lend me some money?
  • I dont want to borrow money from thebank unless I really have to.
  • They charge huge amounts of money fortheir services.
  • Were trying to raise money to helpchildren with cancer.
  • If you are not completely satisfiedwith our products, we will give youyour money back.
  • He was left a largesum of money.
  • You can earn good moneyas a computer programmer.
  • 1. Dont _______all your money on the first day of your holiday!2. She doesnt _____very much money.3. Hes working for a finance company now, and ____loads of money.4. At last the business is starting to _____ money.5. The company is ______ money and may have to close down.6. The repairs will _____ quite a lot of money.7. Were not going on holiday this year because were trying to ________ money.
  • 1. Could you _____ me some money?2. I dont want to ______money from the bank unless I really have to.3. They ____ huge amounts of money for their services.4. Were trying to _____ money to help children with cancer.5. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will ____ you your money back.6. He was left a large _____ of money.7. You can ______ good money as a computer programmer.
  • spent save cost makes makeShe ______ a little money by babysitting.More money should be _____ on training.Good food doesn’t have to _____ a lot of money.Companies fired workers to ______ money.The farm was beginning to _____ money at last.
  • borrow lost owes lent(lend)The movie didn’t attract audiences and ____ money for the studio.Has he paid the money he ______ you?My dad _____ me money to buy a car.They arranged to ______ money from the bank to buy a house.
  • waste saved owe raisesHe ______ me money.Don’t _______ your money on a computer thatdoesn’t have enough memory.The Christmas fair ______ money for the school.She had ______ up enough money to buy a car.
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