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Direct trade

  1. 1. Virtual trading platform
  2. 2.  Paper trading (sometimes also called "virtual stock trading") is a simulated trading process in which would-be investors can practice investing without committing real money This is done by the manipulation of imaginary money and investment positions that behave in a manner similar to the real markets. Stock market games are often used for educational purposes. Successful execution and profit generation from these markets usually require high levels of technical knowledge. Investors can test these strategies with paper trading to avoid taking on excessive risk due to inexperience.
  3. 3.  Freshers misorder punch Online traders unaware of Real system Acquisition for Sub broker Monitoring on all Clients and Dealers Administration of Allocated Funds Reports of Skilled Traders
  4. 4.  Practice Day Trading, Value Investing NSE Cash, NSE Fut, NSE Options, MCX, NCDEX Market Orders and Limit Orders! Start with 10000 - 500000 in virtual cash! Real-time stock quotes!
  5. 5.  F1,Buy /Stop loss F2,Sell/ Stop loss F3,Pending trades with filter of exchange wise, symbol wise and Account wise Shift +F2 for Modification of trades from F3 F4,Market watch ..Multiple windows, upload Portfolio and Select Columns Alt F6 :confirm trades with filter of exchange wise, symbol wise and Account wise With Fund utilized and brokerage and Export Excel F8: Order Confirmation with filter of exchange wise, symbol wise and Account wise and export excel
  6. 6.  User creation with valid e-mail id and mobile No Account Creation Adjustable Brokerage Multiple Super Admin and Admin Hierarchy Admin Mergers Fund Exposure limit Add/ modify option Fund Allocation and Fund Break Up Fund utilization Options with excel export Square Off of pending and traded Symbols by admin and Super Admin Holidays and Sessions Management LOT size Modification for MCX and NCDEX
  7. 7.  Why " Direct Trade " Virtual trading System Access with minimum internet connection It allows fresher candidates to have a feel of real market without loosing money It keeps a record on your dealers (Admins)online It Gives you the benefit to redistribute it to unlimited Admins and Clients (Students) Real Time Live Rates Push Data Live Charts Live Contest Results Auto Mirror trading , Semi Mirror Trading Where One can Trade the Best Player Intraday top performer Eod top performer
  8. 8. Login BoxA link would be provided todownload the software andafter extracting the softwarea Direct Trade icon would becreated on your desktop .You can use your credentialsprovided by your admin(mentor)This Software Runs onWindows Xp as well asWindows 7Dot net Framework 4.0 ismandatory to run thisapplication
  9. 9. NSE CASH LIVE DATAAfter login the main interfaceopens and a “ODIN “ Lookalike dashboard opens .The first dropdown is for allthree exchanges :NSE ,MCXand NCDEXOn selection of NSE thesecond dropdown gives twooptions CM ---Cash Marketand FO ----Futures andOptionsWhen you select cash marketthe third dropdown opens ofsymbols and when u pressenter Market Watch windowopens which can also beopened by F4 .
  10. 10. NSE Futures andOptions LiveSelect Nse from first tab thenFO from second tab andselect symbol from thirddropdown ,then one has toselect expiry date ,then forfutures stock select FUTSTKand for index Select FUTIDXAND EnterSimultaneously for optionsfrom 5 th dropdown selectOPTSTK for Stocks andOPTIDX for Index and thenSelect if you want to SeeCE(call option ) or PE (putoption ) With Its respectiveStrike pricesFor Stock options 1 ATM,ITM ,OTM according toCurrent price ,& for index 5ATM ,ITM& OTM strikeprices are displayed
  11. 11. MCX LIVEFrom the first tab if youselect MCX then wholesymbol list of MCX tradedsymbols ,You can press enterand you can View Live Feedsof Mcx till Market Closes .Optional*After MCX market is closedand the backup of trades inExcel is taken then we havethe option to erase all dataon server (for securityreasons)
  12. 12. NCDEX LIVEFrom 1st tab when you selectNCDEX all symbols ofmultiple expiries would bedisplayedMCX and NCDEX multipliercan be managed by Adminand be Modified Client Wise
  13. 13. Windows CascadeClassification of Screens canbe done by opening multipleF4 windows and cascadingthem from Windows optionin the Menu tabThis enables to view differentexchanges at a single point oftime and execute trades inall exchanges at a go .
  14. 14. Buy order F1After Selecting any Stockwhen you press F1 thefollowing window comes ofBuy Order Entry and afterfeeding the total quantity andprice admin can execute thetrades in his account or hisClients(user’s) accountavailable in Trader Id ‘sdropdown when you submit Iteither goes pending if theprice is less and if the pricequoted is higher then itexecutes at market priceBelow are the confirmationswhich you receive afterexecuting
  15. 15. Sell Order F2After Selecting any Stockwhen you press F2 thefollowing window comes ofSell Order Entry and afterfeeding the total quantityand price admin canexecute the trades in hisaccount or hisClients(user’s) accountavailable in Trader Id ‘sdropdown when you submitIt either goes pending if theprice is more and if theprice quoted is lower then itexecutes at market priceBelow are theconfirmations which youreceive after executing
  16. 16. Stop loss order withtrigger priceIn F1 and F2 when order typeis selected SL and price andtrigger price are mentioned itplaces a stop loss level forthat particular Buy or Sellwhich is executed as andwhen the price is reached orbreached
  17. 17. F3 Pending ordersWhen orders are placedbelow price in F1 and higherin F2 they are not traded andwait for the price to theirexecution level , till then Itshows in F3 .F3 trades are automaticallytraded as soon as the price isequal to rate entered at thetime of orderFilter of trades can be viewedby exchange wise , symbolwise and account wise
  18. 18. Shift F2 ModifyorderWhen trades are pending inF3 and if you want to edit theprice Please press Shit + F2which would open therespective window of thetrade initiated and orderscan be modified
  19. 19. Alt F6Integrated netpositionsAll the Fields Required afteran execution of a trade isavailable by entering Alt +F6Net positions of clients withfilter of exchangewise, symbol wise andaccount wise .total fundutilization and brokeragecalculationLive MTM, NET MTM afterBrokerage .Export to excel
  20. 20. F8 Trade BookThe trades initiated andexecuted can be viewed withFilter of Exchange, Symboland Trader .Export To Excel
  21. 21. F10 message logsEvery activity performed inthe software is registered inf10 which has all the recordsofpending, modified, cancelled, traded etc
  22. 22. Additional featuresAdditional Features in theApplication are as follows :Column profile SetupSave /Upload Column profileSave / upload portfoliooption on Right Click onScreen
  23. 23. Admin LoginAs in any application thefrontend is useful for End users, the Admin is required tomanage the clients , the coreactivity and updates are donewith the help of the AdminDirect Trade AdministrationSetup is similar to Client Setupand When a logo is created onyour desktop ,double click andlogin window opens whereonce can see the Login Boxand you can Get the mainFrame of Admin
  24. 24. Client Profile SetupIn this registration form youcan create super admin, adminand users ,This goes in ahierarchy format which meansSuper admin can view Adminand Admin user’s .Admin canview the users which has beencreated under particularadmin.Trading Status can be enableddisabledBrokerage % can be setup forevery admin as well userUser can be assigned a free trialUsername and passwordwould be adapted for login toclient and if referred as adminthen it would be the same foradministration login as well
  25. 25. Client profile Setup 2Client LibraryUser registered under SuperAdmin, Admin can besearched, monitored Here, Edited and Deleted FromSame
  26. 26. Managed ClientGroupA group can be created andallocated to trade to aparticular accountMultiple accounts and groupscan be created
  27. 27. Admin GroupsAdmin groups are created inthe Intention if a Superadmin wants his users to beDisplayed under all hisfellow Admins that can becreated over here .We see in reality that agroup of clients are assignedto particular RelationshipMangers ,and lots ofcomplications are faced bybrokers and Clients Due tothis This is the bridge to ruleover that option to both theentities
  28. 28. Fund Exposure LimitFund Exposure Limit for eachExchange can be uploadedfrom here which calculates theMargin 5 and Margin in rupeesof the client , admin ,.TheSample file has been given forexample .The symbol whichever areuploaded from here would onlybe displayed to Admin andusers …this is to avoidmanipulation of trading inilliquid countersMargin % and margin rupeescan be modified which wouldbe calculated accordingly in thetrades
  29. 29. Fund AllocationThis can be called a the backbone of the AdministrationFund can be allocated toadmin/userFund breakup can be decidedfor every user ,Say for E.g. ifyou Allocate 1 crore to aclient and put a fund breakupof 5 lacs he cannot initiate atrade above 5 lacs in a SingletradeUtilization of funds for eachclients can be viewedHistory of trades Fundutilization /allocation can beviewed by selecting to andfrom date
  30. 30. Square offThis utility is used to squareoff any pending trades andtraded trades withoutstanding quantity at anypoint of time ,This can bedone user wise as well as forall users .This is done doing marginpressures from Main broker, Exchange and also duringimbalance payout of funds .
  31. 31. MessagesMessage Board is used tosend personal messages orcommon messages , balancedebit credit , tips and so toindividual clients and byclicking the check box ofSelect all users the admin canSend to all
  32. 32. HolidaysConfiguration of holidays canbe made in this section whichcan be exchange wise and inMCX it can also be Section Wise,This is to avoid irregularactivities during sudden declareof exchange holidays
  33. 33. Lot SizeThis Section is for Lot Sizemultipliers used in MCX andNCDEX exchanges Whichcan be Imported andModified according to theneeds and conditional capitalof clients
  34. 34.  1 static IP Data feeds either from your server We provide data from tap server 1 shared Web Server We also have the provision for extracting feeds from Odin Client and Updating on your Server
  35. 35.  Unlimited distribution to end no. of admin’s (Dealers) and User (Online client) White label and reselling rights to super admin only
  36. 36.  1 static ip Database Server A small utility tool which connects Direct Trade and Odin Broker connectivity Compliances and formalities of Exchange
  37. 37.  All tickets raised would be solved within 2-3 hours Dedicated Technical executive online during market hours Customization in the software which would increase the performance would be accepted honorarily
  38. 38.  Exchange to be added :BSE,MCX-SX,NSE CURRENCY & Full OPTIONS Live Charts with 100 technical Indicators Buy Sell Signals on charts Execution of trades from charts to DT Strategies Writing Option Strategies Scanner Live Arbitrage opportunities Algo (Iceberg,Ghost,Timeslice,Volume rest,Aribtrage Roll,Linked peg,Market phase
  39. 39. Thank You for your patience