City Vision College Registration Walkthrough


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Steps to enroll in City Vision College, register for classes, and log in to the course management system

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City Vision College Registration Walkthrough

  1. 1. Student Registration Process City Vision University
  2. 2. How do I become a City Vision University student? To begin the process of becoming a City Vision University student, click the “Step 2: Apply (Undergrad)” link in the Future Students menu. Above this link, “Step 1: Admissions Instructions” describes more about the enrollment process. You may also download the college catalog from the Request More Information box on the homepage for more information before enrolling.
  3. 3. How do I get a University Catalog? To get a copy of the university catalog, simply select “Download Catalog” from under the Future Students item of the top menu. This will take you to the catalog download page. You may also fill out the form on the homepage and click the Download Catalog button, and the catalog will download automatically.
  4. 4. City Vision University Catalog Download Form Prospective students can add their email address and phone number to our college inquiries list before downloading the catalog. We will then contact you back regarding your interest in our school. There is also a link to download the catalog directly, if you do not wish to provide your information.
  5. 5. City Vision University Catalog After completing the download form, the college catalog is provided as a PDF document that may either be printed or saved for future reference. You will need Adobe Reader to view this document.
  6. 6. Admission Standards Before beginning the enrollment process, please read the admissions requirements for City Vision University. After reviewing this information, select the “Enroll Now” link at the bottom of the page, This will take you to the “Enrollment Procedures” page, where you can begin the process of enrolling in City Vision University.
  7. 7. Enrollment Procedures After reading the standards of admissions for the college, you may proceed with the enrollment process. There are three steps in the enrollment process: 1. Complete the online enrollment form (free for undergraduates, $50 for graduate students). 2. Send the required paperwork to the university address: - Transcripts of colleges and universities you have attended - High school transcript or GED certificate if you have not been to college - Official government-issued photo ID (to verify your identity) - Exam proctor form (completed online) 3. (Optional) Apply for federal student aid. Note that students in the Masters’ program in Technology & Ministry will also need to provide 2 references, and completed Personal Learning Community agreements from 3-5 individuals. Details on each of these steps are available at (Step 1: Admissions Instructions, under the Future Students menu).
  8. 8. Enrollment Form This is the online enrollment form. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*) Completing this form is the first step in the enrollment application process.
  9. 9. Continuation of Enrollment Form Completing this section allows you to tell us which what courses and which program you are interested in participating in with the college. Also you may tell us if you are requesting that academic transcripts be sent to us from other institutions in order to document the credits you have already earned.
  10. 10. Terms & Conditions on Enrollment Form Please read carefully the “City Vision University Terms and Conditions” section that apply to the enrollment process. If you accept these, use the electronic signature field at the end of the form to indicate that you understand and agree to the college’s terms and conditions.
  11. 11. Completing the Enrollment Form On this page if the information is all correct select “Submit order”. If the information is incorrect then select “Back” to go back and correct the enrollment form.
  12. 12. Receipt for the Enrollment Process We encourage you to print a copy of your enrollment for your records. A receipt will be sent to you via email. When you have completed the enrollment form, you will see a thank-you screen with your new username and password on it. These will be used for logging in to your courses, once you have registered for them.
  13. 13. Financial Aid, Federal Loan & Grants Process There are four steps to the Federal Student Aid Loans & Pell Grants procedure: 1) Completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 2) Enrolling in the college and specifying financial aid as the payment method 3) Providing documentation as we request it to apply for federal student aid. 4) Receiving notification of your award amount. To be able to keep the award, you must comply with the college’s policy for Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  14. 14. Financial Aid, Federal Loan & Grants Process There are four steps to the Federal Student Aid Loans & Pell Grants Procedures. Step 1: Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 1) Go to to complete your free application.
  15. 15. Financial Aid, Federal Loan & Grants Process Step 2: Enroll in the college and specify financial aid as the means of payment.
  16. 16. Financial Aid, Federal Loan & Grants Process Step 3: Provide supporting financial aid documentation as necessary after filling out your FAFSA and enrolling in the college. • If you need to submit documentation, you will receive an email notification. • The forms for submitting documentation are linked from financialdocuments
  17. 17. Financial Aid, Federal Loan & Grants Process Step 4: After you are notified of the award amount, you must complying with the college’s policy for Satisfactory Academic Progress to be able to keep the awards. Go to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy page at vision-university-satisfactory- academic-progress to learn about those requirements.
  18. 18. Other Forms of Financial Aid with City Vision University Please review the City Vision University: Financial Aid, Federal Loans & Grants page to learn about other forms of financial aid the college provides besides federal student financial aid.
  19. 19. Registering for Courses Once you have enrolled, there are several ways to register for courses online. One of them is to select “Register for Courses” from the Current Students menu and then select the course for which you want to register. Before registering please note: City Vision College courses are conducted in five 8-week terms each year. Consult the Course Schedule to learn when the courses you want to take will begin.
  20. 20. Course Schedule Under the Current Students menu, select Course Schedule. The Course Schedule displays the schedule of when City Vision University courses will be offered throughout the year. Courses are offered in five 8- week terms beginning in January, March, June, August and October.
  21. 21. Register for Courses from the Course Schedule The Course Schedule displays a complete list of all courses offered through City Vision University with the term they will be available. To register for a course from the Course Schedule, click on the course link to view the course description, and add it to your cart. An alternative way to register is to hover over the Current Students top menu item and then click on the “Register for Courses” item.
  22. 22. City Vision University Registration Page The course registration page lists all courses offered by City Vision University. This system connects directly to our online course registration and payment system. Selecting the name of a course will give you a brief course description. Select “Add to Cart” to start registration for the course.
  23. 23. Register for a Specific Course Once you are on the course description page for a specific course, you will need to pick the Registration Term and Year in which you wish to enroll in the course. Most courses are not offered every term; check beforehand on the Course Schedule to see which courses are offered in the upcoming term. When you have selected the Registration Term and Year, you may click “Register for This Course” button to add it to your cart.
  24. 24. Course Registration Online Shopping Cart After selecting “Add to Cart” this screen will be displayed. If the information is correct select “Checkout” to complete the registration process. If the information is incorrect, change it and then select “Update Cart”. If you selected the wrong course then select “Remove” and then select “Update Cart”. If you want to add more courses, select “Add More Courses” to go back and select another course.
  25. 25. Checkout Process Make sure that the correct courses are showing in the product area. In the Billing Information section please complete all fields with the red asterisk (*). These are required for billing purposes. The next slide will show the rest of the checkout page.
  26. 26. Checkout Process, II Discount codes are available for various types of students. Check our discounts page (linked from the financial aid page) to see if there are any categories that apply to you. If there are, then call our office for a discount code. Put in the coupon code you have been supplied, then select “apply to order”. There are six ways to be able to pay for classes. For more details, see the next slide.
  27. 27. Payment Options There are six ways to pay tuition: 1. Select “Credit Card” if you are paying by credit card. 2. If your organization is paying, select “Ministry Check.” 3. Choose “Student Check” if you are paying yourself (must be received within 30 days). 4. Select “Pell Grant or Federal Student Loan” if you have already been notified that you qualify. 5. Select “Veterans Administration Education Benefit or Other Government Grant” if you qualify. 6. Or choose “AmeriCorps Education Award” if you are involved with AmeriCorps/VISTA. If your organization is paying your tuition, make sure that their name, organization name, and address are in the Billing Information section, so that we can send the invoice to them. Check should be made out to: City Vision University 3101 Troost Ave. Suite 200 Kansas City MO 64109-1845 When this form is complete, select “Review order” to move on to the next part of the checkout process.
  28. 28. Review Order Form After reviewing the course registration form, select “Submit order” if everything is correct. If the information is not correct, select the “Back” button to make the needed edits. After submission you will go to a page thanking you for the purchase and giving you a receipt. You will also receive an email receipt. Print these out for your records. Later, if you chose to pay with check, an invoice will be sent from our business office to the billing address you give us.
  29. 29. Logging into Your Course Click on the Course Login link under the Current Students menu if you wish to log in to your course. You may also click the Course Login link in the center of the header. Once you are there, type in your username and password and then click the “Login” button.
  30. 30. City Vision University’s course system After logging in you will see a listing of the courses for which you have registered. Simply select the name of the course to enter its online classroom. Be sure to log in at least once a week. New assignments and learning projects are displayed every Monday morning that will be due by Sunday evening. If you need to get technical support, the contact information is listed at the top right corner on the course pages.
  31. 31. Course Weekly Outline A new class session is available every Monday morning for every week of the 8-week course. Each week you will find: • List of materials used in the lessons: textbooks, online readings, or audio/video lectures • Learning Objectives for the week • Learning Projects: assignments are presented in a list of exercises to be done during that week. Contact your professors and fellow students, by selecting “Participants” on the “People” block on the left menu. If you have any questions contact the college at, or call 816-960-2008