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Funny and amazing google tricks
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Funny and amazing google tricks


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Funny and amazing Google tricks<br />
    • Google Gravity – With this cool trick, you’re going to see Google logo and other stuffs on the Google homepage falling down to the bottom of the browser.
    • 2. To do this trick, just visit Google Gravity or go to and type in Google Gravity then click I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    • 3. Type any search query in serach box and now hit Eneter… n see what happens
    • 4. Epic Google - Want to make the font size of the Google homepage excessively bigger? To do so, just go to, type Epic Google and click I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    • 5. Weenie Google – This is the opposite of Epic Google. To try this trick, just go to, type Weenie Google and click I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    • 6. Elgoog – Google homepage written in backwards (Google Mirror). To do this trick, just go to and type in Elgoog then click I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    • 7. Play PacMan on Google - I’m sure most of you are already familiar with this trick but for the benefit of our otherfriends, I’m going to show you how you can play PacMan on Google (single or multiplayer mode).
    • 8. Go to
    • 9. If you want to play PacMan on single mode, click the Insert Coin button beside Google Search but if you want to play on multiplayer mode, click the Insert Coin button twice.
    • 10. Multiplayer mode controls: Arrow keys and A,S,D,W keys
    • 11. Change background image - With this trick, you can add a custom background image on Google homepage. Find out how by clicking this link: Change Google homepage
    • 12. Google Hacker – Have you ever wondered what will happen to Google homepage if it gets hacked? Try this trick to see the hacked version of Google.
    • 13. Go to
    • 14. Type in Google Hacker and click I’m Feeling Lucky button.
    I am feeling lucky:- The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button is one of the very few things that stand out on Google's minimalistic homepage. It automatically takes you to the first search result and it's helpful for navigational queries, when there's a single good result (e.g.: [Yahoo Mail], [download Opera]). The option was included in a slightly altered manner in Google Toolbar and Firefox: browse by name instead of typing URLs in the address bar.<br />