Will cine glamour work out in politics


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Will Cine Glamour work out in Politics? An astrological enquiry through
K.P.Natal horoscopes
P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html

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Will cine glamour work out in politics

  1. 1. Will Cine Glamour work out in Politics? An astrological enquiry through K.P.Natal horoscopesP.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  2. 2. Introduction It is an astrological analysis of rules and their implementation regarding initial success in cinema field later developed as politicians and attained success in Politics. Horoscopes of the two celebrities of Telugu screen (Late) Dr. NTR and DR. Chiranjeevi are considered and compared here Rules laid down in classical texts of astrology as well as K. P. System are found fitted in both horoscopes. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  3. 3. Rule for an Actor If the sub lord of the 5 th cusp is deposited in the constellation of a planet who is significator of the houses 5,6 and 10 one can be a popular as an actor. If it is also significator of 11 one will be prosperous. Signs Libra, Leo and Gemini, Bhavas 3,5 &11 and the planets Venus, Mercury and Neptune play a vital role in granting success in cinema industry. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  4. 4. Rules for Political Success-1 As per KP method, fortune to become a minister is to be judged from cusps of the 1,6,9,10 and 11 Houses. House 1 shows that he enjoys the benefit. 6th house promises failure to the opponent, thereby victory over enemies. 9th house is the bank position of the meritorious deed done in the previous birth, thereby there is bhagya [wealth], the Provident Help etc. 10th house offers name, fame, reputation popularity and profession. 11th house promises success in election, realization of ambition and fulfillment of one’s desire. [1] [1] K.S.Krishna Murthy, K.P.Reader III, PREDICTIVE STELLAR ASTROLOGY, pp 222 P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  5. 5. Rules for Political Success-2 Revered Guruji K.S.K. dealt elaborately in The Reader III (page 220-226) showing how to implement the classical rules regarding political success in astrological prognostication through KP.  If Sun Mars Mercury and Saturn conjoined , the person will be a minister as per Vaidhhyanatha Dikshita in Jataka Parijata.  If you want to apply KP method-  the Sun in –  Saturn sign-Mars star and Mercury sub or  Mercury in –  Sat-Mar-Sun in Aquarius or  in Mars-Sat-Sun Mer in Scorpio  at the time of birth makes one a minister in the period or sub period of the occupant. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  6. 6. Rules for Political Success-3 If Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are conjoined in a House (not a sign) they make the person a minister. According to KP Method -  Venus in Jup-Mer-Moon aspect by Saturn by 3 rd aspect produces the above result.  Or Saturn in Mer-Jup-Moon aspect by Venus causes the above effect. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  7. 7. Rules for Political Success-4 Or Saturn in Venus-Moon-Venus aspect by Mercury can give the political success. They need not be conjoined. What results promised by conjunction will be produced by being situated in a position where sign Lord - star Lord- Sub lord are the same planets as above. If the sub lord of the 11th cusp is in the constellation of the planet who is significator of the 9 th,10th, and 11th and also in any manner connected with Mars and Jupiter one will achieve “desired position in political field”. (K.P. Reader VI page 321.) Planets Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Sun provide with the required qualities to enjoy power. Service to people is motivated by Saturn and his good disposition. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  8. 8. Dr N.T.Rama Rao K.P.Natal HoroscopeP.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  9. 9. Dr ChiranjeeviK.P.Natal Horoscope P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  10. 10. Reflection of rules of cine success DR. NT Rama Rao  Dr. Chiranjeevi 5th cusp sub lord is Mercury  5th cusp sub lord Rah is in is in the star of Moon Lord the star of Mercury at 11. of 10 in 1.  Mercury is in the star of Moon is strong significaator of 11 by being deposited in Venus the Lagna lord at the star of Rah at 11. 10. Venus is lagna lord aspects  5th cusp is connected to 10th lord Moon in lagna. the bhavas 1,5,10 and 5th cusp is connected to the 11 & planets Venus, bhavas 1,5,10 and 11 & Moon, Mercury and Rahu. planets Venus, Moon, Mercury and Rahu. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  11. 11. Reflection of rules- Political success-1 DR. NT Rama Rao  Dr. Chiranjeevi 5th cusp sub lord Mercury is in  5th cusp sub lord Rah is in the star of Moon ,who is lord the star of Mercury lord of of 10 and posited in 1. Moon is strong significator of 9&12 at 11. 11. Further Mercury is in the  Mercury is in the star of sub of Jupiter a significator of Venus at 10, Rahu is in the houses 1,3,6,& 11. sub of Saturn significator of Lagna is owned by Venus the houses 1,3,4,5,6 &10. accommodating Moon and Jupiter and having Leo the  Lagna is owned by Venus natural 5th house as 11th house and occupied by Saturn a the house of success. powerful significator of 1-3- 11th cusp lord is Sun. There 4-5-6-10 (no occupants in are no occupants in the stars of Sun. So Sun is full the stars of Saturn.) significator of the houses  Venus is conjoined with 1,8,10 and 11. Jup, Mar, at 10th house. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  12. 12. Reflection of rules- Political success-2 DR. NT Rama Rao  Dr. Chiranjeevi 11th cusp sub lord is Venus.  11th cusp sub lord Rahu is in Venus is posited in Venus Star the star of Mer at 10th. and Venus sub there by good significator of 11th as well as 1,  11th cusp is owned by Sun. 8 &10. There are no occupants in Venus is posited in a sign the stars of Sun. Sun is at owned by Mars receiving 10th in the company of aspect of Jupiter and Moon. Lagna bhava is very strong Venus, Mars and Jupiter. since the lagna lord is also the  All the planets except Rahu star and sub lord of 11th posited in self star and sub signify 10th house in the More interestingly all the 9 horoscope. Rahu is planets signify 1st house in this significator of 11th house nativity. rather. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  13. 13. Charts found in Brigu Nandi Nadi This astrologer could found two charts resembling that of NT Rama Rao & Chiranjeevi in the above text book called “Brigu Nandi Nadi” a classical work based on NADI Technique of Prediction by Shri R.G.Rao published by Ranjan Publications New Delhi chart 381 [p278] and chart 497 [p351] respectively. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  14. 14. Chart 381 in Brigu Nandi NadiThis native will be a verylearned man. He will havebrothers and sisters. Hewill be deeply interested inArts and drama. After his Dteducation up to 22nd year, Juphe will have better times. Chart 381The entire life will run on Mars, Merc, Ven, Sunmediocre level. He will get Dh satsome gains in dance,drama, cinema and alliedactivities. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  15. 15. Chart 497 in Brigu Nandi NadiHere as Saturn is in Virgo, withMoon and Jupiter in Libra,aspected by Venus in Aeries,the native will be a master ofArts. The native will be Ven Merc, Marsintoxicated in his explorations Suninto the realm of LOVE. He willwin abundant fame. Chart 497With the Sun and Mercury inTaurus, yielding fabulousearnings. With Mars in Gemini, Moon, Jup satand all planets between JupiterVenus axis (on one side) he willlive a princely life. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  16. 16. Appraisal Wonder is the author could delineate the charts very nearly without knowing the chart pertaining to so and so. In chart no 381 Moon should have been posted /printed in Virgo (may be a printer’s devil) In chart no 497 the position of Rah and Ketu also not posted/printed. However the observations made are exactly fitting to the nativities concerned. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  17. 17. Conclusion In both the horoscopes majority of planets signify 8th house. Both the nativities tasted the results of 8h house too. For that matter every nativity contains both bad houses and good houses &benefic planets and malefic planets. Good results are enjoyed more than the sufferings from the bad houses and malafics in a strong nativity and vice versa. P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html
  18. 18. Prognostication  Late NTR life is in front of us, how he lived. It is History.  Now that Chranjeevi saga from silver screen stage to political stage is awaited.  He entered Budha Maha dasa on 16-5-2012  He might be inducted in central cabinet during Guru shookshma in dasa bhukti and antara of Budha i.e. from 11-8- 2012 to 28-8-2012.P.V.Ramanacharyulu, at http://www.technoayurveda.com/Jyotish.html