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Chuck Fromm presentation at pre-conference #nwlc10
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Chuck Fromm presentation at pre-conference #nwlc10


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Published in: Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. INTRODUCTION Stewarding Technology in the Service of Worship 1
    • 2. CONVERGENCE It’s all coming together! • Past and present • Implicit and explicit learning • Local and international • Virtual and physical • Sender and receiver 2
    • 3. Church & “Textual” Community • The called out ones (Ecclesia) who gather around the “Living Text” • Have a charismatic Interpreter or interpreters • Have an educative process • Rituals of community • Legitimization through historicization 3
    • 4. Ong CHANGE DRIVEN BY ONTOLOGICAL NECESSITY AND TECHNOLOGY ! SPEECH WRITING PRINTING ELECTRONIC PRIMARY ORALITY SPEECH SECONDARY ORALITY TO TO ORALITY LITERACY PRINT Homer Plato Printing Electronic 800 BC 400 Press Media Impermanent Writing supplements Self-conscious, Reintroduction of spoken and (alphabet) interiority, immediacy of oral word needs denatures printing loosens communication, supplementing communication hierarchical control sound makes comeback, awareness of the self that of knowledge, and changes text from constitutes a new fact in providing books for something that is fixed and the lifeworld masses unchangeable to something malleable, volatile and interactive. FIGURE 1 ONG’S FOUR STAGES OF ORALITY (Adapted from O’Leary and Braasher 1996) 4
    • 5. What may happen if we don’t… – Technology becomes an idol and our theology no longer shapes, but is shaped by it. • Becomes mythic and we lose objectivity and miss its invisible influences – Ties up precious resources: people (their time and money) – We miss out on the wonder that comes with refreshed vision and practice. – Advantages can turn to disadvantage • Example: Social Networking can birth either communication or gossip 5
    • 6. Stewardship & Technology • Stewardship is wisely and responsibly caring for or utilizing what has been placed in your trust to sustain, facilitate, enhance, expand and serve the worship of God in the “Textual” community.” • Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, and crafts (arts), or systems or methods of organization (language, programming, recording, printing), or a resulting material product (such as book, CD, smartphone, iPad). 6
    • 7. TAKEAWAY • There is a critical need to steward technology in the service of worship • It is the center of action of the service of worship in the living church • We can only steward responsibly as we share with each other and build community around the Text. 7