Vehicle tracking management system
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Vehicle tracking management system






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    Vehicle tracking management system Vehicle tracking management system Presentation Transcript

    • Solution for Vehicle TrackingCredibility | Transparency | OriginalityOur Domain Knowledge Your Winning Edge 1
    • ObjectiveTo Provide a Solution for a Vehicle which will• Reduction in operational costs through lower fuel bills, decreased vehicle maintenance charges, lower insurance premiums and reduced communication costs.• Improved operational efficiencies by automating back office tasks such as electronic timesheets.• Increased revenues through better productivity and vehicle utilization.• Improved customer service from being able to notify customers automatically when e.g. vehicles approach their sites and identifying nearest vehicle for new jobs. This improves customer satisfaction and speeds up vehicle turnaround times.• Uncovering hidden liabilities such as out of hours vehicle usage, fraudulent overtime claims and bad driver behaviour.• Legislation Compliance including working time directives, health & safety laws , duty of care obligations and corporate manslaughter.• Reduction in carbon footprint by eliminating excessive idling and fuel usage, unnecessary vehicle wear and tear and inefficient route planning.• Improved driver safety by enforcing company-mandated speed, stop and mileage policies. 2• Increased vehicle security from knowing where they are 24/7.
    • What you need• SYSTEM REQUIREMENT• GPS and GIS based tracking system• Uses GSM / GPRS network for communication• Web based presentation of data on digital maps• Subscription based service-ASP model of service delivery• Components:• On Board Device• GSM / GPRS Network• Base Station / Data Center• GPS Module• GPRS Module• Micro Controller• Multiplexer• Vehicle Tracking Software 3• SIM Card
    • Our Solution• Live, real time tracking :- Locate all your vehicles 24/7 using detailed street level, satellite and hybrid maps. Real-time Alerts :- Automatic notification of unauthorized vehicle activity - such as speeding, out of hours usage, or visiting restricted locations. Alerts can be set to monitor any vehicle input.• Historical Tracking :- All fleet activity data is freely and easily accessible with our unique fleet management solutions. This allows for easy review of vehicle movements and activities whether to resolve disputes, provide proof of service or reconcile timesheets. Reporting :- The tracking system provides a complete suite of the most commonly demanded reports. This includes history, summary, journey, location, speeding, idling, working hours and more. All reports are fully customizable so that information can be personalized for your business. In most cases, companies do not, and cannot, measure Key Performance Indicators accurately before implementing a GPS tracking system. However, once a system is fitted and asset performance metrics are captured then new initiatives can be implemented to optimize asset usage. 4
    • WHAT IS GPS & GPRS?Global Positioning System (GPS)A network of satellites that continuously transmit coded information , which makes it possible to precisely identify locations on earth by measuring distance from satellites.By having received the almanac and ephemeris data , the GPS receiver knows the position (location) of the satellites at all timesGeneral Packet Radio Service (GPRS)It is a mode in which resources are assigned to user only whendata needs to be sent or received.Data is sent in packets , which are routed across the networkalong with other user traffic.GPRS provides the transmission of IP packets over existing 5cellular networks.
    • WHAT IS VTS?• “VehicleTrackingService“means an Electronics device that reports its location by using Global Positioning system (GPS), data receive from GPS satellites.• This device is installed in car/vehicle with antenna and tracking the vehicle. GPS controlled and handled by computer system.• Thus there is a continuous track of the vehicle which can be stored in a database and can be retrieved later.• Vehicle Tracking System• Fleet management• Applications• Geo-fencing• Anti-theft system in vehicle• Security purpose• Geographical survey 6
    • HOW VTSWORKS?1:- The device consists of a micro-controller interfaced with a GPS and a GPRSmodule2 :- The GPS module receives the information of the vehicle and passes it to thecontroller.3:- The controller extracts the required information and makes a packet out of itthat consists of geographical data and other information.4:- This packet is passed to the GPRS device that is configured forpoint to point service.5 :-The remote receiver consists of a GPRS module interfaced with PC.6:- A software will display the current position of the vehicle on themap. 7
    • How is GPS tracking data sent from the device to the server?Cellphone Network - The most common method of transmitting data to the server. The GPStracking device contains a Cellphone modem which typically uses a SIM card provided by aWireless Data Provider (ie. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers, etc). The modem uses this wirelessdata-plan to establish a connection to Internet, and then a socket connection with the server. Onceconnected to the server, it typically sends its location information, then disconnects. Data can betransmitted using UDP or TCP. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, however UDP isgenerally preferred due to its much greater data bandwidth efficiency. In some cases, data may besent to the server using SMS through the use of an SMS-Gateway. The following graphicdisplays how GPS data may be transmitted to the server over a GPRS/Mobile network: 9
    • VTS DEVICE COMPONENTS GPS AntennaGPS LED GSM/ GPRS AntennaGSM/GPRS LED Data In/Out(PS2 to RSVoice LED 232 or PS2 to PS2SOS LED Interface)Phone Button Car NavigationEarphone Jack Connector USB B-TypeMicrophone Jack Power & Single In/OutSOS Button Cable * Data In/Out port can connect to: barcode reader, RFID reader/writer, external keypad, or PDA for 2-way data communication. 10
    • GPS tracking device independent:• Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously. Support for the following GPS tracking devices is included with GSM Tracker (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones)• Sanav GC-101, MT-101, and CT-24 Personal Tracker (HTTP-based protocol) Sanav GX-101 Vehicle Tracker (HTTP-based protocol)• V-Sun 3338 Personal Tracker• Certain Boost Mobile phones• Android App "GPS2OpenGTS”• HP hw6965 Windows/CE phone• TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol).• ZhongShan Technology Co, Ltd. "SIPGEAR" tracking devices.• Most TK102 tracking devices.• TrackStick GPS data logger "GPSMapper" capable phones.• "NetGPS" capable devices.• iCare G3300 Personal Tracker. & Some Mologogo capable phones. 11
    • Technologies• Written entirely in Java, using technologies such as Apache Tomcat for web service deployment, and MySQL for the data store.• Will run on any system which supports these technologies (including Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 20XX) 12
    • Contact Us for :-Sales, Queries or Free Quote TechModi : 1st Floor, Modi Plaza, near Swargate signal, Thank You Mukund Nagar Pune, Maharastra, India-411045Office: +1-205-683-1200Email: contactus@techmodi.comSkype IM: - techmodiMSN ID: - techmodi@live.comGtalk ID: - Yahoo! ID: - techmodi@yahoo.comWebsite: -