How I learned to stop worrying and love the tech


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Jane and Tierney present several tools that nonprofits can use to streamline their work. My Charity Connects 2012

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the tech

  1. 1. How I learned to stop worrying and love the tech TechSoup Canada Tierney Smith, Jane Zhang
  2. 2. About TechSoup Canada
  3. 3. Our Team
  4. 4. Our Goal: Plan a Net Tuesday Event Event description Event registration Send invites Share files
  5. 5. Jane vs. Tierney!
  6. 6. So many tools… how to decide?1. Ask the expert2. Ask the community3. What do we need?
  7. 7. Event descriptionGoal: Document collaborationCriteria:• Real time updates• Cross Platform compatibility• Versioning
  8. 8. Event description Google Apps Office 365Cost Free for < 10 users $7/user/month (<25 Or $5/user/month users) $9.5/user/month (>25 users)Quick notes Simple Smooth integration Good integration with with MS Office 3rd party apps Can share easilyFavourite Real time editing Offline Editingthing
  9. 9. But there’s more…Google Apps & Office 365 are both alternativesfor replacing your core infrastructure• Email• Calendars• Documents• Sites• Chat• & more
  10. 10. Demo: Google AppsFavourite Thing: real time editing
  11. 11. Demo: Office 365Favourite Thing: Offline editing
  12. 12. Event registrationGoal: easy way for attendees to register onlineCritieria:• Free/paid events• Manage attendees• Print & export list of attendees
  13. 13. Event registration Eventbrite GuestlistCost Free events: free Free events: free Charities: 2% + $0.99 Charities: free Other: 2.5% + $0.99 Other: 2%Quick notes Tons of features Simple Nice interface Nice interface Great integration w 3rd party appsFavourite Feature rich Simplething
  14. 14. Demo: EventbriteFavourite Thing: Feature rich
  15. 15. Demo: GuestlistFavourite Thing: simple
  16. 16. Share-Pairs (5 min)• Based on the first two challenges, what is one thing you can do differently next week?Or…• What is one challenge you experience in your work where technology could help you save time?
  17. 17. Send invitesGoal: invite our audience to the eventCriteria :• Segment audience• Make it easy to look nice
  18. 18. Send invites MailChimp Vertical ResponseCost Free for < 2,000 Charities: free for < subscribers 10,000 emails/month, Charities & nonprofits?: 15% discount for more 15% discountQuick notes Nice interface Great segmentation Tons of features Tons of features Great integration with Some integration with 3rd party apps 3rd party appsFavourite Integration Segmentationthing
  19. 19. Demo: MailChimpFavourite Thing: integration
  20. 20. Demo: Vertical ResponseFavourite Thing: segmentation
  21. 21. Share filesGoal: share presentation file with team; give attendees a link to presentationCriteria:• Lots of storage for low cost• Sync docs across many platforms• Controlled sharing of folders• Option to share publicly
  22. 22. Share files Google Drive SkyDriveCost Free: 5GB Free: 7GB 100GB/$60 100GB/$50Quick notes Brings your Google Remote file sharing Docs & files into 1 place Can share with non- SkyDrive users easilyFavourite Google integration MS Office Integrationthing
  23. 23. Demo: SkyDriveFavourite Thing: Microsoft integration
  24. 24. Demo: Google DriveFavourite Thing: Google integration
  25. 25. Bringing it all togetherAt the end of the day, it’s about:• What do you need?• What tools are you already using?• What infrastructure do you already have?• What is the culture of your organization?
  26. 26. Questions?