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4 g technology
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4 g technology



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  • 1. Welcome to anywhere
  • 2.  4G stands for 4th Generation of cellular wireless standards which is not one defined technology but rather a collection of technologies  Successor of 3G and convergence of High speed Internet  4g networks are projected to provide a a speed of 100Mbps while moving and 1Gbps while stationary
  • 3.  1G(first generation) # Developed in 1970s, is an analog system. # Based on FDMA # AMPS –First launched by USA allows voice calls in one country. #9.6 Kbps (PEAK) #Cross Talks #Poor voice Quality & call drops
  • 4. 1G
  • 5.  2G ( second generation) #Developed in 1980s is digital system consists of ‘0’s and ‘1’s. #Second generation is divided in two standards i) TDMA-time division multiple access -GSM(global system for mobile comm.) ii) CDMA-code division multiple access # 9.6-14.4kbps #sound quality increases
  • 6. # SMS- short message service and Emails #2.5G – channels are optimized for packet data - 170kbps(peak) #No support for video transmission #Towers have limited coverage area #Abrupt call drops
  • 7.  3G ( Third Generation) #developed in 2000,promises faster data services #provides a speed of 384kbps while in motion and 3.1Mbps while in motion #supports video calling and broadband capacity #WCDMA- Wideband code division multiple access #Faster transmission and still working good. #first launched in 2001 in japan
  • 8.  Known as beyond 3G is Ultra High speed data transmission.  Based on OFDM-Orthogonal frequency Division Multiplexing.  Matching the current LAN speeds, it will provide 100Mbps on the move.  4G networks are all IP(Internet Protocol) based heterogeneous networks which allow to use multiple system like GPS,WLANs and CDMA at the same time.
  • 9.  M- Mobile Multimedia  A-Anytime anywhere  G-Global Mobile Support  I-Integrated Wireless Solution  C-Customized Personal Service
  • 10.  4G has two standards:- LTE and WiMAX LTE- Long Term Evolution - Based on OFDM - use multiple orthogonal frequencies - Higher frequency bands - developed by 3GPP ( 3rd Generation Partnership Project) -in 2011, launched by major carriers in USA WiMAX-Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access -often referred as Wi-Fi on steroids.
  • 11.  A single carrier signal is divided into closely spaced multiple subcarriers in the same bandwidth.  Each subcarrier is then modulated with a conventional modulation scheme.  Orthogonal signals reduces FADING.  Unlike single carriers, it has ability to cope with several channel conditions like narrow band interface etc.
  • 12. Technologies used:-  VoIP- voice over internet protocol  MIMO antennas-multiple inputs and multiple outputs increases effective throughput.  IPv6  OFDM  SDR- software defined ratio
  • 13.  HIGH SPEED 70Mbps  Lower Latency  Lower cost per bit than 3G systems  Indoor and outdoors  System capacity is 10 times of 3G  Transmission delay time is 50ms or less  Better conncetivity  Ultra fast
  • 14. 4G
  • 15.  Virtual Presence  Tele Medicine and education- remote health monitoring of patients  Real time conference meeting and seminars over internet.  Better location based services.
  • 16.  Currently LTE is being tested and used in Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata.  US based Qualcomm and Sweden's Ericsson aim on TD-LTE, hoping it will help them to gain market in India