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  • Accolade---something usedas substitute for admireBoast about the stature of speakers who come to techniche..Competitions—mention names of some modules (robotics,management)…mention something about funniche gaming events and other
  • Read the module names clockwise.
  • Say something U know abt LS
  • 2nd point meaning—come and let yourself drown to neck in the knowledge given by the speakers.
  • Lyn evans---lhc(large hedron collider) project leaderTim samaras--Severe-Storms(like tornados and others) Researcher from National Geographic…appeared in many showsStephen Morse---father of 8085 microprocessor
  • Paid entry, limited (first come first serve basis)---- registration fee would be around 1000 bucks.. world class entrepreneurs will come and share their experiences with us.
  • Leila Janah---Founder of Samasource ( pronunciation---sa-ma-source)Shaffi Mather--- CEO , Mather projectsJonarnader---Author,journalist,managementconsultant,futurist,digital age philosopher.
  • AbhishekDubey—the current sports editor of IBN7B.G.Verghese---former editor of Hindustan times and The Indian Express.
  • Ravi singh---Secretary general and CEO of wwf in indiaMadhukarsabnavis—country head—discovery and planning ,Oligvy and mather IndiaSanjay pugalia
  • Read the
  • Start from Top---any side works fyn
  • Major cities---hyderabad,delhi,vizag,Bangalore etc.
  • T'12_Branding

    1. 1. Techniche• Techniche is the annual techno management festival of IIT Guwahati.• Techniche was started in 1999 in the Technology complex of IIT Guwahati, starting in two rooms and Techniche have already earned great accolade in the past years.• Techniche is generally held in the first weekend of September and lasts for three days and four nights….30th Aug-2nd Sep this year.• Techniche hosts several Lectures, competitions, games, nights, exhibitions and many more events will share their part in Techniche.
    2. 2. Lecture Series• Techniche hosts the best Lecture series of the country.• Immerse yourself in the sheer brilliance the speakers at Techniche exude while you experience the best lecture series the country has to offer…• People who took part in Techniche’s lecture series feel it as a life time memory..• Grab Your Chance to feel it..
    3. 3. Tim SamarasStephen Morse
    4. 4. • Industrial Conclave is an initiative by Techniche whose motto is to give a chance to students to interact directly with successful Industrialists around the world.• The main aim of Industrial conclave is to facilitate the interaction of students with Industry.
    5. 5. Leila Janah Shaffi MatherJonarNader
    6. 6. B G VergheseShailendra Singh Abhishek Dubey
    7. 7. SanjayMadhukarSabnavis Pugalia Ravi Singh
    8. 8. Why Industrial Conclave?• Once in a life time opportunity to interact directly with industry which is vital for the success of any engineering institution.• Chance for direct interaction with speakers for all participants via a Networking Lunch on all three days.• Exclusive Certificates to all participants.• For registration , simply log on to www.techniche.org
    9. 9. Escalade• A new initiative by Techniche• Escalade is being organized at 12 major cities of the country…first of its kind by Techniche!• Best 3 teams from each Centre will have to compete against each other during Techniche and Techniche bears all the expenses for the selected teams….!!• Excellent opportunity for those who want to take part in Techniche….Catch it when it is right in your hands..
    10. 10. Prelims : Make a robot that can climb up a pole.Mains : To be announced after national prelims. Problem Statement
    11. 11. Aero Shot Maximum 5 members per team. Problem statement: To drop a Ball of given diameter incircular pits using a wireless remote-controlled aircraft within given time.
    12. 12. 
    13. 13. The objective is to make a wired/wireless, manuallycontrolled bot that can immobilize the opponent’s botin a one on one competition.Design a manual robot which can separatedifferent colored boxes on a moving conveyer belt.
    14. 14. Make a manual robot that is capable of throwing a ballof weight around 50 grams to about 4-5 meters. Design a manual robot that could pick up small blocks and arrange them on shelves
    15. 15. Brain Child• The annual B-Plan writing competition of Techniche, IIT Guwahati• Judged by a panel of renowned Venture Capitalists, Investors and Entrepreneurs• 10 Finalists get mentored by our Mentors Panel• A chance to get your idea incubated, with a Total Incubation sum of Rs 1 Crore , free legal and financial consultancy and intensive mentoring• Participation ranges from Indian Institutes of repute like IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS and other management and engineering colleges .• One attempt may settle your career…you can try your luck..
    16. 16. Product launch• Techniche’12 presents Product Launch, with an aim to encourage Innovation with focus on areas of Technological Entrepreneurship.• The most market feasible idea will be funded and will beManufactured to meet industrial standards.• Participants may even get their products patented! Strategem• Marketing Strategy event•Develop a marketing strategy to promote the product,i.e., either through T.V., Radio, Internet, Posters or acombination of these.•Try to mention the Brand name, the logo, tagline, thevariety of products along with their names, with properreasoning.
    17. 17. Blue chips• Techniche’12 presents its online simulation stock trading game – Blue Chips.• Trade stocks with neither financial risks nor tension.• Fierce competition from all over the globe.• Test your luck and abilities in this virtual world.• Open to all! Participate from anywhere, at anytime.
    18. 18. New this year… • Brings the most START-UP innovative start-ups of SHOWCASE the country to light • An initiative toENTREPRENEURSHIP encourage rural DRIVE entrepreneurship
    19. 19. Pre-Defined Module
    20. 20. • DefinidoPredefined • Hackathon • Archcraft Module • Onager • Techscribe
    21. 21. Techscribe• A presentation has to be created by the participant on any of the areas mentioned in the event description and that would be presented before the experts .• The selection of papers for final presentation would be done entirely on the basis of your abstract/summary only. We can also ask for the full paper for abstract selection purposes . OnagerA catapult has to be designed which should be able to throwobjects and must satisfy the given specifications.
    22. 22. Arch CraftArch craft brings out the true architect within by presenting onesown ideas in the form of paper presentation on how to solvesome of the leading challenges in today’s world. DEFINIDOFirst stage• This event consists of collecting different problems from various fields of science and engineering . Judges will look into these questions and select one best question which will be rewarded with prize and publicity too  …!!Second stage• The best questions will then be posted on Techniche website and now we start collecting answers for these questions. Judges will select one best answer for each question…….• Different…. Isnt it…?
    23. 23. • CSI • Rubik’s Cube • Quiz on the Move • LAN party • CryptographyRush Hour • Sudoku Championship Module • T-shirt Design • Sci-Fri • Codewar • Keep Calm and Rush
    24. 24. Crime Scene Investigation• A crime scene simulation• You will be provided with a crime scene with all clues about the murderer… all u have to do is to find out the murderer from the suspects. Rubik’s Cube• Skilled enough to solve the 6 faces of a rubik’s cube??•Here is Your chance…prove yourselves…and win ourgifts..
    25. 25. Quiz on the MoveTake the quiz, answer simple questions while enjoyingTechniche and win exciting prizes…. LAN party• Gaming Zone-The perfect place to have fun...• It’s an on the spot event...• You will get chance to play games like CS, DOTA, NFS….like a Pro .. with Pros 
    26. 26. Cryptography• Bring out the decoder within.• Decode the code and take away attracting prizes…… Sudoku championship• Is it your hobby......•Winning gifts while enjoying the competition…What would be betterthan this..
    27. 27. T-shirt design • You will be given T-shirt and you have to design the t-shirt (online) on a given theme in a limited time. Code war• Participate in the ultimate coding championship and showcase your talent to rise above the rest. Display your skills in coding and win exciting prizes.• It’s not just a competition but a war!!!!!!!
    28. 28. Keep calm and RushParticipate in and win as many rush hour events to first everrush hour champion.On the basis of points awarded to the winners of each event inthe module, the overall rush hour championship will beawarded. Sci-friEscape from the reality and conjure up new worlds of your own in the ultimatesci-fi story writing competition.
    29. 29. • Casino• Tug of war• Photography Exhibition• Fun in Experiments• Flash Gaming Summit• Rube Goldberg Inventions• Bakar Time
    30. 30. The game of chance !Probability, uncertainty, money and risk becoming the spices in thisbattle of wits as gamblers pitch against each other in Blackjack, Poker,Teen Patti, etc.• Onspot event…register yourselves with any teamand have fun 
    31. 31. • Photography exhibition by photography club of IITG.• Each photograph is a different story; each photograph is an expression of impression; each photograph is worth a thousand words, lets have a look.• Let children experience the wonders of science, develop science skills and learn about science topics with simple but unique experiments.• These are fun experiments that kids will enjoy doing and will also promote curiosity and creative problem solving
    32. 32. Flash-Game arena – Play the games on the big screen! You canplay flash games, including action, racing, FPS, multiplayergames, puzzles etc.. Rube Goldberg machine- You will have to design acontraption in a given amount of time. The best design will bedecided by our judges n will be awarded.
    33. 33. • Initiative in collaboration with the Radio Club.• Live shows with all trivia and exciting events of the day. Share your experiences with IIT-G junta through RADIO-G. At the end of day nothing is better than a round of bakar with your friends
    34. 34. A participation of over 3500 in 4 different categories withAakash Chopra as the brand ambassador and World’s leadingparkour group – American parkour performing for Techniche (2010)
    35. 35. Initiatives
    36. 36. Blood Donation CampSocial 360
    37. 37. Technothlon
    38. 38. • The International School Championship.• For Students of Classes 9 – 12.• Participation of over 1.6 lakhs, as per last year…
    39. 39. Exhibitions
    40. 40. Brain-Computer InterfaceI Duple
    41. 41. After the sunset
    42. 42. 3D Wall Projection
    43. 43. Techniche is an out and out student festival where eventhe most ‘supposedly’ menial tasks to the highest levelsof decision making are done by us- the students –something which makes it one of the most stimulatingand challenging activities (figuratively speaking) to beinvolved in.
    44. 44. www.techniche.org