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Flickr and Creative commons


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Presentation for my session at VITTA, November 2010

Presentation for my session at VITTA, November 2010

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  • 1. Flickr, Creative Commons and (a little bit of ) Trivia Jess McCulloch e: t: @jessmcculloch b: VITTA Conference, November 2010
  • 2.
  • 3. PART 1 - TASK • Go to the following link and find out more about what CC is, what licences are available and how you get one. e+Commons There will be a quiz in a few minutes…
  • 4. Q1 – What does this logo stand for?
  • 5. Q2 – What about this one?
  • 6. Q3 - and this one?
  • 7. Q4 - another one…
  • 8. Q5 – What can’t you do to work that has this as part of its CC license?
  • 9. Q 6 – Decipher this licence
  • 10. Q7 – How can you get your own CC licence?
  • 11. PART 2
  • 12. Go to Flickr and take the tour: Be back soon to answer some qs…
  • 13. How do you know where a photo was taken?
  • 14. What is a tag and why are tags useful?
  • 15. What is one way to find your friends on Flickr? All alone?
  • 16. How can you stop the public from seeing photos you don’t want to share? Wanna hide?
  • 17. Name two places you can post your Flickr photos directly to. Wanna share your awesome some with crowds of people?
  • 18. What is one way you can upload your photos to Flickr – without directly using the Flickr site?
  • 19. What’s the point of Flickr Groups?
  • 20. PART 3 – Flickr + CC Here are two places you can go to search for CC images on Flickr – • or, my personal fave – • TASK – Try a few searches and choose a photo that represents you. Then figure out how to save it to your computer. Remember to save the attribution information as well!
  • 21. PART 4 – Flickr in your • There are heeeaaaaaps of sites out there that use Flickr photos for one function or another. A couple of my favs are: Spell With Flickr Type in any word and it spells it with letter images from the Flickr CC database - works with non-English words. Tag Galaxy Type in a search term and Tag Galaxy collects images into a sphere that you can spin. You then click on each image to see larger versions.
  • 22. Head here for some classroom ideas and some more Flickr tools… +in+the+Languages+Classroom Have a look around at some ideas and some other Flickr tools. How will you use CC images in your classes?
  • 23. Image Attributions Slide 1 Slide 3 Slide 11 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19