Technical doctor an EHR based company, launched a brand-new customer focused, interactive websitethis month. The site, www...
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Technical Doctors Press Release (2011)


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Technical Doctor offers healthcare Providers a unique blend of medical
practice and IT experience to assist Hospitals and Physicians Practices
maximize their EHR investment.

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Technical Doctors Press Release (2011)

  1. 1. Technical doctor an EHR based company, launched a brand-new customer focused, interactive websitethis month. The site,, is designed in a direct response to our research into whatphysicians really want and NEED. Technical doctor C.E.O. Vinnie Venugopal says: "at technical doctor wehave always taken customer satisfaction very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and takingtheir views into consideration. Over the last year I have conducted several surveys and the results haveinfluenced this new website design and content."Vinnie Venugopal today unveiled the new and improved, an innovative and one-stopshop for EHR solutions and information. This website was launched Due to increased inquiries regardingthe different EHR systems and solutions available to physicians today. Distinguished physicians andthose just entering the field can find unbiased information on several EHR vendors solutions productsservices and information. This shift from the classic physicians office to cutting edge technologyphysician practices since starting this year has pushed us to creating this website.These are exciting times for medical professionals in the healthcare industry, but it also presentsdaunting challenges and questions for those striving to keep up with the evolving technology withinmedicine today.Many physicians are finding themselves confused and at a loss of support and reliable resources. Thechallenges and expenses of either transitioning to an EHR or starting fresh with an EHR has become anecessity. Therefore the need for a one-stop shop site is a necessity in this growing market. VinnieVenugopal, owner of Technical Doctor Inc., reported "EHR is a necessity for any practice movingforward, and can greatly increase your revenue stream as well as improve patient care. I re-built my siteto be proactive in this constantly evolving field!"He added, "in order for any physician to remain in control, they need to shop around and beknowledgeable, and we provide guidance in a completely agnostic demeanor to help select the correctfit for each physician needs. I know firsthand not all physicians have the same needs and wants withinthe practice, Im here to help guide those with what Ive seen work effectively and efficiently and alsoremain cost-effective."Technical physicians can find informative information and resources on:  EHR demos and selection  HIPAA compliant backups  Dragon Medical Dictation  Hardware Assessments  Workflow Assessments  Meaningful Use  IT Help Desk and  Managed Services  On-Site Technical Support  Website Creation
  2. 2.  Trainings  hardware Installations  EHR Implementations  Billing Services and Consulting  Disaster Recovery  Government IncentivesTechnical also provides (for current customers) a complete web-based portal where theycan find useful information, i.e. a knowledge base to help troubleshoot common technical issues. Theycan also search open cases and see status of issues as well as communicate through the portal. Inaddition they can create new service tickets view invoicesAt technical doctor we know the importance and the hard work it takes when selecting an EHR. that notonly fits your workflow but your practice needs. as well please let us know your thoughts and give usfeedback with any ideas you have for content. As a result we will continue to refine our website andservices to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.Check back next month where we will release information on the top patient identifiable Bio-Metrics!