How to Build Online Community Engagement


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TechSoup Canada walks through the steps on how your organization can build online community engagement through social media.

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How to Build Online Community Engagement

  1. 1. Building Online Community Engagement Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario March 6, 2014 with
  2. 2. About TechSoup Canada We help nonprofits use technology to achieve their full potential. Register your organization today, to be eligible to request over 300 products from 25 donor partners!
  3. 3. Technology Donations Program You may be eligible to get donations of… Is my org eligible? a) Does your business number end in RR0001? b) Do you have a Letters Patent from Industry Canada? c) Are you incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation with your province? d) Are you a library?
  4. 4. We create and curate tech resources @techsoupcanada techsoupcanada techsoupcanada
  5. 5. About Me Joyce Hsu Communications Coordinator at TechSoup Canada @fuuyin  Nonprofit technology blogger  Social media & online communications  Graphic designer  Social Media Expert
  6. 6. Agenda Understanding Social Media How to Build Online Community Engagement What are the steps to plan, execute, measure and evaluate Community Engagement examples Q&A
  7. 7. Understanding Social Media
  8. 8. Why is this important? Common stages of social media adoption:  Peer pressure. “Everyone’s doing it, let’s do it too!”  Underestimating work. “Social media is easy. My nephew can do it. Set up a Facebook account and start tweeting!”  Overestimating results. “We have some fans and followers, but we haven’t gained new donors, members, volunteers, etc.– what gives?”  Disappointment. “This social media thing is a bust. It takes too much time and the return isn’t worth it.” Credit: Fenton
  9. 9. Social Media is … … Not a broadcast tool It’s more like a conversation
  10. 10. Social Media can be a lot of things Think of Social Media as: Community bulletin board Email Discussion board/public forum A guided museum tour A form/online form
  11. 11. #1 Plan Your Strategy
  12. 12. Create a Social Media Policy Identify internal resources. Who’s in charge of strategy & direction? Who will be handling the day-to-day tasks (tweeting, posting, pinning, etc.)? Understand your audience. Are you trying to reach volunteers, donors, funders, members, clients, associations, etc.? Define your voice. What is your organization’s personality? Define your goals. Is there a call to action? How many followers do you want?
  13. 13. How do you respond and interact with your community?
  14. 14. Understand Your Channels & Tools Decide what channels to use and set goals Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr, etc. More channels = more time & resources
  15. 15. #2 Implement Best Practices & Procedures
  16. 16. How often are you going to post, tweet, pin, etc.?
  17. 17. What content do you want to share and when?
  18. 18. What other online channels are you using? What guidelines do you need for those channels?
  19. 19. #3 Measure & Evaluate
  20. 20. Why measure? You need to know if it’s working (or not!) Contribute to your org’s mission Experiment & learn You need to prove to others that it’s working Leadership buy-in Funding
  21. 21. How do you measure success? Exposure Engagement SAY SEE FEEL Conversion DO Credit: Fenton
  22. 22. Example Metrics SEE SAY FEEL DO  FB page likes & reach  TW followers  RSS or email subscriptions  Youtube views  clicks  FB post likes & shares  Retweets  Email forwards  Repins & board followers  FB shares with message  Retweet with message  Comments  Online mentions      Donations Advocacy actions Event attendance Membership Volunteerism Credit: Fenton
  23. 23. Facts about measurement tools Some tools are really expensive. Also they can overwhelm you with data There are lots of free & low cost tools. Use them only if they measure the metrics you want At the end of the day, it all comes back to your spreadsheet
  24. 24. Let’s put this into practice!
  25. 25. TechSoup Canada’s Ongoing communications Twitter (4,400 followers) Facebook (855 likes) Website (26,000 visits/mth)
  26. 26. TechSoup Canada’s Social Media Policy for ongoing communications
  27. 27.  How to respond and interact with our community
  28. 28.  Content & communication calendar
  29. 29.  Weekly dashboards to measure & evaluate
  30. 30. TechSoup Canada’s 5 Year Anniversary Campaign 1 month campaign: 520 visits/mth 51 tweets/posts 18 member stories
  31. 31.  Campaign planning & outlining goals  Goals: Share stories, Member appreciation, Tell a Friend
  32. 32.  Scheduling campaign activities & assigning roles
  33. 33.  Campaign marketing & promotion
  34. 34.  Encourage engagement with Twitter #WhatWoodYouDo  Easy for members to share stories on microsite
  35. 35.  Dashboards to measure & evaluate
  36. 36. Questions? Comments? @techsoupcanada