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  1. 1. IntroductionA catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a greatdistance without the aid of explosive devices—particularlyvarious types of ancient and medieval siege engines. Althoughthe catapult has been used since ancient times, it has proven tobe one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare.The catapult answered humanitys need to propel a missileeffectively over a great distance with some "mechanical"assistance. Since ancient times, the style and size of this devicehas varied. But the main usage has always been some form ofattack on a target, mostly in times of warfare.
  2. 2. Problem StatementDesign a catapult which should be able to throw objects and mustsatisfy the given specifications.SPECIFICATIONSCatapult Specifications :The maximum dimensions of the Catapult must not exceed 60cmx 60cm x 80cm(length x breadth x height) excluding the threadanytime during the event.If you are using the counterweight mechanism, then the weightof the counterweight must not exceed 5 kg.The Total Weight of the Catapult must not exceed 15 kg.Arena Specifications :The event will take place in an open air arena around 50m long &50m wide.
  3. 3. Game PlayROUND 1 :• Your catapult should throw the given object to maximum possibledistance.•Points will be given by the maximum distance it throws a Tennis Balland the points will be given relative to the other participants.•The participants will be given 3 chances to throw the object and thebest of the 3 will be considered.ROUND 2 :•The "TARGET" Round• Target point will be marked on the. arena, and your catapult shouldthrow the object in the target region.•Your catapult should be adjustable enough to throw the objectaccording to the target point.•The target point can be in the range of 1 metre to 10 metre from thelaunch pad•Points will be given according to the radial distance covered from thetarget point.
  4. 4. Rules•Initially arena will be having a launch pad and you have to place yourcatapult on it.•Team size: A maximum of 4 members may form a team.•During a run, we will provide each team with the object that is to beprojected.•The object for projection will be Tennis Ball.•Any team exceeding the specified dimensions of the catapult will beimmediately disqualified.•Your catapult must throw a minimum distance of 1 metre.•The Catapult may be manually triggered or wireless triggered.•The displacement of the projectile will be measured from thelaunching pad to the point where the ball strikes for the first time.
  5. 5. OrganisersKSN Raj Kumarkongara@iitg.ernet.in+91 8011252534Ravir.lakra@iitg.ernet.in+91 9162473569R Snehith Reddyrekulapally@iitg.ernet.in+91 8011232361
  6. 6. Prizes•First ₹ 5000/ -•Second ₹ 3000/ -•Third ₹2000/-And goodies over 10,000 Rupees to be won