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he Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) is a free, bi-monthly international journal for the propagation and development of stellar astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati.

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Jasa 1st anniversary issue 2012

  1. 1. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  ]ÉâÜÇtÄ yÉÜ TwätÇvxÅxÇà Éy fàxÄÄtÜ TáàÜÉÄÉzç The Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) is a free, bi‐monthly international journal for the propagation  and development of stellar astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati.    MISSION    “In the pursuit and discovery of Truth for creating Universal welfare of humankind” (Volume 2, Issue 1) 1. Editorial 04 2. Case Studies in Predictive Astrology First PM of the World and then Lady Leaders – Part II G.H.W. Silva 12 Discussion on Happy Marriages – Part I G.H.W. Silva 16 Application of Stellar Astrology in Deva Prasna Madhu N Nair (Pranav) 20 Marriage Prediction: A 4 Step Theory Application S. Gondhalekar 24 Meena 2 Naadi Jyothisha - Jeeva And Sareera Method: Analysis on Matching Horoscopes (Marriage) R .Vijayalakshmi 28 Analysis of Professional life in Light of Krishnamurthy Paddhati: A Real Time Case study Kausik Roy 33 The Mystery Conspiracy About Paul McCartney Basilioli Sandro ( Vediko) 38 Role of 12th Sublord-Imprisonment O.V.N. Murthy & K.R. Kumar 42 Marital Amicability: A KP appraisal Vijay Kumar 48 When will my brother return home? Dr. Rao Nemani 56 3. Research Perspectives Meena 2 Naadi System: Stellar Effects: Timing of Events Dr. N.V.R.A. Raja 59 Infertility: A Research Study – Part II Vijay Kumar 64 The Lunar Constellations Part III: Krittika Dr. E.S. Neelakantan 72 Rule of Assassination: An Empirical Research – Part II Subhash Ektare 75 Deafness through Astrologer’s microscope: An Empirical Research Subhash Ektare 80 4. JASA Idea Incubator 85 5. Suggestion Box 86 6. The Classroom: A KP Analysis on Marriage P.R. Muralidharan 89 7. Billet Doux 101 1  
  2. 2. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  JASA is now having  9832  registered readers from 68  countries within 1 year of its  publication as on 30th June 2012!    JASA is now the most widely read  stellar astrological international  journal published from India.    JASA achieved this phenomenal  success for upholding the truth,  blessings of God and respect  towards authors. 2  
  3. 3. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology (JASA) is a free, bi-monthly international journal for the propagation and development of all forms ofstellar astrology. It is developed, published and circulated on non-commercial basis and solely for educational and research purposes onphilanthropic intention for the advancement of astrological science. No price is charged from the readers of this journal. The journal is publishedfrom India.Editor:Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)www.astroandrewkp.orgContact:astrojasa@gmail.comPublisher:Bhagya Ratna Gems & Jewellers andSrimati Deblina and Tapan Kumar DuttaKolkata, India.Advocates:M/S Subrata Basu & Advocates,High Court, Calcutta.Copyright Information:The Copyright of all materials published in this journal belongs to the Authors © and not to the Journal or its Editor or the Publisher. However, anyperson, organization or institution desirous of using any materials published in this journal in any manner whatsoever needs to mandatorily obtainprior written permission from the Publisher of this journal and also the author(s), failing which legal action for violation of copyright under relevantsections of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 would be initiated against such person, organization or institution. There will, however, be no copyrightviolation if JASA, or any of its contents is cited or quoted or mentioned as ‘reference’ in any print or digital form with proper acknowledgement ofthe name of author(s), name of article, volume number and issue number. For such citations or references, no prior permission is required fromthe publishers of this journal.Price: FREELegal Disclaimer:The views, contents, interpretations and discussions presented in this journal belong to the respective authors/contributors. This journal, its editor and/or thepublisher are not liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever to any person or organization living or dead or in perpetual existence for any horoscopes, views,contents, interpretations and discussions presented in this journal by the authors/contributors. All materials are accepted from authors/contributors for publicationin this journal under explicit written declaration from the authors/contributors that such materials have not been published anywhere else and are not theintellectual property of anyone else. Any copyright infringement, therefore, is to be directly dealt with the respective authors or contributors and neither the editornor the publisher of this journal will undertake any correspondence in this regard in any manner whatsoever. All quotes, citations and scanned images given in thisjournal are provided with proper references and due acknowledgements in accordance with provisions of various international intellectual property rights laws ingeneral and the Indian Copyright Act 1957 in particular. The birth charts, horoscopic details and birth details along with any personal information about any personor organization living or dead or in perpetual existence is provided by the authors/contributors themselves, and this journal, its editor and the publisher are notliable or responsible to any person or organization, living or dead or in perpetual existence in any manner whatsoever. All software used for generating astrologicalcharts or any other illustrations shown in this journal are used by the respective authors/contributors under their own liability as per the provisions of the End UserLicense Agreement of those respective software and this journal, its editor and the publisher are not liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever towards anylicense infringements or agreement violations or any liability arising there from. All advertisements of all products and services are the offers made by theadvertisers and this journal, its editor and/or the publisher are not liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever to any person or organization living or dead or inperpetual existence for any product or service, quality, promise, delivery or failure of performance or any other representations. Anyone making any purchasedecision based on the advertisements made in this journal must do it at his own understanding, discretion, liability and peril. By registering oneself anddownloading this journal from www.astroandrewkp.org, or by receiving or accessing from any other source, all readers are deemed to have carefully read,understood and agreed to abide by this legal disclaimer without any exception in all circumstances and is deemed to unconditionally agree to resolve any disputeonly in courts of Kolkata jurisdiction to the exclusion of any other Courts of India. 3  
  4. 4. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012            Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) M.Com. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D  Jyotish Vidya Ratna (Gold Medalist)  Xw|àÉÜ|tÄ Jyotish Vibhakar, Jyotish Surya    www.astroandrewkp.org  www.astrojasa.blogspot.in   Readers’ and Authors’ Editorial for Anniversary IssueT his Anniversary Issue of JASA is dedicated to all the readers, authors and patrons of JASA. And so, for this issue I will not write anything, but rather publish some of the voices that belong to the well wishers of this international journal. I am doing this kind of a unique editorial because one year back in this same month when this internationaljournal was launched, there was complete dogmatism, autocracy and dictatorialship in some KP electronicmagazines. Many authors were disrespected, their write-ups were ruthlessly edited, and ideas were heavilydiscouraged. Sometimes it went on to the extent of copying others’ idea without any due acknowledgement. Manyscholars and erudite authors were ill-treated and new comers in the field of astrology were considered as worthlessby these electronic magazines in KP. But that day is now over. The write-ups from some sincere readers and authors are enough to prove the grand success that all of youhave given to JASA and the field of stellar astrology in the last one year. All this success and all the futuresuccesses to come will really belong to all of you.Good Luck! 4  
  5. 5. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Sanjay Tavargeri sanjay.tavargeri@gmail.com May 11 to me Andrew Sir, First of all, please accept my humble congratulations for the latest edition of JASA. Secondly, I thank you with utmost sincerity for furnishing evidences of how KSK Guru ji himself advocated Gemstones and was NOT against it in your editorial write up. This is a "fitting reply" to those "self proclaimed" stalwarts who, basis their seniority and by making thudding sounds try to establish "facts" and that too with a challenge to a custom and therapy which has its roots in our timeless Vedic system which itself is "apaurusheya" and has the highest authority in our system ! I congratulate and thank you for coming up with a master piece like "JASA" which is very educative for stellar astro followers and more importantly your all-embracing attitude and no mean minded restrictive approach which forms a foundation pattern for higher research and refinement to take the astrology to the next level ! Regards, Sanjay Thank you Sri Sanjay ji!! What you have said is the sincere view of thousands of readers of JASA. Only few upright persons like you have shown the courage to stand-up against dogmatism and voice the truth. We at JASA salute you and feel proud that you are one of our esteemed readers.  5  
  6. 6. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Dear Andrew ji,    CONGRATULATIONS!!!.........CONGRATULATIONS!!!........CONGRATULATIONS!!!      for  one  year of successful  publication  of JASA. Next issue of JASA will be anniversary  issue and I  will be eagerly waiting for the issue as usual.     JASA has given a worldwide platform for Astrologers (stalwarts as well as new comers like  me) to present their respective views to astrological fraternity. Frankly speaking, initially, I  was doubtful whether such “Editorless”, “Advisorless” and “Reviewerless” bi‐monthly can  survive for a year. But I am proud to mention that you proved me wrong. You must have  taken lots of pain while choosing Muhurta for launching.     Apart  from  thought  provoking  articles,  researches  and  innovative  ideas  from  very  knowledgeable authors, in my opinion, nice presentation,  wise selection of  sections and  timely  publication  has played  an important role  in achieving readership record covering  nearly one‐third countries of the world.    In the inaugural issue it is mentioned   Quote  //  The  philosophy  behind  creation  of  this  journal  is  to  RESPECT  differences  of  opinion,  FOSTER  DIVERSITY  in  different  stellar  astrology  approaches,  ENCOURAGE  RESEARCH  in  all  domains  DEVELOPING  NEW  THINKING  and  sustain  PEACEFUL  CO‐ EXISTENCE of all schools of thought. // Unquote    I must appreciate that you adhered to this philosophy in Toto by respecting my research  finding  (though  they  differed  from  your  findings)  and  publishing  my  article  without  any  editing.  Hats  off  to  you,  Sir.  This  is  ideal  example  of  PEACEFUL  CO‐EXISTENCE.  However  my experience with other e‐magazines is not the same.    I wish JASA a very successful future.    Subhash Ektare  Many thanks to you Sri Subhas ji!!   JASA is successful today because astro‐scientists like you are doing “real” research in  stellar astrology. Persons like you are showing the true light to the generations of  astrologers who are reading JASA.    All the readers, authors and patrons of JASA truly feel proud that you are with us from the  beginning of this democratic, all‐inclusive journal.  JASA will uphold this tradition for you and for all.  6  
  7. 7. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Dear Prof. Andrew Dutta,   Blessings.    Your  philosophy  of  creating  a  journal  for  stellar  astrology  is  heading  towards  first  anniversary.  I  appreciate  JASA  has  given  wonderful  platform  for  great  scholars’  to  give  their  thought  and  writing  for  the  astrolovers.  Sri  KSV  Ramanis  articles  are  really  good.  Dr.Rao Nemanis has given a very good introduction to Kashyapa hora. Wonderful Stellar  principles  of  great  Meena2  are  being  explained  by  Mrs  Vijayalakshmi,  I  could  see  her  enthusiasm  in  her  articles  indicating  the  methods  to  identify  the  timing  of  events  with  different practical examples.    I could observe steadily readership for JASA is increasing is due to quality articles and as  an  editor  you  had  given  full  liberty  to  writer  to  express  their  findings.  My  blessings  to  young  Mr  Kausik  Ray  for  correctly  understanding  the  meaning  of  Lagna  and  Lagna  star  lord  linking  the  life  event.  So  far  the  JASA  had  published  quality  articles;  in  future  also  I  wish you should publish practically analysed articles. Articles like what is karakathwas of  planets,  stars  and  signs  are  cut  pasted  and  being  written  by  so  called  well  known  published  by  other  magazines  whereas  JASA  is  working  on  advanced  research  in  stellar  astrology and other allied subjects.    My best wishes and may Lord give you enough strength to continue the great service.  Regards,    Dr.NVRA Raja  Meena2 Jr.    We are very grateful to you Sri Raja ji.      As readers and patrons of JASA, we are all very privileged to get your brilliant articles that cannot be  found anywhere else. We thank you for choosing JASA as your preferred journal for publishing your  articles.    Many readers have expressed their deep desire to have a full issue dedicated towards the beautiful and  accurate Meena2 Naadi System and we will be glad to have you pioneering this effort.    We all at JASA look forward to your continued patronage.    7  
  8. 8. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012    AUM UCHCHISTA MAHA GANAPATAYE NAMAHA        “Uchista has helped me on giving correct intuition, proper guidance  and a selective approach in the matter of prognostication. HE has not confounded me; HE has not clouded my vision. Nor HE created any opportunity to regret. But, above all, he has set me on the correct path and with HIS Grace I have launched upon New theory…….Now I say that though I gave the title to my theory as Krishnamurti Padhdhati, yet it is honestly Uchishta Mahaganapathi Padhdhati”. K.S. Krishnamurti (1908-1972). ‘Astrology & Athristha’, October 1967. Page 1 and 2 JASA, its Publisher, its Editor, patrons and all readers pay their sincere tribute to the propounder of Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) Photograph Acknowledgement: Astrology & Athristha, May 1979 8  
  9. 9. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012             “Do not be in the company of bluffers. Do not feel jealous      of others. Do not talk ill of others. When you are true,    remember truth alone will prevail”.          K.S. Krishnamurti. Astrology & Athristha, May 1969. Page 28      Photograph Acknowledgement: Krishnamurti Commemoration Number, June 1972   9  
  10. 10. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012      Learn Successful KP Astrology Technique in:  Recognizing Ruling Planets that ‘ultimately’ deliver results  How to identify the ‘strongest’ Ruling Planet  Dealing with Ruling Planets that are retrograde  Using Ruling Planets to make INSTANT PREDICTIONS  Accurate timing of events with the help of Ruling Planets  Knowing correctness of Birth time using Ruling Planets  Solving any type of queries using Ruling Planets  Using Ruling Planets to solve various ‘options’/possiblities  Using Ruling Planets to select correct Dasa-Bhukti-Anthra  Using Ruling Planets to know the correct house cusp sublord  How to know the truth of the query/horary questions  Get the time tested rules Ruling Planets of KP Astrology  …..And many more unknown and secret techniques Become a master in making accurate predictions using the time tested Ruling Planets of KP Astrology Learn from the erudite master KP astrologer, Award Winner, Double Gold Medalist, Internationally  renowned astrologer and creator of Home Video Course on Birth Time Rectification using KP Astrology   Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)    HD quality DVDs Releasing on 19th September 2012  HD quality 2 Vol. DVD sets. Practical, clear and concise video tutoring with all real-life examples. Price of DVD Set: Rs. 699/‐ for India (and USD 50 for outside India). Postage and packing extra    Avail Special Discount by ‘email booking’ of your DVD set before 15th Aug 2012  andrewdutta@yahoo.co.in   10  
  11. 11. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Releasing on 19th September 2012 !!           Book your HD quality DVD set before 15th August 2012 by email and avail fabulous discount andrewdutta@yahoo.co.in 11  
  12. 12. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçFirst PM of the World and then Lady Leaders – Part IIG.H.W. Silva The  author  is  a  follower  of  Krishnamurthi  Paddhathi,  propounded  by  Guruji,  Jyotish  Marthand,  Sothida  Mannan,  late  Professor  K.S.Krishnamurthi  for  nearly  forty  years.  He  has  contributed  articles  to  “Astrology  &  Athrishta” and lightly to the book titled, K P & R P. Sri Silva has also written to a number of news papers and  magazine locally and abroad on Krishnamurthi Paddhathi and series of lessons including conducting classes on  KP. Currently he is working as a Consulting Engineer in the road sector in Sri Lanka.    ghwsilva@yahoo.co.uk   T he birth charts of two of the former world leaders as Prime Ministers were discussed in the previous article in the esteemed journal JASA1 and observed the similarities in certain events of life of these two ladies. Now we are trying to discuss a little further to see the astrological similarities in these two birth charts along with anotherbirth chart of a great lady of the century. In the birth chart of Madam Bandaranaike, the tenth cusp falls in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury,Generally the tenth bhava shows the details about the occupation, popularity, how people will look at the native, role orposition, command etc. in addition to a large number of other reasons. To be a leader, it is necessary to show thequalities of leadership in the birth chart. In Madam Bandaranaike’s birth chart, the tenth cusp is ruled by Mercury assign lord, Mars as star lord and Venus as sub lord respectively. This sub lord Venus is the lord of second and ninthbhavas and occupying the ninth bhava. Again this Venus is deposited in a star of Moon, the lord of the eleventhoccupying the lagna bhava, So this sub lord is indicting the gains, fulfillment of expectations and the self motivation ofthe native to produce the qualities of the tenth bhava. The tenth bahava lord Mercury is in the eighth bhava in conjunction with Sun, lord of the twelfth bhava. Thelord of fifth and sixth bhavas, Saturn is deposited in the tenth bhava. This Saturn is aspected by Venus and Mars, thelord of third and eighth, in semi-sextile aspect. Again this Mars is aspected by Jupiter in trine, the significator for eighth,seventh, first, tenth and fourth bhavas. These are favourable aspects and these planets are deposited in the stars asfollows; Mercury and Sun are in a star of Kethu, a significator for tenth, eleventh, fifth and sixth. Saturn is in a star ofRahu, who is a significator for first, fifth and eleventh bhavas, Venus is in a star of Moon, who is a significator foreleventh, first, third and eighth, Jupiter is in a star of Mercury, a significator for eleventh, first, tenth and eighth bhavas.So these planets are favourable to her and offer very good results during their dasas and sub dasas. Nirayana Bhava Chart.                                                            1  See JASA May‐June 2012 issue for the first part.  12  
  13. 13. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  VIII 03.57.13 X 03.12.12 Jupiter 22.44.33 VII Sun. 04.28.56 IX 04.20.34 Pluto. 08.50.20 02.39.16 Mercury.07.22.11 Venus.19.53.08 Saturn 18.10.12 XI 01.46.31 Naptune. 07.16.57 VI 01.34.22 On Kethu. 11.27.45 17th April 1916, Mars 21.34.34 At 16.08 hrs Uranus. 26.32.23 Balangoda, Sri Lanka Rahu. 11.27.45 80 N 42, 06 E 35 XII 01.34.22 V 01.46.31 Ascend. 02.39.16 IV 03.12.12 III 04.20.34 II 03.57.13 Moon. 24.26.41 In Madam Indira‘s birth chart, the tenth cusp falls in a sign of Mars, star of Venus and a sub of Mercury. So inboth of these birth charts, the tenth cusp is co ruled by the same three planets, namely Mercury, Mars and Venus. Jupiter. 15.05.45 Kethu. 10.39.34 IX 22.54.35 X 25.07.18 XI 27.25.52 XII 28.16.53 On Saturn. 21.52.52 VIII 23.18.10 Ascend. 27.28.00 19th November 1917, At 23.11 hrs Allahabad, India VII 27.28.00 Mars. 16.28.08 81 N 51, 25 E 27 Moon. 05.40.55 II 23.18.10 VI 28.16.53 V 27.25.52 Venus. 21.05.58 Mercury.13.19.24 IV 25.07.18 III 22.54.35 Rahu. 10.39.34 Sun. 04.13.19 In her birth chart, the lord of the tenth bhava is Mars who is deposited in the ascendent with square aspect fromJupiter, lord of sixth, ninth and occupied in the tenth bhava. Again this Mars is in the same aspect to Mercury in fourth,lord of third and twelfth bhavas. 13  
  14. 14. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  These three planets, Mars is deposited in a star of Venus who is a significator for fifth, eleventh and fourthbhavas. Jupiter is in a star of Moon, a signifiator for fourth, sixth, second and first. Mercury is in a star of Saturn, asignifiator for fourth, twelfth, third, seventh and eighth bhavas. Accordingly these three planes offer both favourable andbad results to her during the maha dasas and sub dasas. The “Iron Lady”, as you know the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, was in power from 04th May 1979 till28 November 1990. She was born on 13th October 1925 at Grantham, England and her birth chart is given below; th VI 05.18.21 VIII 22.04.37 V 12.32.26 VII 22.32.59 IX 00.45.49 IV 11.07.52 On Rahu. 07.47.15 13th October 1925, Grantham, England At 09.00 hrs Kethu. 07.47.15 Moon. 05.54.03 52 N 55, 00 E 39 III 00.45.49 X 11.07.52 Jupiter 21.45.25 II 22.04.37 Ascend. 22.32.59 XI 12.32.26 Venus 09.20.25 Saturn 21.02.31 Mars. 16.43.53 Sun. 26.46.16 XII 05.18.21 M 01 03 05 Her rising sign is Libra. The ruler of the ascendant Venus is in the sign of Scorpio in the first bhava. The lord ofthe second, sixth and seventh bhavas is in the eleventh bhava. Lord of ninth in the ninth bhava and the lord of fifthJupiter is in the second bhava. The lord of the tenth bhava falls in Leo ruled by Sun. This cusp is in a star of Kethu and a sub of Saturn. In this birth chart, all the planets are moving in between Rahu and Kethu axis, which we name as Kaala SarpaYoga, an inauspicious placement of planets. But this yoga has not done any malfic effects on her life, even in the dasa ofthe planet Rahu, who is the creater of this Kaala Sarpa yoga. Actually she was elected as Prime Minister during herRahu dasa period. In this birth chart, Rahu is in the ninth bhava is in good trine aspect to Venus, the lagna lord. Which is a goodaspect to the native. Also this Rahu is in-conjunct aspect with Moon, lord of ninth in the ninth bhava. Saturn, the lord ofthird and fourth is in the twelfth bhava and in sextile aspect to Jupiter. The lord of lagna, eight and twelfth bhava, Venusis aspecting Kethu in the third bhava with sextile aspect. All these aspects are favourable to her and bring good luck toher. The tenth cusp is for leadership and fame. It is falling in Leo. The star lord is Kethu and the sub lord is Saturn.This sub lord Saturn is a significator for first, twelfth, fifth, third and fourth bhavas and Saturn is in a star of Jupiter,who is a significator for first, second, eighth, twelfth and fifth bhavas. So this sub lord promises gains, win incompletion, power and authority related occupation. As this Saturn is in conjunction with lagna sputa, the native will beself oriented, magnanimous and self controlled. The native will never give up easily, but wins even after a lot ofobstacles and disturbances In this birth chart, Moon is in the ninth bhava as lord of ninth. And again Rahu is in trine aspect to Venus in thefirst bhava. Mercury is in sextile aspect to Moon. In Madam Indira’s chart, the tenth bhava lord is Mars and he is in the ascendant and in square aspect to Jupiterin the tenth bhava. Mars is in square aspect to Mercury and Sun is in sextile aspect to Moon. 14  
  15. 15. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 Madam Thacher sworn in as Prime Minister during the dasa of Rahu, bukthi of Saturn and the antara of Sun. This dasa lord Rahu is a significator for twelfth, ninth, third and fourth and in a star of Saturn, a significator forsecond, twelfth, third and fourth bhavas. Rahu was transiting in the tenth bhava, Leo 21 with exact trine aspect to natalJupiter, semi sextile to Sun, sextile to Saturn. Star lord Saturn in the tenth bhava, Leo 14 with semi sextile aspect toMars. Bukthi lord Saturn is a significator for second, twelfth, fifth, third and fourth bhavas. This Saturn is in a star ofJupiter, a significator for first, second, eighth, twelfth and fifth. In transit Leo 14, in the tenth bhava with semi sextileaspect to Mars. Jupiter was transiting in Cancer 8 in conjunction with natal Rahu, in semi sextile aspect to Moon and trineaspect to Venus. Antara lord Sun is a significator for eleventh; second, sixth, seventh and tenth bhavas. And in a star of Mars, asignificator for ninth, eleventh, second, sixth and seventh bhavas. Transiting in Aries 20 and trine to natal Jupiter,seventh to natal Saturn. Moon transiting in Cancer 23, sextile to Sun, square to Saturn. Is a significator for third and ninth in a star ofKethu, significator for eleventh, third and tenth bhavas. In comparing the similarities of these three birth charts, we could see that all the important planets are goodsignificators for tenth, eleventh and sixth bhavas, which are favourable for achieving power, specially the leader ship ofa society or a country.All these analysis were done according to the rules laid in the infallible Krishnamurthi Paddhathi. LONG LIVE KRISHNAMURTHI PADDHATHI. Participate in www.astrojasa.blogspot.in, the blog of Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri indrajit) and many sincere readers of JASA, for fearless and democratic discussion on KP astrology. Your voice will be heard by the whole world.  Your views will be shared with millions around the world.   No need to depend upon moderators’ whims and fancies.  No need to become a victim of dogmas of others.  Share the real knowledge of KP and astrology.    All are welcome!!    www.astrojasa.blogspot.in  15  
  16. 16. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçDiscussion on Happy Marriages – Part IG.H.W. Silva The  author  is  a  follower  of  Krishnamurthi  Paddhathi,  propounded  by  Guruji,  Jyotish  Marthand,  Sothida  Mannan,  late  Professor  K.S.Krishnamurthi  for  nearly  forty  years.  He  has  contributed  articles  to  “Astrology  &  Athrishta” and lightly to the book titled, K P & R P. Sri Silva has also written to a number of news papers and  magazine locally and abroad on Krishnamurthi Paddhathi and series of lessons including conducting classes on  KP. Currently he is working as a Consulting Engineer in the road sector in Sri Lanka.    ghwsilva@yahoo.co.uk   I t is a pleasure to be with the contributing astrologers and supporters, along with the learned Editor, Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajith) and all the well wishers in the celebration period of the first anniversary of the Journal of Advancement of Stellar Astorlogy (JASA). We are well aware that it was not an easy journey to the editor and his staff to bring thisesteemed magazine compiling all the subject matters in a pleasing manner and to offer advancedknowledge in all the avenues on stellar astrology in an open forum for a readership over 9000 inmore than 65 countries, if not for the genuine effort of the captain and the soldiers involved.. While wishing you and JASA good luck and a long journey in the astrological world, I amtrying to contribute this article on an interesting subject. One of the most celebrated film actresses, Elizabeth Taylor, queen of the silver screen formore than a half century, is the person we are going to discuss about. She was born in England on 27th February 1932 and left England and settled down in LosAngeles with her parents. Liz Taylor started her film career at the age of ten and continued as avery efficient and talented star in the silver screen. In this birth chart, the ascendant falls in the sign of Scorpio. The first cusp is ruled by Mars,Mercury and Venus as sign, star and sub lords respectively. Sub lord of the ascendant Venus is asignificator for a number of favourite bhavas. This Venus is receiving a trine aspect from Jupiter.Both these planets are in trine to the ascendant, making a favourable triangle from the lords offourth, second, sixth, seventh and eleventh bhava lords. This placement has given her a veryluxurious and a talented life.She passed away in March 2011 due to a heart failure, after having a very happy and enjoyable lifeof about 79 years. She enjoyed her beauty, talent and lived in a very luxurious way.In her lovely life, she got married in eight times and enjoyed her life in a variety of styles and ways,which no one has enjoyed before, we hope. So we are trying to make an astrological analysis on herbirth chart about the multiple marriages, a native could enjoy.Nirayana Bhava Chart. 16  
  17. 17. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Venus.24.20.49 VI 04.47.08 VIII 28.28.01 V 16.19.41 IV 21.25.03 VII 20.27.57 Rahu. 04.26.29 III 14.55.12 Mercury.14.39.29 Jupiter 22.21.28 Sun. 14.28.34 On Mars 08.45.22 27th February 1932, At 02.30 hrs London, England Saturn 07.29.27 51 N 30, 00 W 08 IX 14.55.12 Ascend. 20.27.57 Moon. 22.55.25 Kethu. 04.26.29 II 28.28.01 XII 04.47.08 XI 16.19.41 X 21.25.03Planetary Positions In stars In stars Planet Star Sub of Deposited of Own deposited owner Sun Rahu Kethu III II - IX Moon Jupiter Saturn VIII XI II IV Mars Rahu Jupiter III II - I XII V Mercury Rahu Kethu III II - VIII X Jupiter Mercury Moon II VIII VIII X II IV Venus Mercury Rahu II IV VIII X VI VII XI Saturn Sun Kethu II II III Rahu Saturn Saturn II III III - Kethu Sun Saturn II IX -Bhava Positions In stars of In stars of Bhava Star Sub deposited Deposited owner Owner I Mercury Venus - - - Mars Rahu Kethu Saturn Jupiter Sun Moon Jupiter Venus Mercury II Sun Mars Mars Saturn III Rahu Kethu Sun Mars Rahu Rahu Saturn M - Moon IV Mercury Venus Venus Jupiter 17  
  18. 18. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  V Venus Moon - - - Mars VI Sun Saturn - - - Venus VII Moon Venus - - - Venus VIII Jupiter Venus Moon Jupiter Jupiter Mercury Venus V - Kethu - IX Venus Kethu Saturn Sun X Moon Venus - - Jupiter Mercury Venus - V - XI Rahu Moon Venus XII Saturn Saturn - - - Mars When we talk about marriage, we need to analyse the seventh bhava of the birth chart. Theseventh bhava stands for companions, marriage partners, partners in business, opponents etc; so thisbhava gives all the details about marriage and other activities with companions or opponents. In this birth chart, the seventh cusp falls in Taurus, ruled by Venus, star ruled by Moon andthe sub is ruled by Venus. This sub lord is a significator for second, seventh and eleventh bhavas.Therefore the native is destined to get married according to the rules laid in the infallibleKrishnamurthi Paddhathi. As this Venus is in Pisces, a dual sign, the native is destined to havemultiple marriages. This Venus is the owner of second and seventh bhavas and deposited in a starof Mercury, who is also the owner of dual signs. Thus it is again confirmed that the native willenjoy the taste of more than one marriage. Even though this Mercury is deposited in a fixed signand conjoined with Sun, owner of a fixed sign. But both of them are in the stars of Rahu, who is ina dual sign, Pisces. Therefore Sun and Mercury will also corporate to have plurality in themarriages. Therefore it is confirmed that the native is fortunate to have more than one marriage. The owner of this birth chart enjoyed not only more than one but more than seven.Therefore it is very interesting to see the astrological indications and combinations for the pluralityof marriages.Her first marriage had been celebrated on sixth May 1950 at the Church of the Good Shepherd,Hollywood. In this period she was under the influence of Saturn mahadasa, Mercury bukthi andSaturn antara. Rahu. 12.24 Sun. 22.15 Mercury. 04.08 Venus. 07.37 Jupiter. 10.24 Marriage on 6th May 1950, Hollywood, California 34 N 06, 118 W 20 Saturn. 19.35 Mars. 28.59 Kethu. 12.24 Moon. 20.53 18  
  19. 19. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  The dasa and antara lord Saturn was transiting in Leo sign and a star of Venus. The star lordVenus is a significator for second, seventh and eleventh bhavas. Therefore it is seen that themarriage was taken place in a dasa of a planet, who was transiting in the ninth bhava of the native.Thus the star lord has given the results signified by him in the natal chart. In this period the Saturnwas aspecting sextile to the natal Moon. Again this transiting Saturn was giving a trine aspect totransiting Moon and Sun creating a beautiful triangle in the transit chart. This is a very auspiciouscombination to the native. The bukthi lord Mercury was transiting in the fifth bhava, in a star of Sun, a significator forsecond bhava. This Mercury was transiting with a sextile aspect the natal position of Rahu, and atrine aspect to natal Kethu. Transiting Rahu was in conjunction with the fortuna in the natal chart,offering good fortune.First luminary Sun was transiting in Aries, in a star of Venus. This Venus is aspecting to its natalposition with semi sextile aspect and in exact opposition to natal Moon. This Sun was againaspecting the natal Jupiter, in square aspect. The second luminary Moon was in Sagittarius with sextile aspect to its natal position. Andtransiting in a star of Venus. This Moon was aspecting to natal Venus in square aspect.So the transit of dasa lords and luminaries were on the stars of significators for second, seventh andeleventh bhavas.To be continued in Sept-Oct 2012 Issue……… 19  
  20. 20. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçApplication of Stellar Astrology in Deva PrasnaMadhu N Nair (aka ‘Pranav’) The  writer  is  a  Management  Postgraduate  with  passion  in  Jyotish,  both  Vedic  and  KP.  He  is  actively  associated  with various Astrological organizations of Kerala and used to contribute articles  in the  defunct  Astrological Magazine , KP & Astrology etc. and also in  the  KP Year Book, The  Astrological E‐Magazine  etc.  He runs a forum “THE ASTROLAB “in the yahoo group, exclusively for the purpose of research.    madhunair.n@gmail.com    T he scribe wishes to share with readers of this esteemed journal , his experience in experimenting with the stellar theory in Deva Prasnam ; the first time by anyone in kerala, where the science of Deva prasnam originated.Deva Prasna --- Brief Introduction ---Sri Krishna Paramatma , in the battle field of Kurushetra tells Arjuna , “Idam shareeream Kauntaya , Kshetramithibhidhiyathay Ethaybyo vethy tham prahu Kshterajay ithi thadwithaMeans the body itself is the Temple and he who knows that is known as “Kshtrajna “The advice of Lord Krishna is addressed to spiritual aspirant in pursuit of jnana marga. However for a common man, a place of worship is certainly required . A place where hecould download his worries and woes of daily life and from where he could derive peace of mind .The ancients who were aware of that constructed Temples. If you look at the history of olden Kealite Temples, you could note that, they are neverbuilt in vantage areas like that of today but they happens to be constructed in the “Samadh sthal”that is , in the place where tomb of some Sages were there . Needless to say, the place willcertainly be blessed with lot of greenery around and adequate water supply. Despite urbanizationand the resultant mushrooming of concrete jungles , one could still feel the serenity and thesathwic vibration when one enters the sanctum sanctorum of olden Temples Each Temple has its own custom, culture, rituals and mode of worship. . Even a lifelongstudy won’t be enough if one ventures to learn the Temple culture. Deva Pransa is the horary formof Jyotish used in Temples to ascertain the presence, well-being and various other matterspertaining to the deity of the temple . The significations of each Houses are quite different from the one to which we areaccustomed. The first House of the prasna chart stands for all aspects of the presiding deity.Similarly each House represents some aspects of the Temple . 20  
  21. 21. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 Deva Prasna is conducted usually once in 12 years (One Jupiter Return). It is also conducted whensomething unnatural or untoward occurs in the Temple. Earlier Deva prasna used to be conductedby spiritually evolved Astrologers having “mantra siddies”. Times have changed . Moral degeneration that has crept in the society has its way inAstrological world also. Today the Deva Prasna is nothing but a money spinning mechanism. Evenbefore a Deva prasnam, the outcome is known even to a lay man. It will be a suggestion regardingconstruction of a new Temple or renovation of the existing one; that requires crores of money .Some times it will be very expensive poojas that will serve the interest of only the priestly class. .Pathethic state of affairsWhat that goes on as Deva Prasnam(DP) these days, is nothing but a farce. DP use to last for 2-5days usually attended by a team of Astrologers. Many contention of the participating astrologers , if challenged by anyone in the audience,will silenced by these unscrupulous astrologers by asking the dissenting person to quote therelevant sloka from Prasna Marga or Brihat Jathaka which they use to address as “Pramana “ orauthoritative slokas. A big crowd consisting of the devotees will assemble to witness the DevaPrasnam. The Astrologers quoting slokas in the guise of divining the will of the Lord , cleverlybefool the audience who neither knows Jyothish nor the language Sanskrit in which the slokas arecomposed . Astrologers cooks some stories and justify it with slokas . The predictive part is completelyignored despite the availability of innumerable predictive tools that had been graciouslybequeathed by the sages and had come over through generations, like “Pancha Maha Suthrachintha” planets linked with five primordial elements and 27 sutras (longitudes of planetscalculated in different manner ) and ofcourse the “Nimithas “ or omens that supplement prediction. Scribe read a write-up of Deepak Kapur who successfully applied the stellar theory in aDeva Prasna in North India . Ever since then, I was waiting for an opportunity to experiment thestellar theory in some Deva Prasna. So when the Temple committee members came to invite thescribe for Ashta Mangala Deva Prasna “ in a famous Sarpa Kavu (Serpent shrine ) , I asked themnot to say anything about the issue for which they are seeking a prasna .After elaborate pooja , the “Arooda” (Ascendant ) is secured by a girl below the age of 10 ,ignorant of the Zodiac and planets , placing the gold coin sanctified by prayers , in the zodiacdrawn in the floor using udi (ashes) Me Ju 14:56 Ke15:13 Planet Star Sub 12:42 Ve12:18 Sun Sun Ju Ve 27:01’ 11.02 hrs IST Moon Ma Mo Arooda 11 March 2012 Ma® Ma ® Ve Mo 10:30’ Trivandrum Kerala 16:44 Merc Sa Ma Ra 15:13 Mo6:03 Jup Ve Ve Sa®4:34 Ven Ke Me Sa ® Ma VeRah Sat JuKet Mo Ju 21  
  22. 22. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 In this prasna , Arooda or the Ascendant mainly stands for the presiding deity , its power torespond to devotees , details of the idol etc. The Rising degree of the Arooda (Ascendant) is inSravana nakshatra whose tutelary deity is Lord Sri Hari Vishnu, giving the clue that the presidingdeity of the Temple is Lord Ananth Nag , the divine serpent of VishnuStellar TheoryAs per the stellar theory propounded by late Prof K S Krishnamurthy, a planet will predominantlygive the result of its stellar dispositor. Saturn , the Ascendant lord representing the deity in retrograde mode is in Libra in the lunarmansion of chithra that is a chopped Nakshatra ( Notes—Chopped Nakshatras are those that arespread in two consecutive signs respectively eg—Krittika , Mrigasira , Punarvasu etc). On seeing this, it was queried whether the life force of the presiding deity was Tantrically (Jupiter’s aspect to Saturn ) chopped . The answer given by the audience was “YES” Again it was asked whether such Tantric division occurred 4 years back (Saturn at 4* in Libra. The answer was again YES. Saturn as lord of 2H of coffers of the Temple is in the star of Mars owning IV (Land) and XI (Income ) placed in VIII (other man’s wealth ) .So it was asked whether land belonging to the shrine were usurped by someone else . The answer from the audience was YESSince Nodes traverses anti-clock wise in the zodiac, it will be logical to assume , involvement ofNodes in general and Kethu , the tail’end of the dragon , in particular indicates some error orsomething against the accepted norms . Jupiter the ruler of the 3H of accounting. Jupiter is in the sub of Venus having planets in its star whereas Venus is in the star of Ketu , a Node. So it was told that accounts were not properly maintained and internal audit is not done at all. The answer from the audience was YES. Nodes stands for “unnatural death”. 3H is for neighborhood. So unnatural death like suicide might have taken place in the neighborhood . The answer of the audience was YES The 4H is for Upa Devas (deities other than the main one) vehicles , temple well, pond etc . Mars, the 4L is in the sub of Mo having planets in its star but placed again in the star of Ma in Leo , a dry sign . Since Ju aspect the sublord Ma, certainly there has to be a well or pond but Ma is in trika house or dusthana 8H (death) . So it was told a well or a pond may be there but now it is not in a useable condition. This too was accepted by a devotee .Many other points are similarly unearthed but stopping short due to reason of brevity Scribe came in for sharp criticism from a section of the priests and astrologers who areagainst any sort of research 22  
  23. 23. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 None of the sloka quoting Astrologer would have mentioned even a single point mentioned aboveunless he had some prior information. The purpose of this write-up is only to high-light the scopeof stellar Astrology and to bring to the attention of the jyotish scholars, that stellar Astrology toocould effectively be used as a predictive tool in Deva Prasna.Let me close by Thanking Dr Andrew for being magnanimous to include all innovative ideas inJASA and wishes all success to this esteemed journal , when it completes its one year ofmeaningful existence .    BASIC & ADVANCE CLASSES ON KP ASTRO‐ PREDICTION CONDUCTED  BY  VAIKARI  RAMAMURTHY  (DISCIPLE  OF  KSK,FOUNDER OF KP SYSTEM OF  SCIENTIFIC  ASTROLOGY)    th STARTS FROM 16  OCT 2011(SUNDAY)    At 2/1088,11th CROSS STREET,RADHA NAGAR,PERUMBAKKAM (NEAR  MEDAVAKKAM) CHENNAI‐600100    For Details – Mr.Vaikari Ramamurthy   ‐  9789841861 (Medavakkam)  Mr.S.Rajagopal Rao          ‐  9840675965/9380961869(Triplicane)  Mr.Kameshwara Rao         ‐  9884999545 (Kolathur)      PROFESSOR  VAIKARI  RAMAMURHY  E‐Mail id : vaikari.ramamurthy@gmail.com  LONG LIVE  KSK   LONG LIVE  KP SYSTEM  23  
  24. 24. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçMarriage Prediction: A 4 Step Theory AnalysisSunil Gondhalekar    Sri  Sunil  Gondhalekar  is  the  inventor  of  4  Step  Theory.  He  developed  this  theory  in  1990  after  many  years  of   painstaking  research.    Sri  Gondhalekar  is  a  mechanical  engineering  diploma  holder,  who  has  also  studied  KP   technique  from  1980  and  is  the  winner  of  many  awards  and  titles.  From  1993,  he  is  the  editor  of  a  Marathi   language magazine of astrology: ‘Nakshatrache Dene’, published from Maharashtra, India. He has also published   various  books  on  astrology  in  Marathi  such  as  ‘Vivaha  Yoga’,  courses  on  KP,  Nakshatra  Sandesh,  Nakshatra  Prabha, Nakshatra Triveni.      Email: sunilalaka@yahoo.com   A lady approached me for the marriage probability of her daughter. And I have analyzed the chart on 29th April 2010. The birth details are as follows:Name: SharvariD.O.B.: 14th December 1981T.O.B.:20-05 PMPlace: Dadar/Mumbai 19N10; 72E51KP Ayanamsha: 23-30-30This case is solved through 4step theory.Rule: 7th sub if signify 2 or 7 or 11 house strongly then marriage will be celebrated during the chainof these houses. 5th and 8th houses are also supportive houses for marriage. (ref: 4th reader, pageno.200,Jan 1978 edition)The chart is attached herewith.In this chart 7th sublord is Moon. Since this is a natal chart due to uncertainty the birth time may notbe correct, hence I have used RP to confirm the sub. Moon was not in RP and presence of Mars wasfound in RP hence decided Mars as a sublord of 7th house.Now let us check the signification of Mars.The bracketed houses are strong significators.PLANET : MARSItself :-------------- Mars:- 3 6 11Its N.Swami :-------- Sun:- (6) 3 Cusp Yuti: (6) Mercury-Yuti (6) 1 4 Saturn-Drusht (4)(8) (9)Its Sub :------------ Mercury:- 6 1 4 Sun-Yuti 6 3Its Subs N.Swami :-- Ketu:- (7) Cusp Yuti: (7) Its N.Swami :-------- Sun:- (6) 3 Cusp Yuti: (6) Mercury-Yuti (6) 1 4 Saturn-Drusht (4)(8) (9)So Mars signify 7-8 houses, so the marriage is promised but due to presence of 8th house marriagemay be delayed. Now we will check DBA. 24  
  25. 25. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  nd rdAt the time of judgments Venus dasa, Venus Bhukti was from 2 Nov 2009 to 3 April 2013.Let us check the signification of Venus.PLANET : VENUSItself :-------------- Venus:- (7) (5) (12)Its N.Swami :-------- Moon:- (1) (2)Its Sub :------------ Moon:- 1 2Its Subs N.Swami :-- Saturn:- (4) (8) (9)So dasa and bhuktilord Venus signifies 7-5-2-8 houses, so marriage possibility will be during thisperiod. Now to select Antara, for to complete the chain we have to select such a planet who signify11th house. If you check the significations of all planets you will found that there are only 2 planetswho signify 11th house are Sun and Saturn.Let us check the signification of these planets.PLANET : SUNItself :-------------- Sun:- 6 3 Cusp Yuti: (6) Mercury-Yuti 6 1 4 Saturn-Drusht 4 8 9Its N.Swami :-------- Mercury:- (6) 1 4 Sun-Yuti (6) 3Its Sub :------------ Saturn:- 4 8 9Its Subs N.Swami :-- Mars:- (3) 6 (11)PLANET : SATURNItself :-------------- Saturn:- 4 8 9Its N.Swami :-------- Mars:- (3) 6 (11)Its Sub :------------ Jupiter:- 4 7 10Its Subs N.Swami :-- Rahu:- (1) Cusp Yuti: (1) Rashi-Swami Moon (1) (2)Aspect (7)Its N.Swami :-------- Jupiter:- (4) 7 (10)Sun antara was from 24th May 2010 to 23rd July 2010 and Saturn Antara was from 23rd Dec 2011 to3rd July 2012.Since ascendant is of dual sign and 7th sub was also indicating delays I have consider that marriagewill be celebrated during Saturn antara. For to predict further finer period I have chosen againVenus sookshma as Venus signifies 2-5-7-8 houses and also a karaka planet for marriage. Thisperiod will be from 1st March 2012 to 2nd April 2012.So I declared that the marriage will be during April 2012.The lady was shocked by knowing such a delay for marriage and asked me the remedy.I told that remedy may not work but I will pray for god to fail my prediction.In actual native in question got married on 22nd April 2012.Hats off to 4 step Theory.  JASA congratulates author Sri Sunil  Gondhalekar for his correct predictions!!  25  
  26. 26. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  26  
  27. 27. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  27  
  28. 28. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçMeena 2 Naadi Jyothisha - Jeeva And Sareera Method: Analysis on Matching Horoscopes(Marriage)Jyothida Thendral Mrs. R .Vijayalakshmi     Mrs  R  Vijayalakshmi(44)  is  a  practicing  Naadi  astrologer  from  Barur  Dharmapuri  Dt.TN.  Did  her  M.A.  (astrology) from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. She is one of the founder trustees of JKR   Astro  research  foundation,  Secunderabad.  She  participated  in  many  Astro  conferences  and  seminars  and   delivered talk on importance of stellar astrology.  She has honorary titles like Jyothida Thendral, Jyothida  Ratna, etc.,. She is a resource person to Department of Astrology, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. She   had contributed number of articles in Tamil astrology magazines. She is a keen follower of Naadi Jyothisa of   Meena 2 system and also disciple of Dr.NVRA Raja Jr.Meena2.  barurvijayalakshmi@gmail.com    “Jai Guruji Meena 2”T   amil proverb says “Thirumanam Sorgathil Nichayikkappadukinrana” It means “Marriages are made in Heaven”. You cannot foretell who will marry whom. Two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other, and two people who do noteven know each other may marry each other in the end. Marriage is considered various factorsdemand our attention, important ones being physical fitness, mental qualities, heredity, sexualcompatibility and social and economic status. Eight types of marriages have been mentioned in Manusmriti. These are Daiva, Brahma,Arisha, Prajapatiya, Asura, Gandharva, Rakshasa and pishcha. The marriage that takes place in thenormal course is called Prajapatiya. Selecting and matching of the charts for marriages are mostly based on the Birth Stars of theBoy and Girl. More the points, more chance of success of the marriage but it is not so. Marriageand other looking compatibilities are based on different consideration and combination of planetsbetween the charts. Though method mentioned and analysd for marriage is not restricted tomarriage only but can be used for compatibility. It is not practically possible for the parents of the boy or girl to go and negotiate as for oneboy ten horoscopes of the girls are found to be matching, it is possible to select two or three chartswhich are loosely probable for fructification of the marriage this is what an astrologer can do. Thedestiny connects the links of the boy and the girl in marriage. When a boy is fated to marry aparticular girl it cannot be avoided, the charts and the situation may arise in a way that they will belinked in wedlock. Guruji Sri NV Raghavachary (Meena2) said that after checking dasavidha porutham orobtaining minimum points of 18 out of 36 from matching table and checking the Kuja dosha ,dasasandhi and compatibility, he had advised to follow the matching techniques linking first house ofboy with girls 7th house and vice versa, similar combination to 5th and 9th houses of the boy and girlmay bring the selection of horoscope for marriage between them closer. When the girl and boy are linked for marriage by destiny, male’s chart will be a replica of the female horoscope and vice versa connected with required houses.. The main houses to be considered are Lagna, 5th house, 7th house and 9th house. It will be pertinent to note 28  
  29. 29. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  th here that the connection of the Lagna of the one with the 7 house of other. A close scrutiny of the charts will reveal that the 7th house of the one will be analogous with lagna of the other2. Dr NVRA Raja(Meena2 Jr.) in his work Stellar effects in Astrology Jeeva and Sareera, hehas further fine tuned the above said Meena2 methods with linking Jeeva and Sareera concept andstates that for marriage matching “Whenever Jeeva or Sareera planet of husband’s 5 and 7th houses connect to wife’s 5th and 7th house then the couple will lead a happy married life. Whenever Jeeva or Sareera planet of husband’s 6th house is connected with 7th house Jeeva or Sareera planet of wife or vice versa, then there will be very little or no mutual happiness in their marital life”.3 To understand the concept very well , I had analysed a single chart by applying both theconcepts explained by Meena2 and Meena2 Jr.A) Analysis based on Guruji Sri NV Raghavachary (Meena2)’s method of Meena2 system ofMarriage Matching  Husband’s Chart:  Date of Birth: 16.01,1981 12.35pm at Dharmapuri TamilNadu 2 Mo     Asc Moon   12      11  Rahu 3  1 Asc  Husband Rasi 10 Su  4 Rahu  Ma,Me,Ke SunMar      7 Me.Ke 5         9 ve        Ven Jup         Sat 6 Ju sat  8 Name Star Pada SignAscendant Aswini 4 MeshaSun Uttarashada 2 CapricornMoon Rohini 1 TaurusMars Sravana 3 CapricornMercury Sravana 1 CapricornJupiter Hasta 3 VirgoVenus Moola 4 SagittariusSaturn Hasta 2 VirgoRahu Aslesha 1 Cancer                                                            2  Practical Stellar Astrology by Sri NV Raghavachary (Meena2) page No. 167 ed.2  3  Stellar Effects in Astrology‐Jeeva and Sareera by Dr.NVRA Raja (Meena2 Jr.)   pg.no.331  29  
  30. 30. JASA    Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 Ketu Sravana 3 Capricorn  Wife Chart:Date of Birth: 24.09.1984 03.15Pm at Dharmapuri TamilNadu 11   9 Ju  Rahu       12   10 Asc  8 Mar    Ketu  Rasi 7  1  Ven,Sat Asc Mer Moon        6  2 Ra     4  Sun        Jup Mars Ven Sun     3  5 Mer    Ketu Sat   Mo Name Star Pada signAscendant Sravana 2 CapricornSun Uthrapal 4 VirgoMoon Uthrapal 1 LeoMars Jyesta 4 ScorpioMercury Pubba 4 LeoJupiter Moola 4 SagittariusVenus Chitta 4 LibraSaturn Visaka 1 LibraRahu Krithika 4 TaurusKetu Anuradha 2 Scorpio1. Lagna Husband: Aries Lagna, Lagna lord Mars posited in Capricorn sign, which is Wife is Lagna,Mars is in Sravana Star, whose lord Moon is wife’s 7th lord. Wife: Capricorn lagna, lagna lord posited in Libra sign, which is husband’s 7th house.2. 5th house Husband: Lord of 5th house is Sun and the Sun is aspected by Rahu Wife : Rahu is posited in 5th house and is in Sun’s Star Krithika Husband’s Moon sign is Taurus which is Wife’s 5th house, Wife’s Moon sign is Leo, which is Husband’s 5th house.3. 9th house 30  
  31. 31. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  th Husband: Lord of 9 house is Jupiter posited in Mercury house Virgo, who is in Moon star Hastam. Wife : Lord of 9th house is Mercury aspected by Jupiter.While selecting the horoscopes for marriage if the combination houses of boy and girl are linked assaid above then more likely they will be get married.B)Analysis based on Dr.NVRA Raja’s (Meena2 Jr.) Jeeva and Sareera method of MarriageMatchingHusband:5th house lord Sun is in the star of Sun himself, hence Sun is Jeeva planet of 5th house, Sunoccupied sign lord Saturn become Sareera planet of 5th house7th house lord is Venus who is in Ketu Star hence Ketu is Jeeva planet of Venus. Ketu is star ofMoon, hence Moon become Sareera planet of 7th houseKalathra karaka Venus is in the star of Ketu hence Ketu is Jeeva planet of Venus. Ketu is star ofMoon, hence Moon become Sareera planet of 7th house.Wife:5th house lord is Venus is in the star of Mars, hence Mars has become Jeeva planet of 5th house,Mars is in the star of Mercury, hence Mercury has become Sareera planet of 5th house7th house lord is Moon is in the star of Sun, hence Sun become Jeeva planet of 7th house,.Sun is in the star of Sun himself, Sun occupied sign lord Mercury become Sareera planet of 7thhouse.Karaka Venus, Venus is in the star of Mars, hence Mars become Jeeva planet of 5th house, Mars isin the star of Mercury, hence Mercury become Sareera planet of 5th hosue Husband WifeHouse Jeeva Sareera Jeeva Sareera5 Sun Saturn Mars Mercury7 Ketu Moon Sun MercuryVenus Ketu Moon Mars MercuryJeeva and Sareera(Rules pl refer my earlier article’s published in JASA)From Husband’s Chart”Jeeva and Sareera planets of 5th house is Sun and Saturn. Sun posited in Capricorn sign which isWife Lagna, Saturn posited in Libra sign which is wife’s 10th house, Saturn is wife’s Lagna lord.Jeeva and Sareera planets of 7th house is Ketu. Moon, Ketu posited in Capricorn sign which iswife’s Lagna, Moon posited in Taurus sign which is wife’s 5th house(love and affection)Karaka Venus’s Jeeva and Sareera planets are Ketu and Moon. Ketu posited in Capricorn signwhich is wife’s Lagna, Moon posited in Taurus sign which is wife’s 5th house(love and affection) 31  
  32. 32. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  From Wife’s chart Jeeva and Sareera planets of 5th house are Mars and Mercury. Jeeva planet Mars is husband’s Lagna lord, Sareera planet Mercury is posited in Husband’ 5th house. Jeeva and Sareera of planets of 7th house are Sun and Mercury, the Sun is husband’s 5th lord, Mercury posited in husband’s 5th house Leo sign. Karaka Venus’s Jeeva and Sareera planets are Mars and Mercury. Jeeva planet Mars is husband’s Lagna lord, Sareera planet Mercury is posited in Husband’ 5th house. In the above analysis we can clearly see that the Jeeva and Sareera planets of 5th house and 7th house are mutually linked by the way of either position or as house lord. This type of analysis while selecting horoscopes for marriage also will give a clear indication of marriage between them. Astrology is indicative science and if one follows scrupulously the methods indicated by a great legend like Meena2, I am sure; he will become a great astrologer and helping society in a great way in guiding in marriage matters. Reference: Practical Stellar Astrology by Sri NV Raghavachary (Meena2) page No. 167 ed.2 Stellar Effects in Astrology-Jeeva and Sareera by Dr.NVRA Raja (Meena2 Jr.) pg.no 331 Editor’s Note  Smt. Vijayalakshmi ji’s article is a very practical and clear exposition on Meena 2 Naadi astrology. Such rare articles are an asset to any serious practitioner of astrology and JASA, its  readers and patrons would always remain grateful for this  brilliant contribution.  32   
  33. 33. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçAnalysis of Professional life in Light of Krishnamurthy Paddhati: A Real TimeCase studyKausik Roy   The author is from Howrah, West Bengal, working as a telecom professional in a MNC in Kolkata. He learnt  Vedic  &  KP  systems  of  astrology  and  is  practicing  Vedic  astrology  since  last  few  years.  The  author  is  also  practicing  KP  astrology  and  is  interested  in  research  on  KP  astrology.  He  is  also  providing  online  astrology  consultancy based on Vedic & KP principles.    Email:‐ kausik.roy@gmail.com , kausikroy2003@yahoo.com   I n this Anniversary Issue of our loved magazine JASA , I will cover a very relevant topic in modern era, i.e. Profession/our Work Life as per KP. Dear friends, Our profession is determined mainly by 10th house. So in order to know the potential of our professional life weneed to test the 10th CSL (Cuspal Sub Lord) and its connection with different houses. This 10th CSLplanet will reveal the cuspal promise present in our chart for our professional life. These promisesare time stamped during our time of birth.Let me explain with an example Chart of one of my client;He consulted me via mail on 28.10.2011, and asked me the following things;“ Sir I am Jobless since 31st of May(148 days). I truly believe in astrology. I have alreadychanged 6 jobs in 7.5 years.From birth chart also good period is running(JUP-SUN) from 1st August,2011. Sun signify 3,11houses but yet i am unable to get job. Currently JUP-SUN-JUP is running. Is the present planettransit not good?My birth detail is :-My DOB-21/08/1975 TOB-01:45AM POB-BALLIA(Uttar Pradesh) Accurate longitude & longitude of birth place. Latitude:--- 25(N) 45 7.8618 Longitude:---84(E) 8 17.6532Which one is better for me, job or business.Thanks & Regards,”Now his main concern was job, salary & money. As per KP, house grouping for those is 2,6,10,11.Here 10th is the main house to determine job prospect in a particular nativity. So lets test 10th CSL,which is RAHU in this case. First of all, let me clear you few things, I have observed from mypersonal experience that RAHU as a 10th CSL gives disturbing professional life ( job or businessanywhere you go.) irrespective of its cuspal promise. Also RAHU is debilitated (in Scorpio at 2 deg53 min) in his birth chart which is not at all good for his job prospect/social reputation.CUSPAL PROMISE OF PROFESSIONAL LIFE:- 33  
  34. 34. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 Let’s see what is promised for him in job life, 10th CSL RAHU =>( occ 5, MAR, occ11/12(being within 3 deg 20 min of the orb of 12th cusp), own 6,11) --> stl JUP(occ 10, own 7,10);RAHU aspected by MAR, hence again 6,11/12 i.e. RAHU= 5,6,7,10,11,12 Now sublord of Rahu isalso RAHU in this case, so this is fully supportive of 10th CSL RAHUs promise. As 6,10,11 isthere job is well promised for you. Only 5,12 is bad and 7 indicates he will try to do business aswell, but whether that will be a success or not depends upon the promise of 7th CSL VEN.Now VEN=occ 3, own 5,12; VEN in self star and sub; so VEN=3,5,12; it indicates 7th CSL is notsupportive of earning through business( as 10,11,2 missing).Further as we all know, 2nd house denotes our earned money/bank balance; so the connection ofCSL of 2nd house will denote from which sources one will earn his money. In this case, 2nd CSL isKET. Now,KET= conj MAR( 11,6,12), sign lord VEN=3,5,12, starlord of KET is SUN=3; So, KET=11,12,6,3,5. So it is clearly denoted during birth (Cuspal promise) that source of income will beprimarily paid job(6,11) and not any business( 7 missing).DBA Analysis:-But this is not the only reason for your poor job life, now DBAS(Dasha-Bhukti-Anthara-Sukshma)will reveal why he had such bad experiences since last 7.5 years, ie almost from starting of JUP->SAT from 10.2.2003.MAHADASHA he was facing, JUP= (occ. 10, owner 7,10) --> stl KET(occ 11,VEN occ 3,own5,12) Ket conj. MAR (occ.11,own 6,11); so JUP=7,10,11,3,5,12,6. here both [6,10,11] &[7,5,12]significtions are there, but the sbl of JUP is VEN, and this is the ultimate culprit, bec VEN=( occ 3,own 5,12) conj MER ( occ 3, own 1,4)--> stl VEN, so sub lord VEN strongly signify 1,3,4,5,12,none of which is supportive of job prospect ( 2,6,10,11). So in this JUP mahadasha job prospectwill be at a medium tempo. SAT=> 1,8,9.in self sub, so this SAT is also very bad for job, he gotvery bad exp regarding job and his mental tension increases in SAT bhukti (i.e. 10.2.2003 to23.08.2005).Next MER {(1,3,4,5,12) in sub of JUP(5,6,10,11,7,3,12)} from 23.08.2005 to 29.11.2007 & KETU{(3,5,6,11,12) in sub of JUP(5,6,10,11,7,3,12) from 29.11.2007 to 04.11.2008 will be medium togood for job prospect.Next VEN {(1,3,4,5,12) in self sub) is very bad for job matters( from 4.11.2008 to 6.07.2011),Then comes SUN Bhukti (6.7.2011 to 23.4.2012), {(3,5,6,11,12) in sub of MON(2,8)} in thisrunning bhukti although job prospect is somewhat good, but he can get a job only during Bhukti offruitful significators of 2,6,10,11.MON=8,2 in sub of SUN(3,11,6,12); so in MON bhukti chances of getting job are higher comparedto SUN bhukti as sublord is more favourable in case of planet MON.PREDICTION:-I predicted for him the following things on 28th October 2011;Now the predicted time frame for you to get a job;JUP->SUN->KET ; 17.2.2012 to 6.3.2012------- very weak chanceJUP->MON; 23.04.2012 to 23.08.2013----- strong chanceIn this SUN bhukti he will exp mental agony(8) related to finance and family(2) due to sublordconnection. But due to RAHU as 10th CSL huge/frequent job change is destined for you at anyDasha Bhukti Anthara. ( I have already changed 6 jobs in 7.5 years.) 34  
  35. 35. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 FEEDBACK OF CLIENT & REALITY, Analysis with transit Support:-I had received a feedback mail from this client on 27th May 2012;“Dear Kausik ji,Thanks for good prediction!This is feedback mail. I was interviewed & joined the new Job on 7th of May,2012.”On 7th may 2012, he was running JUP-MON-MON-JUP(5.5.2012 to 10.5.2012), both JUP & MONare fruitful significators for job(2,6,10,11) as can be seen from the above analysis.On 7th may 2012 Transit ; a) It was Monday ruled by MON(2,8); b) SUN was in Aries ruled by MAR , a significator of 6,11 in natal chart. c) MON was in scorpio, so MAR(6,11) again d) Mahadasha & Suksmadasha lord JUP was in Aries in 11th bhava of the native in transit. e) Bhukti & Anthara lord MON was in close to 6th natal bahva in scorpio in transit.So, very strongly & clearly the signification of 2,6,11 reflected in transit and hence getting of jobhappened. LONG LIVE KRISHNAMURTHY PADHDHATI JASA congratulates author Sri Kaushik Roy  for his correct predictions!!  Readers can send FREE advertisements about their Astrology Institution, Astrology Association, Books, Seminars, Conferences, Astrological meetings, and any other astrological activities/news for publicity in JASA. Space allocation will be made FREE of cost for each advertisement/news received. News items can accompany with photographs of events. Send to astrojasa@gmail.com with subject title ‘ADVT’ Fully complete Advertisement/News should be sent in PDF format only for acceptance and release in JASA 35  
  36. 36. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  36  
  37. 37. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  37  
  38. 38. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  Vtáx fàâw|xá |Ç cÜxw|và|äx TáàÜÉÄÉzçThe Mystery Conspiracy About Paul McCartney  Basilioli Sandro (Vediko) Since 1995  Vediko is practicing different schools of astrology such as karmic astrology, traditional/Vedic astrology ,KP  astrology  and  Nadi  astrology.  He  is  very  interested  in  research  in  astrology  using  both  ancient  and  novel  astrological  methods. Practices art since 1990 and is also involved in making research in the unknown mysteries of human history.  He publishes articles in Saptarishis Magazine and other online magazines.            Email vediko@libero.it    BackgroundThe cover-story ( Chiedi chi era quell beatles ) for the July 15 2009 issue of Wired Italia, theItalian edition of the US magazine Wired, describes the analysis of the McCartney conspiracytheory conducted by two Italians, Gabriella Carlesi and Francesco Gavazzeni experts infacial comparison.Their purpose for analyzing this conspiracy theory was to provide indisputable, scientificevidence that would put an end to the persistent rumors that Paul McCartney had died in acar accident in 1966. However, the results of their analysis surprised them. Instead of puttingan end to the rumors, their analysis provides scientific evidence that the Paul McCartney oftoday is not the same man as the Paul McCartney prior to 1966.I will try to put an end to the rumors looking at his longevity analysis using the scientific KPastrology.Chart courtesy given by AstrodatabankMary [Pauls mother] was given the luxury of a private bed when her first son was born at WaltonHospital, shortly after two in the morning on 18 June 1942. He was baptised Catholic, and namedJames Paul McCartney. (page 18)"KP LONGEVITY RULES 38  
  39. 39. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012 FOR LONG LIFE: Combinations of 1, 5,9,10,11,(3,8) : over 66 yFOR MIDDLE LIFE: Combinations of 1,3,5,9,10,11+ 6,8,12 : up to 65 yFOR SHORT LIFE: Combinations of = Bhadaka , Maraka+6,8,12: up to 32 y1st sub-lord is Sun in star of Mars and in sub of Venus.Sun in 4th cup owner of 7th Maraka. Star-lord Mars ( karaka for incidents) in 6th (injuries) owner of7th Maraka and 9th Bhadaka, sub-lord Venus( karaka for vehicles) in 2nd cup Maraka and owner ofcups 3, 8( incidents).Sun signify all the bad cups Maraca, Bhadaka, 6 and 8 , the ascendant shows possible accidentswith injuries . Are the rumors about his death true? The data given is not an A-A rated , it is ratedas B (from biography) so we can not trust it for 100%.If we move the tob by 10 seconds forward the sub-lord will chance and also the longevity. The sub-lord will become of the Moon and it will show most probably the true span of life?1st sub-lord Moon in star and sub of Mercury.Moon in 6 cup owner of 6 cup. Star-lord and sub-lord is Mercury in 3rd cup owner of 4 and 5th cups.Moon does not signify any Maraka or Bhadaka cups here we find signification of 6 in sign and 5 instar -sub level indication for a long life more than 66 years. Mr Mcartney at the moment has 70years, a long life for the KP Astrology rules.ConclusionsIt is my humble opinion that Mr Paul Mcartney did not die in a car accident in 1966 ,however the first analysis with Sub-lord of Sun perfectly indicate a short life and death by anaccident with injuries . With no birth chart rated A-A the analysis is not a 100% , so Iconclude that by at least 90% i am sure Paul Mcartney of today is the same as the PaulMcCartney prior to 1966. Editor’s Note   This elaborate article is showing how KP and advanced theories can be  applied together. Readers will stand to gain by reading and re‐reading  this article to understand many fundamentals concepts of KP.    JASA thanks author Sri Vediko for sharing this wonderful  article with the whole world!!  39  
  40. 40. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  40  
  41. 41. JASA  Vol 2(1)        Jul‐Aug 2012  41