E bay integration with shopping cart software


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Ecommerce Techwave is happy to announce its revolutionary shopping cart software that becomes more profitable with eBay integration.

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E bay integration with shopping cart software

  1. 1. Now Offered EBay Integration with Shopping Cart Software at Ecommerce Techwave Ecommerce Techwave is happy to announce its revolutionary shopping cart software that becomes more profitable with eBay integration. Profitable eBay Integration with Value to the Products Displayed Ecommerce Techwave presents with shopping cart software free of charge with response time of 24 hrs hosted in client’s server which is multi-lingual in nature, robust and fully tested with support for product options, customized error codes in English and modular design with support for plug in's and checkout features, member’s only and security features with technology that excels. This is not just what provides a benchmark to the shopping cart software; Ecommerce Techwave provides it with eBay integration with best offers for the products listed, high bid information, reclamation of fees and more that is eBay guaranteed to the customers. "We are now into providing with fully functional shopping cart software integrated with eBay store that becomes really popular with many visitors and transactions. It’s benefits are numerous when finally, anyone would want to expand the business and appeal to other markets and getting it integrated with ready ecommerce solutions that provides with a shopping cart software and not, just an eBay store. The integration of eBay with the free shopping cart software allows the freedom of adding functionality in the future in the same way that an ecommerce solution can do. By integrating both the stores into one solution, it gives the client and the customer’s one place to find all of your products and services. Therefore, what you get is shopping cart software with support for product options such as size or color, email order confirmations for customer and store owners and product search capability features and more add-ons along with eBay integration that gives value to the products on display." Ecommerce Techwave therefore provides with professional shopping cart software which can show users that you are a legitimate business enterprise and have invested in a website with a distinct brand identity. It also brings together the features, functionality and target audience of both eBay and a professional ecommerce website with shopping cart software. There are eBay stores customized to match the branding on ecommerce websites to make the whole company look professional. More insights at http://ecommerce.techwave.com. Company Profile: - Ecommerce Techwave, the leader in profitable e-business worldwide now caters to its valued customers, a free shopping cart software with e-Bay integration featuring eBay buyer protection with
  2. 2. round the clock assistance with less hassle and more returns. Visit for more information at http://ecommerce.techwave.com Contact Us: - Andy Anand Ecommerce.Techwave.com 269 Pacific St., Pomona, California, 91768 USA Phone: 909-634-3900, 1-877-792-2075 Fax: 909-728-4595 Website: http://ecommerce.techwave.com Email: support@techwave.com