James Wekesa - Opportunities availed by increased bandwidth capacity on the continent - Broadband Forum


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James Wekesa - Opportunities availed by increased bandwidth capacity on the continent - Broadband Forum

  1. 1. 1James WekesaChief Commercial OfficerOpportunities Availed byIncreased Bandwidth Capacity inAfrica
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda• Broadband in Africa ….Now• Broadband Access Enablers• The Power of Broadband, from 75 years to 35 days• What does all this mean for Africa?2• What does all this mean for Africa?• Opportunities Broadband brings to Africa….• Zimbabwe & Potential Broadband Market• About WIOCC…Africa’s Carriers’ Carrier• Win – Win Strategy for Players in Zimbabwe
  3. 3. Broadband in Africa ….NowMore than 41 Tbpsor 41,000 Gbps or41 million Mbps3around Africa in2013!! UNBELIEVABLE!
  4. 4. Internet; Africa and World Statistics4Zimbabwe 14th in Africa in terms of number of internet userswww.internetworldstats.com
  5. 5. Broadband Growth in Africa….3 main catalysts will continue driving broadband growth in Africa..5
  6. 6. Mobile handsets – Key Broadband Access Enabler• Manufacturers of smartphones shipped 216.2million phones in Q1 2013.• 52% of phones shipped inQ1, 2013 were smart phones6Q1, 2013 were smart phones• This was the 1st time moresmart phone than featurephones were shippedglobally.Source: IDC Analysis
  7. 7. GSM – CDMA modemsOther Broadband Access Enablers…..WiFi – WiMax coverage7ADSL modemsVSATFibre
  8. 8. The Power of Broadband, from 75 years to 35 days8
  9. 9. • For consumers: improved access to communications, information &entertainment• more affordable handsets including internet-enabled smartphones• more cost-effective internet & broadband services• wider availability of internet services• For service providers: opportunity (and threat)• technology advances creating a broadband-ready environmentWhat does all this mean for Africa?9• technology advances creating a broadband-ready environment• data revenue growth can counter falling voice revenues• differentiation opportunities through premium services & newapplications• For Africa: opportunity & growth• ICT & broadband contribute to GDP growth• a vital factor in expansion of the African middle class
  10. 10. Opportunities Broadband brings to Africa….e-JusticeeLearning10e-GovernmenteTourism
  11. 11. eFarmingOpportunities Broadband brings to Africa….11Video SurgeryeCoachingeFarming
  12. 12. Cyber CafesCall centresOpportunities Broadband brings to Africa….12ISPsCall centresMobile BroadbandData processing
  13. 13. On-line bankingOn-line PaymentOpportunities Broadband bring to Africa….13On-line ShoppingOn-line PaymentOn-line EntertainmentOn-line Content
  14. 14. Population12,973 808 (2012 census)2,098,199 HarareAge structureZimbabwe & Potential Broadband Market1415-54 years: 52% (Immediate Potential)0-14 years: 41% (Future potential)Literacy: 90.7%** Literacy means : +15 years who can read & write1,981,277 Internet users on 30th June 201215.3% of the population, www.internetworldstats.com
  15. 15. TelOne and WIOCC Capacity Plan for Zimbabwe• End to End service from Tier1 POP to TelOne TelephoneHouse, Harare.• *Backhaul, Onward Transitand IP diversity services15and IP diversity servicesprovided• 96 x STM1 available toTelOne, which translates to;• 14.8Gbps or 14,880Mbps or15.2million Kbps**Backhaul diversity via Beitbridge under development
  16. 16. WIOCC…• Formed in 2007• Owned by 14 African telcos− Tier-1 operators in their countries• Largest investor in EASSy (28%)− >50Gbps of lit capacity (EASSy total lit190Gbps)Africa’s Carriers’ Carrier16− 1.32Tbps of design capacity (EASSy total4.72Tbps)• Strategic investor in WACS & EIG− cost-efficient international reach & diversity• Extensive Africa backhaul− >50,000km of terrestrial fibre• A leading African carriers’ carrier− provides telcos & ISPs with end-to-endcapacity between Africa & rest of world
  17. 17. Botswana Telecommunications Corp.Dalkom SomaliaDjibouti TelecomGilat SatcomLesotho Communications AuthorityLPTIC (Libya)Onatel BurundiWIOCC Shareholders17Seychelles Cable System CompanyOnatel BurundiTDM (Mozambique)Telkom Kenya OrangeTelOne (Zimbabwe)U-COM BurundiUganda Telecom Ltd.Zantel (Tanzania)
  18. 18. • WIOCC’s 24/7 CustomerChampions have end-to-end visibility of all WIOCCcircuits3rd-party NOCs- Onward Connectivity- Longhaul Network- Backhaul Network- Local Tail AccessWIOCC Customer Champions18• A single point of contact,liaising with 3rd-party NOCsfor provisioning,maintenance and faultresolutionCustomer NOCActivationsFaultsQueriesWIOCC CustomerChampions
  19. 19. SeamlessoperationsExtendedreachIntegrated operationalprocesses - from solutiondesign to in-servicemanagementThe ability to bundleAccess to expertConnecting >400locations across 30African countries+WIOCC’s Unique Shareholder Relationship19TailoredsolutionsMaking thingshappenMarketknowledge‘last mile’, backhaul &international accessinto customisedtechnical & commercialsolutionsExecutive-level relationships that ensurewe are able to ‘get things done’Access to expertin-countryresources &knowledge+WIOCCshareholders
  20. 20. WIOCC has been recognised with multipleawards for success in delivering unrivalled• high-speed• resilient• diversecapacity into, within and out of AfricaWIOCC Awards20
  21. 21. Win – Win Strategy for Players in Zimbabwe• Compete on services NOT infrastructure• Share infrastructure where possible to reduce duplicationand under utilized fiber hence poor ROI• Collaborate and Compete is the new rule of the game21• Introduce value added services (VAS) that increasebroadband uptake• Benchmark and network with players in other markets tokeep abreast with new developments in the sector• Invest in low-cost devices to increase broadband uptake
  22. 22. 22James Wekesa – CCOjames.wekesa@wiocc.netCell: +254 722 300033Cell: +263 775 496133
  23. 23. Challenges for Landlocked Zimbabwe• Cost effective and diverse backhauloptions still limited• Backhaul and transit capacity arethe most expensive components inthe pricing matrix• Market remains a sellers market onbackhaul and transit for landlocked23backhaul and transit for landlockedcountries• Aggressive pricing is becoming a keyingredient to securing new sales• Relatively Poor Quality of Service(QoS) due to multiple networksegments