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  1. 1. Introduction AboutTECHNOSERVE
  2. 2. ContentTechnoserve1. Introduction2. List Of Major Clients3. What we do?IPTV1. What is IPTV?2. Sample IPTV Diagram3. IPTV Interactive Features4. IPTV ProductsDigital Signage1. What is Digital Signage?2. Sample Diagram3. Digital Signage Features4. Digital Signage ProductsSupport & Services1. What is Support & Services?2. What we provide?3. SLA options
  3. 3. ➤ After 14 years in the Market, Technoserve is a leading Company providing IPTV and Digital SignageSystem in Qatar and MEA Region with remarkable clients satisfied with Systems meeting the latesttechnology and the International Standards.➤ Technoserve was established on 1999 as a part of Delta Group with focus on system integrationof high-end products in the field of interactive TV solutions dedicated for the hospitality industry.➤ In 2006 Technoserve acquired an R&D firm in the states and developed its own IPTV.➤ In 2008, IPTV Product was launched equipped with Technoserve technical knowledge andprofessional R&D team.TECHNOSERVE
  4. 4. List Of Major ClientsEMBASSY OF ALGERIA
  5. 5. Interactive IPTV Solutions Digital Signage SolutionsWhat we do?
  6. 6. Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television servicesare delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched networksuch as the Internet or Intranet, instead of being delivered through traditionalterrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.What is IPTV? High Quality and High Definition Live television Time-shifted television: catch-up TV (replays a TV show that was broadcasthours or days ago), start-over TV (replays the current TV show from itsbeginning); Audio & Video on demand (VOD): browse a catalog of movies or music. Interactive Add-ons Features : Internet Application, Food Order, Weather InfoIPTV Main Features:
  7. 7. Fiber OpticRG11 CAT6HDMI RCAIPTV Sample DiagramDiagram DescriptionLinkMC Modular CaseNetwork Switch - CoreNetwork Switch - EdgeApplication / Storage ServerHD IPTV STBRG11Fiber OpticCAT6HDMI / RCA
  8. 8. IPTV Interactive Features
  9. 9. IPTV Interactive Features
  10. 10. IPTV Interactive Features
  11. 11. IPTV Products - LinkMC
  12. 12. IPTV Products - LinkMC
  13. 13. End User / Video networkMngt networkIPTV Products - LinkMC
  14. 14. Why Technoserve Modular IPTV HeadEnd➤ Save Space.➤ Hot-swap modules.➤ Easy maintenance without downtime.➤ Independent processing, memory and network➤ Independent configuration.➤ Different input source in one box (DVBs/2,DVD or Camera)➤ Redundant power supply per case➤ Dual CI/CA for more pay channels per transponder➤ Remote control through http/web interface➤ Local control through control unit without the need for a computer➤ Center Control Interface to control all deferent modules installed➤ Automatic configuration of channel settings (Number, IP, PIDs and other)➤ Automatic insert of channels into middleware➤ Separate Management network interfaces
  15. 15. Storage ServerTechnoserve’s IPTV Storage Server is a one-box-solution to facilitate features like:• Time Shifting• nPVR• VOD• AOD• VOD based promotional channels into any IPTV system.• Supports integrations on both headend level and at edge distribution network structuresThe Storage Server capacity : ➤ 1,500 hours of video storage➤ TV channel life recording➤ unicast output streams➤ MPG2/4 support➤ SD and HD Support➤ Bit rate from 0.200 to Mbps
  16. 16. The Aminet A140 - the next generation MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 highdefinition IPTV/OTT set-top box (STB) for HD deployments.Set Up Box (A140)A140 Features Benefits140A Display High performance CPU Stylish, pleasing design Can de-interlace content for progressive Mini DIN, HDMI, USB, S-Video, S/PDIF andRF connectors Software reset button Great picture quality for LCD and Plasma TVs Wide range of connectivity in a compactpackage Provides a selection of input/outputconnections Allows developers to create effective userinterfaces via the Amino JMACX extensions Scope for further development of customsoftware applications
  17. 17. High definition television is now an expected feature of in-roomservices. The H140 is a high specification STB providing acomprehensive range of features for the hospitality marketH140 Features Benefits140H High performance CPU CEC over HDMI Small enclosure Can de-interlace content for progressivedisplay Mini DIN, HDMI, USB, S/PDIF and RS232connectors Software reset button Provides high picture quality for LCD and PlasmaTVs Provides fast video processing Control of the TV and STB using one remote Unobtrusive in the guest room Provides a selection of input/output connections Software functions controlled from browser Provides a method of software recovery in the fieldProvides scope for further development of customsoftware applicationsSet Up Box (H140)
  18. 18. The Aminet A540 - the next generation high definition, highperformance IPTV/OTT set-top box (STB) with integral PVR.A 540 Features Benefits540A Cool running, no internal fan Mini DIN,HDMI, USB, S/PDIF and RF connectors LED indication of recording and replaying Software reset button High performance CPU and large memory Software functions controlled from browser Provides fast video processing as video andgraphics can be split Enables more recordings and provides PVR featuressuch as time shift and Video on demand Quiet and unobtrusive Provides a selection of input/output connections Instant visual notification of PVR operation Provides a method of software recovery in the field Accepts a multicast software imageSet Up Box (A540)
  19. 19. Amino Aminet A129 - the next generation MPEG-2 and MPEG-4Standard definition IPTV/OTT set-top box (STB) for standarddeployments.With the wide range of standards and features now available in IPTV,choosing the right STB can be challengingA129 Features Benefits129A Provides a high level of performance tocomfortably meet your SD deploymentrequirements. MPEG-4 capability Mini DIN connectorSingle network . Simple, easy installation Use as a second STB if upgrading to HD Combines an MPEG-4 infrastructure capabilitywith a cost effective STB Allows output of a range of video formatsdepending on your software configurationSet Up Box (A129)
  20. 20. What is Digital Signage?Digital signage refers to electronicallycontrolled signs that you can update on-the-fly. You can change the content quickly andinexpensively, and deliver targeted messagesto many displays at once. These dynamicdisplays are often used to present a custom-tailored mix of informational and advertisingcontent, including product promotions, timelynews, and upcoming eventsDigital signs are frequently mounted on a wall,ceiling, shelf, or endcap within a crowdedpublic venue. In order to make the displaysstand out, these networks were early adoptersof large-screen LCDs, plasma monitors,front/rear projectors, organic LED (OLED),and holographic and 3D imaging.
  21. 21. Digital Signage FeaturesScreen CustomizationCapable of screen customization through dividing the screen and streaming Live TVChannels, Advertisement images and videos and RSS Feeds at the same time and on the samescreen.Advertisement Videos/SlideshowsCapable of streaming advertisement Videos, promotions Videos, and special offers Videos on TVscreens.Pop up AdvertisementAdvertisement will pop up on the TV Screen .Upcoming EventsThe System is Capable of streaming all the upcoming events featured, provided by the administrator.RSS FeedsAutomatic updates and feeds for local and international news feeds.
  22. 22. Digital Signage FeaturesLocal ChannelsCapable of streaming local channel including all information, videos, advertisement uploaded by theadministrator.GroupingThe system is capable of creating groups of screens in order to stream the same informationprovided by the admin at a specific group.SchedulingThe system is capable of scheduling each screen by itself or group of screens in order to make themwork automatically due to the provided schedule.Public InformationInformation and instructions can be streamed over the screen through templates, slideshows, orvideos.Weather informationLive weather information for at least two days.
  23. 23. Digital Signage ProductsMulti Touch ScreenThese interactive displays are simple to use and have many excitingapplications.The brand new range of IR Multi Touch Screen Displays includesmountable units that can be used in both landscape and portraitmodes. There are also both landscape and portrait models of ourFreestanding IR Multi Touch Screen Displays.There are both vertical and horizontal beams .
  24. 24. Digital Signage ProductsStandalone PortraitThe newly updated, slimmer, range of Portrait Digital Screens offer amodern and stylish method of media display. The contemporaryDigital Screens are an ideal replacement for static posters using as : Menu Information Advertisement Content . Weather information RSS feeds, Timely News Public Information ( Image, Video…) .
  25. 25. Digital Signage ProductsStandalone Portrait with literature These interactive displays are simple to use and have manyexciting applications like : Advertising content, Public info …Temperature is an important matter with regards to outdoor digitalsignage, not only must the screen be able to withstand hot andcold surroundings but it must be able to manage internalconditions optimizing the working temperature. A built in air-conditioning system is tailored to allow the display to work at anoptimal level in any climate
  26. 26. Digital Signage ProductsOutdoor Standalone Portrait upcoming events Advertising contentThese dynamic Outdoor Standalone Digital Screens can be usedin any outdoor conditions (Temperature is an important matter withregards to outdoor digital signage, not only must the screen beable to withstand hot and cold surroundings but it must be able tomanage internal conditions optimizing the working temperature. Abuilt in air-conditioning system is tailored to allow the display towork at an optimal level in any climateOutdoor standalone digital screen using for :
  27. 27. Digital Signage ProductsPortrait ScreenThe newly updated, slimmer, range of Portrait Digital Screens offer a modernand stylish method of media display.The contemporary Digital Screens are an ideal replacement for staticposters.➤ Upcoming Events .➤ Ability to be in constant use and wide viewing angle means that they offermany advantages over using home TVs for commercial display
  28. 28. Digital Signage ProductsDigital Wayfindingit’s a horizontal Screen using for : Identify to the direction to reach the exact location Internal corporate information Public information
  29. 29. Digital Signage ProductsDoor LabelSmall Sign Board Using for : upcoming events Product Promotions meeting announcement informational content Scheduling
  30. 30. Support & ServicesEffective support of in-scope services is a result ofmaintaining consistent service levels. The followingsections provide relevant details on serviceavailability, monitoring of in-scope services andrelated componentsWHAT IS SUPPORT & SERVICES ?
  31. 31. Support & ServicesWHAT WE PROVIDE ?1. Daily Operation ( Phone calls, Emails, remote Connection…)2. Automatic system report send directly to the support team for proper action3. 1 year free (Support & Services) after the installation of the system4. Available a professional local team specialized on IPTV only (maintenance & installation ) .5. Site Visit as request .6. Schedules maintenance check up every 3 months.
  32. 32. Support & ServicesSLA OPTIONS3. Gold:- Guaranteed 2 hour response time from the time of customer call. Support will be available from 08.00 to 20.00, Dohalocal time, Saturday to Thursday (Excluding public holidays). Calls received towards the end of coverage period will be dealtwith in 2 working hours. In addition, a technician will be available on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for immediateassistance with emergency issues.1. Bronze:- Guaranteed 8 hour response time from the time of customer call. Support will be available from 10.00 to 16.00,Doha local time, Saturday to Wednesday (Excluding public holidays). Calls received towards the end of coverage period will bedealt with next working day.2. Silver:- Guaranteed 4 hour response time from the time of customer call. Support will be available from 08.00 to 17.00,Doha local time, Saturday to Wednesday and from 08.00 to 12.00 on Thursdays (Excluding public holidays). Calls receivedtowards the end of coverage period will be dealt with next working day.We have 3 SLA level:-
  33. 33. Villa No: 213, Zone 39,Street 343, PO. Box. 7639,Al sadd Area, Near British Council.Tel: +974 4466 0710 | Fax: +974 4455 4500,E-mail: | sales@technoserve.netCONTACT US