Mms parent training keynote 2


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  • Mms parent training keynote 2

    1. 1. MMS MMS Mooresville Middle School MacBook Orientation for Parents August 2009
    2. 2. Why us? Why now? Mission of the NC State Board of Education: Every public school student will graduate from high school globally competitive for work or post-secondary education and prepared for life in the 21st Century. Today’s learners have grown up in a digital world. They have cell phones, computers, multi-dimensional video entertainment, iPods, the Internet, and they have never seen a TV without a remote control. Our children are hyper-communicators, goals planners, multi-taskers, experts at figuring out and using technology, and they are active learners.
    3. 3. Because it’s the right thing! Students experience a huge gap between their everyday lives and activities when they walk into a classroom.They now use paper, pencils, listen to one person lecture them, read dated textbooks, then memorize for a test. Engaging these students and making education relevant is critical...for our schools to continue to effectively and fully prepare the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
    4. 4. Basic Info
    5. 5. Basic Info
    6. 6. Software Pages Comic Life Numbers Firefox Keynote Google Earth iCal GarageBand iTunes DVD Player iPhoto Dictionary iMovie iDVD iWeb Angel LMS
    7. 7. Angel Angel The ANGEL Learning Management Suite of teaching and learning tools enables efficient and effective development, delivery and management of courses, course content and learning outcomes. Engaging communication and collaboration capabilities enhance instruction to deliver leading edge teaching and learning. Parents can keep track of student progress in Angel by requesting an “Insight Window Account.” Go to and click on Request an Insight Window Account. You will need to have your student’s user id and password to request an account. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email with your password.You can then log in and track your student’s progress.
    8. 8. Care of Laptop Property of MGSD Entrusted to the student to benefit their education Carry in provided case at all times Charge nightly Visit Help Desk at first sign of trouble (don’t put it off) Do not walk around with MacBook open Do not leave unattended **Do not loan your laptop Avoid eating and drinking near MacBook Careful when using around young children and pets Use on a hard surface so laptop doesn’t overheat
    9. 9. Bring Daily Just like a textbook, notebook, or pencil the laptop is expected to be charged and ready to go everyday. Teachers will have lids up and lids down time.
    10. 10. Back-Up It is the responsibility of the student to backup their own computer files! Methods: USB flash drive External Hard Drive with Time Machine
    11. 11. Internet Safety in the Schools Student Training • Students receive training on the use of the Laptop • Students receive training on Internet Safety
    12. 12. Internet Use is Teacher Directed Internet is used for educational research and activities Teachers monitor student Internet use in class Students are not allowed “free time” to surf the Internet
    13. 13. Internet Safety Guidelines for Students 1. Never give out personal information 2. Never use parents’ credit card online 3. Create secure passwords & never share them with anyone 4. Never arrange a face-to-face meeting 5. Don’t open e-mail if you don’t know who sent it 6. Don’t click on banner ads or pop-up ads on websites 7. Never use bad language or send threatening e-mail
    14. 14. School Internet Filtering Server-Based Filtering Software • Filtering software installed on MGSD web server • Filters websites based on content-keywords • Can block specific web sites upon request
    15. 15. Suggested Guidelines for home Internet Use Parents-Set and Enforce rules for home Internet Use • Have computer in a common room (not in the bedroom with the door closed!) • Time limit on Internet, instant messaging, social networking sites, online gaming, etc. • Parents should ask and know student’s personal username and password
    16. 16. Home Internet Safety Suggestions Concerning E-Mail • Parents should have access to students’ e-mail • Threatening e-mail should never be sent • Attachments bring danger of viruses • Spam = Junk Mail = Don’t reply
    17. 17. Home Internet Safety Web-Surfing Banner/Pop-Up Ads * Clicking on them places a “cookie” on your computer * This allows websites to track your movements (from Wal-mart to phishing scams!) Personal Information * Never give out * Avoid even seemingly innocent and unimportant info Online Purchases * Do not do without parent permission/supervision * Make sure website is secure (https:) before entering credit card information
    18. 18. Monitoring Student Activity Check the History in FireFox (History, Show All History) If it is empty, ask why Click on an item to go to that page
    19. 19. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Students will make available all messages or files upon administrator or teacher request Just like a textbook or a locker, MGSD owns the laptop. Students are permitted to use it for educational advancement Administrators have capability to remotely view student computers
    20. 20. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Use Appropriate Language When searching the web When sending messages When blogging/using message boards No Cyber Bullying No personal information Remember educational setting
    21. 21. Cyberbully Cyb erbully in g
    22. 22. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Give credit where credit is due! Following copyright laws Teachers & staff members instruct students on copyright laws
    23. 23. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Prohibited Access: Bypassing the filter Using another student’s username or password Sharing passwords Downloading or installing Tampering with the hardware
    24. 24. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Personal Communications: Chat rooms & Instant messaging only with class instruction Social networking sites are blocked Hosting personal web pages Unless school-approved, teacher supervised
    25. 25. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Inappropriate Materials (treated like similar non- computer offenses): Materials that are unacceptable in a school setting Pornographic, obscene, graphically violent, vulgar Music, Sounds, Language,Videos, Other Materials Downloads or transfers through an external drive
    26. 26. Required Use Policy/Code of Conduct Keeping your laptop damage free: Do not leave a laptop unattended. Keep pets, food, drink, & babies away from laptop. Laptop may not be used during school lunch. Do not leave your laptop in a vehicle. Do not put stickers or skins on laptop or bookbag. Do not write on laptop or bookbag. Do not walk around with laptop open
    27. 27. Resources Click on Digital Conversion Help directly from Apple, after hours or when the MGSD Helpdesk is unavailable - Apple Education Support Line 800-800-2775, and the serial number is needed (on bottom of laptop) Parent Training Sessions during year
    28. 28. Log-In Student user name will be NCWise number Student will create own password: Must be at least 6 characters in length Must contain 1 CAPITAL letter Must contain 1 lower case letter Must contain 1 number