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  • Show Demo.1 Client with Skype RT1 Client with Lync 2013 Desktop clientQuicklyHighlight Desktop Client UI changesTalk aboutfederatedcontacts in Lync clientandhowyoucandistinguishthemReferto Skype user in the listSwitch to Skype RT clientQuick promote Win8 tablets, show Skype client interfaceShow Lync user in Skype clientStart Chat Upgrade tophone callExplainthiscurrentlyworksonlyformigrated WLM accounts
  • What we currently have as devices:Surface RT (Johan)Laptop (Johan)Laptop Macbook (Ruben), either Windows or Mac OS XElitePad Windows 8 Pro (Ruben)Lumia 800 (Ruben)Windows Phone 7 (Johan)iPad with new client (Dirk)Windows Phone 8 with new client (Dirk)Start withWinPhone 8 client (Ruben)Show WP8 start screen & live tileStart appHighlight Metro Interface and matching look’n feel with OSShow Contact List withpresenceShow screen toconfigureyourownsettings (presence, fwd, … )Show action buttons (im, call), highlightconsistencyacross platformsType phonenumber & call to show enterprisevoice/voipcapabilitiesSwitch to Win 8 RT app (Johan)<<make surethere are a few past conversations open)Show W8 start screen with Lync live tile & integrated status iconStart LyncHighlight Metro Interface and matching look’n feel with OSShow search (integratedwith OS)Slide down tosee open conversationsShow groups & favoritesShow calendarintegrationShow yourown options (presence, msg, call fwd)Click on WinPhone 8 contact to open action buttons.Start ChatUpgrade to CallUpgrade to Video CallHang UpiPad ClientShow Lync iPad mainwindowHighlight OS integrationShow howto set yourown status/cfwdClick on contact tohighlight action buttons (mentionconsistencyacross platforms)Start ChatUpgrade to Video CallHang UpTalk aboutconferencingabilities on tablets, but explainthiswill follow in later demo
  • Slide Objective:Notes:The topology is the same as Lync 2010: the central component, the Audio/Video Multi Control Unit – A/V MCU.As you can see, there are many different clients we want to support.The clients have a lot of different capabilities to cover. See the different codecs and resolutions shown here on this page. Pick up a few examples from this page and show the differences:* RTVideo, H.264, 1080p, 720p, VGA,..* Windows 8 Phone with video, Lync 2010 Client, Lync 2013 Preview qualified interoperability room systemFor non-qualified gateways, we are able not only to use RTVideo to talk to this gateway, but we also can use H.264.
  • Value Proposition:Enable great meeting experiences & collaborationWith the new Gallery View, you automatically see everyone in the Lync Meeting via a continuous view of multiple HD video streams or photos. The video gallery scales to provide the best experience for a diverse set of scenarios including a point-to-point video call, a small group collaborative session or the presentation style sessions (small or large) – showing the most relevant people in the meeting at all times by bringing the 5 dominant speaker’s video “into focus” to the standing row (the top row shown here), and displaying the thumbnail photos of less active participants in the sitting rows (shownjust below). For Lync client users, the legacy audio conference call experience is transformed with the video gallery. Participants’ names are displayed with their video or photos, active speakers can be identified visually – without having to open the roster and search. The roster is accessible to view full contact card information if desired, but can be hidden to minimize distractions. Lync uses industry standards including H.264 SVC to enable the multiparty HD video experienceacross a range of device. The investment in H.264 SVC support enables each participant to receive a video stream that is optimized, in terms of quality, for their endpoint and network conditions. Photos replace video streams if the quality does not meet or exceed minimum standards – as defined by the IT administrator for Lync Server deployments and Microsoft for O365/ Lync Online.
  • Value Proposition: Enable great meeting experiences & collaborationWhen scheduling a meeting, the organizer can select a dedicated space, or create a new meeting room with a new ID and password. Customizing the meeting options allows the Lync Meeting to serve a unique set requirements, facilitate a more formal or structured meeting type, or manage the experience for the participants themselves. For example, if you have external participants, specific presenters, or confidential information to discuss, a meeting organizer might want to leverage the Lobby and create a more controlled meeting space.Depending on the type or sizeof the meeting, you can now decide if you want to mute the audience and allow or block video sharing when scheduling. These options are available on the Meeting Options page and are recommended for Lync Meetings with more than 20 participants. Presenters and organizers can even select and lock video of a designated or specific person in the meeting – essentially putting them in the “video spotlight” as the focus for everyone else in the meeting. During the meeting, presenters need to focus on their delivery and the participants – and not be distracted with “meeting administration”. Lync now uses “peeks” to provide more functionality with less clutter. Peeks are buttons that are revealed when you hover over certain areas of the Lync Meeting window. For example, hover over the monitor icon to see all of the options for sharing and managing content, hover over the telephone icon to see Mute or Hold options. Hover over the three dots on the right to see more options.
  • Value Proposition: Lync is familiar and engaging, across a variety of devices and platforms. The Lync Web App allows PC and Mac users to join a Lync Meeting from within an HTML5-based browser, and delivers a full Lync Meeting experience, including multiparty HD video, voice over IP, instant messaging, desktop, application, and PowerPoint sharing. LWA eliminates the need to install client software by using a browser-based client to join and participate in Lync Meetings from a shared device or PC, internet café, a personal/ home device or kiosk. External clients, partners and customers can join Lync Meetings with Lync Web App – eliminating the need to download and install the Lync Attendee client previously shipped with Lync 2010.
  • Value Proposition: Enable great meeting experiences & collaborationLync users focus less on how to use the tools and direct their energy to meeting the needs of their business. Meeting view options are designed to bring content and people together while optimizing the Lync Meeting experience for every individual participant’s needs. The meeting view is selected by the participant and visible only to them – each participant has control of their meeting view. Gallery View shows all the participants’ photos or videos. Speaker View shows the meeting content with the presenter’s video or photo in the lower right corner of the meeting window. Presentation View shows only the meeting content. You get a full view of the content, but you won’t see the participants. Compact View shows only the participants’ photos. Just hover over a photo to see their contact information.Gallery View and Speaker view are shown here to compare and contrast views only.
  • If attendees are permitted, they can view the video privately like any other slides.User will be prompted to install Silverlight or Flash if not already installed.New look and feel to the presentation, thumbnails, and notes experience aligned with Office.
  • Lync to the Future: Skype, Mobile, Meetings & Video

    1. 1. Lync to the Future : Skype,Mobile, Meetings & VideoRuben Nauwelaers, Johan Delimon
    2. 2. Ruben NauwelaersTechnical Consultant UCUw ICT Partner @rnauwelaers
    3. 3. Johan DelimonMCM Lync Server / MVP Lync ServerOrdina Belgium @jdelimon
    4. 4.
    5. 5. AgendaSkype & Lync Integration (10 min)Lync 2013 Mobile Experience (20 min)Lync 2013 Mobile Architecture (10 min)Lync 2013 & WIFI (5 min)Lync 2013 Video (20 min)Lync Room Systems (10 min)
    6. 6. Lync & SkypeCombining Consumer Reachwith Enterprise Controls
    7. 7. Skype’smission:To be the global 280 m connected userscommunications provider thatbillions of 300bn 40 mconcurrent users ~50% 1/3 minutes of video and voice minutespeople dependon everyday forsharing of all Skype-to-Skype minutes include video of international calling minutes (combining PSTN and Skype-to- Skype) are Skype-to-Skype minutesexperiences
    8. 8. Combiningthe reach of Enterprise UC PlatformSkype with Used everywherethe richnessof Lync 280m connected users Connect and collaborate with suppliers, customers, and partners using Lync’s controls, manageability, and enterprise-grade features
    9. 9. Enable new ways to collaborate…Our firststep:federatedpresence,audiocalling, andinstantmessaging
    10. 10. End user capabilities
    11. 11. End user base requirements
    12. 12. Skype connectivity capabilities by edition
    13. 13. Federation simplicity via Lync’s edge Microsoft Cloud On-Premises Lync Server Deployment MSNP Gateway (IM/P, Lync MSNP Contacts) Edge AD Server SIP - TLS SQL Lync Federation G.722 RTP Service Edge Audio Gateway
    14. 14. Three steps to connect LyncServer and Skype Step 1: Step 3: PROVISION CONFIGURE CONNECTIVITY AND POLICIES
    15. 15. A quick summaryTurning ITconsumerization into anenterprise asset from the living room to the boardroom
    16. 16. Lync 2013 Mobile Experience
    17. 17. Microsoft Lync 2013 Lync works across platforms and devices PC Mac Smartphone Tablet Browser
    18. 18. Lync 2013 mobile clients
    19. 19. Lync 2013 mobile clientsConnected to everyone,from anywhereI am always connected to my networkI control my availabilityI can communicate immediatelyI can see and hear you from anywhereI can collaborate from anywhere
    20. 20. Lync 2013 mobile client featuresat a glance Presence and IM
    21. 21. Lync 2013 mobile client featuresat a glance Lync Meetings
    22. 22. Lync 2013 mobile client featuresat a glance Enterprise voice
    23. 23. Lync 2013 Mobile Architecture
    24. 24. Mobile Constraints
    25. 25. Mobility/ Web updates at a glance Nov, 2011: June, 2012: Feb, 2013: Oct, 2010: Lync Server 2010, Lync Server 2010, Oct, 2012: Lync Server 2013, Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service Mobile Update Lync Server 2013 CU”1” • Communicat • Contacts & • PowerPoint UCWA/ Lync Web UCWA/ Lync Mobile or Mobile for Groups Viewing (in App with with WM 6.x, • Presence iPad) • VoIP • VoIP Nokia • IM • Video/ Multi- • Video (H264) devices • Call-via- View • App/ Desktop Work • App/ Desktop Sharing (iPad only) Sharing • PowerPoint viewing • Data (iPad only) Collaboration
    26. 26. Lync 2013 Mobile Clients – Features Windows Phone Android iPhone iPad Windows 8 (Apollo +) (4.0+) (iOS 6.1+) (iOS 6.1+) & Windows RTContactsPresence Lync 2010 mobile clientsInstant Messaging Released Dec 2011 Available NowSingle Number Reach (PSTN Voice)Click to Join Conf (PSTN Voice) Lync WindowsClick to Join Conf (VOIP/Video) Store AppVOIP (P2P and Multiparty) Lync 2013 Lync 2013 Lync 2013 Released – Oct Target availability – Target availability – Target availability – Q1CY13 Q1CY13 H1CY13 2012Video (Active Speaker)Video (Multi-party Video Gallery)PPT Data Collab (View Only) Lync 2010 for iPad update released June 2012Desktop & Application Share (View Only) Lync 2013 for iPad Target availability – Q1CY13
    27. 27. What’s new in Lync 2013 Mobility 1/2 AvailabilityCommunications
    28. 28. What’s new in Lync 2013 Mobility 2/2 Mobile Setup & Deployment Server-to- Server Auth
    29. 29. Lync Server 2013 Mobility Deployment PSTN/ GSM Internet MPNS Exchange Online Forward Reverse EDGE EDGE Proxy Proxy (SIP) (SIP) DMZ SIP Federation ( Media Enterprise Gateway PNCH Services FE Pool 1, FE Pool 2, FE Pool 3, Mediation Server Mediation Server Mediation Server Lync Server (with Lync Web Components: UC Web API, Discovery) HTTP SIP
    30. 30. Client – Server Interop (1 of 2) Client Device * Server ** Lync 2010 for Windows Phone Windows Lync Phone Server 7.5 2010 Lync 2013 for Windows Phone Windows Lync Phone 8 Server 2013 CU1* Note: This scenario highlights Windows Phone support, though the same scenarios apply to Android and iOS (Ex: iPad version 1 doesn’t support iOS6)** Or Lync Online / Office 365 service environment (Office 365 MT will be enabled for mobility at GA; Office 365 Dedicated support timing still TBD)
    31. 31. Client - Server Interop (2 of 2) Lync Server 2010 Lync Server 2013 Lync Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, with Mobility (prior to CU 1 CU 1 – Mobility CU 1 – Mobility Service update) Enabled Disabled Error: “Can’t sign in because you are not Lync 2010 mobile Notification to upgrade setup to use Lync 2013. clients to the latest version of Please contact your the mobility client. support team.”” Error: “Can’t sign in Error: “You cant sign in Error: “You cant sign in because you are not Lync 2013 mobile with this version of with this version of Lync. setup to use Lync 2013. clients Please install Lync 2010.” Lync. Please install Lync Please contact your 2010.” support team.””
    32. 32. Mobility Policies and Preferences – IT AdminControl mobility rollout • Mobility policy controls for users at global, site and user level • Mobility Policy => EnableMobilityConfigure Enterprise Voice for mobile users • Mobility Policy => EnableVoIP e.g. disable VoIP for hosting partners • Mobility Policy => EnableOutsideVoiceLimit data usage by employees • Mobility Policy => RequireWIFIForIPAudio • Mobility Policy => RequireWIFIForIPVideoBlock push notifications • PushNotificationConfiguration global policy for Microsoft Push Notifications Service • Disabling would affect the ability to receive VoIP/ IM calls when application is in backgroundDisable saving history on mobile device • EnableIMAutoArchiving • EnableCallLogAutoArchiving • Enabling/ disabling these policies would affect conversation history across all clients
    33. 33. Mobility Controls and Preferences – Mobile UserLimit Data Usage • Require Wi-Fi for Voice • Require Wi-Fi for Video • Require Wi-Fi for Sharing (iPad only)Manage Notifications • Push Notifications on/ off for VoIP and IM (Windows Phone only)Contacts • Phonebook access on/ off • Photos on/ offControl Outside Voice • Specify Mobile NumberAccessibility • TTY mode on/ off
    34. 34. Mobility Deployment Steps Set Mobility Configure Push Validate Install Policy Deployment CU”1” • For WP8 • Enable Mobility/ VoIP/ • For Lync 2010 mobile • Using Synthetic • Lync Server 2013 clients (iOS/ WP) transaction CU”1” on all FE & Video/ Outside voice Director (if present)
    35. 35. Mobile Presence In Lync Server 2013, User Offline UCWA persists user’s No activities registration for longer periods of for 3 days? (Lync Server 2010 Mobile client) time via Static Registration.
    36. 36. Lync Server 2010 – Mobile Presence Available - Mobile Inactive--Mobile Offline Mobile Away Alice presses home button Alice navigatessigned from to mobile Alice’s presence changes the Alice’s is away out of the ‘Away’ afterher presence changes to app and another 5 min of app which changes her presence to ‘Inactive’ afterher only inactivity within the is 5 ‘Offline’ if mobile mobile minapp active client after 3 days of Sign-in inactivity within the mobile app Mobility Service No Bob invites Alice activities Lync Server CreateUser for 3 days? (Home Pool) unavailable Delete endpoint User end point X 1 app = 1 endpoint  Resource consuming
    37. 37. Lync Server 2013 – Mobile Presence In a call - Mobile Away - Mobile Available - Mobile Inactive Alice presses home button Alice navigates away from in up to Alice’s stays signed the Alice’s presence changes to which days of inactivity within 15 changes her app‘Away’ after another 5 min of presence tomobile app mobile app the ‘Inactive’ after 5 inactivity within the min Sign-in Wake up UCWA client-app No activity Bob invites Alice Lync Server Delete for 10 (Home Pool) Create days? Re-create X User end point User end point Static registration 1 static registration per user/ device
    38. 38. VoIP on Mobile Notification channels? UCWA supports P-Get Event Channel different notification VoIP socket mechanisms Push Notification varied mobile platforms
    39. 39. Lync 2013 & Wifi
    40. 40. The Bring Your Own Device ExplosionConsumerization of IT &BYOD Fortune 100 80% of employees are using personal >80% embracing BYOD* Wi-Fi enabled devices for work Mobile Device Growth purposes forcing IT to embrace BYOD 90% growth over next 4 years* over WLAN Personal Devices on Network 4.5 B personal devices by 2015*Wi-Fi proliferation within the *Gartner & IDC 2012enterprises to enablemobility Wi-Fi is a key technology to enable capacity and scalability for mobile devices Reduce cellular chargesBYOD are increasinglycapable of rich media Employees demanding similar rich experience within the enterprise as in their personal life (Skype, Facetime,
    41. 41. Fortune 100 1 Why WIFi? >80% deploying mobile clients Smartphones 289M in 2010  >900M in 2014 1 Slates • Customers starting to push towards 55M in 2011  >200M in 2014 greater media over mobile scenarios • Optimize cellular minute and data plans • “Wireless by default, wired when necessary.” 2 • Network managers tasked to plan for convergence • In many cases all wireless • Trends are for greatly increased bandwidth usage • Up to 100 personal video devices for each currently installed room system. 311 Gartner Forecast: Mobile Devices, Worldwide 201022 Gartner: Key Issues for Communications Enterprise Strategies, 2011. March 20113 Gartner: Is Your Wi-Fi Network Ready for Video? May 20113
    42. 42. Real Time Media Network Traffic• Consistent flow of data packets• Sensitive to delay, jitter and packet loss• Random loss can be compensated – sequential loss is problematic• Interruptions have notable effect on experience (voice)• High bitrate is coming with HD video (1.5+ Mbps each way per stream)
    43. 43. Real-Time Media CharacteristicsStreaming vs. Real-Time Media• Video playback applications like YouTube, Netflix, etc can utilize large receive side buffers in order smooth out network delays• Real-Time media is interactive and requires a high performance network that can sustain continuous up/down stream traffic, with low-latency, low jitterImpact to Human Interaction• Human communication starts to get negatively impacted with latency of more than 250 msec• Bursty jitter or packet loss over a certain threshold cannot be recovered, and leads to glitches in the audio and video stream• Especially audio (voice) glitches are very disruptive and lead to a poor user experience
    44. 44. Wi-Fi Issues - Off-Channel ScanningBackground scanningmechanisms can be too longand inconsistent which affectsUC real-time media traffic
    45. 45. Wi-Fi Issues - Real-WorldHandover Performance• UC real-time media sessions have very different requirements when roaming between APs then traditional data sessions• Delayed handovers from sticky stations can result in multi-second media breaks for UC voice/video• Stations often ‘stick’ to an associated AP even when its signal strength has deteriorated so far as to be unusable. This is because many stations are not optimized for proper roaming in a multi- AP environment
    46. 46. Wi-Fi Issues - Rate Adaption and TXRetries• Existing station rate adaption algorithms not well suited for UC• May take up too much airtime in retries for UC real-time media traffic
    47. 47. iPad 3 Characteristics (Over WiFi)Max Video Resolution • Send: up to QVGA (424x320) @15fps • Receive: up to VGA (640x480) or 360p (640x360) @15 fpsBattery drain time from 100% to 0%; • IM + Appsharing (Conf) : up to 9 hours • IM + Appsharing + Video (conf) : up to 6 hours and 30 minutesData Usage • IM + Appsharing : 766 MB in 9 hours = 189 kilobit/sec average • IM + Appsharing + Video : 2386 MB in 6 hours 40 minutes = 795 kilobit / sec average
    48. 48. iPhone 4 CharacteristicsMax Video Resolution • Send: up to QVGA (424x320) @15fps • Receive: up to VGA (640x480) or 360p (640x360) @15 fpsBattery drain time from 100% to 0%; • IM + Audio (P2P) : up to 8 hours and 30 minutes • IM + Video (Conf): up to 3 hours • FaceTime on iPhone: up to 3 hoursData Usage • IM + Video (conf): 400 kilobit / sec average
    49. 49. Android CharacteristicsMax Video Resolution • Send: up to QVGA (424x320) @15fps • Receive: up to VGA (640x480) or 360p (640x360) @15 fps • With QCOM 8X60 chipset: • Send: up to VGA (640x480) @15fpsBattery drain time from 100% to 0%; • No info at this momentData Usage • IM + Video (conf) : 400 kilobit / sec average
    50. 50. Phone 8 CharacteristicsMax Video Resolution • Send: up to 640X480 • Receive: up to 424X240 • Full Hardware OffloadingBattery drain time from 100% to 0%; • Phone 8 on WiFi Audio : between 2 and 4 hours • Phone 8 on WiFi Video : between 2 and 3 hours • Phone 8 on 3G Video : between 1 and 2 hoursData Usage • Video (P2P) : 450 kilobit /sec average
    51. 51. Partners Bring Wi-Fi To Lync Simple & Flexible Deployment Highly Robust, Secure Wi-Fi Lync Qualified Wi-Fi Scales from Lync OnLine to Server 2013 Voice/Video Optimized *BYOD Security End-to-End QoS for Encrypted Lync *BYOD Enablement & Support Onboards Any Device Securely
    52. 52. Lync Over Wi-Fi Partner StrategyStrategic Partnership: Better Together • Microsoft partners to ensure Wi-Fi QoS for Lync’s encrypted application flowsQualification Program • Stringent quality test suite to ensure that Lync traffic is handled properly over Wi-Fi without compromises to performance or security Network Diagnostic API • Provide visibility into call quality and diagnostics to identify the source of any problems
    53. 53. Lync 2013 Video & Meetings
    54. 54. Video Technology Primer
    55. 55. Lync 2010 Video Recap
    56. 56. Lync 2013 Video Improvements
    57. 57. What about mobility?Lync 2010 MobileWindows 8/RT Modern UILync 2013 Mobile
    58. 58. Why H.264 SVC?ExperienceGallery View capability with a non-transcoding MCUDynamic layouts, by giving endpoints the ability to control their received videoHD 1080p 30fps video without the need for high-end processing, taking advantage of CPUs withAccelerated Processing Units(Intel Sandybridge, Ivybridge and AMD Fusion)Standards-basedBased upon Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF) specification for video, transportand signallingBit stream compatible with other video conferencing vendors (H.264 AVC)Reduced need for “heavy lifting” where interoperability is requiredRTVideo is a legacy codec, H.264 SVC is now preferred
    59. 59. Video Conferencing Topology AVMCU (Switch/Rate Match)
    60. 60. Gallery View Multiparty HD video gallery & H.264 SVC support
    61. 61. Lync MeetingsPresentercontrols tooptimize formeeting type
    62. 62. Lync Web AppLync Web Appfor browseraccess to LyncMeetings
    63. 63. Lync Web App Support Matrix 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-bitOperating Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Internet Version of Version of Version ofsystem Explorer 10 Explorer 10 Explorer 9 Explorer 9 Explorer 8 Explorer 8 Firefox 12.X Safari 5.X Chrome 18.xWindows 8 Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes(Intel based)Windows 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yeswith SP1Windows Vista N/A No Yes * No Yes * No Yes * No Yes *with SP2 *Windows XP N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes * No Yes * No Yes *with SP3 *Windows Server2008 R2 with Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No YesSP1Windows Server Yes * No Yes * No Yes * No Yes * No Yes *2008 with SP2 *Mac OS-x N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes # Yes # Yes #(Intel-based) #* On supported Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems, computer-based voice and video are not available.Application viewing, application sharing, desktop viewing, and desktop sharing are available.# Macintosh operating systems do not support application sharing. Consequently, Lync Web App will not support application sharing withMacintosh operating systems.
    64. 64. Meeting ViewsParticipantselectedviews ofcontent andpeople
    65. 65. Powerpoint Sharing /w Office Web AppsRich Cross PlatformPowerpointpresentation sharing ina Lync Meeting.
    66. 66. Lync Room System
    67. 67. Meeting rooms today…..a synonym for struggleand technology has not helped Setup takes 8-10 minutes on average Videoconferencing equipment is not well utilized Remote attendees feel isolated Meeting resources are hard to manage 83
    68. 68. Introducing Lync Room System • Full and familiar Lync experience optimized for immersive meeting experience • Easy for users to schedule, join and manage meetings • Simple to deploy for IT Admins, does not require 3rd party infrastructure • Native Lync software delivered in a comprehensive partner hardware solution
    69. 69. Lync Room System goalsStart meetings with 1 click In room attendees can see Easy to switch between and hear remote attendees presentersScheduled or Ad HocMeeting Remote attendees can see Easy to access meeting and hear in room activities contentLaptop Free or LaptopDriven Meeting Easy to manage meetingAutomated hardware controlsstartup 85
    70. 70. Meeting types Producing Reporting Managing Conversing Workshop Event Knowledge Status/Reviewing CustomersRoom type Seats Room sizeConference room 6-16 ~150 to ~300 sq.ft 75% of meetings have <10 attendeesFocus room 4-6 ~100 sq.ft Increasing number of meeting spaces are focus rooms 86
    71. 71. Lync Room System HardwareApplianceQuad Core Intel Ivy BridgeVideo Capture Card with VGA and HDMI for content sharingCameraWide Field of View HD front-of-room CameraNext generation HD RoundTableDisplay1080p Single 55”-84” Touch for smaller rooms1080p Dual 55”-70” Touch for larger rooms720p 10” Touch console for all roomsAudioWideband audiostereo / monaural array capture
    72. 72. Lync Room System Edition SoftwareOperating SystemWindows Embedded 7 StandardAppLocker, Write Filters, FirewallLync Room System Edition softwareCustomized Lync Client for the Meeting RoomOptimized for Lync Server 2013Console UXOne or two display experience for video and collaborationManageabilityRemote Admin PortalUpdate and Monitoring
    73. 73. Meeting invite Add room as Make Lync Send! resource to meeting meeting invite
    74. 74. Custom meeting typesPrivate meetingDoes not show subject in LRScalendarCustom meetingRequires authentication from LRS tojoin meeting ** Join private meeting from LRS applies toLync 2013-hosted meetings only. LRS canbe admitted via lobby for Lync 2010/OCShosted private meetings.
    75. 75. Custom meeting types (Alice Tom)
    76. 76. Lync Room System Partners
    77. 77. Q&AAsk the Experts Tonight 19h00 – 21h00Johan Delimon : johan.delimon@ordina.beRuben Nauwelaers : rnauwelaers@uwictpartner.be