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Wadja User Guide - How to USe Wadja.com website to send Free SMS worldwide.

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Wadja User Guide

  1. 1. The primary audience for this is intended to be businesses and potential White label clients, but may be useful for anyone interested in Wadja A SPECIAL GUIDE
  2. 2. Users can join Wadja for free following a simple signup process via the wadja.com website or from their mobile device. Users can signup to Wadja using your twitter, Open Social and Facebook (via Facebook connect) accounts.
  3. 3. When you login to your Wadja profile with your User Name and Password, your first two default labels are already shown - your location and profile photo. A variety of other system labels are provided to help users archive and organize their social content and streams of real-time communication. Wadja also provides Location based labels with common friends, followers, and labeled content in your immediate area, which is visually displayed on the Google map. Media Location
  4. 4. System labels are set by Wadja and determine what labels the user will automatically receive. The system labels in Wadja are Notes, SMS, Email and Twitter and a few more.
  5. 5. System labels help users organize and archive all their social content, real time activity and communication. Some system labels are for your eyes only (email and SMS) while other system labels are flexible enough to have their privacy settings changed. This is where the technology and process really gets exciting.
  6. 6. With every label comes a conversation, in real time (with email and SMS updates). Create a Label Your label name Receive instant feeds
  7. 7. Want to take it a step further…how about with every label and conversation stream created, we started filtering targeted Tweets, Updates, Videos, and Photos from your favorite social networking sites.
  8. 8. That’s a lot of streams…how about creating a more focused label bringing in very relevant feeds to the conversation. Lets add U2 to the London Concert label to make it even more targeted.
  9. 9. Wadja’s Messaging Platform ensures that the user activity stream and message distribution is successfully delivered across multiple devices and platforms, whether offline or online. Wadja offers full email messaging and SMS delivery to handsets in over 650 networks in 200 countries . So why not invite contacts and friends to join the conversation (imported from your Gmail address book for example or synchronized via your mobile phone using Wadja’s mobile Sync service).
  10. 10. Contacts and friends receiving the invite can join Wadja and jump into the label conversation or can opt not to join Wadja and simply follow the topic of interest by receiving email and SMS messages every time a new update is posted on the specific label conversation.
  11. 11. Of course there are times when a more private, one-on-one communication is preferred. Here is where Wadja excels, providing users with an open and flexible way to contact friends and contacts through email, web or SMS messaging. With a simple click from the same profile page where your activity is happening, a private message can be sent and received in real time.
  12. 12. Messages delivered through the Wadja compose interface may also have an embedded (targeted) advertisements attached. Interested advertisers or White Label owners can append their messages, promotions, or events in friend-to-friend message communications.
  13. 13. Purchase your Message Ads, cap your budget, and manage your promotion: Full control to follow, queue, edit or stop your Message Ads, as and when you wish.
  14. 14. In BETA development: Verified SMS sponsors of label conversations. Users will receive SMS messages every time an update occurs on a specific label conversation. The SMS update is free for the follower as it is sponsored and paid for by the label owner (company, blogger, celebrity, etc). Of course SMS updates are always opt-in and followers can opt-out of receiving updates via SMS (and email for that matter) anytime they wish.