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Composing A  Picture  Poem
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  • 1. Immaculate Heart of Mary College D. Savio St. Better Living Subdivision Parañaque City Title of the Lesson : Assignment 10: Compose a Picture Poem Level : Computer Literacy for Grade 2 Week 3: February 4-8, 2008 4th Assessment Period I. Objectives 1. Compose own picture poem. 2. Use the Insert clip art and Word Art skills to make a Picture Poem. 3. Appreciate the picture done. II. Subject Matter Insert Clip Art, Word Art, Object Order tool, Picture Poem III. Tools and Materials TechnoPoet handbook, Computer, NSS IV. Presentation Show and demonstrate the following on how to make a Picture Poem using the NSS Show feature. Insert a Clip Art 1. Click the Insert Clip Art on the TechnoPoet toolbar. 2. Click inside the Search for box and type the word for a picture you would like to use. 3. Press Enter. 4. Click on a clip art to put it into the document. 5. Close the Insert clip art dialog box by clicking the Close button (x). Format the Text Wrap of the Clip Art 1. Click on the Clip Art. 2. Click the text Wrapping tool on the TechnoPoet toolbar. 3. Choose Tight. 4. Resize the clip art and move. Insert WordArt 1. Click the Insert Word Art tool on the TechnoPoet toolbar. 2. Make a choice from the gallery by double clicking on the desired design. 3. In the Text Window, replace the words Your text Here with a descriptive word about your picture. 4. Click Ok Format the Text Wrap of the Word Art Click on the word and change the text wrapping to Tight Change Object Order 1. Click on the Word Art and then click the Object Order tool on the TechnoPoet toolbar. 2. From the menu make a choice on the Object Order list. 3. Complete the picture poem by adding at least 3 Word Arts and change the object order to make the picture poem. V. Evaluation Rate the Picture Poem done by the following criteria: Text Wrapping Tools usage --------- 5 pts Inserting Clip Art ----------- 5 pts Word Art -------------------------------- 5 pts Total------------20 pts Descriptive words --------------------- 5 pts