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Website design1

  1. 1. Website design Topic: ‫( قراءتي حياتي‬my reading is my life) Overview (introduction): Reading is the cornerstone of knowledge and knowledge is the power of any .developed country The habit of reading changed dramatically throughout the last century. Now reading is not just books and the new technology helps knowledge to be available everywhere anytime. But I have notice that the fact that knowledge is now easy to be searched using the internet have lead people to be more lazy not to read daily and sufficiently. Now lots of people around the word stopped reading books and so knowledge become more and more superficial and shallow. I looked around me, noticing family, friends, collogues and students and I realize that we need to give more care to what we read and we have to read more and more. I mean the organized reading which will help us having a powerful applicable knowledge. So I started to think of establishing .a website about reading to involve the community around me :Statement of the Problem The designed website aimed to enhanced reading, gives information about different types of reading, gives information in what to read, how to read fast, it also gives .feedback through comments from other readers It aim to change the concept that Arabs are down the list of readers in the world. It aim to support the readers and gives them the place where they can start to read .effectively and to find teams to read with and get feedback on the materials they read :It aimed to answer the following questions 1) how to become a good reader? 2) What to read? 3) How to increase the speed of reading? 4) How to motivate others especially children at home? 5) How to choose a good book and where to start exactly? And much much more.. objectives: 1) to establish a website that provide information and activity to motivate people to read. 2) To provide the readers with information regarding reading and the different types of reading. 3) To give trust sources, books and enhanced organized, specialized reading. 4) To maintain an environment where readers can interact with different peoples and share books and discuss difficulties and activities and get feedback from other readers.
  2. 2. 5) To provide electronic library where readers can download their books and share knowledge with others. 6) To maintain support and solutions to different reading difficulties. 7) To adverse the website worldwide and maintain readers from the whole globe. Scope: No demographic distribution because I want the website to be for all. Although I hope that it will help the community especially the people around me.. importance: it is very important to enhance reading in any community and to find out solution to difficulties. It will improve knowledge and enhance reading which are the power tool of today. Summary Review of websites: Through the internet I found different sites about reading e.g. most of them are English based sites, little Arabic sites about reading and even they provide e-books but not discussing reading in context. No group work available in most of them.