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Marketplace Ministry & Vocation for STEM/Tech Professionals Workshop Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston by Andrew Sears
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Marketplace Ministry & Vocation for STEM/Tech Professionals Workshop Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston by Andrew Sears


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This presentation in on Marketplace Ministry and Vocation workshop for Christians in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math field. It was presented to the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston by …

This presentation in on Marketplace Ministry and Vocation workshop for Christians in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math field. It was presented to the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston by Andrew Sears.

Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • Buzzwork: disruptive technologyWhat smartphones are doing to GPS, cameras, What the Internet did to travel agents, newspapers, long distance costInternet Telephony consortium at MIT
  • The biggest expert on disruptive inovation:Claton Christenson is now predicting the next major disruption will be in education: Disrupting ClassWhat is the cost of school were 100 times less
  • Edx: MIT & Harvard providing certificatesCoursera: StandfordCourse Hero: like YouTube for courses
  • How many people are familiar with the concept of the long tail or read the book “The Long Tail” by the editor of Wired Magazine?Explain the long tail and explain why it will turn the world of Christian media upside down
  • 80/20 rule. That 80% of the profits come from 20% of the products. Shown in the blue line, which has a very steep dropThat is now changing with the Internet as shown in the black line where now 60% of profits come from 40% of the productsHuge implications on increasing content diversity and that has huge implications for missions
  • Control of media currently is almost all White and Western
  • The end result is that we should start getting used to viewing the world from another perspective. This map is more centered on the growth of Christianity. So how do we support this trend?
  • The largest barrier to the Gospel is not Bible TranslationThe largest barrier to the Gospel is literacy and lack of content in native languagesAs every mobile phone provides the ability to stream sermons, how can we help facility this growth?
  • A globally connected church is what I’m calling the networked church.Church in 3 phases
  • Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America
  • Be all things to all people vs. specialization
  • Move from a vertically integrated church to a modular networked churchDoes the local church have to be all things to all peopleMy local pastor can never compete for teaching with the podcasts I listen tooSpecialized small groupsCelebrate recovery, Student Groups, CrusadeLocal worship team cannot compete with global Christian recording studiosThings I can only get from my local churchWorshiping together/Sunday servicesBiblically mandated: SacramentsHolistic elementsIn some cases this will be better and in other cases it will be much worseBut it is what the trend is toward
  • Since eating of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Mankind has been increasing in its knowledge of Good and EvilThe real question is how do we maximize the strengths of this new model while offsetting the weaknessesThat will be the struggle of the next few generations
  • Workplace Small Groups/Bible Studies Find employer that provides more meaningSplit VocationGet money from job, meaning from volunteeringServe on nonprofit & ministry boardsChange careersEntrepreneurial Business as MissionGiving Ministry
  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketplace Ministry for STEM Professionals
    • 2. Strengths of STEM Christians • Problem solvers • Logic and analysis, Rational/methodical • Marketable: in demand • Improvise creatively • High income/ financially stable • Well educated • Objective/data driven • Meritocracy • Innovation/Efficiency • Collaborative Open • High leverage Weaknesses of STEM Christians • Analysis paralisis • Lower emotional IQ/out of touch w/emotions • Perfectionism • Lack of communication/interpersonal • Public speaking/shyness • Isolated (persionally, society) • Risk adverse • Distant from end use/ • Unknown whether you are helping others • Arrogance of rationality • One part of many/anonymous • Out of touch with pop culture Opportunities for STEM Christians • Tent Makers • Natural missionaries to STEM fields • People leadership in tech field • Create stuff that helps those in need • Magnify reach of other Christians Threats/Challenges to STEM Christians • Faith in rationality/logic/numbers • Attacked for faith • Legalism • Working for wealth • Limited work in STEM for direct ministry • Isolation: from gadgets • Addiction to gadgets • Loneliness • More frequent Crisis of faith • Instant gradification/impatience
    • 3. Technology and Ministry Resources  Online & Digital Ministry & Evangelism ◦ Mobile Ministry Forum ◦ Azuza’s Connected Summits  Christian Media Ecology ◦ Gordon’s The Promise and Challenge of Technology Conference ◦ Seattle Pacific’s Digital Society Conference ◦ Baylor’s Technology and Human Flourishing Conference  Technology & Missions ◦ International Conference on Computing and Mission  Christian Tech Volunteering ◦ ◦ Lightsys  Education and Computer Centers ◦ Greater Europe Mission, SIM International  Engineering ◦ Engineering Ministries International
    • 4. Book Recommendations  From the Garden to the City, John Dyer  The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture, Shane Hipps  The Millennium Matrix, Rex Miller
    • 5. TechMission: Ways to Help  Volunteer ◦ Mentors needed to TechMission staff in Java, PHP, Salesforce/Apex, Ruby ◦ Advisory Board  Intern
    • 6. Opportunity 1: Disruptive Technology Will Transform Education
    • 7. Characteristics of Disruptive Education  Cost is orders of magnitude cheaper than traditional methods  Provides alternative credentials ◦ Credit by examination with standardized tests ◦ Certificates rather than degrees ◦ Denominational ordinations  Typically starts at lower end and gradually improves quality ◦ Freshman & Sophomore courses
    • 8. Examples of Disruptive Education  Secular Examples ◦ freshman year for $999 ◦ Edx, Coursera, Course Hero, iTunesU, Khan Academy, ◦ CLEP, AP Courses, ACE  Christian Examples ◦ Global University: largest ministry school in the world with over 400,000 students ◦ ◦ ◦
    • 9. Need for Low Cost Education  Only 6.7% of people globally have college degrees compared to 40% in the USA ◦ Majority of Christian growth is in developing countries where Christian leaders are lacking education  Education (like missions) is most effective when it taught in the students culture and language Technology innovation will enable ubiquitous, low-cost Christian education globally
    • 10. Opportunity 2: The Long Tail Will Turn the World of Christian Media Upside Down
    • 11. Effect of the Long Tail: 80/20 Rule Becomes the 60/40 Rule  Before the Internet: 80% of profit comes from 20% of products  After the Internet: 60% of profit comes from 40% of products = increased content diversity
    • 12. Effects of the Long Tail & Missions  Long Tail Increases Diversity of Videos ◦ Blockbuster Video: 80% of rentals are recent “blockbusters,” only carry 75 documentaries ◦ Netflix: 30% of rentals are “blockbusters” and carry 1,180 documentaries ◦ Amazon: carries 17,061 documentaries (of a possible 40,000)  Long Tail of Search Terms (TechMission Websites) ◦ Top 500 search terms provide 19.5% of visitors ◦ 604,916 search terms provide 80.5% of visitors  Missions Implication ◦ Non-Western culture voices are almost entirely on the long tail. ◦ The Internet extends the long tail. It decreases the proportion controlled by big media from 80% to around 60% which gives more room for non-Western voices. ◦ Open strategy maximizes visibility of non-Western voices.
    • 13. ` Source: International Bulletin of Missionary Research, January 2005. David B. Barrett & Todd M. Johnson.
    • 14. Opportunity 3: Mobile Technology
    • 15. Mobile Projections  2012 number of mobile-connected devices exceeds the number of people on earth  2015: ◦ 1 billion smartphones shipping annually ◦ 60% of data will be outside of Europe & North America ◦ All parts of the world will have average speed > 1 Mbps ◦ Market share 2015: 43.8% android, 16.9% iOS, 20.3% Windows (Android market share likely to be double that in developing countries)  2016 there will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita (10 billion)
    • 16. Importance of Audio & Video In Access to the Word Globally Source:
    • 17. Opportunity 4: The Semantic Web & Big Data For More Info Visit:
    • 18. Christian Social Graph Christian Social Graph Parachurches 300,000+ Jobs 15,000+ Volunteer Opportunities 10,000+ Classified Listings Resumes (People) Churches 300,000 Groups & Events Content 150,000 items Funders & Grants 11,000 TechMission’s Initial Focus
    • 19. Opportunity 5: The “Networked Church”
    • 20. Architecture of Catholic Church  Mainframe Era  Hub/Spoke Architecture  One Hierarchy  Centralized  Monolithic  Strength: addressing problems requiring centralized approach  Problems ◦ The Pope is not Jesus ◦ Single point of failure ◦ Lack of competition Pope Hub/Spoke Architecture
    • 21. Architecture of Protestant Church  Pre-Internet Computers & LANs  Disconnected/No Interconnection  Atomized  No hierarchy or denominational hierarchy  Problems ◦ The Body of Christ should not be atomized and disconnected ◦ Week in addressing problems requiring a centralized approach Isolated Networks (denominations & churches)
    • 22. Networked, Modular Church  Complex organic interconnection  Uses strengths of both centralized and distributed architectures  Modular  Increased specialization Internet Architecture From:
    • 23. Trend Toward Specialization: Growth of the Parachurch $- $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 Parachurch $0 $1 $20 $162 $230 $570 Church $1 $7 $50 $108 $140 $300 1800 1900 1970 2000 2007 2025 (in Billions) 62% 66% 60% Source: International Bulletin of Missionary Research, January 2005. David B. Barrett & Todd M. Johnson.
    • 24. Modular Transformation of Computer Industry Source: Only the Paranoid Survive, Andy Grove
    • 25. Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Virtually Integrated Church Local Church Sacraments Sunday Service Small Group Teaching Accountability Modular Church Student Groups 12 Step Groups Accountability Partners Meetups Christian Literature Megachurch Streaming Christian Radio/TV Denomination Structures Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Local Church Sacraments Sunday Service Small Group Teaching Accountability Modular Transformation of the Church
    • 26. Opportunities and Threats from Technology Opportunities Threats Growth in diversity Growth in deviance Many options/connections Shallow relationships More information More temptation Less global poverty More domestic inequality Decreased autocracy Decreased accountability Viral church growth Viral cults Megachurch network growth Wal-Mart Effect on Churches Increased Specialization Holistic church decrease Individual Capacity for Good Individual Capacity for Evil
    • 27. What’s Missing  Science  Biotech  Unforeseen opportunities  Including all elements of vocation
    • 28. Dimensions of Christian Vocation From The Other Six Days. R. Paul Stevens
    • 29. Four Questions of Personal Vocation Calling What are you good at? Does the world need?What do you enjoy? Will the world pay? Internal Motivation (deep gladness) External Motivation (world’s deep hunger) Status Meaning Status without Meaning • Empty success • Corporate drone Meaning without Status • Financially unsustainable • Starving volunteer Internal • Underemployed • Starving artist External Motivation • Burnout • Joyless worker
    • 30. 2. Discussion How STEM Professionals Can Improve Balance in Vocation?
    • 31. 3. Ideas for Increasing Meaning
    • 32. 4. What would 24/7 ministry look like for STEM Professional and in your context?