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This was recently presented by our design head, Ms. Neha Modgil at the UX India Conference held at IIIT Hyderabad. To learn more about what we do, visit us at:

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  • What do you think of this design? What is the main objective? Who are the audience?
  • What do you think of this design? What is the main objective? Who are the audience?
  • What do you think of this design? What is the main objective? Who are the audience?
  • What do you think of this design? What is the main objective? Who are the audience?
  • What do you think of this design? What is the main objective? Who are the audience?
  • Business Analytics

    1. 1. We have a well qualified BusinessAnalytics, UX Design, Visual Design,HTML and Development teamwho can understand yourbusiness needs and provide aptsolutions for:• Websites• Intranets• Extranets• Widgets• Software• Mobile and iPad Apps
    2. 2. Services PortfolioBusiness ConsultingTechved Consulting specializes in conceptualizing andsetting up of online business. We also facilitate companiesin understanding online customer behavior which in turnprovides new perspective to taking business decisions.The primary services include:Online Startup Specialist | Business Analytics User Centered Design User Centered design (UCD) is a design process that places users at the center of products design and development lifecycle. We at Techved Consulting specialize in designing products and services that deliver great experience to your customers We at Techved Consulting specialize in designing interactions for: Websites Design | Mobile UX | Software Application | Product Inteface Design © 2011 Techved Consulting
    3. 3. Services PortfolioUser Research & EvaluationThrough research and experiential exercises we immerseourselves in the deluge of consumer perspective to provideinsights into various products and servicesThe primary services include:Heuristic Evaluation| Usability Test | Ethnographic Study |Competitive Analysis Technology Development Techved Consulting provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic business agenda into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance. We at Techved Design specialize in designing interactions for: Web Development | Software Development| Mobile Applications Development © 2011 Techved Consulting
    4. 4. Business Analytics & User Experience Design ‘Bridging the Gap’ © 2011 Techved Consulting
    5. 5. Introduction to User Experience Design What is User Experience Design We believe that User Experience Design is… © 2011 Techved Consulting
    6. 6. Introduction to User Experience Design User Experience Its about viralling Design is not just (engaging, acquiring about attracting & retaining) them your visitors © 2011 Techved Consulting
    7. 7. Business Analytics If you can Measure it, You can Manage it © 2011 Techved Consulting
    8. 8. Business Analytics Website Analytics Social Media Analytics © 2011 Techved Consulting
    9. 9. Design – Intuition vs. Data Intuition Driven Data Driven Guess work Every design is tested Based on previous experience Design is a logical problem Competitive Landscaping Data derives decision making Relies on best practices Do not trust your guts Aesthetics are integral Details are not too small to test Creative, visionary © 2011 Techved Consulting
    10. 10. Business Analytics © 2011 Techved Consulting
    11. 11. Business Analytics How and from where do customers arrive at the site How customers interact with the site after they arrive, including - Product searches - Content viewed - completed or abandoned sale. Identifying and highlighting bestselling products © 2011 Techved Consulting
    12. 12. Business Analytics Generating reports that give clues about how to re-engage lost sales Identifying leads for higher conversion and revenue. Generating information needed to manage campaigns and drive the business forward. © 2011 Techved Consulting
    13. 13. Business Analytics © 2011 Techved Consulting
    14. 14. Business Analytics Understanding New Media and the new set of challenges it poses. New Media facilitates Personalized Messaging and Behavioral Targeting On-going Optimization of online marketing campaigns It facilitates Online Reputation Management © 2011 Techved Consulting
    15. 15. Common terms in Business AnalyticsTraffic RankReach per millionPage views per usersBounce %Time on SiteSearch %ClickstreamUpstream sitesDownstream sites © 2011 Techved Consulting
    16. 16. Tools for Data AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsYahoo AnalyticsBirstQuidClickfoxQuantivoKognitio © 2011 Techved Consulting
    17. 17. Metrics driven methodology Step 1: Business Objectives - What is the service for? - Why does this website exist? - What are the business objectives? - What activity is needed for business to be successful? © 2011 Techved Consulting
    18. 18. Metrics driven methodology Break into groups: 1. Take up a matrimonial website. Ask questions to find business objectives 2. Take up a travel website. Ask questions to find business objectives 3. Take up a shopping website. Ask questions to find business objectives © 2011 Techved Consulting
    19. 19. Metrics driven methodology Step 2: Create UX lifecycle - What would users need to do? - Map their actionswareness / Attention > First time use > Engagement > Referral © 2012 Techved Consulting
    20. 20. Metrics driven methodology Step 3: Create Measurable Metrics - Split actions into Primary hurdles and Secondary hurdles - Create metrics - Vanity Metrics - Actionable Metrics © 2012 Techved Consulting
    21. 21. Metrics driven methodologyActionable Metricsunnel Metrics Original Flow: 1 2 3 4 Confirm flow Add friends Invite others Getting started Conversion Funnel: 100 % 63 % 26 % 14 % © 2012 Techved Consulting
    22. 22. Metrics driven methodologyStep 4: Design improvement lifecycleMeasure your design and let every detail matter © 2012 Techved Consulting
    23. 23. Metrics driven methodology - Measure your design on actionable metrics - Gauge measurements against Business requirements - Continue this cycle © 2012 Techved Consulting
    24. 24. Analysis © 2011 Techved Consulting
    25. 25. Analysis © 2011 Techved Consulting
    26. 26. Analysis © 2011 Techved Consulting
    27. 27. Thank You 022 67421812 © 2011 Techved Consulting