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Poistr tutorial

Poistr tutorial

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  • 1. Augmented Reality WorkshopHello augmentED world!Raúl Reinosowww.aumenta.me
  • 2. Poistr Poistr is a tool that makes the creation of Augmented Reality layers easierwww.aumenta.me
  • 3. Poistr It allows you tolocate your POIswww.aumenta.me ? AumentaME
  • 4. Poistr Edit them, add needed information ...www.aumenta.me Publix pin por mooglemoogle
  • 5. Poistr And then create your geolocalized layer of Points of Interest (POIs)www.aumenta.me Chinchetas por Dr. Brainfish
  • 6. Poistr Your layer will be visualized using AR navigatiors: Layar, Junaio or Wikitudewww.aumenta.me
  • 7. Poistr Create a layer con Poistr is easywww.aumenta.me
  • 8. Poistr Register and fill yourpersonal information www.aumenta.me
  • 9. PoistrClick New Layerwww.aumenta.me
  • 10. PoistrIntroduce layer informationwww.aumenta.me
  • 11. Poistr Brief description Describe clearly the purpose of the layer and POIs locationwww.aumenta.me
  • 12. Poistr Find hotelsin Barcelona Barcelona cityscape por florriebassingbourn
  • 13. Poistr Detailed description Purpose of the layer POIs location If layer is temporary Make reference to external data sources Point out if users can interact with itwww.aumenta.me
  • 14. PoistrClick Insert Layerwww.aumenta.me
  • 15. PoistrClick Edit Poistr is easyCrear una capa con Poistr es sencillowww.aumenta.me
  • 16. Poistr Click New Pointwww.aumenta.me
  • 17. PoistrConfigure your first POIwww.aumenta.me
  • 18. Poistr EditionWriting por Rubin 110
  • 19. PoistrAdd titlewww.aumenta.me
  • 20. PoistrDescribe your POIwww.aumenta.me
  • 21. PoistrGive POI authorwww.aumenta.me
  • 22. Poistr Give image URLwww.aumenta.me
  • 23. PoistrImageswww.aumenta.me Koniku makru por apeirophilia
  • 24. Poistr Each POI can include till 3 images depending on the distance of the object: icon, reduced and fullwww.aumenta.me
  • 25. PoistrGive an URL for each of the 3 images www.aumenta.me
  • 26. PoistrPOI is very farwww.aumenta.me
  • 27. Poistr POI is medium distancewww.aumenta.me
  • 28. PoistrPOI is closewww.aumenta.me
  • 29. Poistr Example Base URL: http://www.flickr.com/poistr/ Icon: icon_poistr.jpg Reduced: reduced_poistr.jpg Full: full_poistr.jpgwww.aumenta.me
  • 30. Poistr If POI is represented in 3D, it must be defined in the same way as imageswww.aumenta.me
  • 31. Poistr 2D and 3D transformation RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Por Viakennywww.aumenta.me
  • 32. Poistr We can adjust 3D object scale and positionwww.aumenta.me
  • 33. Poistr EditionMaria Claqueta y....ACCIÓN..!!n por Roberto Ferló
  • 34. Poistr Configure the actions triggered when a user gets close to a POIwww.aumenta.me
  • 35. PoistrTelephone, sms, e-mail, web, audio and videowww.aumenta.me
  • 36. Poistr Relative coordinates IMG_3567.JPG por valilouvewww.aumenta.me
  • 37. Poistr POI can also have coordinates relative to user positionwww.aumenta.me
  • 38. Poistr Images or objects will bevisualized in the same positionwww.aumenta.me
  • 39. Poistr We already have our first POIwww.aumenta.me
  • 40. Poistr Complete your layer and click Approve OK por rayjbrazwww.aumenta.me
  • 41. Poistr Once the layer is approved you can visualize it in your AR navigatorwww.aumenta.me
  • 42. Poistr