Effective social media outreach in China


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If you are still thinking using Facebook, Youtube or Twitter to reach out to China, you are

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  • Hi, I’m Rex Huang from Techsailor Group. Today, we’ll be running talking about what it takes to have an effective social media outreach in China.
  • First let’s understand the vast social media landscape in China.
  • Outside of China, we tend to talk about Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and Twitter. Guess what? You won’t be seeing any of this in China because they are banned by the great firewall of China.
  • Which is why you see multiple copies of the same solution in China. The number of players competing in the same space can be pretty overwhelming at times.
  • It is important to note that China’s social media landscape is highly fragmented because of the multiple players competing in the same category of product / service offering.
  • Next, we will explore the 3 key elements that one needs to take note of in order to have a good social media outreach campaign in China.
  • The first element would be the right channel selection. Using just tourism as an example, you may end up with 20-30 different channels to broadcast your message. How do you select which one works best? Or would it make sense to work with all 20-30 of them?
  • We can easily break this down into 3 steps.

    Step 1 – Have in-depth knowledge of each channel, the nature of the content, the age group that the channel targets, the region in China the site is popular in (some sites can gain critical mass by simply being popular in Northern China while being unheard of in Southern China) and the type of interactions people have on the site (serious, goofy, etc)

    Step 2 – Filter out the channel based on the region, age group, gender and topic of interest according to what your campaign requires.

    Step 3 – Eliminate & prioritize by the channels based on available budget and nature of the campaign.

    A wildcard to this whole equation would be viral leverage, or the ability to piggy-back on the popularity of an existing viral campaign (if there’s one available for you to leverage on).
  • The second element would be content creation. Understanding what are the kind of contents that appeals to the crowd is key. Some of these men just became popular overnight because they became the center of content that the Chinese crowd loves.
  • That also sets apart why certain tweets can be retweeted so frequently.
  • Good contents requires:

    Deep understanding of the Chinese Internet Culture
    Sensitive to the Current Trend
    Experience (Know what works better)
  • The third element would be having the right team for campaign execution. A good Chinese social media marketing team must have:

    Campaign Facilitator
    Designer & Editor
    Access to Relevant Key Opinion Leaders
  • You are probably know what the facilitator, designer and editor does. But what is the role of a key opinion leader here?

    Key opinion leaders are people who are recognize as thought leaders in a particular topic. They are netizens with hoards of fans, followers or readers. But the key thing is, they must be relevant to the campaign. No point getting a key opinion leader in culinary when your campaign revolves around sports. Access to key opinion leaders is an asset to any social media team in China.
  • To recap, in order for a social media campaign to fly in China, you need to get these three elements right– Channel, Contents and Execution.
  • Thank you. We hope you find this helpful.

    If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Effective social media outreach in China

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    12. www.techsailor.com A good Social Media Marketing team must have  Campaign Facilitator  Designer & Editor  Access to Relevant Key Opinion Leaders Element 3 – Campaign Execution
    13. www.techsailor.com Who are Key Opinion Leaders? Element 3 – Campaign Execution These are netizens with an influence over a large crowd (e.g. huge fan / follower /readership base
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