The 10 SEO Commandments #MattCuttsMoses


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Most of us in the SEO community abide by these commandments set forth by Matt Cutts and the Google Webspam Team. However, time and again we find ourselves educating our clients and prospects. So if you’re a beginner or if you need an entertaining way to teach your clients and/or prospects about some SEO basics then this is the infographic for you! Please have a read and feel free to like, share, use #MattCuttsMoses and give our infographic some social love.

Follow the link to see the full infographic:

You can even include this infographic on your own site with the embed code found at the end of this post!

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The 10 SEO Commandments #MattCuttsMoses

  1. 1. Written & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  2. 2. There will always be SEOs who try to trick Google’salgorithm, but Google is always on the hunt to penalize dirtytactics. Despite the Google algorithm updates, many people stilluse these sneaky tactics in hopes to better their rankings. Blackhat techniques will eventually catch up with you. So heed thiswords of wisdom.Written & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  3. 3. Create spam on forums or blog comments. Solelybuild exact match anchor text links. Hack sites toinject links.Have an Unnatural Link ProfileWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  4. 4. Cloaking refers to showing different content to the Google botand your visitors. This can be easily uncovered whenthe Google bot doesn’t identify itself.Cloak and Use Hidden TextPutting SEO text in hidden divs or making itwhite on white for instance is easily detectable.Written & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  5. 5. Using other peoples’ information with propercitations is fine, but if you’re copying entire chunksof content, or worse, whole websites you’re notgoing to fare well.Steal/Duplicate ContentWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  6. 6. Written & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmosesSpun content creates a poor user experience and evenif they do land on your page, they’re not likely toconvert. Google is also getting much better atdetecting spun content.Spin Content
  7. 7. Keyword stuffing doesn’t do anything extra to helpGoogle understand what your page is about, in factit’s more likely to flag it and push it down in searchresults. Google relies on many other signals togauge the relevance of your content.Stuff KeywordsWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  8. 8. There’s no point in creating a fake listing onGoogle Maps. What’s worse is that if you’re foundtrying to game the system, you’re likely to loserankings.Spam Google MapsWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  9. 9. There’s no sense in building out content-thin sitesthat only try and rank for a few keywords. ThePanda Update wiped these out and they’re nolonger a viable method for building links to yourmain site.Create MicrositesWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  10. 10. Just like buying links is punishable, so is sellingthem. Obviously you can try not advertising thatyou sell links on your site, but there are certainpatterns that can still indicate that you’re doing this.Sell LinksWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  11. 11. If your site is overrun with ads and especially if it’slight on content, you’re not likely to provide a gooduser experience. Not enough space devoted to realcontent is something that Google has relativelyrecently become very good at detecting andpunishing.Go Overboard on AdsWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses
  12. 12. This practice is more common than you think. Many businessescreate multiple sites so they can occupy more of thespots on search results. There are multiple waysCreate Multiple Websites toRank for the Same BusinessWritten & Designed by ©2013 #mattcuttsmoses(automated and manual) to detect this. Checking formatching C-blocks is one example. If you’re exposedyou could lose rankings for all of your sites.
  13. 13. #mattcuttsmosesWritten & Designed by©2013Follow these commandments and you’ll thrive with each algorithm update!